Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 144

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 144 Ancestor

With the angels, fallen angels, and the devils finally walking onto the battlefield, Sora looked on happily as the three sides faced each other.

His gaze mainly rested on the Angels and Fallen Angels. Seeing them behind, Sora nodded at seeing their unwillingness to fight further. They were ready for the peace, but seeing the devil faction confidently marching to them, they had no choice but to raise their weapons at their aggressors.

Sora decided to let them fight, to let it build momentum as they struck each other.

After waiting for half an hour, the three sides finally got to fighting. The Four Great Satans walked out of their camps and walked in the front line with their lowly devils.

Sora looked on, seeing them fight, as if he was at a school play and seeing his children act up on stage.

The Fallen Angels and the Angels both drew holy weapons and prepared themselves to defend themselves against the devils attacking them. Michael was flying above his angels, looking on with worry, wondering when Sora might pop in.

The same stood for Azazel, the leader of the Fallen Angels, standing above his Fallen Angels in worry and unrest.

Blood was drawn. Weapons clashed. Bodies dropped. Morale rises and falls.

Blood began to paint the battlefield red, and it seemed like the devils were going to win the battle.

Seeing it was about time, Sora smiled and transformed into his Dragon God Ancestor form. Since Sora was standing a hefty amount of distance away from the battle, Sora's dragon form wasn't very eye catching, but this is exactly what Sora wanted to happen.

Lowering his head from the clouds, Sora looked at the battle. With a smile, Sora returned his head above the clouds and let out a low growl.



"You brainless angels! Today will be your end!"

The battlefield was chaos. Some angels had their wings brutally ripped off their body, but the same was happening to the devils.

The weapons of the fallen angels, angels, and devils kept clashing, each one trying to gain hold over the other. Countless angels and fallen angels fell under the hands of the Four Great Devils.

Their win seemed imminent as they took down every fallen angel and angel swiftly.

Seeing everyone take down the angels and fallen angels quicker than he had expected, Lucifer smiled wickedly, but before he could cackle evilly, his face turned pale.


It was a low growl. Everyone in the battlefield stopped before coughing up a bit of blood. That single growl caused damage to the insides of every being that heard the growl, Lucifer included.

After a moment of waiting, the low soldiers began fighting once again, thinking it was an AoE attack of their enemy. Just when the higher ups were about to send someone to investigate, the world began shaking before it stopped and began once more.

Each time an earthquake happened, it would be followed up by a loud and thunderous step.

The whole world shook violently under each step that happened. Many villages, towns, cities, and even the sea, all shook under each step. The world began to go into panic as they looked for cover from the worldscale earthquake.

Right when the whole world stopped shaking, it would be followed up by another violent shaking.

After 9 earthquakes, the whole world stopped shaking and it could finally rest easily, but not before another thunderous sound came into their ears. It was a huge beastly roar from a Dragon.

Every single dragon that was still residing on the planet, away from the humans, all stopped what they were doing and traveled to where that thunderous roar came from. It didn't matter if they were in a thousand year slumber, or were fighting, they all went to the source of the roar.

700 years ago, when all dragons heard of another dragon that was many times more powerful than the Dragon God of Infinity or the Dragon God of Dreams, they couldn't believe the messenger at all.

When they all traveled to the location where the said dragon was supposed to be, it had simply vanished along with many other dragons residing near the two mountains. Including the two Heavenly Dragons, Ddraig and Albion.

So, hearing the roar of a powerful dragon, all the other dragons were curious whether the roar came from the said Dragon God. They all wanted to know exactly just how powerful the said Dragon God is.

In the battle between the three races, there stood a huge, majestic, and mighty golden dragon standing right in the middle of them all.

His head was below the clouds, his firm and profound gaze swept past each person in the battlefield. Its gaze remained a second longer on those who were on equal strength to the Four Great Devils.

Every being on the battlefield all looked at the imposing dragon, standing in the middle of their battle with great fear. Pressure fell upon them like they have never felt before, it was like they were chained at the bottom of the sea.

The dragon's golden scales were dim, but they gave off a terrifying pressure of strength in them. Including the dragon's four horns on its head, they revealed such ferocity that in a way complimented the profound eyes of the dragon.

A moment of silence happened. Not a single race wanted to say a word, in fear of suffering the wrath of the powerful Dragon standing before them. The Four Great Devils, Four Great Angels, and Azazel all looked at the dragon in fear. They had all seen before Ophis and Great Red, but their sheer size and pressure they gave off was never as powerful as the dragon standing before them.

When the other races thought it couldn't get any worse, they heard many roars from many different types of dragons and dragonkin. The dragons and dragonkin from many mythologies all came and surrounded all the people in the battlefield, though it was done unintentionally since the only being they wanted to surround was the powerful dragon.

