Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 129

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 129 Call Me Daddy

Having walked around for a couple months already, Sora was beginning to grow bored on his journey. Not having run into any people at all, or even creatures for that matter, has Sora wondering whether if there's any animals at all.

"Walking across mountains isn't a difficult thing, but when you don't meet people, not even animals, it gets tiring!" complained Sora as he walked over to the next mountain range.


Hearing something in the distance, Sora turned his head into that direction and looked spirited as he jogged over. For the first time ever in a couple of months, he gets to meet someone!

Or something.

The closer Sora got to the gap between the two mountains in the distance, the louder the sound of two things clashing against each other reached his ears.


Hearing that beastly roar, Sora felt his blood heat up. Once he got into the gap of the two mountains, Sora saw numerous Dragons littering the whole mountain range. The dragons were of all types of colors and different sizes! From the size of a baseball all the way to the size of a huge whale.

Looking at all the dragons, Sora realized that some dragons were probably fighting for the right to rule over the rest of the dragons. Such a fight was something Sora had never seen before, and he had to be there when it does happen.

Sora walked deeper into the gap, ignoring all the dragons looking at him with weird and hungry looks. Something that wouldn't have happened, if Sora hadn't found out the ability to control his Dragon Presence, all the dragons in the area would have fallen to the ground in reverence and fear.

Looking at the middle area of all the dragons, Sora decided to also let his family see this, so he used his World Energy and made it act as a window. Doing that let those inside the Heavenly World see what was outside the world, at this instance, what he was seeing.

"Albion! I am stronger than you! Just let me be the Dragon King!" shouted a dark skinned man with long red hair that reached half-way down his back and crimson red eyes. He was adorned in red clothes and a red chestplate.

"Haha, like if I could give the title of Dragon King to a weak dragon like you Ddraig," chuckled a man with white long hair tied into a ponytail, reaching half-way down his back, his eyes blue like the ocean. Like Ddraig, Albion had white clothes and a white chestplate on him.

"Enough talk, how about we just settle this like always," Ddraig walked up to Albion with his red Dragon aura flaring up, ready for a fight.

"I can completely agree with that as long as you don't use your [Boost]," agreed Albion, stepping closer to Ddraig with heavy footsteps and a rising white Dragon aura. Albion never liked Ddraigs Boost ability, it allowed Ddraig to improve his strength slightly, and if he kept using it, eventually his strength could completely destroy the world with one touch.

"Then don't use your [Divide]!" complained Ddraig. He never liked Albion's power to Divide anything. It was a cheat, he could divide the power in an attack or of a being and take the halved energy for himself. He can even half the divinity of gods, which frightened him, but it made him happy when he realized that Albion's power didn't work on him.

"Alright then! Ready?"

Both Albion and Ddraig were standing in front of each other and their Dragon auras were clashing with each other, causing shockwaves to push out to the Dragons surrounding them. Cracks began to spread under the two dragons and like a spider web, it kept expanding and ran up the sides of the mountains.

They had done this many times in the past, making them and the dragons move from place to place due to the destruction of their nests. With so many fights happening over and over, Ddraig and Albion eventually came up with their own abilities and used them against each other, bringing even more destruction onto the world and their nests.



Albion sent out the first punch as soon as Ddraig answered and the place where they were standing collapsed. White Dragon wings appeared on Albion's back while Ddraig crashed into the side of the mountain.


Part of the mountain collapsed as Ddraig flew out with red dragon wings behind his back. Not speaking a word, Ddraig launched himself at Albion who stood there in the air smugly.



Albion and Ddraig were in a heated battle as they exchanged a flurry of punches and their fists met in the air many times, producing the loud cackling sound of thunder.

Ddraig kept one of his fists back while the other kept punching out and then sent out his punch.


"Damn!" Albion saw Ddraig's punch and quickly tried dodging as he looked at the punch.

Albion successfully dodged the punch before resuming their volley of punches. The attack Albion was forced to dodge was imbued with a power Ddraig had mastered long ago, Penetrate. This power could be imbued to his attacks and completely pass through the enemy's defense and outright defeat him.

"There's plenty of more where that came from Albion!" Ddraig was enjoying his time throwing punches several times, sometimes with his power of Penetrate.

"You're pretty lucky I haven't used my Reflect Ddraig, so I wouldn't be so happy," ridiculed Albion as he dodged another punch easily.

Reflect, a power Albion had mastered during his years of fighting against Ddraig. With this power, he is able to reflect any power that comes his way. Although the percentage of the amount reflected depends on the strength of the attack coming his way.

"Let's get serious then!" Ddraig jumped and his body slowly began to expand, his skin slowly turned scaly and red. By the time Ddraig changed into a dragon, some of his scales had turned golden.

At the same time around Ddraig started transforming, Albion had also started to transform into his Dragon form. His skin grey scaly and his scales turned completely white, two golden horns slowly sprouted out from his head.


