Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 139

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 139 Huge Haul

Sora spent his time flirting with the three beautiful and seductive goddesses. He held Demeter and Aphrodite in his arms whilst Athena leaned her head on his chest. All four of them were looking off into the distance with the occasional giggles and laughter.

Athena, who was leaning on Sora's chest happily, stood up quickly with a frown on her face. She turned to look at Sora and said, "We have forgotten that you need to go to a meeting."

"Don't worry about that, let's just stay like this," smiled Sora as he enjoyed the feeling of Aphrodite's and Demeter's b.r.e.a.s.ts rubbing against his arms.

"But my father, uncle, and brother are making their way over here pretty quickly," Athena said. Her eyes darted to the expressions on Aphrodite's and Demeter's faces and noticed how they began to panic.

"I know," smiled Sora calmly.

Sora wasn't worried much about some gods coming to rip his head off for some trap some other god had placed on the God of Vegetation. With his strength, he could easily take care of the gods of this universe.

Thinking about the three gods making their way to him, Sora only imagined them as mice running into the mouth of a snake willingly.

"Then why are you still here?" Aphrodite asked worryingly.

Sora maintained the smile on his face and opened his eyes to look at the three goddesses. After gazing at the eyes of all three of them, Sora said, "I should tell you three that I am actually not the God you three were waiting for. I was traveling over to Greece when I ran into a man peeking into my bath, so I did what any other person would do, I killed him.

I searched for his person and I found this letter." Sora took out the letter he found from the God of Vegetation and presented it over to the shocked Goddesses.

Athena and the other two Goddesses looked at the letter closely and noticed that it said that they had invited him over.

"Impossible, we haven't invited anyone over in over a century." Demeter gasped as she looked at the letter in Sora's hands. She couldn't believe that someone had sent over a false letter to a man unknown to them.

"We didn't write this letter," coldly spoke Athena before eyeing Sora suspiciously.

"I know," Sora said as he rolled up the letter and stuffed it back into his coat. Looking at the goddesses that looked at him suspiciously, Sora sighed and said, "I came here because something big is going on."

"Like?" Athena backed up and kept her aunt and sister behind her to keep them safe.

Sora smiled wider seeing Athena's actions and spoke only three words that shocked the three women, "The Great War."

"What do you mean? That the Greek Gods incited the war? We all know that it started with the Angel, Fallen Angel, and Devil Factions and their sneaky tricks," Athena seemed offended as a spear appeared out of nowhere and pointed it at Sora.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Sora shook his head disappointedly before looking at Athena. "Is being the Goddess of Wisdom just a title and not really being filled with wisdom?"

Athena looked at Sora with a hurt face, "Don't say that."

"Then tell me, what incentives did the Angel Faction have to attack the Fallen Angel Faction covertly. Was their covert attack sloppy? Did they not cover up their tracks well, causing the Fallen Angel Faction to instantly know it was the Angel Faction?" asked Sora with a knowing glint in his eyes.

Aphrodite and Demeter looked confused as they glanced at each other before turning to Athena who looked to be thinking. She looked up at Sora and asked, "But even if that were true, what would that have to do with our Greek Mythology?"

"Let me continue," smiled Sora. "Closely after the Angel Faction 'attacked' the Fallen Angel Faction, the Devil Faction claimed to have some of their subordinates attacked by the Fallen Angel Faction. So, why would the Fallen Angel Faction attack another faction that rivals both the Angel Faction and Fallen Angel Faction in power?

"That it does sound kind of suspicious, but it would only be the Fallen Angel Faction's carelessness," said Athena before putting away her spear and looking at Sora more calmly.

"It sounds possible, but what if it was all instigated by someone who dislikes the other mythologies and wanted them gone?" Sora smiled and looked at Aphrodite and Demeter who were slightly lost as Sora talked with Athena.

"But that would be-" Athena stopped from continuing as a familiar figure flashed through her mind. Shock ran through her body before turning to look at Sora as if to have him confirm her thoughts.

