Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 133

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 133 Vampire True Essence

Sora stayed a couple of days in the House of Karnstein and saw some obvious increase of his true essence increase. Very happy about this, Sora began to make some advancements in his Minute Subtlety's new and improved variation.

Training in his Taichi, Sora sought out an improvement or breakthrough in something. Taichi had always helped him in attaining a breakthrough in some of his martial arts in his past life, and he didn't know if it would help much now. So taking time in meditating with Taichi is the only thing he could do now while he waits for the true essence to rise up.

"That's a funny dance you're doing," Elmenhilde came out of her building as she looked at Sora move slowly and elegantly.

"It's a funny dance that helps me calm down and make my mind clearer." Sora didn't bother to tell her that it was Taichi, since it wasn't created just yet.

He didn't want to take the credit for something a man spent his entire life doing. Although he might do it if he had to spend his time on this universe forever.

Elmenhilde's eyes jumped in wonder at Sora's words. She approached Sora and tried to copy his movements in a crude way. She frowned and looked at Sora, "It's not working. This dance doesn't work at all."

Only smiling in response, Sora stopped what he was doing and approached Elmenhilde, "That's because you tried copying moves that fit my tall stature and not something that suits you. You see here?"

Sora slowly performed a move in front of her and delicately pushed forward before reeling it in. He turned to look at Elmenhilde who had her eyebrows furrowed, "You, are supposed to sink down your shoulders a bit more and have your legs bent a bit more."

With a suspicious gaze, Elmenhilde tried doing it and didn't feel anything again. "I don't feel relaxed!"

"Try it again, but do it repetitively and slowly." Sora sat back and looked at her repeat the move over and over.

After five hours had passed, Sora had Elmenhilde stop because the sun was about to rise up, and she couldn't be in the sun. Only the Dhampirs, who are hybrids from vampires and other races can stay in the sun and only feel some displeasure.

Shaking Elmenhilde, Sora saw her fully absorbed in practicing the same move and he pulled her out of that state as he picked her up and took her inside.

"That move didn't work," complained Elmehilde. "And why are you taking me inside! I just went out."

Smirking at the little vampire girl's words, Sora looked at her eyes and said, "You have been practicing for five hours straight the same move."

Elmenhilde looked at Sora with scrunched eyebrows and then looked outside the window. Light slowly came out of the horizon and slowly lit up the entire castle.

"Did I really do the same move for five hours?" whispered Elmenhilde.

Looking at the little vampire in his hands, Sora shook his head with a smile before taking her into the room that she lives in.

"I'll see you later," Sora waved goodbye to Elmenhilde while she just looked at him slowly leave the room.

After exiting the room, Sora's expression turned strange as he thought, 'Strange, Taichi relaxes the mind and makes them calm, why did Elmenhilde forget about the time passing by? Did she just have nothing to think about while doing Taichi?'

Sora walked back outside and did his Taichi before sitting off to the side and meditating like usual.

Minute Subtlety


Meditating for some gruesome hours, Sora finally made a breakthrough in making Minute Subtlety better. Now his perception is raised and his radius of influence has expanded to around 30 feet. If he manages to rise it to its perfection, he might be able to merge it with his sensing abilities and greatly enhance his senses and reactions.

Standing up, Sora walked around the castle. He hasn't had much time to walk around and now that he has the time, why not do it.

The first place he visited the kitchen!

"Hmm..." Sora walked into the kitchen and instantly noticed the lack of meat inside the kitchen. His eyes wandered all over the place before seeing some red liquid in a big bucket, 'Human blood...'

Ignoring the bucket filled with human blood, Sora kept searching the kitchen and didn't find anything besides some vegetables.

He didn't bother about worrying about the blood, since it is how the vampire lived, they can't live any other way.

He personally never took in blood

'That's it!' Sora turned his gaze back at the bucket of blood and realized that the reason his vampire true essence never reached full maturity, or perfection, was because he never took in blood!

Blood was a vital thing vampires need to survive and get stronger with, and he had stepped over that vital process many times. He had only taken in blood once, but he had never indulged in drinking blood to make himself stronger.

Time passed as he thought it over for a couple months and he finally resolved himself to drink the blood of some deity.

"I have to do this now or never," Sora switched his race into the Vampire Ancestor and the only thing that happened was his tail disappearing.

He embodied darkness before turning back into himself and flying away in the dark night trying to find a god. Something which won't happen for a couple of years or so.

"Where has Sora gone off to?" Elmenhilde came out of her room and looked at both Albion and Ddraig with a worried expression.

"He's gone?" Albion stood up from his seat and looked at Elmenhilde in surprise.

Ddraig didn't get up, but his face scrunched up as he heard about Sora disappearing during the night. He always does reconnaissance all around in a hundred mile radius every time he wakes up, he even checks up on Sora every 2 hours, so the fact that he's gone when he just saw him a couple of minutes ago confuses him.

"Yes, I was trying to look for him for his daily lessons, but I haven't been able to catch a single bit of his wonderful scent. Now it completely vanished," Elemnhilde paced back and forth as she talked with Albion and Ddraig.

