Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 134

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 134 Onto Greece

Five years passed by in the blink of an eye. Sora had spent these five years looking for Gods to drink their blood. When he had the time, he would visit his family inside his Heavenly World occasionally and switch out of his Vampire Ancestor form.

In the past month, Sora had found out that everyone of his women had gotten pregnant, besides Unohana who still dearly held onto Mirai who had just turned 10. Sora didn't expect to have so many women pregnant at one single instance, even Yasaka was pregnant!

Luckily, Emily wasn't affected much about this. She was happy about it instead as she hugged the bellies of each of her mothers. With Emily turning 20 soon, Sora was looking for a good gift to get her.

Out in the real world, Sora was walking around in his Vampire Ancestor form with a heavy expression. His steps were light, not daring to make them heavy in case of destroying the planet.

His deadline for looking for a gift for his daughter was dangerously approaching and he still didn't have anything ready.

"Why is it difficult to find a gift?" Sora asked.

With a sigh, Sora sat down on a nearby rock and relaxed under the shade of a tree.

"Traveling is boring!" yelled an irritated voice not so far from Sora.

'Who's that?' Sora rose up from his rock and looked around for the source of the young voice.

He hasn't seen a person in the real world for almost 2 years. The last time he saw someone, they were trying to get him to worship the God of the Dragon Gods. He felt weird whenever he remembered them passionately talking about the God of the Dragon Gods.

Lifting his head, Sora looked over the bush that separated him and the voice. When he looked over the bush, Sora's eyes slightly widened at the sight over the bush wall.

What had greeted his eyes was a n.a.k.e.d girl with long, dark purple hair and sleepy golden eyes. Her hair reached all the way down to her h.i.p.s. When his eyes drifted lower, he was disappointed at seeing her cover her privates, but when his eyes went lower, he appreciated the sight once more. Her pale legs have 3 black markings on both her thighs also having gold neon lines in its interior.

'A young beauty,' remarked Sora as he looked at the petite girl. His Vampire Ancestor Bloodline told him that the girl was actually older than she looked and that her race was a bit peculiar.

Waiting for her to enter the pond, Sora looked at her slowly dip her body into the water. He wanted to get to know who this girl was, see if he can get any information out of her. Might even find the location of a god.

"Hua! Such a nice feeling," sighed contentedly Bennia. Just when she was about to submerge herself further into the pond, she found a handsome man make his way to her from the shrubs.

"Who are you?" Bennia didn't freak out at being seen n.a.k.e.d, she calmly submerged her body out of the man's eyesight. Yet she felt like she was still being seen by him, no matter what she did.

"Hi, I was just wondering if you happen to know where a God resides at," Sora said, not bothering to tell the girl his name.

"No, I don't," responded Bennia nonchalantly.

Sora didn't leave, but sat on another rock that was next to the pond Bennia was in. He meditated on the rock and would occasionally peak at Bennia when he could.

After half an hour, Bennia still hasn't come out of the pond and Sora decided to ask her some questions to pass the time.

He stretched his arms and legs before looking at Bennia with a smile, "Where do you come from?"

"I come from Greece," Bennia had her eyes closed as she relaxed in the water.

"Oh, that's a nice place. I should go visit there, there's a ton of Gods residing their that are very interesting," smiled slyly Sora. His eyes drifted from Bennia over to where he believes Greece is located at. 'I haven't thought of visiting Greece before, maybe I should go there and not have to wait so long.'

Bennia looked at Sora silently before uttering, "It's not a good place anymore."

Looking at Bennia with frown, Sora asked, "How come? Did something bad happen?"

Nodding, Bennia got out of the water n.a.k.e.d and ignored Sora's gaze as she dressed up. She didn't put on her mask and hanged it around her neck instead. She turned to look at Sora and said, "The last time I was there, monstrous dogs were terrorizing villages and some weird skeleton bad guys wearing dark robes and carrying scythes were searching for someone."

'Skeleton bad guys wearing dark robes and carrying scythers Grim Reapers.' Sora looked at Bennia and realized that she might be a Grim Reaper, or at least related to one. "Do you know who they were looking for?"

"They don't know what they are looking for. They are just looking for a person that can control souls. All I heard was that someone stole Hades' authority over his souls and he is looking for the person responsible." Bennia stood in front of Sora and sat on the ground before looking up at his eyes.

Sora froze when he heard that they were looking for someone who can control souls. Thanks to his Soul King title, he was given the ability to technically control souls, but he never used it. When he was transported into this world, he felt his Soul King ability activating by itself sometimes and it would grow stronger by a bit whenever it would activate once more.

'It couldn't be me, right?' Sora maintained a calm look after hearing Bennia's words and then asked, "When did he lose control?"

"Almost 10 years ago," said Bennia after remembering when Hades began acting weird.

'It is me.' Sora shook his head with a smile as he thought about the events happening in Greece. Everything that was happening over there was all his fault and he had no idea about it for 10 whole years. 'Well it's not my problem, but I should help them out a bit.'

Sora looked at Bennia's golden eyes and smiled, "Would you mind taking me to Greece then. I would like to try and see what I can possibly do to help."