Shaking his head, Sora said, "It's a hunch, so we need to find him and see if we can get any information from him. He has already tried to frame another God from a different mythology for something he has possibly done.

Trying to lure him here had failed since I killed him and came here. With all the clues spread out for any to find, I was just lucky enough to stumble across this letter."

'And the information Bennia gave me, of course.'

Athena seemed to finally calm down and she eased her posture before walking up to Sora and kissing him.

Glee flashed through Sora's eyes as he felt Athena intertwine her tongue with his. He liked when a woman took initiative.

"Damn, we should be there by now!" Zeus yelled out before turning to Poseidon and Apollo.

"We might have to use our divinity, if not, by the time we get there, our sister and young ones will be killed," pitched in Poseidon with a frown. With his trident in hand, Poseidon raised it high in the air and water started to appear from thin air and revolve around him before propelling him further.

"We can't afford to waste time," Apollo said as a huge golden bow appeared from thin air. Slowly, his body was placed on the bow, and like an arrow, he was shot forward and caught up to Poseidon who was far away already.

"That's better!" Zeus chucked his lightning bolt up in the air and it exploded into tiny lightning arcs that covered his body, increasing his speed. Soon, before he could catch up to Poseidon and Apollo, wind began to revolve around his body and increased his speed even further.

Surpassing both Poseidon and Apollo, Zeus' frown grew as he approached the entrance of Mount Olympus.

'Why is there no one screaming?'

Thinking that the three Goddesses should at least be screaming for help, Zeus' eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 'Did Hades trick me?'


Landing at the entrance, Zeus looked around before setting his eyes on two figure rubbing against each other, their lips smothering against each other. Two other figures were standing in the back looking at the two people kiss in surprise and shock.

Just as Zeus was about to yell and demand the man to stop kissing his daughter Athena, he saw her separate her lips from the man's lips and said loudly, "I just love a man who is smart and cunning."

"Just luck, and we have an extra spectator," Sora said as he held Athena from her waist and turned to look at the new addition, Zeus.

"What." Confusion clouded Zeus' expression before turning it into anger, "Keep your fingers off my daughter!"



Two figures appeared right next to Zeus, both will equal anger as they looked at Sora. Poseidon stared intently at Sora's hand that was wrapped around Athena's waist. With displeasure, Poseidon looked down at Sora and said, "Keep your hands away from Athena."

"Oh? And what if I don't?" Sora slid his hand down over Athena's hip and onto her butt cheek.

Athena didn't slap his hand away, or push Sora away, she only lowered her head in embarrassment feeling numerous eyes look her way.

"Say sister, you seem to hog all the good things," coyly said Aphrodite as she walked up to Sora and rested her arm and head on his shoulder.

"You girls can't handle a man like him, let me help," Demeter smiled playfully as she approached Sora from behind and slid her arms under his arms and hugged Sora's chest.

Four people, hugging each other, were looking back at the three angry gods with smiles. It almost seemed like a drama show; "one man took the wives of three men".

Zeus clenched his lightning bolt in his hand as he stared at Sora angrily. He raised the lightning bolt in his hand and prepared to launch it at Sora. Cackling strong as it's power built up, the surroundings seemed to dim as all the light was focused on the thunderbolt in Zeus' hand.

Seeing Zeus raised his lightning bolt up in the air, ready to strike them. Athena, Aphrodite, and Demeter, both shook in fear before seeing Sora's confident look and calming down. They had only known the man for only half an hour, yet they felt like they had known him for 30 years.

'What can I get from killing Poseidon, Apollo, and Zeus?' thought Sora as he looked at the thunderbolt gathering more power and turning more malicious.

Zeus seemed more mad as he looked at the calm face of the man he wanted to zap out of existence. He stood there tall with Athena, Aphrodite, and Demeter in his arms.

"DIE!" Zeus let go of the thunderbolt and threw it to Sora with all his strength. The thunderbolt quickly broke the sound barrier and caused the thunderbolt to seemingly disappear.

