Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 137

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 137 A Loving Father

"How far are we?"

"We'll be there in 5 days."

"That's nice."

Sora has been reviewing most of the information he had received from the Vegetation Scripture. It was a very helpful thing, it had a huge section in his Memory Palace, which had to be remodeled into a bigger version.

Being so sure that he will be coming across more scriptures like the Vegetation Scripture, Sora decided on making the Memory Palace at least 1,000 times bigger than the stuff he received from the Vegetation Scripture. So, occupying all that empty space was nothing, besides a couple of his Thought Partitions walking by there to make sure no information was left there.

Still, Sora was astounded by the amount of knowledge he had received from the Vegetation Scripture. Compared to the amount of Hidden Weapon Techniques, it would barely even reach half the size of the amount of information he received from the Vegetation Scripture.

Of course, what intrigued Sora more about the Vegetation Scripture, was the large amount of different flowers. Seeing all those flowers, he finally knew what to give Emily for her 20th birthday when his eyes fell on one of the flowers.

"Iceflow Flower..." Sora muttered as he remembered back to the flower he left in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

He remembered that the flower enhanced the consumer's resistance to the cold and increased their affinity to the cold. It might even give them an Ice Controlling ability, but what Sora thought of giving Emily wasn't the flower.

Sure the flower seemed like a great idea, but it was only effective for creatures, it wouldn't work on humans at all, or those that closely resemble humans.

What Sora was thinking of giving Emily, was Ying.

Sora hasn't been taking care of Ying and even grew a bit worried about it being hunted by the Dragons he recently put in his Heavenly World. Plus, it can also keep his Emily safe if she were to leave the Wooden Palace.

She hasn't had the ability to walk around outside of the Wooden Palace for over 10 years. He knows that by now, she has grown completely bored of the Wooden Palace and will want to leave the Wooden Palace to visit Soul City, a city that had grown over the years thanks to the artificial souls, who are now actual souls.

So, giving her Ying as a birthday present will not only make her happy, but also keep her safe. As long as he gives Ying the flower, Ying will be able to go up against the Dragons, who already can't keep up to it in flight speed.

"Alright let's camp here Bennia." Sora stopped under a tree and told Bennia as he sat down on one of its roots.

"Okay," Bennia said tiredly. She and Sora had been walking nonstop for two days, now she can finally rest and go to sleep.

Just as Bennia started complaining internally, she remembered that she did in fact sleep the day before. Her face turned red as she remembered being carried by Sora while she slept on his back. She stole a glance at Sora who had already closed his eyes to sleep and bit her lips before going to sleep herself.

'Alright, she's asleep.' Sora opened his eyes and stood up before summoning a Shadow Clone. He nodded to it before he went into his Heavenly World to wish Emily her happy birthday.

He left the Shadow Clone behind to pretend to be sleeping and keep Bennia safe while he is gone. Once he entered his Heavenly World, Sora had to cover his face from the sunrise happening in his Heavenly World.

This was something new he had found out about his Heavenly World when it reached it's fifth Ancient Sun. He can now make it seem like an actual world and give it a day and night cycle. Maybe with more Ancient Suns he gets, he can make it seem like an actual world by giving it a spherical look.

Sora Instant Transmission into his Wooden Palace and appeared inside his daughters' room.

Emily slept on a King sized bed and Mirai slept across from her, on her own King sized bed adorned with many stuffed toys.

Looking around the room, Sora smiled softly at seeing his two little angels sleeping soundly. Without waking them up, Sora left a note somewhere Emily could see right away.

After leaving the note, Sora left her room and teleported to one of the biggest mountains in his Heavenly World, Calamity Mountain.

On this mountain, Sora's clones used to train here before he found out that training no longer yields results in his advancement of his martial prowess. From here on out, he found out that now it was up to his own understanding and perception of martial arts to progress even further.

Now, the mountain is used for research, but mainly for training some of the souls that travel up the mountain. Sora would teach the souls a bit of what he knew in his martial arts, but he focused on his scholarly knowledge.

He can't have a ton of muscle-brained souls residing in his Heavenly World after all. So he taught them all he could in that area since when he was in Karakura High School, Sora had memorized everything in their library. So he had a fair amount of knowledge that will keep the souls smart.

The reason Sora had come to Calamity Mountain wasn't for the training and education of the souls, but for a recent breakthrough his clones had made.

This breakthrough was something that had Sora ecstatic since now he didn't have to worry about one thing; travel in his Heavenly World.

With the help of Instant Transmission, Kiai, Space Magic, Teleportation Magic, Space-Time Jutsu, and other space related stuff he had come to know. All this was used to be able to leave points of interest in the worlds he visits so that he, and the people that will reside in his Heavenly World, can freely travel between worlds.

Although he can't go back to the worlds he has visited to before, yet. Sora needed to increase his sensing abilities, or at least his perception, so that he can go back to his previous worlds and visit them.

The only thing that he hopes for when he travels back to the Dragon Ball Realm, is that the time has been frozen since he left. He wouldn't want to return to a world where 2010 years have passed since he last set foot there, and only to return to seeing no one he recognizes or knows.

