Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 147

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 147 Leto And Artemis


Turning his head to the entrance of the room, Sora noticed the door slowly opening and the figure of Artemis emerging. His eyes flickered and he stood up from the bed and moved over to the behind of the door.

He made use of the Dongxuan Sutra and masked his lifeforce, making sure she doesn't think much. Calmly watching Artemis creak the door open, he saw her jump in astonishment and fright at the sight of her mother laying on the bed n.a.k.e.d.

"Mother!" Artemis yelled out in worry as she kept away from the door and to her mother.


Artemis jumped in fright at the loud sound and turned to look at the entrance. Her eyes scanned the badly lit room and her gaze fell upon two crimson eyes. The door had been shut and now she was left in the room with something unknown and with her mother in an unknown condition.

"Artemis! What a surprise! I never expected you to come here, and by yourself," Sora walked out of the shadows and made his way over to Artemis whose eyes squinted in anger.

"Why are you here?! And what did you do to her?" Artemis stepped back and tried covering her mother's n.a.k.e.d body.

Sora kindly smiled and made his way over to the Goddess and said, "How about calling me Papa?"

"Why would I do that!" Artemis growled and made sure to keep her distance from Sora until she heard her mother groan.


Leto groaned as she moved in the bed and her body slowly rose from it. The Goddess sat up and looked around and caught sight of Sora still n.a.k.e.d and with his mighty member still awake. She stood up from the bed and didn't notice Artemis who was right next to her, "My my already this hard? I just woke up..."

"Mother..." Artemis called out to her mother, but it seemed futile as she looked shocked at her mother's actions. Her mother wrapped her arms around Sora's waist and tiptoed to kiss his chin happily.

Sora calmly assessed Artemis' expression and possible reaction in the next few minutes. He turned to look at Leto who was still hugging him happily, and n.a.k.e.d, before leaning down slightly and kissed her. His eyes calmly turned to look at Artemis' shocked face.

Seeing Sora kiss her mom, Artemis didn't know what to do. She had many feelings fighting against each other after seeing Sora's lips planting themselves against her mother's. Her eyes weren't only stuck on their kiss, no, they were also running up and down on their n.a.k.e.d bodies.

Her hate for Sora killing her brother had long since diminished over the 700 years she had spent with him in Mount Calamity. However, that same hate slowly resurfaced along with the appearance of a new feeling at seeing Sora kiss her mother.

Jealousy arose from her heart as she looked at Sora and Leto kiss. Even hate for her mother began to rise from her heart seeing her mother's arms wrap around Sora's well built waist.

"We have a guest," Sora whispered into Leto's ear after parting lips.

"What?!" Leto turned around and saw her daughter looking at them silently. As soon as she noticed her daughter in the room, Leto made her way slowly to her daughter, ignoring the fact that she is n.a.k.e.d. "Artemis, honey.. Why are you here? You aren't supposed to be here until next week."

"I came early because I cleared up some stuff I had to deal with," Artemis hugged her mom and felt her hate for her fade away.

Sora, with his proud member still standing, walked over to them and hugged them both, "Such a nice moment."

Because Sora was hugging them both, and from behind Leto, his rod easily slid between Leto's marshmallow-like thighs. The feeling was wonderful, but Sora didn't mention anything about it, and neither did Leto who was purposefully grinding on it.

There was one person, however, who was rather disturbed, or rather shocked, at the thing poking her stomach.

Artemis lowered her gaze and looked at the thing poking her the lower part of her abdomen. Her face turned pale as Leto just hugged her body tighter and saw her grind her bubble butt on Sora's rod.

Staring at Sora's rod from the gap between both herself and her mom, Artemis felt her face go red and her stomach have butterflies. Her hand slowly started to descend down Leto's body and line on Sora's hot rod.

She put her hand on his rod and gripped it before slowly rubbing it with her thumb. Her mind raced and she couldn't stop, her gaze was still on the d.i.c.k that she was rubbing and was poking her lower abdomen.

After a while of looking at the bulging thing in her hand, she felt a gaze on her and she raised her head to look at a smirking Sora.

"Wow, you're so productive," whispered Sora to Artemis.

Sora's hands slid over Artemis' body and slowly, without Leto noticing, undressed Artemis expertly.

In just a couple of seconds, Sora had Artemis completely n.a.k.e.d. Her hair was completely down and her perky body was shown to Sora's n.a.k.e.d eyes.

'Such a beautiful untarnished body, just like my daughters,' Sora admired Artemis' body and his hands began gliding over her body once more and stimulated her. Slowly letting her body drip it's sinning nectar out of her slit.

Slowly, Sora lifted both of the Goddesses and took them to the bed and laid them out there. Leto woke up from her fantasies of herself riding on Sora's c.o.c.k and stopped Artemis from rubbing him any further.

His eyes wandered over the bodies of both Goddesses laying down on the bed softly and vulnerable. Artemis and Leto were a foot apart, yet their beauty together was already so breathtaking.

Sora walked over to Leto and slowly began caressing her body, pinching her whenever his hands would roam above her perky b.r.e.a.s.ts. His waist would be placed in between Leto's legs and his c.o.c.k was knocking on her body's lower door.

Jealously looking at her own mother being touched and teased by Sora had Artemis feel hot and wet. She hoped Sora would be quick and appear before her and bring her to pleasures unknown to herself.

Having her body be ravaged by such a man of Sora's caliber would have her soaring the stars as the world shakes at her walls being rammed by Sora. Her yells of pleasure inducing every animal in a search of a mate to produce offspring and pleasure.

