Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 148

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 148 Omniscient

A couple of days have passed since Sora had returned to Mount Calamity along with Leto and a chirpy Artemis. All of the other wives were confused by what had happened, but soon realized that she must have fallen for Sora's charms.

"About time, it has been 700 years!"

"I'm surprised she lasted this long, especially Sora and his dominant way of making us fall in love with him."

"He would have done it sooner if we weren't all around to interrupt."


Sora was currently sitting upon the dead God of the Sky and Thunder's throne. He looked down at his family talking with each other merily and having a great time. Most of his sons didn't live in Mount Calamity and instead traveled around the world with their newfound wives.

Word traveled around the world that a powerful and terrifying existence with the appearance of a dragon lived on earth. Roaming about, it's name is Ancestor.

Many mythologies were now afraid of many types of dragons that they have to deal with. Though those worries had lowered, since now all they had to worry about were about the sea dragons and the sea dragonkins.

Though it was unclear on who spread the rumor, Sora was glad that it was being passed around. At the rate that it was going, he will inadvertently affect every mythology in the world due to his presence and be renowned as some powerful god. Either one that destroys, one that creates life, or one that is meant to symbolize peace.

What Sora symbolized? He didn't care what it was, as long as the mythologies acknowledge his existence as a god and the humans also revere, or fear, him as one.

As Sora looked at his family eat and chat, he noticed the presence of Michael appear and make his way to him. His eyes slowly made their way to the golden winged man and he revealed a smile, "Is the party finally happening?"

"Yes," nodded Michael. He looked at every person inside Mount Calamity and was rather surprised. He didn't expect the person he had asked for help to have a huge family, especially the amount of wives he has.

"Where will this party be held?" Sora asked as he eyed Michael calmly. On the inside however, Sora realized that there was something different about the man standing before him. Though it didn't seem to be very important to him though.

"It will be held right outside of Heaven's Gates." Michael scanned the entirety of Mount Calamity before gazing back at Sora.

"Sounds good," nodded Sora.

Sora didn't bother to ask about why the party can't be held in Heaven, since he knew it probably had to do with it having to remain pure.

"The guests will be your Calamity Mythology, some members of the Fallen Angel race, and the Devil race. We can't invite any other mythology besides yours since we haven't made any contact with any other mythology." Michael calmly explained before turning around to leave and head back to Heaven.

Before leaving however, he turned back and said that the party will be held in two days. As well as being able to invite as many people as he wants to the party.

Sora took note of that and decided to take all of his wives, daughters, the sons that would like to go, and Draig and Albion.

Over the 700 years that had passed, Sora had seen Ddraig and Albion as friends, even though both of them are still afraid of him. He didn't mind that they feared him though, it was all just their dragon instincts which flare up when they stand five feet in proximity to him. Even when having his dragon aura and presence kept inside his body, it still manages to incite the fear in Ddraig and Albion.

Sora, seeing his family, decided to retreat into the deep parts of Mount Calamity. To a place where he had personally made so that he can practice his martial arts peacefully and out of sight from everyone.

He made it to an open spot where grass covered the ground and a small pond in the corner had a miniature waterfall flowing. A mighty tree also rested beside the pond and gave a nice shade to the couple of Golden Scaled Fish resting inside the pond. Sora had transferred some there when he had first built the pond.

Moving to the center of the area, Sora began to practice his martial arts. Although he had the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and grinded many skills, he sometimes had freetime in the real world where he can calmly practice, instead of the hardworking practice inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Sora moved slowly and about the area. His figure flashed around the area, sometimes appearing in more than one place.

His training continued for minutes and two hours before Sora's speed significantly improved and a subtle glow encroached over his skin. His face had a big smile as he stopped moving and stood back in the middle of his training spot.

'I finally managed to obtain the TRUE Ultra Instinct mode. Though now I need to input some strategic, coordinated, and merge myself with the surroundings..' Sora looked at his body through the Dongxuan Aura and noticed the subtle glow emanate from his body.

In the state he currently is in, Sora's speed increased exponentially, including his strength and energy, though it all came at the price of stamina. With his huge stamina tank, Sora wouldn't be having much of a problem with that though.

Even his aura turned sharper while in that state, he could notice every single tiny detail, even noise. No matter how far away from him the details and noise he could notice, as long as it was inside his aura, he would take notice of it.

After reaching the True Ultra Instinct state, Sora can even tell the intentions of the beings inside his aura. Whether they are out for blood, food, sleep, nothing escaped his senses now. Even professional assassins who can prevent their intentions from appearing or manifesting within them, will be noticed by Sora in the aura.

It was a sort of Omniscience sort of feeling, if he combined it with his Dongxuan Sutra's Fifth Gene Lock, he had an Absolute Domain. Where he can know every single thing within his aura. The True Ultra Instinct state even improved Dongxuan Sutra's Fifth Gene Lock's power.

