Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 128

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 128 A Legend

Five years have passed for Sora and the West Yokai Faction. Especially for Sora who looked after his adorable daughter Mirai who grew up into a cute little girl. Emily would play around with her and they seemed to really share a sisterly bond, making Sora very happy.

The years went by peacefully and Sora had finally gotten full mastery over his magic and the Youjutsu he was taught by Yasaka and Kuna. The only thing that bothered him was that his Angel Magic, Dragon Magic, and his Demon Magic, don't seem complete, like if they miss something.

Sora decided to travel around the world and see if he can find a solution for the problem, maybe even get the respective races to help him with his magic, but first, he has to inform Yasaka and Kuna. To do that, he will show them his Heavenly World and allow them to choose whether they would like to enter or stay out.

"Yasaka," said Sora, hugging the cute Nine-tailed Fox girl from behind.

Yasaka felt giddy inside, but decided not to show it on her face and turned to Sora with a calm face. She looked at his blood red eyes and shivered, "What?"

"Where's your mother? I have something I need to show you both," responded Sora with a smile and pinched her perky butt.

Flinching at Sora's provocative gesture, Yasaka felt that it was getting harder to maintain a frown. Her face flushed and her mouth twitched, "Mom should be here any minute now."

"Great," grinned Sora before taking Yasaka's lips.

"Hm!" Yasaka was taken by surprise, she thought she was prepared, but she was still surprised by Sora's actions. She didn't care if her lips were taken by Sora, so she began to heatedly kiss back.

Both their lips smothered against each other, and their tongues intertwined with each other. Sora's hands moved themselves over her shrine maiden outfit and groped her butt cheeks.


Yasaka and Sora both stopped their movements and fixed their disheveled clothes and hair before turning to Kuna who had interrupted them.

"Did I interrupt something?" smiled the naughty fox, Kuna.

Smiling, Sora turned to Kuna and said playfully, "Not at all, we didn't even get serious."

Yasaka shot a glare at Sora as if implying, 'What do you mean you weren't serious! Your hand touched every inch of my body in just a minute!'

"Well, I had you both come here because I have decided to show you both something," smiled Sora as their surroundings shifted and the two women found themselves in another place. Everywhere that Kuna and Yasaka looked, wood would fill their view.

Currently, Sora had brought Kuna and Yasaka over to his Heavenly World and directly inside his Wooden Palace.

"Follow me," gestured Sora before walking ahead of them and showing them around the Wooden Palace before arriving at the main hall.

"Wow, this place is amazing," awed Yasaka, her eyes shining and looking at everything curiously.

"I don't think a place this amazing exists yet," commented Kuna as she looked at Sora's leading back.

Sora stopped before the entrance of the main hall and turned to look at Yasaka and Kuna, "What you two might see will be shocking, but save some shock for when I show you outside."

Kuna and Yasaka turned to look at each other in confusion, wondering what he meant. They nodded at each other before turning to Sora and telling him that they are ready.

Opening the door slowly, Sora turned to look at Yasaka and Kuna with a smile before opening the door completely and revealing a lot of women inside discussing and enjoying each other's company.

When the door opened completely, all the women turned to look at the guests and they slowly stood up and walked to them with smiles. Kuna and Yasaka were completely shocked seeing the large number of people inside the main hall. Especially when they noticed that it was mainly women in there.

Yasaka and Kuna turned to look at Sora with frightful looks, they didn't expect that such a man would have a monstrous vigor and vitality, putting to shame viagra and the likes. Of course, they don't what viagra is but they know it is being put to shame.

'What a monster!' Both Kuna and Yasaka blushed and looked away before they were besieged by a ton of women.

"I'm Bulma."

"... Chi-chi."





Every one of Sora's wives had introduced themselves and they were enjoying their time talking with the two new girls. They were shocked when they found out that they were Youkai and were Nine-Tailed Foxes. When they found out that Sora didn't know what a Youkai is, they turned to look at him with a weird look.

'You didn't know what a Youkai was?'

Sora was completely ignoring them as he played around with Mirai and Emily. Emily had just turned 14 and soon she was going to turn 15, Mirai on the other hand had just turned 5 a couple days ago and already knew how to speak.

"Daddy? Who are those two women? Are they my new mommies too?" Mirai looked up curiously at Sora before pointing at Yasaka and Kuna with her tiny hand.

"Ha ha, yeah," Sora chuckled nervously as he looked at Mirai. Who would have guessed that his daughter would have been tainted by him indirectly with all these moms. Luckily there hasn't been any problems at all, even Emily is still considered 'Normal'.

Sora turned to look at Emily who was sound asleep on his lap.

After Emily and Mirai were both asleep, Sora moved them to their beds and went over to the group of women.

"You mean his juices can make you younger?!"

"Yes! I used to be old and wrinkly, but after one night with him, my youth completely returned to me. Now I feel healthier and more beautiful than when I was young, especially when I was old."

"Amazing! I haven't felt anything special myself. Maybe it's because I have been doing this daily since I have met him."

"Oh my."


"Your skin is so smooth!"

"I thought such a thing was a Legend!"

Hearing the women talk about juices and sleeping, Sora had a feeling that his nightly adventures will be lasting longer.

He walked up to the group of women and they all turned to look at him with a hungry gaze before they stood up and left. They sent provocative gestures to Sora and walked away, hoping to have captured Sora's attention.