"This is the way we can travel freely from world to world," Clone 1 said as it presented a sort of rune on a piece of paper.

"We won't have to use the paper, right?" Sora asked as he looked at the paper the rune was resting on.

"Of course not. The paper is only there so we can see it, since after we place it on another surface, like the floor or a wall, it will disappear. We tried it earlier and one of the runes was randomly placed around this room, so I looked for it so I could erase it." Clone 2 came into the room Sora and Clone 1 were in before explaining the paper.

"That's good," nodded Sora before dispelling the clones related to the research before leaving the room and destroying the paper.

What he got from them was a good amount of knowledge about the single rune they had created. The rune allowed free travel from anywhere and anytime. It only required someone to step on it knowingly before being teleported to the place of their choice.

There will have to be many points that will have to be placed around the Heavenly World and the world's he visits. All so that the teleporting runes don't get filled with people trying to travel between them and making traffic.

He still needed to sort of establish himself in the DxD Universe before he could start leaving his points of interest and telling the world's populace about them. He will also need to create many more cities that can house all the people that will be traveling freely between them, and those that will be staying in his Heavenly World permanently.

Not only that, he will have to worry about the powerful beings that will be walking into his Heavenly World, but not as much though. Since in his Heavenly World, he is practically a god and he could do anything he wishes in it. Although directly affecting those who step into his Heavenly World won't be able to happen, Sora should be able to affect even their lifespan if he manages to get his 10th Ancient Sun or higher.

Leaving Calamity Mountain, Sora appeared outside of the Wooden Palace and waited for Emily to wake up and read his note. 'Till then, he will have to hold on to summoning Ying to his location and showing her off to Emily.

After waiting for a couple of minutes, Emily ran outside of the Wooden Palace with a big smile. She looked around before her eyes fell on her dad and she ran to hug him tight.

"Happy birthday hun," Sora hugged her back with a wide smile. The little girl whom he had known for almost 2050 years has finally turned 20.

He let go of her and took a step back to admire his daughter's beauty. Looking at her carefully, Sora was proud to say that he has successfully made a very beautiful woman, although her mom also helped in that department.

Looking at all her curves and her well endowed chest, Sora smiled and took notice of her well rounded plump butt. Retracting his gaze, Sora looked at her face, she had beautiful lips, big round eyes, and her black hair made her many times more beautiful. Beautiful white long legs and a slim waist that showed off her curves.

"You're already more beautiful than your mom! Just what were you fed?" Sora chuckled as he hugged his daughter once more.

"Daddy, stop, you're embarrassing me!" Emily blushed as she listened to her dad's compliment. She pinched her dad and pouted 'unhappily' while she pushed him away.

"Haha, I got you a wonderful gift," Sora smiled as he turned around and walked to the edge of the outside of Wooden Palace's courtyard. Standing tall, Sora brought up his fingers to his mouth and whistled as loudly as he could before turning to Emily. "Give it a minute, your gift is making its way here."

"But we are all the way up here. There's no way my gift can-" Emily was about to talk about how no one could come up the tree but was cut-off by a loud bird cry.


A huge shadow flashed over both Sora and Emily before another cry rang out and strong winds began to make their clothes flutter. Emily looked up in astonishment as she looked at a huge bird descend down onto the courtyard and stand in front of her happily.

"This is Ying, she's an Arctic Eagle," Sora looked at Ying and slid his hand over Ying's feathers happily.

Over the 10 years that has passed, Ying began to grow well and strong inside his Heavenly World. The Ying that used to be the size of a buggy car had now turned into half the size of it's mother. Meaning, it was now the size of a garbage truck and can effortlessly take a couple of people on it's back.

"Wow! This bird is really cute," Emily happily said as she rubbed Ying's beak.

"She's now yours, so make sure to take care of Ying honey," Sora looked at his daughter happily and felt a strange feeling well up inside him. 'Strange...'

Emily's eyes widened in surprise and turned to look at Sora before looking back at Ying happily. With a flushed face, Emily hugged Ying's beak and loudly said, "You're now my best friend Ying!"

"Huagh," Ying softly cawed as if to agree to Emily's words.

Sora smiled and took out two wooden boxes from inside his coat, "These boxes are for you both."

Sora passed over one of the boxes over to Emily before turning to Ying and opening the box for it. Inside of Ying's box was a single white flower that made Ying look crazy as it did a little bird dance before pecking at the Iceflow Flower and eating it.

Almost instantly after swallowing the flower, Ying seemed to be surrounded by a cold air and it looked like every Ying stepped, it left a bit of snow before it disappeared.

Seeing Ying's box had a flower that benefited it, Emily's expectations for her gift rose up a bit. She turned to look at her box with expectation, with Ying accompanying her and also sending a look of curiosity to the wooden box.

Opening the box slowly, Emily looked at the two glowing diamond earrings inside the wooden box. At first she didn't think much of it, but was still happy to receive them nonetheless, but when she picked them up and saw an engraving on the diamond of the earrings, Emily teared up a bit before hugging her dad happily and saying "Thank you" repeatedly.

[I and your mother will always love you, and she would be proud of you if she were to see you right now.

- From your loving father.]