Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 145

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 145 Goddess Of Motherhood

Back in Mount Calamity, Sora was standing outside the building. He was looking off into the distance, the sanctuary where Artemis' mom resides in, Letoon. A sanctuary near the city Xanthos, in Lycia.

Sora smiled before looking back at Mount Olympus. His thoughts drifted off and he smiled wider at the fact that he will get another Mother-Daughter duo.

With a couple of Bullet Steps, Sora arrived in front of Leto's Sanctuary, where the woman was comfortably sitting on a chair. She looked at every person passing by her sanctuary with a warm smile.

Looking at the woman on top of the throne, Sora was surprised to see the Goddess of Motherhood look exceptionally young.

Her brown hair was done into a bun on the back of her head. Her cherry red lips are slender and glossy. She was rather plump, but that's what gave her a very beautiful figure that filled in very well each of her curves. Her perky b.r.e.a.s.ts were full and very round. She had a mole on the bottom right of her lips that accentuated her motherly beauty.

'Damn,' muttered Sora as he looked at the woman. He walked up the stairs and saw her gaze move onto him. Her eyes froze upon seeing him before they returned to kind and lovable eyes.

Once Sora arrived in front of her, he was looking down on her while she looked up at him with a smile.

"Hello Goddess of Motherhood," Sora commented as he sat down on the air. Making use of the Wind Energy, Sora made a very thin surface in the air where he sat down, keeping himself suspended in the air.

"Michael," a blonde man with a golden halo resting up on his head looked at the angel Michael in worry.

Michael, the angel, was standing in front of the entrance that leads to the seventh floor of Heaven. He looked rather nervous as he looked right at the golden door.

They were currently standing on the sixth floor of Heaven, where the God of the Bible used to reside in. What awaited Michael once he entered? He didn't know, besides something pertaining to a couple of creations God of the Bible had made before his untimely death.

"Well then. I'm off." Michael walked up to the golden door and touched it. Once he touched it, a blinding golden light flashed and Michael disappeared.

The blonde man just looked on with worry before turning and leaving.

Standing inside the seventh floor of Heaven, Michael was rather surprised at how dark it is. He looked left and right with a bit of worry before deciding to take a step forward.

Light began to illuminate everything in the room as Michael's foot touched the ground. He walked forward and didn't seem to find anything besides a huge stone monument with many markings on it that glowed.

Seeing the monument, Michael looked at it happily, "Heaven's System."

Heaven's System.

Is God of the Bible's most prized creation. It holds almost all of his knowledge, but with Michael not knowing how to effectively use the system, he won't be able to recreate some of God of the Bible's creations and bring back Heaven to its prime.

The only thing Michael could do is activate one of the subsystems God of the Bible had told him about. The sub-system that allowed the humans to wield powers that caused 'miracles' and brought salvation upon the majority of them.

The sub-system that Michael is going to activate, is named Sacred Gears System.

A system that bestows upon humans some of the creations of God of the Bible, allowing them to protect each other from other Mythologies, like how God of the Bible intended. Only beings with human blood in them can wield the power of the Sacred Gears, not allowing devils, angels and fallen angels the ability to wield God of the Bible's creations.

Michael brought up his hand and placed it on the stone monument, causing a golden light to wrap around Michael and granting him authority over all of the creations of the God of the Bible. He was also given control over Heaven as well, taking the place that once belonged to his creator, God of the Bible.

After the golden light disappeared, Michael resumed his movements and moved a couple of the markings on the stone monument. His hands moved quickly, moving many of the glowing marks to their respective places.

Seconds passed then minutes hours days

Then Michael stopped moving and tapped a glowing mark in the middle of the stone monument, activating the Sacred Gear System.


A golden ring exploded outwards and passed through every single being in the universe. It passed through every angel, fallen angel, Devil, human, god, goddess, animal

When the light died out, the glowing marks moved places on their own and returned to their original place.

Smiling, Michael left the seventh floor of Heaven with a dim smile as he looked back at the stone monument and saw a hallucination. God of the Bible was standing right next to the stone monument and smiling right at him.

God of the Bible gave Michael a slow and happy nod before disappearing when Michael smiled back at him with tears in his eyes.

Back at Leto's Sanctuary, Sora was sitting next to the Goddess of Motherhood, trying to lure the woman over to her room where he can make a move.

A couple of days had passed. During these days, Sora wasn't lazing around, he was getting to know her better and even her schedule of what she does at her sanctuary.

When Sora asked Leto about her family, she just smiled and shook her head before muttering, "It was bound to happen. The Fates had seen it coming and there was no way to prevent it. Even if the killer was you, I wouldn't care since according to The Fates, I would end up killing him soon.

In fact, I am grateful the person killed him, because if I had killed him, I would have failed, not just as a Goddess of Motherhood, but as a mother as well. I don't know who the killer is, and even if I knew, I wouldn't care as much as the wellbeing of my daughter Artemis."

Sora was astounded by her answer and didn't pursue any further and just looked to getting to know her personality and mentality better.

"Leto," smiled Sora. He looked at the blushing Leto sitting on her chair uncomfortably.

Sora hadn't done anything to the Goddess of Motherhood, besides using the Wind Energy and a tiny bit of Lightning Energy on her without her knowledge. His Wind Energy slowly caressed Leto's skin and sometimes blew her tunic up in the air, showing her lower glory.

His Lightning Energy stimulated Leto. Using enough Lightning Energy, to keep it unnoticeable but strong enough to let a God and Goddess feel it. His Lightning Energy rested upon her and the inner part of her thighs.

"Y-yes?" Leto muttered, trying to keep herself from m.o.a.ning in delight.

"Are you okay?" Sora stood up and kneeled in front of the flushed Goddess. He feigned concern as he brought up his hand up to her forehead and his body close to hers on purpose. "I didn't know a God could get sick."

