Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 138

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 138 Greek Goddesses

After celebrating the whole day with Emily and his family, Sora left his Heavenly World happily. When he stepped back onto the human world, Sora noticed that the sun was already rising up and quickly dispelled his clone after making sure everything was okay.

Sora stayed standing up and just looked at the sun rising, admiring the world's beauty.

"Mm." Bennia woke up from her sleep and rubbed her eyes. She looked around drowsily, trying to look for Sora's shadow.

Finally, when she noticed a shadow covering her, she turned to look to where it came from and saw Sora. His body was outlined by the rising sun's rays and giving him a nigh feeling to divinity.

Sora's attractive and handsome looks drew in her attention. She looked at Sora dreamily as she slowly leaned forward with a captivated look.

"Ready to leave?" asked Sora as he looked at Bennia waking up.

"Huh?" Bennia's eyes opened widely once she realized that she had been staring at Sora intensely. "Oh, yeah, I'm ready! Of course."

"Alright, we leave now," Sora smiled as he walked away and said,

"Okay," nodded Bennia. Seeing his figure retreat, she remembered back to the moment before when she was completely captivated by him.

Sora's looks were already as attractive as they can be. He didn't have too much feminine beauty, and he didn't have too much masculine beauty, although it did lean more to him having masculine beauty.

With his looks, he can captivate the hearts of young maidens, widows, and women in a rocky relationship. His looks aren't that effective to those with a strong resolve, will, mind, those that are stubborn, or are just childish. Bennia was the childish type of person.

If Sora were to continue on his path of cultivation, there's a high chance that his feature might become even more refined and allow him to gain the love of a woman quicker, it might also bring the hate of men even more.

"Let's go!" Bennia quickly ran behind Sora and they left the pond together.

They continued on their journey to Greece with merry attitudes. Nothing interesting had happened like the time he had to deal with the God of Vegetation.

Sora was highly hoping another god would have come to avenge him, even if it was just some lowly god. The amount of benefits was what intrigued him the most, and with this train of thought, he might even end up killing all the gods residing in Mount Olympus.

Finally, after a whole month long trip, Sora and Bennia were both standing at the entrance of Greece.

Seeing the whole place, Sora was amazed at the wide expanse of green grass. Although he had seen the same in other places, he sort of felt it was different. With his knowledge on Vegetation, he knew it wasn't coming from the grass.

"Well..." Bennia turned to look at Sora with a sad expression.

She didn't want to part ways with Sora so quickly, she had spent so long hanging out with him. Bennia just doesn't see herself without Sora's company as she goes on many trips across the world. Even if she won't travel much, she at least hoped Sora would visit her.

"This is it." she finished.

"Yeah," Sora smiled. Remembering the benefits of killing a god and taking in his blood and divinity, it honestly made him happy. He couldn't wait to unlock his true essence and divinity.

"So this is where we part," sulked Bennia. She lowered her head sadly after seeing Sora's happy face.

Sora heard Bennia's sad tone in her voice and frowned, "Bennia."

"Yes?" sniffed Bennia.

"Remember, we will meet here in two days. Then, we will leave back to where we came from." Sora turned to look at the little girl next to him and pat her head and asked, "Okay?"

Feeling Sora's hand on her head, Bennia smiled quietly, "Yeah, okay."

"Great I will see you in two days, then." Sora walked away and waved goodbye before disappearing from Bennia who looked at Sora's direction with a happy smile.

"Brother!" Hades looked around Mount Olympus before setting his eyes on a man sitting on a throne and a huge thunderbolt sitting in his hands.

"Hades? What are you doing here? You know you aren't allowed up in Mount Olympus," Zeus frowned at Hades' arrival. He never expected for Hades to ignore the rules of him ruling the underworld while he rules the sky.

"He's here!" Hades ignored Zeus' words and just told him what he had found out. Right now, he was very happy that the God of Vegetation had arrived in Greece. He got a message from one of the Grim Reapers that the God of Vegetation was seen alone traveling to Mount Olympus to meet Athen, Aphrodite, and Demeter.

"Who's here?" Zeus stood up from his throne with a frown. The lightning bolt in his hand cackled along with his feelings of displeasure.

"The God of Vegetation! The man who has been destroying the villages!"

Zeus' eyes widened at Hades' words before his face warped in anger as he stared at Hades like if he had killed his children. "Then why are you here?! Go and kill that filthy god!"

"But brother! He's coming to Mount Olympus! He's going to attack Athena, Aphrodite, and Demeter!" Hades yelled as his crimson red eye orbs swirled.

Seeing his brother's reaction, Zeus realized that he might have been telling the truth this entire time. Whenever Hades is worried, his eyes would swirl, and it was something that can't escape his eyes.

"Where is he right now?" Zeus walked to the next room and looked around before setting his eyes on two men. One held a trident, and the other held a bow and arrow in his hands.

"He's just at the entrance of Mount Olympus!" Hades said.

Hades walked into the room Zeus had just walked into and saw Poseidon and Apollo in there. He turned to look at Zeus in confusion. He wanted to know why his brother had Poseidon and Apollo over and didn't invite him at all.

"Good, we can get there in just half an hour if we hurry." Zeus glanced at Hades before turning to Poseidon and Apollo, and nodding.


All three of them disappeared from the room and bolted into the direction of the entrance of Mount Olympus.

Standing in front of Mount Olympus, Sora looked carefully at the three beauties standing there waiting for someone. The longer he looked at the beauties, the more the feeling of wanting to ravage them was.

