Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 141

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 141 Calamity Goddesses

Walking happily in the halls that lead straight to the Olympian Gods' room, Sora held two beauties in his arms, with another beauty leading the way.

While walking through the hall, many thoughts began brewing in his mind. His thoughts jumped from the gods he had just killed, to one of the goddesses he expected to give his love to. His thoughts continued boiling in his mind as he made his way over to the Olympian Gods.

'Should I just conquer Artemis' mom?' Sora asked himself after a considerable amount of time.

Trying to find a way to conquer Artemis after killing her twin brother, whom she probably loves dearest, is very difficult. He tried of coming up with schemes that could possibly end in framing her brother planning to **** her and many of her attendants.

Thought it wouldn't work since he was just some stranger, and someone who killed her brother as well as attacked Mount Olympus. Even with Athena, Aphrodite, and Demeter, he'd most likely be hated by Artemis, so he came up with one idea.

Conquering Artemis' mom's heart.

With Artemis' love for her mother, she wouldn't want her mother to be sad for having killed her partner. It might also prove difficult to get her mother to fall in love with him, since he did kill her child.

Blaming the death of her own child could be dumped onto Zeus, who is dead and can't fight back.

So after getting rid of some of the Olympian Gods, Sora will head over to Artemis' mom and try to conquer her. Since, besides being the daughter of two titans, Sora had heard that the mother was a very beautiful woman.

Smiling, Sora kept his hands on the waists of Aphrodite and Demeter as they approached the open door of the Olympian Gods' room.

"Hello Olympian Gods!" Sora walked through the door with Aphrodite and Demeter in his arms with the beautiful and brave Athena behind him as he entered the room. Looking at all the Gods, save for a couple few, had their weapons drawn and pointed right at him.

Sora looked at each god with amus.e.m.e.nt, especially when the ones whole weren't participating. When he looked at the ones who weren't participating, he was surprised to see Artemis among them, along with her was Hestia and Hera. Looking at Artemis, Sora noticed that Artemis' expression when looking at him was kind of complicated, as if she was struggling with something.

Making sure to ask her about that later, if she was willing to talk with him, Sora turned to look at the gods who were pointing their weapons at him.

'Ares the God of War. Hephaestus the god of blacksmiths and fire. Hermes thieves, athletes, shepherds, and a messenger. Hades God of the underworld, dead, and riches.' Sora looked at each of the gods and smiled happily. "What a great get-together!"

The eyes of every god aiming their weapon at him narrowed. Hades held his staff which had a skull at its top point, Hermes held his Caduceus, Ares held a shield and his spear, and Hephaestus held two hammers in his hands.

Sora looked at each god, and when his gaze landed on Hades, he smiled, "So, Hades. How does it feel to successfully throw the other mythologies into a war. A war so big and great, that they involve the lives of many innocent and not so innocent humans?"

Gripping onto his Skeleton Staff, Hades eyed at the other gods standing in front of him nervously. His will seemed to waver under Sora's presence, and fought hard to stop himself from kneeling to Sora.

With many eyes looking at him, Hades began to shake. Nervously, he looked at Sora and yelled, "Lies! You can't be coming over here to Mount Olympus, kill three of the Olympian Gods, and then proclaim that I started the Great War!"

Every single god in the room, including Sora, looked at Hades in disdain. They had all found out Hades is lying and that he started the Great War. No matter which way he tried to twist it, with Sora's expertise working within many criminal and police organizations in his past life, and the Gods' training on Hades' habits, they could instantly tell Hades is lying.

Hephaestus' body shook in fury, but he didn't stop facing Sora, he only yelled, "Hades! We will deal with you later! We won't let you off this easily."

Seeing how it is futile to keep lying, Hades seemed to grow more calm and looked at everyone in the room with disdain. "You think you can do anything to me. I managed to get the help of the Primordial Night Goddess Nyx!"

'Primordial Goddess?' Sora smiled widely hearing he gets to encounter another goddess, especially a primordial one. Although she won't be on the same power level as an actual primordial like he knows of, she is sure to be stronger than the average god.

Sora even thinks that the 'Primordial' part of her Primordial Goddess is just a rank of power. If Athena were to become more proficient with her divinity, or grew stronger, she'd probably be awarded the title of Primordial Goddess.

"You fool alright! We will talk later, let's deal with this god first." Hephaestus ceased following up in the conversation and decided to just focus on Sora.

Hephaestus, Ares, and Hermes spread out evenly throughout the room. Hades remained where he was and looked at Sora with uncertainty, "If I were to die here, Nyx will come here looking for the reason why I had died, and once she finds out you did it, she will kill you and-"

Sora decided to ignore Hades and looked at the other three gods spreading out. Amus.e.m.e.nt filled his mind as he looked at how they surrounded him, as if it would help them stay alive a second longer.

Seeing how serious they were, Sora decided to end it quickly. He didn't want to make them suffer since he hasn't been insulted or had his family attacked by them. His eyes glowed and he slowly walked to the four immobile gods.

Sora wasn't making use of any of his powers, he only used his raw strength, speed, and perception to walk at a speed that will make it look like teleportation to the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Standing behind Hermes, Sora was slightly ashamed of himself about killing these gods because he wanted the rewards, but when he remembered about every act of **** they had done to the beautiful goddesses and mortal women, his eyes turned cold. Even if he was up to restoring the v.i.r.g.i.nities of each of the women, it wouldn't erase the dreadful memories they had experienced.