"Sick? Ah, yes." Leto breathed heavily and Sora's wonderful scent drifted to her nose. Besides having a certain wonderful and refreshing scent, Sora's muscular figure made her feel very stimulated as she looked at his body.

Sora lowered his head and looked at her eyes with seriousness. His hand slid down to her hand and he gripped it hard, "I have a bit of medical knowledge, maybe I can help?"

"No it's okay." Leto gave a wry smile as she looked at Sora's red eyes. A delightful shiver went down her spine as she looked into his glowing gold pupils and his feral red irises looking at her. With the violet bead in between his eyebrows enhancing his beauty, Leto felt herself go soft on her chair.

"Very well then," Sora sighed and sat back down on his invisible chair and looked around with a smile.

Leto remained seated on her chair and didn't dare move a single muscle. Her body had been stimulated too much and with Sora being so close to her, her stimulation reached the point to where she might even orgasm at the slightest touch.

After a couple of minutes had passed, Leto, who hasn't moved a single muscle at all, suddenly stood up and walked away. Sora followed her with his eyes and only yelled out, "Are you alright Leto?"

"Yes, just taking a quick nap," Leto shuffled her feet quicker as she made a beeline to her room after answering Sora.

Sora smiled happily at seeing Leto's actions. With this, there is now a 99 percent chance that will happen next goes according to what he has predestined for the Goddess of Motherhood.

The only thing he will have to do is wait for a couple of minutes now. If he approaches her right now, it won't give Leto enough time to get into it. If he approaches her too late, he might arrive late to even do anything with her and only receive her hate for intruding on her 'peace' time.

Leto looked left and right before closing the door to her room. She didn't want anyone to hear, or see, what she was about to do in her own room.

Once she made sure no one saw her or followed, she went into her room and removed her tunic without a single second to waste. Dropping her white tunic on the floor, revealed Leto's stunning figure.

Her long legs ran up to meet with her juicy, bubble butt. Leading to her chest adorned with a pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts of succulent proportions, was a plump waist. With the amount of liquid running down Leto's thighs from her slit, it was almost a miracle with not a single drop falling on the floor.

Leto nibbled on her lips as she remembered back to when Sora touched her forehead and hand. She groped her b.r.e.a.s.ts as her thoughts ran from Sora's captivating eyes to his neck. From his neck, to his firm chest and arms that showed off their might.

When Sora had turned around to walk to his chair, her eyes couldn't help themselves from looking at his broadback walk with such a confident gait.

Her hands pinched her and she lightly m.o.a.ned. She moved over to her bed and sitting up on her knees, she plopped her head on her bed and raised her bubble butt up in the air. Her fingers slid over to her wet snatch and slowly rubbed herself.

With her m.o.a.ns slowly rising in volume, Leto found that she couldn't stop herself from m.o.a.ning louder, so she put her hand on her mouth.

Her butt wiggled in the air as she slid her fingers into herself and happily slid them in and out. The cool air breezing past her two holes stimulates her even further, causing her to move her fingers wildly in herself.

As she continued to move her fingers in and out of herself, Leto found herself imagining Sora n.a.k.e.d. Her eyes drifted all over his body and would always rest on the size of his manhood. She approached him and slid her hands on his body before moving her own body and sticking it to his.

Both their bodies rubbed against each other and she took a liking to her n.i.p.p.l.e rubbing against Sora's body.

Suddenly, two hands gripped onto her behind and she felt something wet slide itself over her already wet snatch. She couldn't raise her head to look and see who it was since when she tried, the person behind her suddenly snuck their tongue inside her snatch and caused her to break.

Her juices jumped out of her body and into the mouth of the person who gave her such pleasure. His hands pushed her further on to the bed and she heard the bed creak at the added weight of the person behind her.

With her eyes widening in horror when she felt something hot and hard touch her behind, she felt a hand caress her head. Turning to look at who it was, Leto was surprisingly relieved and even happy at the sight of Sora standing behind her.

"Why are you here?" asked Leto with surprise.

"I was worried you may have been very sick," lied Sora as he caressed her head softly.

The next moment, Leto was surprised at receiving a kiss from Sora right at the same moment he thrusted deeply into her p.u.s.s.y. The kiss was stopping her from yelling out from the sheer pain and pleasure she received the moment his c.o.c.k was thrusted in. She was surprised at the girth and length of his tool that pushed itself to the door of her baby room and even felt it prying it open with ease. (A/N: This is a hentai scene now! HAHA!)


Leto m.o.a.ned out in pleasure in just seconds as Sora pumped his h.i.p.s like a machine. Each time he thrusted in, he'd do it the same way he first thrusted into her.

His hands slid over her body with Saintly Hands activated and slowly made her body better and stronger while also plainly groping and teasing her in different spots of her body. Her ass shook with each thrust Sora performed and red marks slowly appeared on the bottom of her thighs.

Sora looked at Leto's bubble butt shaking and covered in sweat like her whole body, making it look like she had body oil rubbed on her body. Grinning, Sora slapped her butt cheeks and cause more e.r.o.t.i.c m.o.a.ns to erupt from the beautiful and seductive Goddess of Motherhood.

"Oh YES!" Leto m.o.a.ned in delight as Sora's d.i.c.k hit her G-spot inside her body and made her orgasm for the fifth time and exhausting her energy.

With a plop, Leto slumped on the bed with Sora's c.o.c.k still embedded in her dripping wet snatch that drooped Sora's c.u.m.

Sora looked down at Leto's defeated body with a smirk and loving gaze resting deep within his eyes. He had no sweat and his c.o.c.k was still proudly standing as if it hadn't just gone through 6 whole hours of s.e.x.