Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 136

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 136 God Of Vegetation

Sora looked at the man running in front of him with great curiosity. He didn't sense the man before when he was resting with Bennia, only until he ran the Dongxuan Sutra did he know that he was there.

Quickly grabbing onto the man, who just yelled incoherent things and pleaded for his life, Sora ignored him and bit onto his neck.

[Congratulations on killing God of Vegetation: Attis.]

[Obtained Vegetation Scripture.]

Sora sucked in the supreme grade blood and the divinity coursing through the dead man. His blood began to slowly fill up Sora's true essence and his divinity merged with his being slowly.

Soon, the body of the previous life filled man was left as a husk. HIs body was tossed aside and he turned into complete dust when his body hit the floor.

"Not enough," sighed Sora as he checked his true essence level.

Looking at the scripture that he had received, Sora smiled happily as he looked at its description.

[Vegetation Scripture:

- Gives knowledge of every type of possible vegetation; effects, uses, planting, harvesting etc.

- The scripture permanently binds to the user.]

Sora was happy that he had received this scripture, not because he needs it now, but because he believes it will be of great help in the future.

Quickly binding to the Vegetation Scripture, Sora instantly felt his mind expand almost tenfold. It gave him a head splitting headache, but it gradually calmed down as his Dongxuan Sutra ran and his Vampire Ancestor bloodline, and Archangel bloodline, reinforced his mind.

After a couple of minutes, the headache had completely passed. Looking around, Sora noticed that the trees around him looked different with his new found knowledge. He could instantly tell how old they are, their uses, and many other wonderful, and not so wonderful, stuff.

Although he knows the use of most of the trees, he would still need the ability to actually be able to do some of the stuff mentioned.

For instance, one of the things it mentioned, was something about mutation of the plants. Some of the things used to mutate a vegetation, or improve its grade, is to nourish it with high grade energy, use 5 drops from the Spring of Life, 10 drops of sap from a World Tree, or 1 drop of sap from the tree of life.

After that, you give the vegetation around 1,000 years to refine the energy received from the stuff used to upgrade, enhance, improve, or mutate the vegetation.

Even with all those different types of mutating or bringing up the grade of a vegetation, there are many more different ways. Many of which will take Sora, possibly even more time to improve the vegetation, or it will take less time, but the consumption of materials increases.

Finally, Sora received many vegetation which doesn't exist in this universe, like the Iceflow Flower that he had found in Bleach, or the trees that are in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. It's like the amount of different herbs, trees, plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and grasses are almost unlimited.

Sora was amazed that such things exist. There even exists a flower called Grandmist Petal. Eating this flower would allow the consumer to raise his cultivation level, strength of the body to universe level, and even give heaven defying talents. Not only that, but the cultivation level would just keep rising passively for the rest of the consumers' life. No heart-demons, no difficulties in cultivation, no setbacks, and not being able to lose their cultivation level no matter what they do.

Sora stopped looking through all the different types of vegetation and focused on the divinity that is still flowing through his body. He didn't know what it did and he couldn't scan it with his Heavenly Vision Technique, so he decided to ask the system about it.

[Divinity: Allows a person to become god. This divinity allows a god to receive skills that can help enhance or harmonize with the knowledge, or scriptures, they are connected to.]

"Since I took in the divinity of this Vegetation God, did I become an actual god now?" Sora was perplexed by this. He had taken in the divinity of the vegetation god, but other than feeling the energy flow through him, he didn't feel anything different.

[Sora has not become a god. Your body is on a higher level than those of this world and requires more divinity than just that.]

Sighing defeatedly, Sora was glad that his adventure to hunt for gods hadn't completely ended. Now he can steal the divinity of the gods and also increase the true essence of his Vampire Ancestor bloodline.

"System, how about the 'obtained' thing I received?" Sora asked curiously as he remembered back to the prompt he swiped away.

[It is something that appears when you make contact with something and keep it, or is something that can pop up from a being you have killed. The possibility of obtaining something from an enemy is guaranteed. The only thing that can't be received, are skills that are given by another thing. Like the divinity that harmonizes with the scriptures. Only the skills that had to be improved manually and level up may be received in the form of a book.]

Nodding at what he is reading, Sora realized that he can get stuff from beings he kills. This can also increase the amount of knowledge he has. If he can kill some beings from other worlds like the ones that can cultivate, he may receive all the different techniques they practiced and cultivated in. As well as Immortal Arts, auxiliary techniques, support techniques, movement techniques, tempering arts, martial arts

Anything could be received! Sora smiled at this prospect and couldn't wait for the next worlds he can travel into. And just in case he doesn't get some knowledge, he can always use his Memory Copying technique he had created and perfected to search for some useful information.

Sora turned to leave, but out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a piece of paper sticking out of the tunic the man was wearing before he turned to dust. With curiosity flashing through his eyes, Sora picked it up and read it.

The contents on the paper were surprising to Sora. On it, there was the location to Mount Olympus and a formal greeting made by Aphrodite, Athena, and Demeter.

"Seems like this man caught the attention of three wonderful women," smiled Sora as he pocketed the letter and walked back to Bennia who was still sleeping next to the pond.

Luckily for him, he is already on his way to Greece, right where the location of Mount Olympus is. All he has to do is go to where this location marked on the letter was, and he can meet three beautiful women.

But the more Sora thought about it, the more fishy the letter smelled and looked. Sora's senses have been strengthened almost a million times over from his bloodlines, different energies, and some of his tempering techniques. With his strengthened senses, he could smell a scent from the paper that didn't particularly belong to a woman's scent.

What he did smell was a bony, or skeleton hand, writing this letter with fear and snickering.

