Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 131

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 131 Two Crows One Castle

Traveling through the forest had made Sora very calm. He glanced behind himself and looked at both Albion and Ddraig, both looking very uncomfortable as they walked their next step after 2 whole weeks.

With a smirk, Sora said, "What's the matter, can't last ANOTHER two weeks walking?"

Albion and Ddraig tried talking, but their dried throats didn't let them, so they looked around and saw a small pond and quickly went to drink some water, quenching their thirst.

Ddraig was the first to speak up, "We can last another two weeks Ancestor, but we need some food first."

"Haha, you don't need food," Sora chuckled.

This comment only applied to him, with the techniques and magic he learnt from Universe 7 of Dragon Ball, he is able to convert his Ki into an energy that maintains his body saturated, and nutrient filled. With the additional help of his spiritual energy, Sora can last like this for up to one million years.

If he ever lets go of his control of his Ki to keep his body well, it will just fill back up to the brim in just 2 days, something he can last through without worry.

"No, I can't go on like this Ancestor," Albion and Ddraig both shook in fear of the monstrous vitality of the Ancestor.

Sora sighed as he listened to them complaining and brought out Sparky, Sora turned to look at Ddraig and Albion, "Where do the vampire factions reside?"

"They live in Romania, it's a 5 month trip at the rate we are walking," reported Albion as he stretched out his body.

"Hmm, you both get on, I will get some fish for the four of us. Stay here and wait." Scanning the world, Sora disappeared and appeared inside the ocean.

Swimming in the water, Sora felt some resistance and sighed, 'Do I really need a technique to relieve the resistance of water and another technique to allow me to stay longer in the water? Both great ideas, I will get to them in the future some day'

Sora flared up his Ki and coated his body in it before going further down and finding a Kraken furiously fighting a huge S.p.e.r.m Whale.

With a quick movement, Sora chopped up the Kraken and took it with himself before glancing back at the grateful S.p.e.r.m Whale.

'Such bad luck that I have. I don't have an ocean big enough in my Heavenly World yet to house this huge whale,' Sora sighed and used Instant Transmission to get back to Sparky, Albion, and Ddraig.

'Which reminds me, I need to upgrade my Heavenly World in 5 weeks.'

"Okay, I have the food here," nonchalantly said Sora, carrying the huge Kraken.

He dropped it on the ground and quickly cooked it up with a couple of Fire Jutsu. Cutting off almost two thirds of the Kraken, Sora ate it up quickly. He fed Albion, Ddraig, Sparky, and his family after taking a large chunk of Kraken for himself.

After eating, Sora turned to look at both Ddraig and Albion who were stuffed to the brim, "Where do the Vampires reside?"

"Albion, should know that, he has traveled there before," Ddraig pat his belly and got on top of Sparky along with Sora.

"Yes, that's right. The Vampires should still be living in Romania for years to come," Albion answered as he got on Sparky.

Smiling satisfactorily, Sora pat Spark on the head and had him run in the direction of Romania. With Sparky helping in carrying them to Romania, he can now focus on other things and not have to worry about not moving at all. With this, maybe he can even get down to meditating and calming his mind.

On the second day of traveling on Sparky, the group was already making a quick and steady progress to Romania. At the rate that they are going, they will be arriving in a month.

Having been meditating for the entire ride to calm down his mind and maintain control over his energies, Sora stopped paying attention to time. With the steady progress of meditation, the Yin-Yang Symbol in his mind looked brighter and more refined as it spun around in his mind. It even brought obvious effects to his body as he felt it more healthy.

While in the process of meditation, Sora was training inside his mindscape against himself using the Minute Subtlety technique. The technique that had supposedly let him enter into Ultra Instinct, which he later found out was still incomplete.

Now, he was looking for a way to improve the technique. Using the ideas behind Dongxuan Sutra and Taichi as supportive, or even as the base.

What he has found out lately, not about Minute Subtlety, is that Dongxuan Sutra and Taichi both have very similar ideas and concepts, which lead into different directions. Dongxuan Sutra leads into the Yin directions, cultivating the mind and its perception while being the vessel of the Universe's Yin.

While Taichi is about Yin and Yang, the cultivation and balance of Yin-yang. Being able to use both extremities under one's own whims. Use Yin to overcome Yang.

Taichi has the ideas and concepts of waiting for the right moment and being decisive. Using gentleness to overcome overbearing strength. With a slight push, bring down the enemy or hit the cow across an entire mountain.

Dongxuan Sutra. With the use of this technique, the perception grows into an extreme state. Although it improves the body as well, it has a very minute effect in that instance. With the increase in perception, the ideas and concepts behind Dongxuan Sutra become clearer with each passing day to Sora.

Like Taichi, in Dongxuan Sutra, one leads to two, two leads to three, and three leads to a limitless amount of things. Using this idea; footwork, attacks, calculating the opponents moves, leads the practitioner to become a chess piece. Where one can understand the movements of the other chess pieces and be able to decide which is the next best move.

The more Sora understands about the ideas and concepts, the more he begins to reach a point where he can become the player himself. Controlling everything on the board and moving everything at his whim, like having someone dance on the top of his palm.

Mixing these concepts together, both Taichi's and Dongxuan Sutra's understanding, Sora expects to be able to add it to Minute Subtlety and make it more monstrous. To the point where everything he does, is all that will lead the opponent to his death, incapacitation, or dead end.


The first thing he needs to do with Minute Subtlety, is make it have the similar properties of Ultra Instinct. Increased speed, dexterity, brain activity, and speeding up his Ki circulation up to the levels of abnormality.