Followed by a sonic boom, the thunderbolt appeared in front of Sora in between two of his fingers. With only the sound of the cackling from the thunderbolt, everyone stared at Sora with shock. Zeus' thunderbolt was famous among many other gods for dying or being heavily injured by it.

Even if they weren't damaged by it, there is just no way to catch the thunderbolt and stop its attack. Just as Zeus and the other two gods looked at Sora with shock, a calm voice reached their ears that made them shake, "I at least expected the thunderbolt to tickle me, such a shame that this is wasted on you Zeus."

Looking at the calm man, Zeus stumbled backwards and couldn't believe someone had actually caught his thunderbolt.

"Guess playtime is over, excuse me ladies," Sora walked away from the three women and appeared right behind the stumbling God, Zeus.

With no warning, Sora bit down on Zeus' neck before sucking him dry in an instant and feeling his divinity and blood enter him.

His true essence for BOTH Titan and Vampire bloodline seemed to rise after drinking Zeus' blood. Though the rise was more noticeable with the Vampire bloodline than the Titan bloodline.

[Congratulations on killing God of the Sky and Lightning: Zeus.]

[Obtained Lightning Scripture.]

[Obtained Wind Scripture.]

[Obtained Spearmanship Scripture.]

[Obtained Sky God's Thunderbolt.]

Seeing the notification screens popup, Sora was glad to know that Zeus gave him four times the stuff compared to the God of Vegetation. Though he was surprised about the Spearmanship Scripture, he did hear somewhere that Zeus' thunderbolt was reminiscent to a symbolic spear.

Technically meaning that Zeus must have had quite a bit of knowledge on spears and how to use them. Though it looked like he used the thunderbolt more like a javelin and threw it to his opponents before having his eagle pick it up for him.

Quickly looking at both Apollo and Poseidon who were both still frozen, Sora smiled and quickly sucked their blood and divinity out of them. With the notification screens filling up his view, Sora had to stop moving after killing the last God.

[Congratulations on killing the God of the Sea and Earthquakes: Poseidon.]

[Obtained Earth Scripture.]

[Obtained Sea Scripture.]

[Obtained Sea God's Trident]

[Obtained 100 Dolphins.]

[Obtained 100 Bulls.]

[Obtained 100 Horses.]

[Congratulations on killing the God of Healing, Archery, Medicine, Music and Arts: Apollo.]

[Obtained Healing Scripture.]

[Obtained Archery Scripture.]

[Obtained Medicine Scripture.]

[Obtained Music and Arts Scripture.]

[Obtained Sun God's Bow.]

[Obtained 100 Ravens.]

[Obtained 100 Swans.]

[Obtained 100 Doves.]

'Seems like I should kill Gods more often...' Sora chuckled as he looked at all the numerous notifications.

His true essence for both Titan and Vampire bloodline were filled to its limit, but it seemed to be missing a bit more.


Turning around, Sora faced the three Goddesses standing not too far away from him, instead of stepping back in fear, or hate, the three Goddesses ran to Sora and hugged him in worry.

"Are you okay?"

"Did you get hurt?"

"How about your hand? You held the thunderbolt for a pretty long time."

Smiling contentedly, Sora hugged the women. "Aren't you three worried about the three gods I just killed?"

"Not at all," smiled Athena.

"Yeah, after my dad, Zeus, married me off to Hephaesteus unwillingly and being r.a.p.ed by some other gods, I have grown to hate most of the other Greek Gods." Aphrodite lowered her head sadly before hugging Sora even tighter and making sure he doesn't run from her.

Demeter didn't say anything but also hugged Sora tighter as if agreeing with Aphrodite. Sora's eyes squinted at Aphrodite's words and promised to kill any male god he sees.

'These poor women were treated more like playthings, that's stepping too low, even for me.' Sora frowned as he rubbed the backs of both Goddesses. 'Luckily, Athena had her divinity connected to war and wisdom, keeping her practically safe.'

Looking around, Sora's eyes fell on the three dead bodies not far from them that had become piles of dust and smiled, 'A huge haul, may I say.'