Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 135

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 135 Divinity Clouds

It has been 16 days since they headed out and Sora's worry about the present for his daughter was rising. He practiced his Taichi to pass the time and calm his mind down. He was doing his Taichi while Bennia was resting in a crystal clear pond they had run into earlier in their journey.

His body felt relaxed as he breathed in and out. Eventually, he had completely let go of his worry and now he felt refreshed as he breathed in the air and heard the splashed of water. He could just imagine Bennia splashing around in the water n.a.k.e.d, with her body seductively twisting in the water.

Sora smiled and felt even more relaxed as he continued his Taichi moves. He felt his Dongxuan Sutra move but paid no mind to it as he absorbed in the peaceful feeling he had achieved.

The Dongxuan Sutra began revolving quickly and it felt like it was on the verge of breaking into the next tier. Sora's happiness elevated as he felt that, but it soon turned for the worse as he felt the cycles slow down and cease.

'Damn, right when it was about to breakthrough too,' Sora sighed in defeat.

Knowing when to stop was an important thing to Sora, he couldn't rush through things sometimes, even if he wanted to. If he wanted to accelerate his Dongxuan Sutra circulation, it would greatly damage his body if he tried to force it. So all he can do is wait and hope it eventually breaks through.

Sora stopped doing Taichi and moved on to do his True Dragon Ape God Bone Art. Maybe his luck would shine on his practice of this technique, actually bringing improvements and some benefits.

Shortly after already throwing in some punches and palm strikes according to the technique, Sora felt his bones shake in anticipation. It wasn't like the other two times when he practiced this technique and it would only give him a tingly sensation. This time, it brought him great pain as he continued executing the moves.

"This is killing me," cursed Sora as he threw out a palm strike and then moved on to the leg techniques of the True Dragon Ape God Bone Art.

His bones were creaking and slowly breaking down, they were completely turning into dust. It felt like thousands of needles were being stabbed throughout all of his body. He eventually collapsed on the floor after a couple of minutes of completing the technique.

Sora didn't fall because he wanted to, or unconsciously did. His body's bones have completely turned to dust and he lay on the floor weirdly like a bag filled with liquid, but soon the bone dust slowly absorbed Sora's blood. Slowly turning red, the bone reformed itself strong and better than before as they fixed themselves into place.

Standing up happily, Sora realized that he has finally entered into the Large Success Stage and his bones are now officially True Dragon Ape God Bones.

His power had improved by 150%, something he didn't expect. Now he is far stronger than before and he can easily defeat anyone with just his body alone.

"Ah! Such a wonderful feeling," Sora sighed contentedly as he moved around and felt his moves become more sharper than before. His body's defense was even stronger than his strength! If he used his own full might on his own body, he might not even damage it a bit.

Sora felt like celebrating. Now that he had attained more strength, he wanted to jump in bed with all his wives.

However, that wish was soon thrown down the drain as he remembered impregnating all his wives at the same time.

"Such dogshit luck!" cursed Sora as he scratched the back of his head. He couldn't really do anything with Unohana since she wanted to spend most of her time pampering Mirai until she turned 16.


"Ahhh~ The water is so comfortable," Bennia yelled out happily as she felt the water touch every inch of her body.

Hearing Bennia, Sora turned to look at her location with a smirk, 'Maybe I don't have to spend my time alone.'

Walking over to Bennia, Sora looked at her swim inside the pond with nothing covering her body.

Noticing Sora walk over to her, Bennia looked up at Sora with a curious look, "Why are you here?"

"Just wanted to enter the water with you," said Sora as he smiled at Bennia.

After telling Bennia that he was going to join her, Sora stripped n.a.k.e.d and entered the pool relaxingly. Bennia was blushing hard as she looked at Sora's n.a.k.e.d body, she was about to swim away to the other side of the pond, but Sora had other plans.

He grabbed Bennia's waist and pulled her next to himself and just laid there with Bennia resting on his chest.

"Wha-what are you doing?" Bennia tried to push herself away from Sora with her face as red as a tomatoe.

She had never been with a man before, especially when all the people she hung out with were all skeletons. Now that she is experiencing her first skin to skin contact, she didn't know what to do in this situation.

Bennia had hugged her mom many times before, but it has been so long since she last had contact. Now that she is having contact again, and on an entirely different level, Bennia didn't know what to do.

She felt her small b.o.o.b.s press up against Sora's chest and her own small hands on Sora's compact muscles. Just that would have her freaking out, but the fact that she knows that they are n.a.k.e.d and she can see Sora's thing from the clear water, she froze up.

Slowly, she began to calm down when she felt Sora not doing anything more. He only rubbed her shoulder calmingly and sometimes went down to her waist.

She sighed in relief and then looked up at Sora's relaxed face, his eyes were closed and he had this indescribable happiness about his appearance. Bennia smiled a bit and ignored the fact that they are both n.a.k.e.d and closed her eyes restingly.

"Why are you acting like this?" asked Bennia after a couple of minutes.

"I'm pretty happy right now since I just achieved something great while you were in the pond," responded Sora, keeping his eyes closed and a smile on his face.

"You could have hugged me like this after I came out of the pond and was wearing clothes," Bennia said with a fake irritated voice. Her eyes slightly opened and instantly drifted to the thing between Sora's legs before shutting them tight in embarrassment.

"But then I wouldn't be enjoying it as much as I am now," chuckled Sora.

