Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 132

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 132 House Of Karnstein

Traveling over the green grass and feeling the nice breeze wash over his face, Sora felt relaxed completely. He stayed on top of Sparky, meditating and relaxing.

After a couple days passed, Sora found that it was time to finally upgrade his Heavenly World to the next level. Sora had Sparky stop and had Ddraig and Albion stay while he left.

"Both of you stay here, I will leave for a while and do something important," Sora got off Sparky. Glancing at Albion and Ddraig once, Sora left for his Heavenly World.

This time he didn't appear inside his Wooden Palace, but above high. Next to his Ancient Suns, Sora had gotten into his lotus position and began to recite the Sacred Scripture.

Once the words left his mouth, the ground began to shake, black clouds began appearing within the Heavenly World. As the ground shook and the clouds grew ominous, the four ancient suns began to revolve around Sora slowly. They drew the Magic and Dream Energy from him and they merged with the other four Ancient Suns.

Kraa- Boom!

Lightning struck the ground of the Heavenly World and it began to expand slowly. The water began splashing like crazy and the world gained its Fifth Ancient Sun.

The dragons that were brought into the Heavenly World all trembled under the ominous clouds that flashed varying colors. They landed on the ground and they strayed clear from the lightning, making sure not to be struck.

The souls living in the Heavenly World all took a run into their houses, making sure not to be struck by the lightning.

Sora opened his eyes slightly and looked at the ominous clouds, he didn't worry about his family, he knew that the Wooden Palace would properly take care of them.


Another lightning struck down on the water and it expanded even more. Sora closed his eyes and focused on creating the Fifth Ancient Sun.

After a whole two hours, a new Ancient Sun was formed, but the clouds were still there. They continued dropping lightning strikes over and over. Every time the lightning striked the surface of the Heavenly World, trees and plants would appear.

The lightning began to die down, but the ominous clouds began to condense over the Wooden Palace.

Sora looked on with a calm gaze, he didn't bother worrying, since after all, during the creation of a new sun, no being will be harmed. The land expands, more water appears, and the space also expands.

The lightning began to cackle inside the dense lightning cloud. Various colors flashed, the air began to shake, and the Ancient Suns glowed.


Lightning rained hard on the Wooden Palace!

Instead of the Wooden Palace being destroyed and blown to ash like most thought, the Wooden Palace instead got enhanced and reinforced! The Wooden Palace began to rise up from the ground and it got covered in green, vibrant leaves.

When the Wooden Palace stopped rising, it was almost the size of a The Wooden Palace had completely turned into a tree. The body was completely thick, around 5 miles of circ.u.mference. Thick branches came out of the tree and if Sora tried breaking off a branch, he would find it completely difficult, unless he went into his True Form.

Gazing at the huge tree, Sora felt a link between himself and the huge tree. It was a mysterious link, almost at the level of the soul. He could tell how it felt and how healthy it was.

Descending down from where the Ancient Suns were, Sora flew to the peak of the huge Oak-like tree. When he got to the peak of the tree, he saw his Wooden Palace still there, but attached to the whole tree.

Before going in, Sora looked at the tree with his Heavenly Vision Technique.

Looking at the information he got from the Heavenly Vision Technique, Sora was amazed at the fact that the tree was called World Tree.

[World Tree- (Sapling)

A huge tree, capable of overshadowing an entire universe! With each leaf capable of holding an entire continent. Created from a powerful lightning strike filled with many energies. The tree will naturally create Elves when it is out of its infancy stage to help take care of the World Tree's needs.

The World Tree, once mature, would offer small pieces of its own wood to the owner of the world. Once it reaches maturity, the World Tree will gain a spirit. Provides nutrition for the entire world, maintaining the land nice and healthy, the bodies of water nice and vibrant, plants and trees will be more firm and will bring more effects to the plants and trees, and will give birth to many different species and lifeforms.]

[New Skill gained!]

[World Tree Owner:

Appear anywhere on the World Tree at your own wish. Give permission to others to allow them to travel freely from whichever branch of the World Tree.

Can also move the World Tree to wherever throughout the entire Heavenly World in the blink of an eye.]

Sora whistled happily as he looked at the World Trees description and the new skill. Such a thing really is powerful, although about the pieces of wood, he doesn't know what he could do with such a thing. Patting the wood of the World Tree, Sora was glad to have it with him.

Turning away from the tree, Sora looked at the land of his world and realized that he doesn't have any cows, pigs, or chickens.

'Maybe I should kidnap some animals while the World Tree grows, or find a way to get the Dream Master to reach the next rank.' Sora mulled over the different things he had to do before paying attention to the size of the world.

Looking down on the ground, high up on the tree, Sora was astounded at the sheer size of the Heavenly World. It was no longer the size of Texas, but now at the size of Mars.

'The next size of the world might even be earth. If it is, just how big can this Heavenly World get under the different energies that I have?'

Sora looked at the many energies inside the Ancient Sun and was thankful to the Dongxuan Sutra for allowing him to copy every energy at its full strength.

Walking into his Wooden Palace, he found every single of his family members doing everything that they usually do. Sora looked at all of them with a confused gaze, "They didn't feel anything at all from what just happened?"

Sora walked up to Emily and Mirai, he placed his hands on their head and gave them permission to travel freely throughout the World Tree.

He talked with Emily and played with Mirai for a bit before going over to his wives and talking with them.

Standing in front of Sparky, Sora sighed contentedly and just laid on Sparky's comfortable fur. "Let's get moving now."

"Where to? The matriarch faction?" Ddraig stood up and stretched his body and looked at Sora.