The dragons looked at the dragon in worship as they all bent down to worship him merrily, shocking all the people in the battlefield.

All the people and other Gods and Goddesses in the world were also shocked, they had never seen so many dragons before flying and going to one location. Although there were no humans near the fighting sight of the Great War, many historians, book writers, and singers saw the dragons flying to one direction.

They were all so amazed that they either wrote it down in the history books to signify the birth of a mighty god. Wrote books and fairy tales to tell the stories of dragons working together to attack an enemy or to meet up with a powerful divine being. Songs were even written to go along with the history books or the books and fairy tales.

The songwriters even came up with their own couple of tales to spread the news of the dragons all flying to travel their creator.

Some historians even connected it to the Religion of a huge village not so far from two huge mountains, which they treated as a religious place. The religion had spread and deeply rooted itself in the villages nearing the huge village.

They were told that it all started when the crops began dying and they couldn't find any prey to hunt, and then


They ran into a huge and majestic dragon that pierced through the heavens. When the villagers had found the dragon, it was surrounded by many dragons that were bowing to it and praying.

When they made their discovery, they decided to worship the huge dragon. As soon as they began worshiping the dragon, the animals returned to the forests so they could hunt, crops began to grow back, the sick turned healthy, and the village was just prospering more and more.

The name of the said God of the Dragon God?


Looking at all the dragons surrounding him, Sora looked rather happy. His Heavenly World was still rather empty. Half of his world is populated by animals.

Just when Sora was about to use the powers of Caduceus, Sora felt something. Like an ant trying to push a huge tree, or a piece of dust falling on the skin. Sora turned to look at whatever it was, and saw the Four Great Devils attack one of his scales.

They couldn't even leave a single mark on his scale, not even the tiniest of scratches. Looking at the four devils unimpressed, Sora turned away from them and they turned into a bloody mist, which didn't paint his scales red.

When the four powerful Great Devils died instantly without much of a fight, the other powerful beings were extremely frightened. They had never seen such a display of power before, and it frightened them.

To just look at Four Great Devils and then just turn away? No one would believe that such a mover can kill someone, especially the Four Great Devils. But all three races were there to see the weird and terrifying deaths of the Four Great Devils.

The Dragons on the other hand, were all happy and fervent. They roared into the skies happily, realizing that they have found their True God.

Sora looked at every being in the battlefield before raising his head above the clouds and roared. As soon as he opened his mouth, a bright golden light jumped out of his mouth and exploded into tiny pieces of gold dust, falling onto every angel, fallen angel, and devil in the battlefield.

As soon as the golden dust touched them, their expressions changed from one full of anger for the other race, to a more calm and passionate look. They embraced the other race as if they were their long lost sibling.

The only ones not affected by the golden dust were the Four Great Angels and Azazel, the leader of the fallen angels. The five of them looked at the majestic dragon with amazed and shocked looks

Seeing as how his job here is done. Sora looked at all the dragons in the surrounding and raised his wings high up before slowly bringing them down. Even when it looked like he wasn't going to fly in the air with such slow speed, Sora had already flown quite a distance from the battlefield.

He stopped at a nearby mountain and rested around it in his dragon form as he waited for the other dragons and dragonkin to meet him at the mountain.

After waiting for a couple of minutes, Sora saw the Dragons and dragonkin approaching him in swarms. Those with wings looked like a huge dark cloud, covered in many different colors and shaped dragons. Those dragons and dragonkin that traveled by foot all looked like a stampede that flattened hil's in seconds.

Sora looked at the Dragons and Dragonkin with an impressed expression. They all stood and flew in front of him as he surrounded them in his World Energy before transporting them into his Heavenly World with the other dragons.

'Time to conquer Artemis' mom and bed her before bedding Artemis,' inwardly chuckled Sora as he transformed back into his human form and used Instant Transmission to appear back on Mount Calamity.

Standing over all the hugging angels, fallen angels, and devils; Michael was perplexed by the sight. He would have never thought to see a scene where all of the three races; angels, fallen angels, and devils, would all be hugging for peace.

It was something he, nor any of the other conscious people, ever thought of seeing happen. He turned his head to look at his sister Gabriel. She was one of the people Michael was the most worried about after the start of the Great War.

After all, Gabriel is the most kind and childish of all the angels that have ever existed. Which meant she was the purest of all the angels. Somehow, she passed through the Great War without a single scratch, and her never inflicting damage on any being. It was a miracle in Michael's eyes to be able to see his sister with no scratch.

He was glad he only brought Gabriel as a medic, since she is too pure for the battles that took place in the Great War.

When he turned to look at Gabriel, he was delighted and happy seeing Gabriel cry tears of joy as she looked at all the races happily hugging each other. Michael only lightly smiled and looked at the approaching figure of Azazel, the leader of the Fallen Angel Faction.