Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 127

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 127 Mirai

Sora has been spending more time in his [Heavenly World] the past few days to be ready at any given moment and help Unohana go through her pregnancy. After all, he was the only doctor in all of his [Heavenly World], and judging by how the world looks and how the people are living, he is still 2,000 years away from any good doctors.

It was all up to him to be the doctor in charge.

"Daddy!" Emily called out to Sora the moment she saw him.

Sora was eating food in the dining room while waiting for Unohana to call him and help her. He would wait patiently every day eating, reading, painting a bit, and even reading Emily some stories he knows about.

Today was one of those days that awaited Sora for story telling.

Looking up from his food, Sora turned to the little figure who hugged him tightly and sat upon his laps. Gazing at his daughter, Sora looked at the happy and eager face ready for his story, "I will have to disappoint you today honey."

Scrunching her small eyebrows together, Emily pouted, "Why?"

"I have run out of stories," said Sora as he rubbed his daughters back to comfort her.

"What? Don't tell me that is all you know about stories?" Emily frowned looking at her father.

The amount of stories Sora had counted Emily for so many months numbered as high as 200+ stories, but even then, Emily was disappointed. Sora was baffled by the trainthought of his daughter.

'Maybe she has gotten used to the whole outrageous thing like magic and the like that she thinks not knowing more than 200 stories is enough?'

After teaching his daughter magic instead and moving on with his day, the thing he was willing to not happen, finally happened.

Unohana called Sora sweetly over to her side of the bed, "Sora? Darling? Can you come to my side real quick?"

"Yeah." Sora moved from the wooden chair near the doorway and walked over to Unohana. "What happened?"

"My water broke." Unohana looked into Sora's eyes with an eerie calm and said.

Hearing her words, Sora's expression changed and activated his Dongxuan Aura and quickly spread it over his wife to check on her condition.

'Damn, you couldn't be any more calm?' sarcastically complained Sora.

Her water had indeed broken and the baby was being pushed out by the body. Quickly making his way over to the foot of the bed, Sora lifted Unohana's legs and spread them. Luckily, Unohana had always been n.a.k.e.d the past few days to allow Sora to quickly help her with the baby.


After getting the baby out, cutting the umbilical cord, and cleaning the baby, did Sora finally notice what the baby's gender was. Looking at the crying baby in his arms, Sora passed the baby over to Unohana as she calmed the baby down and let it fall asleep within her arms.

Looking at the baby in Unohana's arms, Sora walked to Unohana and sweetly asked her, "What will you name her?"

He looked at her black hair and her pale white skin. The baby had been born healthy and she was slightly chubby.

The baby which had just been born had been identified as a female, causing Unohana to look so happy and look at her baby girl with teary eyes. Unohana's wish of being a mother to her own baby had finally come true. A wish which she had for almost 1,500+ years until now, has finally been achieved. That dream had tormented her for many years and couldn't help but be sad for many days in a row, until she had found out that she had become pregnant.

Covering the baby with his Dongxuan Sutra, Sora checked the baby's race and slightly frowned before smiling a bit. He rubbed the baby's forehead and kissed it before thinking, 'Who would have thought that my newborn daughter wouldn't get any one of my races besides being a perfect blend between a hollow and a shinigami, but that's fine too.'


Glancing back at Unohana, Sora gazed at her for a while with warm eyes, "Sounds like a beautiful name. Mirai Unohana."

After walking out of the room and letting Unohana to rest, Sora brought the news to all of his wives before walking out of his [Heavenly World] with a smile. He hasn't felt happy in a while and the birth of his daughter Mirai really brought up his spirit.

"Welcome back Sora-sama," a fox man stood at the front of the shrine and let Sora enter.

Previously, Sora had believed that the shrine only consisted of Yasaka and Kuna, but it turned out that they have their own realm, and Kuna was the leader of this realm. After a little digging and teasing, Sora found out from Kuna and Yasaka that Kuna was the leader of the West Youkai Faction.

"Well you're happy," said Kuna as she helped a couple of Youkai moving some stuff around. With Kuna regaining her youth, she has regained almost all of her strength and can do up to anything around the shrine.

"I would be glad to tell you, but I don't know if it is the correct time," Sora shook his head with a faint smile as he helped as well.

"Oh? Are you sure about that?" Kuna tiptoed to Sora and rubbed her nose on Sora's neck, causing an exhilarating feeling to pass all over his body.

"You..." Sora squinted his eyes at Kuna and didn't say anything more as he finished helping and turned to look at Kuna with a sigh. "You can smell it, right?"

"Always. Yasaka might not, since she is an amateur, but I have lived for a long time." Kuna grinned.

"I should have known," chuckled Sora as he looked at Kuna's golden eyes.

Kuna's eyes squinted at amus.e.m.e.nt and muttered, "And I know that you are a father. The smell of a newborn baby lingers on you, as well as the fact that you sleep with many women."