She had her reasons for being tense, the man that had been training her for a couple of months simply vanished. Growing fond of him in just a couple of months, she wouldn't like it if he just disappeared, leaving his entourage behind too.

"Calm down, why are you so worried?" Ddraig tried to calm her down.

"I can't!" Elmenhilde kept walking pacing back and forth and didn't stop pacing back and forth.

"Stop moving and explain," Albion looked at Elmenhilde worryingly and tried to stop her from moving more as well.

Elmenhilde stopped moving and looked at Albion and Ddraig with a bit of fear on her face. She bit her lips before saying, "The greek gods have been making round trips up here looking for someone the past few days. I fear that he may get in trouble with them."

When they heard Elmenhilde's words, Albion and Ddraig were shocked before they began laughing at her words.


"It's not funny! He might die at any moment!" Elmenhilde thought they were laughing because they thought her words might have been lies.

Wiping the tears from his eyes, Ddraig looked at Elmenhilde with a serious gaze, "You don't have to worry about Ancestor. He's the strongest being in this universe, even Ophis and Great Red can't hold a candle to him at all."

"Huh?" Elmenhilde looked at both the heavenly dragons confused. How could the two dragons that have been fighting for centuries say this and worship another being. Even going as far, to say that Sora is stronger than the God of Infinity and the God of Dreams?

The little vampire woman bit her lips and scrunched her eyebrows before reluctantly nodding. She had to believe them for now and just hope that Sora is all right and that he could come back to her.

"In fact, you should be worrying about the Greek Gods," joked Ddraig as he sipped some laid under the moonlight.

"Gahh!!" Hades screamed in frustration as all the cities in Greece were either occupied by the Greeks and Grim Reapers, or they had been destroyed by the Hellhounds. Yet he hasn't found any person who has taken over his souls.

"Lord! Zeus, Apollo, and Hephaesteus, are making their round trips once again!" A Grim Reaper reported as he bowed in front of Hades in fear.

"Again?" Hades turned to face the Grim Reaper before walking out of his throne room and looking at an orb that showed the three gods walking around Greece.

The Grim Reaper kept quiet and maintained his head down while waiting for Hades' order. He tried to talk the less he could, if he misspoke, he would be sent to the Hellhound territory and made into food or a play toy.

"Send out an order. Get every Grim Reaper and Hellhound to disguise themselves as the common people and animals. Tell the Grim Reapers to keep the Hellhounds calm and away from the prying eyes of my stupid brother. His God's Eye is too powerful," ordered Hades. He glanced back at the screen and then turned to another Grim Reaper that was nearby.

"Come in here."

The Grim Reaper floated in and knelt in front of Hades.

"Have every other Grim Reaper that is unoccupied to destroy crops and chop down trees. Then grab some of the Realm's Dead Water to destroy the life of the grass in the living world. Once that is done, I will meet my brothers and tell them how another god came from his territory to destroy our agriculture." Hades began calculating and his glowing red orbs began flickering as he stared at the figures of his brothers appearing closer in the screen.

"Anything else sir?" The Grim Reaper asked before leaving.

Glancing at the Grim Reaper, Hades was about to blow his fuze but then calmed himself as he remembered something. "Yes, send a letter to a God of plants or something. Make it say something that requires him to come over here.

Use Aphrodite, Demeter, and Athena to reign in that god to travel over here. He can be our scapegoat for now until the Great War begins and my brother, Zeus, can worry about that."

The Grim Reaper left with everything Hades had told him and quickly gave the orders to every available Grim Reaper he could find.

Another Grim Reaper standing close by the whole time floated close to Hades and said, "Lord, what will you say about the burnt villages and numerous dead bodies of the Greeks?"

Turning to look at the Grim Reaper behind him, Hades shot him a fierce look before softening, "So it's just you Orcus."

"Yes, my Lord." Orcus bowed to Hades and nodded.

"I already have that planned out. I will have to use whichever god the Grim Reapers choose to make him the scapegoat. He will be the person I 'fought' against in the battle in some of the villages he tried to influence with his power," stated Hades as he maintained his eyes on the ball with the images of the three gods.

"That's wonderful my lord, but how will you go about it?" asked Orcus.

"I will have to say that he tried to take away our believers by showing off his divinity by controlling the plants. If they ask questions like, 'how did he look like?', I will tell them that he had something covering his head and a big black cloak covering him.

If he asks for further information, I can always say that all I remember is him being able to control plants and his black clothes." Hades tapped the crystal ball and it stopped showing the image of Zeus, Apollo, and Hephaesteus.

"You are indeed smart my lord," Orcus bowed in appreciation of Hades' wits. 'When you are calm that is.'

Hades sent a glance to Orcus with some blue light entering his red orbs, "Have you found your daughter yet Orcus?"

"No Lord, but I have a strong feeling I will find her sooner or later," replied Orcus with a hoarse voice.

"I wish you luck, Orcus," Hades walked into the Main Hall where he meets all the other Greek Gods in. He sent one last look to Orcus and said, "Bennia shouldn't be too far away, so don't worry."