Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 142

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 142 Great War

[Obtained Fire Energy from Fire Scripture.]

[Obtained Metal Energy from Metalworking Scripture.]

[Obtained Death Energy from Death Scripture.]

[Obtained Metal Knowledge from Metalworking Scripture.]

[Obtained Metalworking Knowledge from Metalworking.]

[Obtained War Knowledge from War Scripture.]

[Obtained Every Weapon Blueprint Knowledge from Weapon Scripture.]

[Obtained Every Weapon Martial Arts from Weapon Scripture.]

[Obtained Every-single Weapon Martial Arts (From Short-range to Long range, from Sharp to Blunt) from Weapon Scripture.]

[Obtained Thief Knowledge from Thief Scripture.]

[Obtained Forge-Making Knowledge from Forge Scripture.]

[Obtained Sculpting Knowledge from Sculpture Scripture.]

[Obtained Technology Knowledge from Technology Scripture.]

[Obtained Smithing Knowledge (Bladesmithing, refining metal, blacksmithing, metalsmith, etc.) from Smithing Scripture.]

[Obtained Artisan Knowledge from Artisan Scripture.]

[Obtained Craftsmen Knowledge from Craftsmen Scripture.]

[Obtained Self-Fire Making Technique.]

After taking in everything he got from the four Greek Gods, Sora placed a Heavenly World Rune inside his Wooden Palace and one inside Mount Calamity. Once that was done, Sora had his wives and his two daughters over to Mount Calamity and let them settle down.

Sora went back to the place he had settled with Bennia and they both traveled together to Elmenhilde's castle.

Elmenhilde joined Sora, leaving behind the warring vampire race and her House to her close buttler. Having no problem with that, Sora took her with him and took them to his Mount Calamity. He even smiled at the fact that Elmenhilde joined him and his women in their nightly excursions.

When Sora arrived at Mount Calamity with Bennia, she was amazed by how Sora had taken over completely over Mount Olympus and even changed the name with the approval of the Goddesses.

Bennia eventually joined Sora and his wives and their 'adventures' when she had followed Elmenhilde secretly. Although she was led by Elmenhilde secretly.

When Sora was done settling down his family, Elmenhilde and Bennia, in his Mount Calamity, a year had already passed and his wives gave birth to a ton of little boys.

Sora didn't know what to feel when he found out that besides Emily and Mirai, the rest of his children were all male. He just hopes it gets evened out with the next batch of kids his wives might make him work for, though it's more like his hobby.

The six Goddesses didn't change when they saw all of his wives, thought Artemis' eyes did twitch quite a bit. Aphrodite instead took it as a chance to introduce one of her own daughters, Tyche, the Goddess of Fortune and Prosperity of a City.

With a satisfied smile, Sora traveled back to Kuna. The beautiful and perky nine-tailed fox woman he had left behind.

Six years have passed since he had last seen her and he was missing already the loveable fox woman.

Making haste, Sora arrived at the Nine-tailed Fox Shrine and took Kuna with him, who was very eager to leave. When Sora had left, Kuna was left saddened and was regretting not having someone to take her position while she is gone or leaves completely.

So a year after Sora had left, Kuna had focused on training 5 Fox men and women, and had them take her place if she were to leave the place.

Inside the Yokai Realm, Sora made a pedestal area where the Yokai could travel to his Heavenly World after using a Heavenly World Rune he placed on the pedestal. With that, he could now leave with Kuna in his arms and go back to Mount Calamity.

In the year that had passed, Sora got more familiar with the Vegetation Knowledge he got from the Vegetation Scripture and obtained Wood Energy, letting him slightly influence some Vegetation.

700 years have passed since Hades had died and the Great War resumed its course. During the 700 years, Sora didn't feel like increasing the true essence of his Angel and Demon bloodline since he wanted to take a break from it and spend time with his family.

During that time, Sora had managed to create an Immortal Bloodline for each of his family members. The Immortal Bloodline gave the person a stronger body, and something akin to Immortality, hence; Immortal Bloodline.

With this bloodline, his family members can live for 10,000 years with Eternal Youth. Along with that, they would also be resistant to many things and highly resistant to physical damage, poison, and soul attacks.

Though Sora will never place them in danger since he will let them stay in his Heavenly World when danger approaches them. As well as in his House Skill, since they will grow in power along with him.

After 500 years passed, Sora's Heavenly World experienced another growth and it was now the size of Earth. With its Sixth Ancient Sun residing high in his Heavenly World, Sora had all of his new energies absorbed into the Ancient Suns; Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Metal, Wood, Death, Lightning, and Healing.

The World Tree grew to a very high height, breaching through the newly formed clouds of the Heavenly World. The branches grew thicker and sturdier with its leaves growing to an even bigger size. The leaves were stronger and as dense as the tree itself, but even with that, the leaves were still as light as a feather.

Along with the new energies, the Heavenly World also experienced a bit of a change. The water was more pure and of a richer quality, even snow was more pure and provided more water when melted. The vegetation was more healthy and they were very nutritious to the growth of every living being in the Heavenly World. The air was more clean and always carried a nice aroma along its winds.

The earth was turned richer, allowing the vegetation and crops to grow better and quicker. The Metal Energy allowed different types of metals to grow in the Heavenly World, though it required mining and digging.

The lifespan and regeneration of every living being in the Heavenly World was more thanks to the Healing Energy. With the Death Energy, diseases, illnesses, sickness, was less prevalent and the chance of death also decreased, thanks to Sora's manipulation.