Looking at the Greek Goddesses standing there, Sora began to hope that the stories about the Gods and Goddesses bedding anyone attractive is true. His eyes wandered and admired the stunning figures of the three women.

The one on the farthest left was adorned with a chestplate that cupped her b.r.e.a.s.ts up and hugged her body tightly. She wore a battle skirt that showed off her long, beautiful legs and led up to her round and plump butt that was hidden beneath her skirt.

Sora wasn't much of a foot fetish person, but he had to admit that the woman's feet being adorned by her sandals is a tad bit seductive; something he'd expect from the Goddess of War, Wisdom, and Useful Arts; Athena.

In the middle of the three women, stood the next Greek Goddess that had ravishing beauty. She looked more beautiful than Athena and the woman to the right, but her figure wasn't as appealing as Athena's, which was trained and gone through combat. Sora still liked her figure though, he likes being able to hug something slim and soft.

She wore a white tunic that barely covered her b.r.e.a.s.ts. Her legs were exposed from the side of the tunic and gave her a sort of seductress feeling that would just make a man fall head over heels for her instantly. With this much beauty, and her seductive feeling, which contradicted the loving feeling her movements and eyes held. Sora could safely guess that the woman standing in front of him, is the Goddess of Love, Beauty, and S.e.xuality; Aphrodite.

Finally, the woman to the right, Goddess of Agriculture, Fertility, and Sacred Law; Demeter. Upon laying his eyes on the last woman, Sora wanted to feel weird when looking at her, but the feeling never came.

He wanted to feel weird when looking at her, because according to what he knows of her from a bit of Greek Mythology, there was an Orphic theogony that described Demeter being Rhea, the mother of Zeus.

Looking at her, Sora realized that he wasn't feeling disgusted at all, in fact, it made him feel aroused. His Titan bloodline was the most happy between his Dragon bloodline and Demon bloodline.

Looking at the woman, Sora felt her beauty was magnified. She was dressed in a golden rimmed white tunic, and he couldn't stop his gaze from licking every inch of her body. He admired her modest b.r.e.a.s.ts and her butt that raised her white tunic from behind slightly.

Sora noticed that when he looked at Demeter's body, it felt like his body and instincts were telling him to 'water' and 'plough' the 'land' right before him. So he knew that his Titan bloodline really wanted to do the woman who is known as the Goddess of Fertility.

Walking up to them, Sora smiled at them and said, "Hey, may I get the pleasure of knowing you three beauties?"

The three women were amazed at Sora's otherworldly attractiveness that just drew them in. Especially his golden-pupiled, red irises eyes that had their magnetizing charm raised thanks to his violet diamond bead mark in between his eyebrows.

Athena, Aphrodite, and Demeter were all sent here to welcome a guest in. When they heard it was a guest that came to meet with Hades and Zeus, they believed that it must have been another man that was arrogant, unappealing, and boring; so they didn't think about dressing up nicely.

The three women walked up at the same time to greet Sora with infatuated eyes that they failed to notice each other and crashed. Athena stood her ground and didn't back up or fall like how Aphrodite and Demeter had both done.

Demeter had backed off and hadn't tripped like Aphrodite did since her tunic was raised by her well-endowed butt. Aphrodite, although having a big butt as well, had a long tunic, so when she backed up when she crashed with the other two women, she fell back.

Before Aphrodite had fallen down onto the floor, Sora appeared directly next to her and kept her from falling. He helped her with his arm to stop her from falling and peaked over to her b.r.e.a.s.ts before smiling contentedly at seeing their size and suppleness.

"I'm glad you like me and all, but do you need to fall into my arms," teased Sora as he looked at Aphrodite who looked at him with a smile and a blush.

"If I didn't fall into your arms, would you have taken me to bed?" shot back Aphrodite before sliding her hand on Sora's chest and giving him a seductive look.

"Maybe not," joked Sora as he helped Aphrodite stand back up. He and Aphrodite kept holding each other even after standing her back up before being interrupted by a cough from Demeter, the currently jealous Goddess.

"What type of god are you, and which mythology do you come from?" asked Athena as she looked at Sora interestingly.

With a calm smile, Sora looked at Athena with a playful look, "That doesn't matter, does it? If you knew, would you still treat me the same as now, or would you fall for me more?"

"Well, that depends on the type of god you may be and what temperament you hold." Athen took a step forward and her face was so close to Sora's with a wise, yet playful, glint flashed through her eyes.

Demeter looked at Athena and Sora hitting it off well together and she felt ignored, so she said, "I don't think it matters what type of god you are."

Hearing Demeter's words, Sora's calm smile turned wider as he turned to face Demeter. His Titan bloodline just kept pumping quick and hard, wanting Sora to quickly do the woman standing in front of him. Clearly it had noticed the woman's titan purity, although not as pure as it would like, it still coursed through her veins.

"You are right, it doesn't matter, but it also gives a sort of individualism," said Sora. He walked away from Athena and walked up to Demeter before circling her and adding, "That's why I like you, the Goddess of Fertility."

Looking at her blushing face, Sora was happy. He turned to look at Athena and continued, "And you as well Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, War, and Useful Arts. I wonder how many 'Useful Arts' you can perform in a 'war' against me."

Not willing to end it there, Sora turned his gaze to Aphrodite and winked at her, "What about you Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, Beauty, and S.e.xuality. Do you know how much 'love' we can do together and how beautiful that would look. It would be a s.e.x.u.a.l crime if we don't perform soon."