The only thing Sora could do, was to give them so many new memories filled with love, laughter, care, and more love. Sprinkling in a couple of sad moments to really get them to stay together would make it more solid.

Sora sunk his teeth into Hermes' neck, while he and everyone else still don't catch up to Sora's speed. In the matter of seconds, according to his perception at the moment, he sucked the blood and divinity from the blood of the four opposing gods.

[Congratulations on killing the God of War: Ares.]

[Congratulations Hermes.]

[... Hephaestus.]

[... Hades.]

[Obtained War Scripture.]

[Obtained Weapon Scripture.]

[Obtained Thief Scripture.]

[Obtained Fire Scripture.]

[Obtained Metalworking Scripture.]

[Obtained Forge Scripture.]

[Obtained Sculpture Scripture.]

[Obtained Technology Scripture.]

[Obtained Smithing Scripture.]

[Obtained Death Scripture.]

[Obtained Artisan Scripture.]

[Obtained Craftsmen Scripture.]

[Obtained God's Forge.]

[Obtained Blacksmithing God's Hammer.]

[Obtained Gold-Rune Anvil.]

[Obtained War God Spear.]

[Obtained War God Shield.]

[Obtained War God Helmet.]

[Obtained War God Chariot.]

[Obtained Golden Talaria.]

[Obtained Caduceus.]

[Obtained Self-Fire Making Technique.]

After obtaining many Scriptures, weapons, equipment, and even a technique, Sora was awarded many different types of animals. Most of them were land animals, he was hardly given any sea animals.

To complete his land animal collection, he needed to get some Elephants, Hippos, and Lions. Compared to the many sea animals Sora needs to completely have everything for his growing Heavenly World sea. The missing sea animals were all generally bigger than a common fish, which meant he had no whales, sharks, octopuses, or sea lions.

After letting go of Hades' corpse, Sora felt his true essence for both his Titan and Vampire bloodline erupt like a volcano. Unlike the last two times, this time he got his true essence, the divinity he has acc.u.mulated began to slowly seep into every one of his cells, giving him new great heights of power.

Sora knew this was just an illusion of his body becoming of a higher quality, and he loved the feeling. His divinity didn't seem to connect to anything, it just rested within each of his cells. Slowly, that divinity also seeped into his soul and his six bloodlines.

After that, the feeling was gone and his body seemed to turn back to normal. Since both his Titan bloodline's and his Vampire bloodline's true essence was created, his body didn't change from the two different bloodlines.

Looking at the body standing before his, Hades', Sora was glad he remembered that to absorb his blood, he had to go to the bone marrow. After that, his whole body was affected and it lost its l.u.s.ter under Sora's fangs.

Sora walked back between Aphrodite and Demeter and slowly watched the scene unfold of the four corpses dropping dead on the floor.

The goddesses were shocked and filled with fear when they saw the bodies of the four gods drop without their target lifting a single finger. Soon, amazement seemed to make its way into their mind and body as they wondered just how powerful Sora was.

Even Artemis, who looked complicated a while ago, looked at Sora in an amazed way. Although inside her head, she was still going through her turmoil. After all, her brother had died, she felt sad and angry at the person who killed him.

Yet, she felt happy. This was why she felt complicated, she didn't know why she was happy. Maybe it was from the time her brother had tricked her into killing the man she decided to give her v.i.r.g.i.nity to, or because he always tried to take care of her and her mother like they were weak.

Artemis didn't know what to feel, so she just decided to follow the man in front of her and see what he does. If she doesn't end up liking anything, she'll either try killing him, run away, or kill herself.

Whilst looking at the four corpses drop onto the ground and then into dust, Sora moved his gaze up onto the three goddesses in the back. Artemis, Hera, and Hestia all froze under Sora's gaze, they didn't dare to breathe under Sora's gaze, in case of possibly dying.

"Don't be so stiff!" Sora said as he motioned for all the six Goddesses to take a seat while he sent his Destruction Energy to get rid of all the dust.

Sora went ahead and sat on the biggest throne chair in the room, Zeus' chair. When he sat down on the chair, Sora looked at the six women and asked, "How many people can Mount Olympus hold, as in rooms?"

"Around 500 people," answered Artemis ahead of everyone else.

Sora looked at Artemis a bit weirdly, since he expected her to be a bit more resistant to him, especially after everything he had done. Pushing that off to the side, Sora nodded. He wanted to invite his family into the real world, but he didn't want to do it out in the open, where anyone can find him.

Mount Olympus is easy to find, but to others mythologies, what he didn't want was to be found by humans and affecting their peaceful lives. So having them keep away from humans was the best idea to go by.

Looking at the six Goddesses happily, Sora proclaimed, "Mount Olympus will be renamed to Mount Calamity. Every single God, Goddess, beings, creatures, within the Greek Mythology, will now be moved over to the Calamity Mythology."

Keeping a close eye on their expressions and thoughts with his Dongxuan Aura, Sora was happy to know that they didn't reject it at all. So happily, Sora rose from his seat and moved to hug each of the Goddesses happily.

When Sora hugged Aphrodite and Hestia, he noticed that they were VERY 'happy' about receiving a hug from him. When Sora hugged Artemis, he noticed that she was rather stiff about it.

'I'll see what I can do about that,' chuckled Sora.