Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 126

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 126 Killer

The months had passed, and during that passing time, Sora had gotten closer to Kuna and Yasaka, especially after what he did with Yasaka's mom, Kuna. Kuna would always proactively try to bring Sora to her room for another session of what she thought had happened. Sora felt that telling her that he didn't do anything to her would only make her ignore him, especially since she keeps going out of her way to try to mate with him.

Yasaka would also actively try to get closer to Sora. The most the girl would do was grab Sora's tail and squish it between her b.r.e.a.s.ts with a happy and comfortable look. She would even spend most of her days looking at Sora train his magic, it even got to the point where she taught him Youjutsu, the Youkai Magic.

Having Yasaka and Kuna trying to get closer to him had Sora getting happy, the only thing that worried him was that the two females were a little proactive in trying to mate with him. More specifically Kuna after she turned young, Yasaka was still a v.i.r.g.i.n and didn't have the same high craving her mother did.

In the end, Sora accepted Kuna's invitations many times during the course of the months passing by. Kuna acted as if she was having a love affair, she would always pull Sora out of view and try to ravage him, but would only be ravaged. She hid her relationship with Sora from her daughter Yasaka, in fear of rejection from her, but she didn't know what Yasaka thought until she and Sora slept together for the 20th time.

In the 20th time, Sora thought it was finally time to bring Yasaka into their mix. He knew that Yasaka had been spying on him and Kuna having hot steamy s.e.x due to having his Ki Sense spread out at all times. He even knew that after the 4th time of Kuna and Sora's relationship, she began rubbing one out every time, since she knew that her splashing noises would be drowned under her mom's m.o.a.ns.

Sora let her go through her mental obstacle. When he noticed that Yasaka hadn't appeared for the 7th and 8th time, Sora knew she had been mulling over what was wrong or right.

Finally, when the 20th time happened, Sora felt Yasaka approach the door again with a fresh mind. Smirking at this, Sora decided to continue what he has been doing countless times in front of Yasaka.

Halfway through doing Kuna, Sora whispered something into Kuna's ears and when she nodded with a happy face, Sora disappeared from the room.

Appearing behind the bent over Yasaka, Sora looked at her e.r.o.t.i.c positioning and couldn't help but sigh, dissatisfied with himself. He had seen this fox-girl's body multiple times, but never would he have believed that she would be as e.r.o.t.i.c as she currently was.

'How has no one seen a delicacy like Yasaka wiggling her ass outside this whole time?' wondered Sora.

Yasaka's ass, up in the air, was wiggling as she tried getting a better view inside the room. She was wearing a robe, and while bent over, the back part of her robe was lifted over her plump butt, revealing her glory and her hand splashing in and out. Her face was stuck to the gap of the and surprise marked her face, wondering where Sora had disappeared to.

Smiling, Sora was still n.a.k.e.d and his rod was towering behind Yasaka, unaware of the beast behind. Sora squatted down enough to position his steel over Yasaka's unassuming snatch. Yasaka's eyebrows jumped up as she realized what was going and quickly tried to leave.


Sora's both hands latched onto Yasaka's h.i.p.s and felt her body jump in fright. He stopped her from walking away, now that she had 'accepted' him doing her mom, it wouldn't be fair if he didn't do her at this point.

Yasaka felt two hands holding her butt in place and shrieked, "Don't-!"

"Time to dig in!" Sora cut off Yasaka. He thrusted in and burst through her h.y.m.e.n with great vigor. Before Yasaka could hit the paper sliding door, Sora slid it open and Yasaka was pushed into the floor.

With teary eyes, Yasaka was about to call her mom for help, but when she saw her mother's face, she felt her face drain of all colors. Her mom was kneeling in front of her, with a wide and happy smile adorning her face, happy that her daughter had her v.i.r.g.i.nity taken by the thing that has been ramming her for months.

Quickly understanding that her mom won't help her, all Yasaka could do, was m.o.a.n in delight as Sora wiggled in and out. With her face flushed, Yasaka felt Sora pull her arms back, lifting her body and having her face on her mom's level.

"My my, Yasaka, you are so perverted," Kuna looked at her daughter's face that was marked by a lewd expression. It hasn't even been an hour and Yasaka was already feeling great pleasure.

"No-no! I'm not feeling anythin-AHHHHh!!" Yasaka's words were cut short by her own m.o.a.n.

Sora was having a great time! Two of his bloodlines were jumping around in ecstasy at seeing the mother-daughter pair together in the same room and n.a.k.e.d, one being done from behind while the other was teasing her daughter.

His [Demon Sage] bloodline is the one having the most fun by this point, especially when it has also done Bulma and Panchy at the same time before. It felt wonderful. The Dragon bloodline was only stimulated because it was ravaging two females, especially when it felt the Nine-Tails Bloodline in them.

Sora's red eyes turned more crimson and his movements turned quicker.

"AHH! AHmmm!" Yasaka, who was m.o.a.ning loudly, had her mouth sealed by Kuna, her mother, with her own mouth. Kuna's tongue swimmed inside the mouth of her shocked daughter and didn't give Yasaka a chance to react before she stretched her hands to Yasaka's b.r.e.a.s.t and tugged on her

Sora's movements soon seized as Yasaka fell limp on her mom and their lower lips were pressed against each other. Kuna's golden fish still swimming inside her daughter's mouth, greedily sucking with one thought in her head, 'Sora's taste is more intoxicating.'