"Damn," whistled Sora. He turned back to the remaining two girls, Kuna and Yasaka, and realized he won't be able to relax with these two stunning beauties.

"Yes?" asked Kuna with a teasing gaze.

"You two Do you two want to stay here inside this Heavenly World of mine?" Sora glanced at their expressions and was happy to see that rejection wasn't their first option.

"Yes!" Yasaka jumped up and kissed Sora before leaving and joining the girls who had left already.

Chuckling at Yasaka's actions, Sora turned to look at Kuna and saw her conflicted expression. He sighed and brought her into a hug, "Don't worry about not staying here. I only asked because I will go on a trip for a while and I won't be able to see you for a while."

"I I can't join you on your trip," Kuna bit her lip seductively before turning her eyes away. "I want to join you, but I have a responsibility to take care of. I can't leave my Faction with no leader, and there is no one up to the task in my group."

Lifting up Kuna's face to meet his, Sora looked into her watery eyes and wiped them away for her before kissing her, "It will be alright, I will come back to visit occasionally. I won't leave you alone, so don't worry your little pretty head about it."

"Just don't forget to come and visit me," sighed Kuna.

She didn't want to let go of Sora, but she had to draw a clear line between her obligations and love. If someone wanted to take her job as the Faction Leader, she would gladly pass it over and join Sora, but in these troubling times, no one wanted to step up.

Those that would step up were only the ones that wanted to jump into the Great War as well, letting the obviously weak faction to join a war that they for sure will perish in. Kuna didn't want to see the faction she grew to see as family dying with no purpose to accomplish. With no reason to join the Great War as well, beside picking up valuable items from the dead fighters.

"Make sure you stay as a wonderful leader," chuckled Sora as he dropped of Kuna at her bedroom for one last night adventure.

"Why haven't you imbeciles found anything yet!" Hades finally destroyed the remaining parts of his throne a couple months ago and now had to stay standing.

His skeleton frame used to be a whitish color, now it is a grayish color with a ton of cracks appearing over his bones. He has been stressed out the past five years and he just couldn't stand the fact that he has beings residing in his Realm of the Dead not contributing to anything.

His anger boiled and his red glowing eyes sparked with an intense light, "Can't you damn reapers do anything!"

Previously, Hades used to be like a father to all of the residents of the Realm of the Dead, but with all the stress acc.u.mulating and his anger building up, his fatherly side was completely removed.

"Lord, we haven't been able to find any clues pertaining as to why the souls have gone under another's control," reported a Grim Reaper.

Hades looked at the Grim Reaper who just spoke and didn't utter a single word at him. Ignoring the Grim Reaper, Hades moved his gaze over all of the other beings and yelled, "Don't any of you have any good ideas or plans?!"

"Lord!" One of the Grim Reapers stood up with full confidence and attracted Hades' attention. "We can send some Hellhounds that have been tamed and let them help in the search for this 'perpetrator'."

"Great! Release the Hellhounds!" Hades turned to the far distance and yelled out.

Shortly after yelling, 10 massive dogs seemingly covered in pitch black flames. The inside of their ears, their eyes, mouth and claws all glowed in a yellow light. They looked at each of the Grim Reapers inside the room with salivating mouths, the liquid falling from their mouth wasn't drool, but lava.

"You!" Hades pointed at the Grim Reaper that suggested the Hellhounds being released and had him step forward.

Under the gaze of everyone, the Grim Reaper floated to the front of Hades without shaking or quivering fear, and under all their shocked gazes, they looked at the Grim Reaper being appointed as the leader and owner of the ten Hellhounds.

"For speaking up and proposing a great idea, you will now be the Leader and Owner of these Hellhounds. If you capture the culprit, you may receive even more rewards!" Hades waved them away and the Grim Reaper left with the 10 Hellhounds following him with complete obedience.

Hades glanced over every other Grim Reaper and looked at them unsatisfyingly. They never pitched in an idea and only one jumped into the lion's den and successfully retrieved the cub. Looking at them again, Hades didn't know how he managed to raise such a cowardly troop, he will never look at them the same, no matter how much they try to change.

"You are all dismissed! If you can give an idea, and plan, the next time we meet, I will not send you to be the food of the Hellhounds," Hades looked rather calm this time, but his eyes kept glowing red, showing his anger at the moment.

Every Grim Reaper stood up and flew away, leaving Hades all alone with his gone throne. Without looking back, Hades leaned back and tried sitting on his throne.



Standing outside of Hades' castle, was a small Grim Reaper with dark purple hair tied in a long braid by a bow with a purple skull, reaching all the way down to its h.i.p.s. It had 3 black markings on both of its slender and womanly thighs, having gold neon lines in its interior.

It wears a white skull mask in conjunction with its Grim Reaper clothing which consists of a light blue dress and a black and white hood resembling a jester cap with an emerald gem at the tip. It also wears black elbow length gloves covered in gold neon lines with gems at the back of its wrists. Judging from the appearance of this Grim Reaper, it is safe to say that it is a female child in Grim Reaper's clothing.

When the Grim Reaper spoke, a tender and childish female voice came out, "Hades has become mad, I can't follow a leader like him anymore. I have to leave before I am also fed to the Hellhounds."

The little Grim Reaper quickly fled from the Realm of the Dead and got out of the Underworld to roam around in the overworld.