Seems like this man was being played,' Sora chuckled as he looked at the paper. He kept looking at the letter as he lay on the trunk of a tree, keeping close to Bennia and making sure nothing happened to her.

The only thing he can depend on in the letter, is the location of Mount Olympus. Whether it is true or not, is something he personally needs to check. It may be a trap, but he could easily deal with something like a trap.

Seeing as how the sun was no longer in sight and the bright night sky was out, Sora went to sleep and kept his dongxuan aura up.

The next day, Bennia and Sora continued on their way to Greece.

Bennia kept looking at Sora weirdly as they walked shoulder to shoulder, "You didn't do anything to me while I slept, right?"

"I did, I touched EVERYTHING," chuckled Sora. He looked at Bennia's frightful yet flushed face as he lied to her. "How do you think I put on your clothes?"

"You monster," Bennia held on to the hem of her cloak and said.

"Obviously." Sora put his arm around Bennia's neck and pulled her close to him. He turned to look at Bennia with a smile and whispered into her ear, "If I wasn't, how will I dare to throw you on a bed and ravage you."

Bennia tried escaping Sora once more, but after her little struggle, she stopped and just let Sora keep his arm around her. This time, she didn't actually try to escape Sora's grasp like she did in the pond.

Looking at Bennia's cute tries of escaping turning more calm, Sora was glad to know that his tactics of settling himself inside her heart is working.

He has made it a goal to possibly be crowned as a God of L.u.s.t, Love, or something along the lines of that. With his boundless love, he hopes to bed every beautiful, special, and seductive woman that captures his attention.

Although he tries to keep the number of women low, with the recent improvement in his Dragon bloodline, Sora now has an even greater stamina and the want of having many women by his side. It might even turn worse with his Demon bloodline, luckily, he still has his Angel bloodline which can also lower the negative effects of his Demon bloodline.

"We should do more trips like these more often," Sora said as he turned to look at Bennia who was holding onto his arm.

Bennia flinched at Sora's words before turning to look up at him and nodding, "We should, I have enjoyed myself a lot."

Bennia said those words truthfully, she really enjoyed Sora's company on her way back to Greece. Although there are some things she didn't like, they were outnumbered by the many things she has grown to like.

Especially Sora's cooking. She felt it was a wonderful and new experience tasting all of his different dishes. She would hunt a rabbit, a duck, or even a deer, and the amount of dishes Sora could create from one animal astounded her. She only knew how to roast most of her food and how to turn it into jerky for road trip food.

Before eating Sora's food, Bennia ate vegetables only once a year for how terrible they tasted to her, but when the vegetables landed in Sora's hands. They turned into the most delicious things she has ever tasted.

"I hope we see each other again after this trip," commented Sora as he focused back onto the trail.

Furrowing her tiny eyebrows, Bennia turned to look at Sora confused, "What do you mean? Won't we stick together so I can show you around?"

"I'm afraid not Bennia. I have a couple of pending objectives I need to complete." Sora turned to look at Bennia once more but this time with a wry smile.

"But I thought" Bennia lowered her head in disappointment and eyes turned watery.

Looking at her sad face, Sora patted the top of her head, "How about this. Where we arrive and separate, is where we will meet up. That way, we can both go on another trip."

"Really?" Bennia held onto the hand patting her head and held it tight.

"Yeah." smiled Sora.

"Call in the Grim Reaper that I had come in yesterday," Hades sat upon his newly built throne and ordered one of the Grim Reapers next to him.

"Right away Lord."

Hades had some stuff to clear up with the Grim Reaper from yesterday. Although the response the Grim Reaper told Zeus was good, Hades knew that his brother's suspicions only grew.

"Lord," the Grim Reaper knelt in front of Hades and bowed his head in his presence.

"So this Attis, God of Vegetation. Do you know where he is right now?" Hades looked at the Grim Reaper with his glowing red orbs.

"No Lord, but we do know that he left his realm two days ago. He should be here in under 12 days." The Grim Reaper didn't know what Hades was trying to get to but answered quickly.

"How does this God of Vegetation look like?" Hades' glowing orbs glowed and spiraled as he leaned forward and waited for the Grim Reapers answer.

"I'm not sure my Lord. The scout we sent to scout only managed to see that the God of Vegetation has black hair and a tunic-like clothing." The Grim Reaper had received this piece of information from the Grim Reaper that had just come back a couple of hours ago through a teleportation magic spell.

'Black hair and tunic-like clothing' Hades leaned back onto his throne chair. "Anything else I should know before the 12 days are up and my useless brother comes back?"

"No Lord," solemnly responded the Grim Reaper.

"Very well then, take the rest of the day off," Hades waved his hand and sent the Grim Reaper away.

After the Grim Reaper left, Hades stood up from his chair and walked around with his staff in hand. The past few days had been stressful, but he has gradually begun to calm down. His mind wasn't preoccupied much with the loss of his souls, he knew that in time, he would get them back.

His mind wandered off to the God of Vegetation and realized that he might not be able to really trick him into believing the letter. By the time he gets here and only sees men, the God of Vegetation will know something is up and quickly try to escape.

Hades looked around and looked at the only Grim Reaper in the room, "Go send a letter to Athena, Demeter, and Aphrodite. Have them come here and meet a 'guest' of mine so that he feels welcomed. Tell them that he is an accomplished God, maybe that will bring them in."

"Yes Lord," the Grim Reaper bowed and left the room.

'This way, the God of Vegetation will die and I won't have to deal with him anymore, but at this rate, I will lose my cover for the destruction of most of Greece. Hopefully, by the time the God of Vegetation arrives, I can have most of Greece searched and can move onto the surrounding territories.'

Hades stood in front of his giant floating orb and rubbed it before showing some numbers on the orb and "Great War" written on top in bold letters. 'Soon soon'