The benefits of the Lightning Energy only appeared when Sora summoned lightning clouds. Besides the many different colors of lightning, the lightning actually benefited the vegetation it hit. Though when a black lightning hit a vegetation, it would instantly die.

The animals hit by lightning and surviving it, will experience an increase in vitality, strength, intelligence, speed, healing, or resistance to lightning.

Amassing a ton of Golden Scales from the fish in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, which he found out are named Golden Scaled Fish, Sora was able to make a Gold Essence Extract Scale. The turtles themselves were named Spirit Turtles, compared to their previous look, they turned completely white after 700 years.

Gold Essence Extract was a type of terrifyingly strong metal that is condensed from many gold pieces. For every 100 Golden Scales, Sora could make one Gold Essence Extract Scale. Over the course of 70,000 years, the amount of Gold Essence Scales had reached a huge number to the point Sora had to give them a shape to keep it organized.

For every 1,000 Gold Essence Scales, Sora created one Gold Essence ball the size of a baseball. With that, he had amassed over 13 Gold Essence balls. Two of them were used to strengthen his Zanpakuto and gain the properties of the Gold Essence Extract, and since the Zanpakuto has only absorbed the Gold Essence Extract so far, it gained a gleaming gold look.

During the 700 years, Sora hasn't found a way to get into Artemis' heart. Even after getting really close to her and going on some hunting trips with her, Sora still hadn't been able to make his way into her heart, or bed.

So he decided to finally go after her mother, Leto. To make sure Artemis fell in love with him, Sora had to make Leto fall in love with him. There is a big chance that Leto doesn't care much about Sora killing her son, since she never came looking for him. Whether she feared him or not, Sora knew that she would have still gone out of her way to visit him.

With Hades out of the picture in the Great War, the Factions' hate for each other began to slowly subside, but with how every faction had grown stronger over the span of 700 years, they were over the tipping point as the tension between each faction finally broke.

The first war to break out was between the Angels and Fallen Angels when the Angel Faction realized that some of the new members of the Fallen Angels were some missing Angels.

The next few wars were then started by the Devil Faction. Mainly by the Four Great Satans. Their target was clear when they kept attacking the Angel Faction's God of the Bible.

After his death, Sora was sought out by Michael to help him out against the Devil Faction after he found out that Sora took over the Greek Mythology.

"So you want me to help you safely retreat and no longer participate in the Great War?" Sora looked at the golden haired man standing in front of him.

Michael nodded, "Yes. We have experienced a great loss after losing the father of the angels-"

"God of the Bible." interrupted Sora with a serious look.

"Yes," confirmed Michael.

Sora furrowed his eyebrows before leaning back on the throne. It's a good retreat, especially with Sora helping them, but the fact that the Devil Faction is very adamant on wiping out the Angel Faction isn't helping. The only good thing is that the Fallen Angel Faction is also retreating and wants to end the Great War.

However, the Four Great Satans, or as Sora likes to call them, the four stooges, still want the Great War to continue. All four Great Satans are very arrogant and want to rid the world of the angels and fallen angels so that they can rule the world.

Sora knew that they might have been influenced by Hades' words, so they believed that it was possible to get rid of 2 big factions. So even if the Great War ended, there is a huge chance that the Great Satans would like to continue the war.

However, Sora, wanting to be 'nice', decided to give the Devil Faction a chance to redeem themselves. He will force the peace with Hermes' Caduceus, which can bring peace or change someone's gender. The peace effect will work for a couple of years before the effects wore off on those really against the idea.

"I'll see what I can do." Sora only told Michael that he'd see what he can do, but just that was enough to lift a whole load off of the angel's shoulders.

"Thank you," Michael smiled happily as he stretched out his hand for a handshake, which Sora took. "If possible, let us have a party after the whole Great War is over."

"Lets," nodded Sora. He wouldn't mind getting to know more people, especially if they are going to be beautiful women there. Sora wouldn't really go to a party where there are only men, he'd feel creeped out, unless he only went to visit a friend.

Even then, Sora only has a couple of male friends. One of them is a bear, another is an old man, four are aliens, and the most recent two are dragons. Huge chance they will never make a party where only men are there. Unless it's Piccolo, since he never goes out of his way to know some females, especially with the way his race is structured, with only men.

"Then, I will be off," Michael waved goodbye as he disappeared into a light pillar.

Sora's smile remained on his face as he realized that his Angel's true essence rose by a bit with the little conversation he had with Michael.

After Michael left the room, Athena made her way into the room and sat on Sora's laps. Looking up into his eyes, What are you going to do?"

"Nothing much, just stop the war with a roar," Sora grinned as he revealed his dragon teeth and a feral glint in his eyes.

"You like a beast," Athena looked at Sora in fake disgust as she pushed Sora away.

"Haha," Sora's hands surfed over Athena's body as he pulled her closer to him before being interrupted by a coughing sound coming from Artemis who just entered the room with a blush. 'She's really dampening my mojo, too bad I can't force myself on her with my wives all in Mount Calamity.'

"Azazel, the lord of the Fallen Angel Faction, also came to visit and ask for help for them retreating and ending the Great War," relayed Artemis before glaring at Athena who had her arms wrapped around Sora's neck.

'Can't they do anything themselves? It's alright though, this way, we know who's really on top,' chuckled Sora. He looked at Artemis with a smirk and said, "Alright, I will deal with it soon. Thank you for telling me the Fallen Angel Faction came here."

Sora sat back and fondled Athena's body as he thought to himself, 'I'm pretty sure if I wasn't here, they would have both worked together and influence a couple of the devils to stop fighting.'