Every dragon around Ddraig and Albion backed out slowly, realizing that their powers have grown stronger in this form. Sora, instead of backing off with the other dragons, walked even closer to the two dragons, excited about the show he was about to get.

The two huge bodies of Ddraig and Albion clashed against each other and sent everyone near them flying away slightly, Sora's hair only fluttering back wildly.

"You won't last long under my strength Albion, I suggest you give up," muttered Ddraig as he pushed Albion back.

"Maybe you should get a Physician to check you because I think you're delusional," Albion began to push Ddraig back and said.

Their little contest remained the same, once one of them pushed the other back and said some words, the other would push back too and say some words. They clashed with claws and their fire breaths many times, sometimes using their aura to attack.

Looking at their attacks, Sora seems to have finally understood what was missing from his Dragon Magic.


Yes, what he was missing was the essence of a dragon! Sora wasn't born a dragon, so he never had the true 'essence' of being a dragon.

With his mind quickly taking in everything about the essence of a dragon, Sora felt his body slowly flush out the Primal Ape God Bloodline and the Dragon God Ancestor Bloodline slowly took the main spot for his race. His body slowly changed and he morphed into the dragon he had changed into when he was in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

His body quickly expanded and he grew bigger and bigger, interrupting the fight between Albion and Ddraig. Sora's body turned golden and his scales turned looked harder and expressed more strength than the last time he had seen them. Four pitch black horns grew out from his head and they turned more sturdier and sharper than the last time.

Also like last time, Sora had to use his Big Tiny Wishes to maintain his body from expanding too much and breaking through the Stratosphere, his head broke through the Troposphere and his Dragon Head peaked over the clouds.

Ddraig and Albion looked so small from his point of view as he ducked his head down from the clouds, his body was surrounding the two mountains and all the dragons there were shaking in fear. Ddraig and Albion were now so small, they are now almost as big as Sora's Dragon Eyes.

Feeling the new effect of his Dragon Body, Sora realized that his abilities had slightly improved. His Dragon God Ancestor Bloodline slightly improved with the understanding of the true essence of the Dragons. Even every other of his bloodlines sligthly improved when he understood the essence of a Dragon, although not as much as the Dragon God Ancestor.

'Will this happen if I understand the essences of a Demon, Angel, Titan, and Vampire?' Sora didn't bother to think about his Primal Ape God Bloodline, since he had long understood the true essence of the bloodline, and he never felt a increase in the bloodline since he had understood it when his strength would constantly rise.

Sora looked at Albion and Ddraig who were frozen in the air, looking at him with great fright. Seeing them like that, Sora chuckled and urged them to continue, "Go on, continue fighting."


Sora's voice was like thunder, so powerful and deep to everyone in the surrounding thousands of miles. Albion and Ddraig could hardly maintain eye contact with Sora anymore, especially when they heard Sora speak. When they heard his words urging them to continue, they believed that if they did continue, Sora would chew them up for fighting.

Seeing them not fight anymore, Sora couldn't help but frown, 'Damn, such a spectacular show I was just watching.'

Ddraig and Albion paled when they saw Sora's frown, they thought they did something wrong and quickly boweed in fear, "We're sorry lord! Please punish us!"

"Don't call me Lord," said Sora.


Like another thunder, Sora's words reached every dragons ears. Ddraig and Albion shook even more under Sora's words, 'Don't call me Lord? Is he so dissatisfied that we were thrown out already?'

"Wh-what should we call you sir?" a blue dragon said as it approached Sora slowly and kept its head low.

The dragons looke at Sora with reverence, fear, and awe as they watched him. The ones who looked at him with fear were the ones who had looked at him with hunger earlier, they expect Sora to look at them and then eat them alive.

Sora looked at all the dragons looking back at him with worship in their eyes. Ddraig and Albion weren't excluded, they looked at Sora admiringly, unlike how they see Ophis and Great Red.

Sighing, Sora knew that he won't be able to stop them from avoiding his name even if he did tell them. Fixing his posture, Sora narrowed his Dragon eyes and looked at all the dragons calmly, "Call me Ancestor."

"A-ancestor, are you a Dragon God?" Albion and Ddraig both asked at the same time. They both knew from experience that they were

"Yes." Answered Sora without thinking about it, he had been a Dragon God for a VERY long time, so it didn't really matter to him telling them now, but the Dragons were different. When they heard Sora proclaim that he IS a Dragon God, some of the small dragons that can fly long distances quickly, jumped out from the herd of dragons and traveled to meet other Dragon herds and tell them the news.

The dragons kept their heads low while in the presence of Sora, they didn't doubt that Sora wasn't a Dragon God. Even Albion and Ddraig knew he wasn't lying, they had met Ophis and Great Red before, and they are Dragon Gods too. The only difference between Sora and the other two Dragon Gods, was that Sora is completely stronger than the two dragon gods many times over.

They even believe that just one of Sora's sneezes will instantly rid the worlds of the existance of Ophis and Great Read. Maybe even just that sneeze can obliterate half of the galaxy!