Since Leto was already wet from grinding herself on himself, Sora didn't have to worry about getting her prepared and pushing into her gaping hole.

"Give it to me!" Leto m.o.a.ned delightfully as she held on to Sora's head. She felt Sora's c.o.c.k slowly rub itself over her p.u.s.s.y lips and it had her growing impatient feeling it tease her clit.

"Gladly," Sora smiled and pushed his h.i.p.s forward and thrust his glorious member into Leto's p.u.s.s.y.

Leto felt Sora slowly push into her hole and wrapped her legs around Sora's h.i.p.s before pulling him in. Her eyes widened both in horror and pleasure as Sora's d.i.c.k rammed through her baby making room. She looked at Sora in disbelief before tiny pink hearts formed in her eyes and her body shook in pleasure as she orgasmed.

Her legs buckled and her back arched as she let her sinning nectar gush out like a waterfall and coat Sora's rod in it's juice. Her eyes regained a bit of clarity and looked at Sora, "It's mm.. B-bigger than before AHH!"

Leto's eyes rolled back in pleasure as Sora pulled back and rammed back into her and only smiled. His eyes darted over to the intruder from earlier and found out that she had her fingers moving clumsily over her slit. Sora smiled and placed a hand over her hole and helped her get better at pleasuring herself.

His hand moved like a blur as it heightened Artemis' pleasure and made her orgasm almost instantaneously at Sora's hands.



Both Artemis and Leto m.o.a.ned out in pleasure at the same time before their hands unconsciously held on to each other. Artemis' mind was losing itself to pleasure, just like her mothers, as pink hearts formed in her eyes as well.

The hate for Sora in her mind disappeared completely as L.u.s.t and Love for him completely overtook her mind. With her pleasure and her body in heat, Artemis could only think about mating with Sora and bringing her butt up and down on his wonderful tower.

Slowly, she rolled over to Sora and her own mother before positioning herself in a sitting position on her mother, her body and face facing Sora. Her hands held onto Sora's well built pecks and she couldn't stop herself from squeezing them a bit and then kissing Sora.

She lightly bit Sora's lower lip and he could only look back at Artemis amused as he pounded into her mother.

"More! More!" m.o.a.ned Leto as she succ.u.mbed to the pleasure.

"Why don't you do me?" m.o.a.ned Artemis into Sora's ear before nibbling on his earlobe.

Sora's eyes glowed eerily at Artemis' words and he made quick work of Leto as he sped up and made her have orgasms one after another. He turned her over and did her for another 4 more orgasms before softly laying her to the side and focusing on the shocked Artemis.

He made sure to safely bring Leto bliss without breaking her to the wonderful pleasure Sora had introduced her to, and Artemis was shocked by his fine control. Although she didn't have any experience whatsoever about having s.e.x, she knew deep down that Sora has a very good ability to bring women to having the ultimate bliss of pleasure.

This ultimate bliss of pleasure brought their mind, body, and spirit to peace as they liberate everything in their orgasms and let themselves just go. Artemis looked at Sora with a seductive look as she thought of what she may get from having that ultimate bliss from the man in front of her.

She slowly crawled on the bed over to where Sora was looking at her. She wiggled her butt charmingly in the air as she approached Sora, his hand slowly sliding over to her hot and sturdy c.o.c.k standing tall and firm.

Her eyes drifted from his crimson eyes over to his rod, 'So big will this untamed thing really bring me pleasure?'

Artemis' mind spun as she looked at the d.i.c.k in her hands and she gulped expectantly before setting herself up in a cowgirl position over Sora. Her drenched cave ready to let the mighty dragon enter her lair as she let her nectar drip onto it and rejuvenate it with renewed vigor.

Biting her lip nervously, Artemis began to lower her h.i.p.s slowly and introduce the dragon to the unexplored and v.i.r.g.i.n cave. With the sheer girth and length of the thing, tears began to well up in her eyes before bracing herself and letting her h.i.p.s to drop onto Sora's laps

With shut eyes, Artemis flinched, hoping to be able to resist the pain brought upon her v.i.r.g.i.n cave being explored. However, lo and behold, the pain that was supposed to come was replaced with a wonderful feeling that brought her immense pleasure that just made her squirt just right.

"AHH!!! SO! GOOD!"

Sora looked at the trembling b.r.e.a.s.ts of Artemis who was orgasming as she plopped her h.i.p.s on to him. His flirtatious look had never once left his face as he looked at the wonderful and perky body of the goddess before him. Never would he have ever believe in his past life to be able to have s.e.x with a Goddess, especially with so many that love him back.

His hands rested upon the smooth thighs of Artemis, feeling her wonderful skin under his hands as he looked at her still shaking body.

Not being able to stand just seeing her orgasm by herself, Sora pushed her body up with his h.i.p.s and just began going in and out of her with his h.i.p.s pushing up and pulling down.


Artemis m.o.a.ned in delight as her b.r.e.a.s.ts jumped up and down, jiggling to their own motion. Sora's hands reached up and held onto her b.r.e.a.s.ts pinched her, preventing her white bunnies from jumping about and only letting them jiggle in his hands.

He brought Artemis to have many orgasms and made her feel a pleasure she obviously never felt before. Even many experiences Sora wanted her to have by letting her try so many different positions. Especially the downward dog and the shoulder holder positions.

Everytime Sora would be done doing one of them, the other would wake up and he would smile happily before pulling them into his embrace and letting them experience a new position they never knew about.