Moving his body closer to the both women laying on each other, Sora smirked and plunged his c.o.c.k deep into Kuna's body before taking it out and putting it in Yasaka and repeating that process. Sora's speed however, was so quick that the two women didn't even notice that they were being done like that.

After a couple of hours, the two foxes were defeated and they laid 'slain' on the juice filled love-bed. Sora stood over their bodies with a raging dragon, still unsatisfied at this point.

His [Demon Sage] bloodline is definitely from the Demon Realm. After all, he has the same l.u.s.t tendencies as a top notch Incubus. Luckily, his Wrath and Sloth was downplayed by the rest of his bloodlines and were basically non-existent, especially Wrath, now that his 'Saiyan' bloodline lost its anger counterpart.

Out of the other 5 sins, Sora's Envy was the weakest of them all, L.u.s.t was his strongest, followed by Pride, Greed, Gluttony, and ultimately Envy, close to Wrath and Sloth; becoming non-existent the more he gains from the quests.

Looking at the two fox girls, Sora kissed them and disappeared from the room, appearing in his [Heavenly World], inside his Wooden Palace, where none could see him. Besides Vados, Marcarita, and Kusu, they are the only ones who can always sense him when he appears.

Soon, Sora continued his fun with Kusu, Marcarita and Vados.

Waking up and finding six girls n.a.k.e.d around him; Vados, Kusu, Marcarita, 18, 21, and Casion. He remembered how 18 and Casion were led into the room by 21 and joined Sora and saved the three angels from Sora's grasp.

Sora jumped out of the bed and walked to the dining area where some of his women were already eating. He greeted Yoruichi, Orihime, Soi Fon, Bulma, Hiyori, and Yuzu. Like always, Sora pulled Hiyori into a hug and didn't let her go as he sat down and embraced her intimately. He only ever did this to her since her small figure didn't impede him from doing anything and it really made him happy.

"Good Morning everyone," greeted Sora as he walked by each one and kissed each one of them.

"Morning!" Yuzu greeted cheerfully as she squirmed on her chair from Sora kiss.

"Goodmorning." Bulma and Yoruichi both answered at the same time, making them look at each other in surprise before chuckling.

Seeing them chuckling with each other, Sora smiled at that but also felt kind of conflicted. After all, usually humans can't see souls.

'Maybe it has to do with my [Heavenly World] and the energy hanging high in the air.' Sora thought as he remembered back to his Ancient Suns that take his energy everytime they level up. Reminding him that they should be close to upgrading in a couple of days. Thinking about upgrading, Sora is still disappointed in that Dongxuan Sutra hasn't leveled up at all these days.

He's pretty sure Dongxuan Sutra is a very powerful technique. Especially if he can cultivate it to its pinnacle. The tenth tier of the technique already has him on edge if it can go through 2,000 years without opening. He doesn't know if he is missing something or going about it the wrong way, like needing something to pressure him, unlocking [Life Energy], or further refining his Ki energy.

The Sutra was very mysterious, if he could ever create a technique like this, and possibly stronger, he would be all up for it. He would even try to add a little twist to it, or just leave it like that and only introduce an extra interesting ability.

There were even two similar techniques that he still has been practicing to this day but to no avail in progress; Minute Subtlety and Dream Master.

Minute Subtlety, what he used to attain Ultra Instinct, which he has just realized was an imperfect form, still has more room to grow, but with no enemy that could pressure him, he couldn't make a breakthrough. When he received a massive boost in strength months ago, Sora redid every single martial art and skill he knew to fix its output and get used to his strength, but he never thought that his movements would end up making him feel awkward.

He previously thought that all his techniques were maxed out and he no longer needed to do anything, but with the increase in strength, he found out that he could no longer increase his martial prowess through his clones. This discovery made him sad when he found out, although it did make him think about how more mysterious the universe is.

When Sora said he never gained the perfect form of master, it was because he had seen Kusu, Vados, and Marcarita all using Ultra Instinct. That's when he found out he had perceived Ultra Instinct wrongly. Ultra Instinct wasn't only about dodging and keeping close to the enemy. It was about the dexterity and speed increasing to a high degree, as well as his reaction speed, and distance didn't really matter.

This is what allowed one to dodge a hit and many things, Sora was only able to understand this bit when he had increased his strength by one fold and his Spiritual energy by 20%. It had all given him unexpected benefits he didn't realize until a couple months ago inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Dream Master. Sora has hope on this technique, and he hopes it can upgrade soon into the Prominent Divine Realm, where he can turn a common animal into an intelligent lifeform, or be able to create something from nothing. With this ability, Sora will be able to create high grade metals and be able to use them since they will be the 'actual' item and not a 'fake' like how Magic Materialization does it.

After eating for a while, Sora finally saw the figure he was waiting for. He let go of Hiyori, letting her go and sit next to him. The slim and elegant figure he loved so much was replaced by a woman with a bulging stomach, this was Unohana.

But even after her stomach bulged, Sora still loved her as dearly, if not more.

Over the months, Unohana's belly bulged more and more, like how it should. All the women, besides Unohana who was always calm, were tense everytime ever since Unohana went into her ninth month of pregnancy.

Sora pulled Unohana into an embrace and kissed her. This woman took most of his love at this point, after all, she is carrying his baby inside her. He hasn't tried using any of his energies to sense the little creature inside Unohana's belly, in case he ruined his own surprise.

"How are you today Killer?" Sora asked Unohana as he rubbed her belly.


Golden Fish: refers to a woman's tongue.