"Hahaha!" Sora laughed instead of denying it and looked at Kuna with a reproachful gaze, "and? What do you think?"

"Well, there is nothing I can do, I have already fallen for you and I am sure no one else but you will like me despite knowing I used to be so wrinkly," Kuna rubbed her smooth face and sighed disappointedly. "What's the gender of the baby?"

Looking at Kuna with a smile, Sora responded happily, "Female, and her name is Mirai. She's such an adorable little girl."

Kuna smiled hearing Sora's words and rubbed her stomach unknowingly, remembering the times when Yasaka was a baby.

Those were the times that Kuna would truly spend most of her days happily as she held her baby in her arms and slowly let her drift to sleep. The peaceful face and the eyes that looked at everything filled with curiosity made her motherly love resurface, making a smile touch her face.

While looking at Kuna's beautiful smile, Sora was tempted to kiss her before he felt a click inside of him, causing him to slightly frown. He looked off into the distance and confusion flashed through his eyes.


Back in the Realm of the Dead, sat an angry skeleton in a hooded attire, smashing a part of his throne into pieces. His eyes glowing red in anger as he looked around, glancing at all of his startled subordinates.

"Damn, I completely lost control over the souls," Hades frowned in displeasure and shot a glare to the nearest Grim Reaper. He needed to get rid of the anger he had in himself with something, and the poor Grim Reaper was his target.

"Come here." coldly ordered Hades.

The Grim Reaper slowly looked around first, hoping it wasn't him who was called out, but when he turned to look around, all the Grim Reapers that were near him were completely gone. Depressed, the Grim Reaper floated to Hades with a trembling body and stopped right before him with his head slightly bowed.

The Grim Reaper didn't dare lift his head and look right back to Hades, his lord.

Looking down at his subordinate shaking and keeping his head low, Hades frowned even more, "Raise your head."

'F.u.c.k. What did I do?' The Grim Reaper rose his head and looked at his lord that was staring right back at him with anger.

"You dare look at me like that?" Hades furrowed his eyebrows and slowly stood up from his throne.

'What?' The Grim Reaper shook in fear as he looked at Hades walking closer to him with pulsating red glowing orbs in his eye sockets. 'Y-you told me to look at you...'

"Disgusting," Hades walked past the Grim Reaper and stood slightly behind him. 'If it wasn't for me losing the control over the souls, I wouldn't be so angry right now. I'll just get rid of this guy.'

Looking over the Grim Reaper shaking in his robe, Hades snickered in annoyance, "Get out of my sight. You will join the hell hounds tomorrow."

The hell hounds, one of the mythological beasts residing inside the Realm of the Dead, are stronger than the typical Grim Reapers and feast upon them as well.

Once a Grim Reaper is sent over to the Hell Hounds, their future has been sealed inside the stomach of a Hell Hound or buried underground.

'NO!' The Grim Reaper shook in fear as he felt his body being dragged by an invisible hand to the Hell Hounds' section

"Hmph." Hades snorted and sat back down on his throne more relaxed.

"Gather the rest of the troops and have them scout. Expand the range and make sure no village and tribe is left unscathed. If you run into any of the other factions, capture them and kill those who resist." Hades ordered the remaining Grim Reapers and had them scout the outside of the Realm of the Dead.

"Yes sir!" Every Grim Reaper went away and flew quickly away from their moody lord.

Hades looked at all his subordinates fly away with a glare, he had completely lost his cool and now had to find the person who has taken over his souls. His souls are what helps keep up his Realm of the Dead, without them, the world will slowly collapse in a couple hundreds of years.

If he is lucky enough, his Realm of the Dead won't fall before the Great War he helped start with the help of Nyx and other Gods and Goddesses. It all rode on the Grim Reapers' backs and he hoped they would find the person responsible for the out of control souls.


Turning his head back to the curious Kuna, Sora smiled, "Yeah?"

"What are you thinking about?" asked Kuna.

"Just thinking about you and what we could be possibly doing right now," Sora looked at Kuna and placed his hands on her waist and pulled her in close.

"Stop, not right now, I have work to do," grumbled Kuna in a whisper.

"Yeah, leave her alone right now. You can always come to me," Yasaka said as she walked up to Kuna and Sora.

Yasaka had been standing close the whole time and couldn't stand it any longer when she saw Sora's hand wrap around her mom's waist. She didn't really mind Sora taking her mom, but what she cared about was that she wasn't being included.

"How about another time, you both have work to do and I have something to take care of." Sora chuckled and sent them to work after giving them a kiss each.

"Hmph, we'll get you next time," complained Kuna as she walked away with a sway of her h.i.p.s. Yasaka mimicked her mother and also swayed her h.i.p.s as she walked away to finish her work.

Sora followed the sway of their plump butts and looked away reluctantly before going into his [Heavenly World] to spend some time with Mirai and Emily. As well as to make sure that they will get along well in the future.