Of course he wouldn't wait, he took advantage of the moment and jumped in the pond without a shred of embarrassment of possible rejection. He even used his monstrous strength to keep Bennia from forcing her way out of his grasp. Sora even thought about the possibility of Bennia hating him if he went further, so he held back and decided to do that some other time.

His eyes slowly opened and looked at Bennia who was still in his arms. Such a picturesque moment was something he had to paint, so he quickly saved the moment in his head.

The sun was setting and its reflection was on the pond, giving off a nice and beautiful light orange color to the pond's surface. The light reflecting off the pond landed on both Sora's and Bennia's faces.

Couple of minutes passed and Bennia fell asleep in Sora's embrace. Sora smiled lightly before sliding off her slightly wet hair off her face and kissing her forehead.


Sora's eyes instantly opened up and looked at the direction of the sound. Standing there between two trees was another tree, but Sora noticed a snapped twig laying underneath one of its roots. The tree even looked weird compared to the other trees in the surrounding. Sora activated his Dongxuan Sutra and instantly noticed a life force violently moving within the tree compared to the minute and faint life force of the other trees.

'It's a person, and someone strong in this world,' Sora's eyes narrowed as he looked at the tree right there. With a quick wave of his hand, Bennia was wearing clothes, dry, and off to the side soundly sleeping.

Not bothering dressing himself up, Sora stood up and walked slowly to the tree with his Primal God Ki flaring up with ferocity.

Sora noticed the leaves of the tree slowly begin to wither and emit a sort of damp and cold fragrance. 'Fear?'

The Ki flaring up around Sora covered his lower half and made it difficult for people to see the dangling thing between his legs.

Sora was still in his Vampire Ancestor form, so when he got close enough to the tree, he smelled high-grade blood covered in divinity. With a big smile, Sora thought to himself, 'The wait is over!'

Quickly dashing to the tree that was opening up and showing a figure dashing out, Sora smiled knowing that he had just found a God. With this, his hunt for blood of the gods is probably over!

After drinking up all the blood of the person in front of him, he will be able to know whether it will aid in the growth of his true essence, or not.

"Hades!" A muscular man who looked to be around 30, was walking up to the shaken Hades. He has a white, short mustache, beard, and white hair that gave the man a simplistic look, yet strong appearance.

Being backed up against the wall, Hades had nowhere to run off to, "Zeus! What are you doing here?"

Zeus looked down at Hades angrily and grabbed his skull, "Do you think I'm a fool?! It has been five years already and you haven't found this damn vegetable fool yet?"

"My subordinates are working on it. SO, I need you to let go of my head so that I may call upon the leading investigator," Hades' eyes burned intensely as they stared back at Zeus' eyes.

Letting go, Zeus looked at Hades with caution. He didn't know what his brother could possibly be trying to do, but he will see what he can possibly do.

Moving his hand slowly to the inside of his white tunic, Zeus grabbed on tightly to the bolt of lightning he has in case his brother really tries to do something. With an annoyed voice, Zeus called Hades out, "I'm waiting brother."

"Give me a minute," calmly said Hades as he lifted his right hand.

After waiting for a while in the tense room, a Grim Reaper floated in and kneeled in front of Hades.

"Quickly tell my brother here, about the man who is responsible about the destruction of the villages in the human realm." Hades gestured to Zeus as he looked at the Grim Reaper.

Without missing a beat, the Grim Reaper raised its head and looked right at Zeus, "What we have found from investigations, is that the perpetrator is a God of Vegetation. His name is Attis, that;s as far as we have gotten."

Zeus' expression didn't ease up a bit before turning to look at Hades with a fierce look. He walked to the door without saying anything before glancing at Zeus from the corner of his eyes, "Make sure to bring down that God of Vegetation. We already have much to deal with. With the Great War approaching closer in a couple of hundreds of years, we don't have much time to prepare."

"We're participating in the Great War?" Hades' glowing orbs flickered in surprise and fear as he looked at Zeus.

"Yes," Zeus nodded.

Hades hesitated, he looked at the Grim Reaper then back to Zeus, "We don't have to participate in this Great War, and even if we did, we don't need to prepare for so many years."

"Of course we have to prepare," Zeus turned to look back at Hades and smiled. "You should know fully well the capabilities of Hephaestus, our God of Blacksmithing."

"Of course I do," nodded Hades.

The God of Blacksmithing, Hephaestus, a man who loves to blacksmith. He is very dedicated to the craft and many of his weapons are very powerful and can even hurt other gods. There are even some weapons he can't create because they are either too powerful, or the flame he uses is too weak.

Hephaestus, and like many other gods, have their divinity connect to a 'cloud' which associates itself with something. This is also how Hephaestus can create a weapon every 2,000 years that can grow along with its wielder. He found that information inside this 'cloud' that contains all of this blacksmithing information.

With these 'clouds', the Gods who connected their limited divinity to these 'clouds', they become "Gods of ______".

Hephaestus is one of these Gods whose divinity is connected with the 'clouds' of Fire and Blacksmithing, along with other beings in other mythologies who have also connected to these clouds.

Even then, these 'clouds' are a mysterious existence that every god doesn't know about. They were born with their divinity connected to these 'clouds', yet they never felt its existence. So no one knows the true appearances of these 'clouds'.

"Well, Hephaestus' Fire has finally come to life and he can now create stronger weapons, which will take him a couple hundred years to complete," smugly said Zeus as he left the room.