With that, Sora has been fighting against himself for consecutive days inside his mindscape. He will do it while painting, singing, walking, talking, as easy as breathing. Overall, he only seems to be getting better at using the technique instead of actually changing the speed, dexterity, brain activity, and speeding up the circulation of his Ki.

He had stuck to his other self like gum in hair. He pushed his body to its limits, trying to get it to the point where he can use Minute Subtlety while far away from the enemy.


Coming out of his mindscape, Sora turned to look at Sparky who looked right back at him without blinking.

"It seems we have arrived." Sora jumped down from Sparky and spoke up loudly as he stretched, "Finally! We arrived in Romania after setting out a month ago!"

"Already?" Ddraig woke up from his nap and sat up as he looked at the wide expanse of green land and a castle far in the distance.

"Yes," answered Albion as he jumped off Sparky and walked next to Sora. "Ancestor, if I am not mistaken, that is the castle of the Vampires. Although I don't know which faction it is, that is for sure one of the vampires."

"Great," Sora said as he made his way over to the castle with Sparky walking close behind him. Ddraig, being the useless red dragon that he is, is still sleeping on top of Sparky without a care in the world. At least Albion is traveling next to Sora with bloodshot red eyes and eyebags.

Quickly arriving in front of the castle, Sora was walking up to the door when he noticed two vampires standing in front of the castle as guards. He walked over to them and asked, "Can I talk with the owner of this castle?"

The two vampires didn't glance at Sora at all and completely ignored him as they stared forward, dedicating themselves to their job. Something Sora knew, so he didn't bother talking to them, he walked back and looked up to the top part of the wall.

Summoning a crow, Sora sent it to the top of the wall and before he could get it to speak to the guards up there, it was shot down quickly. Sora sent in another, and made sure to get the crow to dodge the attacks and try to talk to them, but it was grabbed from the air and ripped apart.

"Damn, are these vampires savages?" Sora picked up the dead bodies of the crows and quickly apologized for making them go through that before burning their bodies to ashes and praying for their next life.

Not wanting to waste any more time, Sora began to run Dongxuan Sutra. He walked up to the door of the castle and brought his right fist to it, blowing the door away, then walking in and dodging all the arrows shot at him by the archers that were slightly stunned.

"Bring down the intruder!"

Sora turned to the man who spoke and walked up to him, effortlessly dodging all the arrows shot at him. By the time he got to the man who spoke, all the archers had run out of arrows and some foot soldiers were already surrounding him.

He needed someone to talk to, so that he can know if this castle is owned by the female faction, so that he can end his search and stay here for a couple of days.

Not bothering to look at the weak soldiers, Sora continued walking to the man who spoke. The man took a step back as he looked at Sora dodge all the swords with ease and even led some to cut each other.

"Heh," Sora smirked as he arrived in front of the shaking man and asked. "Is this the Vampire Faction that is run by women?"

"N-no..." the man shook in fear as he looked into Sora's red golden-pupiled eyes. He had never seen such a man like Sora who could effortlessly dodge arrows, and even lead on his attackers to attack themselves. It was as if this man standing in front of him was a god!

"Such a shame, I wasted a valuable trip here." Sora left and walked back to Albion who stood there next to the door with a smug smile.

"Let's leave Ancestor." Albion spoke in a high voice on purpose, trying to get the Tepes Faction to engrave that name into their heads.

'Ancestor...' The man was still shaking as he looked at Sora leave, not willing to take this as a defeat, the man ran into the castle and reported everything to the leader of the Tepes Faction.

Getting back on Sparky with a sad expression, Sora was about to enter back into his mindscape, before he was interrupted by a shout.

"Lord! That's him!"

"I see, so it is this disgusting vermin that dared to step onto my territory and made my men attack each other," a man, as pale as a corpse, was standing on the top of the wall looking down at Sora. He had deep red eyes and blonde hair that reached down to his neck, his clothes was made up of a formal suit made for nobles.

Turning back to look at the man, Sora hoped that this would end quite quickly since he wants to visit the female factions. They drew most of his attention from many stories he had heard from Albion and Ddraig about many beautiful vampire women and their strong abilities. He didn't even bother listening to the parts where the strong male vampires came into.

Looking at Sora turn to look at him with an uninterested look, Bari was infuriated, 'Such a low level vermin won't be looking at me like that for long.'

"Archers!" Bari called out with a loud voice and had the arches all ready their bows and get their arrows back.


Every archer drew their bow and Sora still maintained his uninterested look as he glanced over every Vampire. He waited for them to aim their arrows at him before he could move and end all their lives. If he doesn't they won't leave him alone, no matter what he does at this point. Some beings are like that, deciding to never let go of their grievances, even if their opponent is technically a god.

"Fire!" Bari was filled with rage, this man still looked uninterested, even after he had all the archers draw the arrows and have them aimed at Sora. Such a person is infuriating him, he can't let him live for another moment.

As soon as the arrows were shot, Sora moved at an indescribable pace as he dashed to every arrow shot at him and turned them in the air. He had the arrows fly back to their owners and had them die by their own arrows. Leaving Bari standing in the middle of all his dead soldiers who had an arrow to the head.

"Why don't you die for me too," Sora made a Ki ball and tossed it to Bari and quickly erased his body from the face of the earth.

'That should be enough repayment to those poor crows.'

In this single trip to this Vampire castle, Sora felt his Vampire Bloodline's true essence rise up by a slim margin. Glad that it went up, Sora is hoping to find the female faction and quickly bring it up.

'Ancestor!' The man who had reported to the noble of the castle was shaking in fear under the dead body of one of the archers. 'Such a terrifying existence, is he really a god?'