Bennia blinked before nodding happily, "Sure! I'll take you there."

'If he can calm down Hades, or get rid of him, my home will turn calm once again! Although I can't place too much hope on this man, maybe he's not strong at all, but he did escape my detection.' Bennia smiled softly and put on her mask before leading Sora to Greece.

Walking along a trail, Sora turned to look at Bennia. He had learnt a lot about her through the past couple of days of traveling with her.

According to her, her town is in a very dark place, hell maybe, and it would require the need of a couple of 'guards', something he knew were Grim Reapers. Her dad is one of those guards and that her dad fell in love with a woman from a bright town, the living world.

The town mayor, leader in all fields of profession, was the striving force of all the 'guards'. Bennia said that the town mayor had grown mad when someone appeared that was better than him in one of the fields of profession. Now he is terrorizing the guards and is attacking nearby villages and sending 'wolves' to further the damages done at the villages.

"This town mayor sounds envious of this other person," muttered Sora as he walked next to Bennia who nodded at Sora's words.

"He is. Not only that, he is also very possessive in regards to protecting his dark town and the bright towns, so he schemed against different towns to get the responsibility of taking care of the bright towns and his own town," added Bennia.

Sora felt his head buzz hearing Bennia speak. Replaying what she said inside his own head, Sora realized that it was Hades' plan to instigate the Great War. This way, the other factions, or mythologies, destroy each other and leave the job of protecting the living world to Hades.

So not only does Hades end up getting what he wants, he also gets rid of many other factions without needing to lift up a single finger after setting up all the traps.

'Damn, I thought I was done with schemes, now I have to deal with Hades' scheme of trying to take over Earth?' Sora sighed as he looked at the little girl walking in front of him.

Back in his past life, Sora had to deal with many schemes that would always end up with him close to death. So he ended having to scheme back and having to lose a lot of his martial arts training time, something he doesn't like doing.

Although he didn't like scheming as much as martial arts, he thought he did a pretty good job when he sent the yakuza into their demise and into the clutches of the italian mafia.

Now that Sora thought about it, his past life seemed more interesting than now.

Bennia turned her face to Sora and smiled seeing him deep in thought. Traveling with someone is way better than traveling alone and having to spend the night with no company. The nights are eerily quiet, and even if she grew up in the Realm of the Dead, she was slightly afraid in the night.

'I have to do something about Hades to prevent stuff like this in the future. Although it won't stop the Great War, it will probably stop future ones.' Sora sighed and looked at the smiling Bennia, "How long did it take you to come to Romania from Greece?"

"Almost a whole month, I hardly slept on the trip over here, but I took a lot of breaks to make up for the missed sleep." Bennia tapped her mask's chin as she recalled all of her lonely adventure.

"Then we should also be arriving in just a couple of months if nothing goes wrong," said Sora with a knowing tone. He intuitively knew that he would end up finding something of worth on his trip to Greece.

He might end up finding a god like he has been wanting to do, or maybe find a gift for his daughter, which he really needs. Maybe both will come together and he doesn't have to worry about anything at all in the end!

"So how old are you Bennia?" Sora asked.

Bennia froze and turned to look at Sora with a dark smile, "You shouldn't ask a lady her age."

"Sir Attis!" A man clad in a white robe and a leaf over his right ear walked into a garden where a man sat in between a wide variety of plants, flowers, herbs, vegetable, fruits, and trees, all moving their leaves in his direction. They all looked like they wanted to touch the man's body and worship the man.

The man sitting in between all the vegetation has dark, brown hair and bushy eyebrows. His skin is a tanned skin color and his body was toned well. When he opened his eyes, it revealed two profound green irises that showed their wisdom and growth.

He held a natural smile over his face as he looked at the man walk into his garden, "Julius, it's so nice to see you!"

"Attis, this is a letter for you from some Greek Goddesses, Athena Demeter, and Aphrodite. They are the most beautiful women residing in Greece, and they are formally inviting you to talk about possible marriage between you and one of them." Julius, the messenger, stood in front of Attis with a wide smile.

"Aphrodite?! Demeter?!" Attis stood up from his position with a bigger smile than before and took the paper form Julius joviantly.

Aphrodite and Demeter were both always highly admired by Attis ever since he first heard of them and seen portraits of their beauty. Although Athena also caught his attention, it wasn't as much as the Goddess of Beauty and the Goddess of Fertility.

He loved the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite, because of well her beauty, and for the Goddess of Fertility, he loved her for his high compatibility with her.

"Great! I will go to meet them now! When was this sent out?" asked Attis with a wide smile as he walked out of his garden and chose a clean white robe to leave in.

"It was sent out 5 years ago, Attis," said Julius after checking the date on the letter.

"I told you many times Julius, we should move our Realm into a more accessible region, or else we might end up losing opportunities." Attis said as he walked out of the Realm and left Julius behind in the garden.

Julius stood in the garden and looked at Attis leaving with a smile, "It's difficult to do that Sir Attis, God of Vegetation. After all, the plants have to be separated from the other realms in case they end up polluted and stop growing, like you."