"Yes," Sora answered.

"I know where it is. I just took a trip just now to stretch out my wings and I found a castle not too far away from here," Ddraig said. He pointed off into the distance and Sora turned to look to where pointed, and indeed saw a castle.

"Great, but are you sure it is a Matriarch faction?" Sora asked before turning to look at Ddraig curiously.

"Yes, definitely. When I flew above them, I saw a lot of females in armor," happily reported Ddraig as he thumped his chest.

"That's good then. Let's go to that castle then," Sora smiled and patted Sparky before leaving Albion and Ddraig behind.

Being left behind, Ddraig and Albion turned to look at each confused before running behind Sora.

"Can I talk with the person who owns this castle?" Sora asked one of the two guards standing outside of the gate.

"..." The guard stayed quiet, like the others he had met in the other castle. Seeing as how they didn't respond, Sora decided to just knock on the huge door, but not before glancing at the guards to make sure he wasn't attacked for knocking.

Toc Toc!

Sora waited for a minute and received no response, but before he could knock a second time, he heard clanking and the door began to open.

"Who are you and why have you come here?" a man in a butler outfit came out and looked at Sora, Sparky, and the other two who were barely catching up, Ddraig and Albion.

"I have come to witness the life of vampires and the matriarchal faction." Sora said as he looked at the man. The man had similar aspects of his Vampire Ancestor Bloodline, but in a more of a degraded manner.

The man had a hook nose and beady eyes that looked at everything uninterestedly, "I will report to the mistress what you have said."

The man closed the door and left. Sora looked at the door that was closed on him rudely and turned to look at Albion and Ddraig.

"Are all vampires just naturally rude or something?"

"No, they just dislike every other race that isn't Vampire. They especially dislike those that are half-breeds." Albion responded as he walked up next to Sora.

"Really? It sounds pretty dumb, why do they dislike them? Is it the life span? Abilities? Strengths?" Sora kept looking at the door as he just asked random questions to pass the time.

After 10 minutes, the door was reopened and the butler vampire looked at Sora weirdly, "Madam said that she has found your words interesting and would like to meet you. Possibly even let you stay so that you can see what you find interesting about matriarchal factions."

"Very well then," nodded Sora as he looked back at Albion and Ddraig. "What about my followers?"

"They may not be allowed in," the butler shook his head as he glanced at Albion and Ddraig. Sora had already taken Sparky back into his Heavenly World before walking up to the door of the castle.

"Even if I am Albion?" said Albion with a mysterious gaze.

"And even if I'm Ddraig?" added in Ddraig with his eyes turning dragonic as he stared down at the butler.

The butler narrowed his eyes and backed up before saying, "Let me report this to the madam. Please wait right here."

Glancing at the door then back at both Albion and Ddraig, Sora frowned in displeasure before standing away in defeat.

After waiting for another ten minutes, Sora heard some noise from the door and saw it open.

When it was fully opened, the butler looked at both Ddraig and Albion in indifference again before allowing them to walk in as well.

The butler led them inside into the castle and led them through the main hall. He stopped them right outside the entrance to the throne room before turning to glance at everyone, "Be mindful of what you say here. This is House Karnstein, so make sure to keep to yourself."

"No problem, I'll stay quiet," nodded Sora as he looked at the butler with no expressions on his face.

"Same here," nodded Albion.

"I'm always quiet," Ddraig scoffed as he looked away from the butler.

Both Sora and Albion turned to look at Ddraig strangely.

The butler opened the door and revealed a dark space inside, but Sora and the rest could see perfectly well. They moved their gazes over to the two long benches inside the room. A single small doll-like girl sitting on the middle of one of the benches. Her delicate features seemed to bring out the beauty of her long wavy light blonde hair, deep red eyes, and her beautiful face similar to that of a Western doll. She also has a pale skin tone similar to that of a corpse, which brought out more the color of her deep red eyes.

If it wasn't for his ability to see in the dark, Sora would have only seen two red orbs staring back at him in the dark room.

"Hey," Sora lifted his hand and looked at the woman happily as he sat on the bench across from her happily. His eyes drifted over her red dress worn by princesses in other countries, something Sora associated with the Middle Ages clothing. She also had an ornamented head-dress to go along with her beautiful red dress. "You're a very beautiful woman."

Knowing that the little girl in front of him is most probably not a little girl, but a woman well over a couple decades to centuries old. So Sora didn't mind the woman's childish looks, it only seemed to bring out the beauty in her doll-like appearance.

The woman smiled back in response and her little nose raised itself a bit before turning to look at Albion and Ddraig with a hungry expression. She calmed herself a bit and turned to look at Sora apologetic, "I'm sorry about that, I have been hungry for a couple days since the Tepes Faction have been taking our food lately. So seeing two extremely powerful dragons right before me made me a bit hungry."

"Don't worry, I wouldn't have held myself back if something like that happened," Sora waved his hand nonchalantly as he remembered back to a time in his past life when he was starved by his father. He was only 14 when he was starved for a whole month, somehow still hanging on to life. By the end, his father let him eat and he went out hunting, only to find wolf cubs.

To his luck, he didn't have to eat them because a deer appeared out of nowhere and he quickly killed it. That was one of his most difficult moments back in his past life, so he sympathizes with the little vampire woman in front of him.

"My name is Sora," introduced Sora as he bowed his head a bit to her.

The woman sweetly smiled at Sora before saying, "My name is Elmenhilde Karnstein. A Pure-blooded Noble woman in the Carmilla Faction."