However, through the use of his Absolute Omniscient Domain, many things make their way into his mind and he can't keep a note on a single thing. Using his Thought Partitions, he can read through and intake more thoughts and intentions within his mind.

Sora powered down from all his newly acquired abilities. Making sure to continue in practicing his new and improved Minute Subtlety and Ultra Instinct fusion.

That night, many women m.o.a.ned in pain and two daughters had their bodies grow hot at the sounds of the m.o.a.ning women.

Standing inside his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Sora was eyeing the eight trees that were residing within the realm.

He especially looked at the Apple Tree which seemed to be absorbing the most of the energy that wafted around in the air. The leaves were a very healthy color and the apples that grew from it were a very healthy red color, they even had a sort of glossy look.

At this point, Sora hoped that the tree evolved from the energy it is absorbing from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He turned from the Apple Tree and did what he came for.

Today was the day that the fruits on the three enhancing fruit trees finally matured. He had long since taken the Strength, Speed, and Defense enhancing fruits. He was more happy with the effects of the Speed Enhancing fruit then the strength and defense fruits, but he knew that if he was weaker, those two would be the most miraculous fruits he'd ever encounter.

The only thing he can celebrate about the Strength and Defense fruits, is that they are alchemy ingredients. Which means, he can increase his strength and defense in the far future even more with the fruits.

Sora quickly collected all the fruits and put them inside the Storage Ring that was running out of space already. Inside the Storage Ring, what mostly occupied the space, was the Drunken Fruit, which even if he used in his daily cooking, they seemed to not diminish at all.

He had fed his family all the three types of enhancing fruits, and like he had said, they were more happy about the speed increase.

Sora exited the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and showered before wearing his usual clothes. It was finally the day when Sora will go to the party that Michael had set up.

The only thing that Sora was looking forward, was the women he will be seeing at the party. If he can get in touch with an exceptionally beautiful woman from any of the three races, Sora would be a happy man for the night.

It'd take him a while to make an angel fall in love with him. From what he had found out from some sources, the angels are on a strict leash where they can't copulate, love, or harbor any sort of romantic feelings or they will fall and turn into Fallen Angels.

So either Sora finds a way to go around that and help them stay as an angel, no matter the amount of debauchery they indulge in. This was the one Sora had the most hope on.

The other way was to just plainly let them turn into Fallen Angels and indulge in their carnal pleasures no matter what anything believes. Something which Sora doesn't want to enforce on his future wife.

After getting ready, he and his family made their way over to the party Michael had set up for a celebration of the peace between the three races. They all landed on top of a huge white marble-like platform that was in front of the gate that leads to Heaven.

Many tables and chairs were set up, even an area where a couple of musicians will be playing in.

Looking around, Sora realized that he was one of the first people to arrive at the party, besides the Angels that were already in the area. Some were eating, others were playing, some were serving themselves food, and some even went around passing snacks around.

Sora smiled and gestured for his family to follow over to a certain area they can all cover together. They all sat down and Sora was sitting on one of the three person tables with his two daughters.

He looked around before beginning to eat. He didn't notice any notable figures that were already at the party and were just hiding from public view. With his enhanced senses and his Absolute Domain, he could instantly tell where a notable figure could possibly be.

He ate his fill and the Fallen Angel race had finally arrived at the party. Many of the women were, sadly, already on a date with many other fallen angels, but Sora didn't mind much since none of the women caught his attention like all of his women did.

His eyes landed on the leader of the Fallen Angels and Sora decided to greet the man.

"You must be Azazel," amiably spoke Sora as he stretched his hand for a handshake.

"Yes, that would be me, and you are?" Azazel kindly took Sora's hand and shook it back as he asked.

"My name is Sora, a member from the Calamity Mythology," responded Sora before continuing to say, "I heard that you had intended to come see me a couple of days before the ending of the Great War."

"So you were the one I was trying to get in touch with? I see." Azazel nodded. "I was informed about you through some of my subordinates that have seen you take down gods effortlessly."

'So the small life forces I felt at that time were some Fallen Angels...' Sora thought and said, "Why did you want to retreat from the war?"

Azazel's smile turned into a sad frown before slightly regaining his composure and saying, "I lost a lot of subordinates during the fight. I couldn't see them throw their lives away for such a stupid war anymore, so I decided to retreat."

"I see and how did that affect you?" asked Sora as he looked at Azazel looking at him with sad eyes.

"I..." Azazel paused before scratching the back of his head and letting a low chuckle. "I decided to become a pacifist and dedicate my life and my faction to other stuff we can do."

Sora smiled and nodded.

They spent their time talking a bit more before the Devil race finally came to the party. Sora and Azazel separated, Sora went over to the devils and questioned some of the ones that were alone.

After a bit of asking, he found out that they didn't send any big figures because they had none. Many things were going through a change in the Devil's Factions as they made many changes to their structure.