Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 130

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 130 The God Of The Dragon Gods

My name is Akio, I'm a hunter.

I live with my parents, in a small town where everyone knows each other. We hardly maintain contact with any of the other towns and villages. We live isolated from every other town and village, only going to and from the towns and villages for any news.

This year, crops haven't been growing abundantly as before and we have resorted to relying on the hunters of the town.

I, Akio, am one of those valuable hunters who will go to hunt food for my family and for the entire town. We hope to grab a group of deers and if the predators get alerted by the smell of blood, maybe even wolves, or a bear.

The other hunters and I had left the town two days ago, we took enough provisions for use to last a whole week. We set off with high spirits and our weapons raised, ready to get enough food for the town to survive on.

That is, if we found any animals.

We have been traveling non-stop, only resting at nights and then continuing our hunting the next day. We searched and scoured the entire forest, but we found nothing at all. There weren't any fish at all in the riverbanks or rivers, even the birds have gone missing from the forest.

The entire forest was so eerily quiet. At first I thought it was normal and that the animals were more spread out than before, but only the sound of the river flowing entered our ears for the entire trip. That's when I realized that the animals must have fled.

Fear welled up in me and I was afraid of the mysterious beast lurking in the dark, just waiting for us, the hunters, to step onto its trap. I was nervous, and so were the other hunters, but for different reasons.

As we walked through the forest, we heard deafening thunder reach into our ears. We looked up into the sky, but we couldn't see any dark clouds above us, or ahead, only trow huge mountains far off into the distance.

I decided to walk towards the mountains as the thunder began to die down, I didn't know what to expect, but I still went off to look for whatever is causing that thunder. Maybe that is what drove the animals away, or drew them to it.

Shortly after walking towards the mountains, I heard some of the hunters join me, while the others remained where they were.

I walked with the small group of hunters to the mountains, as we approached, I thought there was some birds flying high in the air. I gripped my bow tight, but as we got closer to the mountains and the 'birds', my eyes widened in amazement.

What was flying high up in the air weren't birds, but dragons. Huge dragons.

They looked majestic and filled with might.

I dropped to my knees when I realized that it was a dragon, I bowed deep in pray and apologized for my intent to hunt it for food.

The hunters and I were kneeling down on the ground in worship because in my town, we worship dragons as our gods. Without the dragons, the grass doesn't grow, the rivers don't flow, the sky will fall, and life will cease to exist.

As we bowed our heads down, deep in worship, thunder began to run once more over our heads. In curiosity, we raised our heads and saw a huge golden dragon rise it's head high into the sky, breaking through the clouds.

We couldn't believe our eyes, a dragon, bigger than the two mountains, appeared from nowhere. The dragon's head peaked down from under the clouds and peered at every single dragon in the area. The dragons all lowered their heads in worship, and we couldn't believe that the dragons we worshiped as gods, were worshiping another dragon.

As we stared at the huge dragon with shock, we saw it open it's mouth and a huge roar erupt from its mouth. I saw two dragons, bigger than all the other dragons but still smaller than the golden dragon, lower their heads in worship.

In front of the golden dragon, every other dragon looked like baby dragons in front of their parent.

The hunters and I stood up together and we were ready to leave and tell the other hunters of the Golden Dragon, the God of the Dragon Gods, but as we turned to leave, we heard another roar from the Golden Dragon God. This time however, a single word popped up in our mind, together as if we have become one, we spoke out one word.


That! That is what we will call the Golden Dragon, the God of the Dragon Gods. He too, will become our god, and we will spread it to the other towns.


Sora's blue eyes glanced over every dragon before turning back into his human form and turning back into the Golden Celestial Dragon Ape.

"I will be leaving now," muttered Sora as his red eyes once again glanced over the dragons.

Albion and Ddraig looked at each other with conflict, they had just met a powerful Dragon God, but they had caused him to leave because they didn't fight. With many conflicted emotions, they heard a dragon shout.

"Take us with you!"

With that single shout, all the other dragons roared in unison and joined in on getting their Ancestor to take them with him. Albion's and Ddraig's eyes both lit up in unison and they looked at Sora, ready for him to say yes.

Thinking about it, Sora turned his back on the dragons and thought about it, 'What will I gain? A couple hundreds of dragons following me as their leader. What will I lose? Nothing, I can place them in my Heavenly World after telling them not to harm its citizens.'

"Alright," answered Sora as he turned to look at every dragon. He then told them about his Heavenly Word and had all of them enter besides Albion and Ddraig.

"Why weren't we taken in Ancestor?" asked Ddraig with a nervous voice.

"What are your names?" question Sora.

"I'm Albion, Ancestor," Albion lowered his head and said.

"Ddraig, Ancestor," joined in Ddraig.

"Well, Ddraig and Albion, I will be needing help from both of you traveling this world. Lets just say I have been living under a rock for quite a while and I don't remember anything," informed Sora. He kept his eyes forward into the distance, trying to find a place.

"We understand."

Ddraig and Albion looked at each other and nodded before turning back into their human form and accompanying Sora.

"What are the species that exist in this universe?" asked Sora, as he walked forward.

Ddraig spoke up first and said, "There exists Humans, Gods, Devils, Angels, Fallen Angels, Vampires, Werewolves, Youkai, Buddhas, and many monsters that come from the Mythologies of the different species."

Hearing the different races and monsters, Sora nodded and thought to himself, 'With all these different types of species, I should be able to get the true essence of the Angel Bloodline, and the Vampire Bloodline. The ones that will be kind of difficult will be the Titan Bloodline and the Demon Bloodline.'

Sora knew that there are differences between Devils and Demons, so he wasn't entirely sure whether they would contribute to him getting their true essence. Since he didn't get the Dragons' true essence from a snake or from shenron.

The same went for his Titan Bloodline, he wasn't sure if the Greek Mythology Gods could help him in that aspect. The Greek Gods were famous for being Titans in his past life, being the children of the Titan God Chronos.

'The Vampire Bloodline should be easy to get its true essence from, maybe I should make my way there first,' Sora thought.

Choosing to go to the Vampires wasn't a whim, Sora had been very close to completing the true essence of the Vampires, and after getting the true essence of the Dragons, he felt that it was on the brink of gaining its true essence.

So deciding to go to the vampires was a very logical idea, if he can get that done first, he will be able to improve the true essences of the other bloodlines and easily achieve them as well.

"Do you know where the vampires are located?" Sora looked over Ddraig and Albion. If he can find the Vampires, it will bring great benefits to him.

"Yes, however, the Vampires have long separated into many clans. With two clans ruling over the rest." Albion took the initiative this time and sent Ddraig a smirk.

Sora paid no heed to their useless squabble and continued to probe, "What are the name of these two clans?"

"One of them is the Tepes Clan and the other is the Carmilla Clan, although recently, some of their own members are calling themselves factions," Albion informed.

"The Tepes Faction is a patriarchal faction, while the Carmilla Faction is a Matriarchal faction," added Ddraig with a smirk.

Sora's eyes shined as he heard the term Matriarchal and felt his Desolate Titan Bloodline and Primal Ape God Bloodline pump crazily as they thought of the strong women residing there. Smiling obscenely, Sora sent chills to many unassuming Vampire Women.

With the glow in his eyes fading, Sora's expression hardened and glared at both Albion and Ddraig, "Do any of you know why there are no animals here?"

Both Ddraig and Albion kept their mouths shut with their bodies dripped in cold sweat.

Ddraig raised his hand and quietly spoke, "It's because of our presences, Ancestor..."

Narrowing his eyes, Sora whipped his head back forward and said, "Well put them away, you have to enjoy the presence of animals near you when you are alone, or else you will always be alone."

Albion and Ddraig exchanged glances for a long minute, 'How do we draw in our presences?'

Seeing as how they haven't put away their presences and instead brought out more of their power, Sora couldn't believe they were the two powerful dragons he had seen earlier.

"You two are useless," sighed Sora as he began to explain to the two dragons how to draw in their presence. To now, and to forever, Sora will never know how he called two Heavenly Dragons useless.

Akio was running as fast as he could with the other hunters back to the main group, they had to share their discovery with everyone else. Especially when the Golden Dragon, Ancestor, showed up and brought all the Dragon Gods on their knees.

"Everyone! We have good news!" Akio jumped to the middle of the group and shouted out.

"You found where the animals have gone to?!"

"Are the animals rushing back here!"

"You found some birds?!"

"Please tell me you found some fish!"

Akio looked at all the desperate faces of the hunters, some were eating some bread, others were resting, and the rest jumped to their feet when they heard Akio's words. They had been depressed at not finding any animals on their first few days of travel, and now they can hunt for the town.

"No, you have it all wrong! We didn't find any animals," informed one of the guys that joined Akio on his trip to the mountains. Their faces still had beaming smiles compared to the frowns of the main group of hunters.

"That's right! We found the Dragon Gods! We even got to see the God of the Dragon Gods!" a girl broke in. She was still panting heavily with an excited expression, she had never thought of seeing a Dragon God, ever! And the Dragons' God too!

The leader of the main group, a 34 year old man, looked at the group skeptically before saying, "Lead the way."

Akio and the others nodded and took them to where they had seen the Dragons' God, and the Dragon Gods. After arriving there, Akio's group looked at confusion at the huge mountain, while the main groups looked at Akio's group with sneers.

"What a bunch of losers. They must have eaten the hallucination flower, Droda."

"They must be desperate about finding the animals that they make up stories now."

"Haha, these damn youngsters think hunting is so easy."

"Quiet!" The leader of the main group glared at the main group and had them shut up. With a calm and kind face, the leader turned to look at Akio, "Did you really see this Dragon God and God of Dragons, son?"

"Yes, leader. With all my heart," Akio bowed his head at the leader of the main group and said with all seriousness.

The leader's eyes widened in surprise before he chuckled quite happily, "Alright then, if Akio says it's true, then it must be true. We all know that Akio is known for his honesty and hard-work, so there is no way this kid will lie to us. We must go back and inform the town of this discovery."

The main group stifled small smiles while others chuckled and agreed with the main leader. They all turned around and began heading back to the town.

After they came to approach the town after three days, the hunting group found a group of animals and began hunting them. They thought that they were lucky at finding the animals and didn't question anything.

By the time they arrived to the town, the head of the town had told them how the crops began to grow abundantly and quickly without stop. The hunting group all exchanged looks before turning to look at Akio and his group.

"What happened?" The Town Head looked over curiously to Akio and to the group behind them with a curious gaze.

Akio turned to look at his group, and then to the main group before turning to look at the town head, "The God of the Dragon Gods."