Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 149

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 149 Gabriel

After another round of questions, Sora has found out that after the death of the Four Original Satans, the Devil Faction had basically collapsed in on itself. Now, the other members of the Devil Faction are willing to accept replacements for the Four Great Devils.

It will most likely be lasting for a couple of hundreds of years before they find suitable replacements. Since most of the current members can't raise their strength, they have to put their hopes onto the young devils that are being born.

Many of the young devils, around 5 years of age, are already being trained to reach a higher level of power so that they may gain a title of one of the Original Devils.

The clans of the Original Devils were allowed to participate in the election process, but suspiciously enough, the four clans had disappeared from the Underworld. Their castles and many of their lands had been left bare and stripped of any belongings. In their place, many Grim Reapers and evil souls took over their land.

The other devils didn't do anything about the Grim Reapers and evil souls since they seemed to be living in peace and harmony with other devils. Though the disappearance of the Original Devil Clans aroused suspicion in the hearts of the key members of the Devil Faction.

Sora was rather surprised to hear about everything that was occurring in the Underworld, where the Devils and Grim Reapers resided in. He was rather more surprised about the fact that the evil souls were living rather peacefully. He had spent 700 years recognizing the connection of his Soul King to many souls in this DxD Universe.

His control was mostly strong with those that were residing within the Underworld since they were the ones that wanted to resist the most. But during those 700 years, Sora had been influencing their minds with good things, so he slowly made them obedient and of a more calm nature.

So hearing they had become peaceful was rather weird, he didn't make them 'nice', he made them calm, but he didn't care as long as they didn't do anything bad. Should they do something bad in the Underworld, he will send them to his Heavenly World and have them mine many minerals.

Besides the 'evil' souls he connected to, Sora also connected to the souls that reside within Heaven, but his Soul King ability realized that they wouldn't be much of a problem.

After getting all the information he could, Sora waved goodbye to the woman he talked to and walked away calmly before serving himself more food.

He sat calmly at his table and slowly ate his food and enjoyed their taste. His two daughters had left him quite a bit ago to get to know many of the different races. They were excited at seeing many different people, so they went ahead to get to know each one.

"Is this seat taken?" an alluring and soothing voice spoke out to Sora who was enjoying the taste of the soup.

He raised his head and looked at the person who asked him that question and was astounded by what he saw. He smiled and gestured to the woman before saying, "Go ahead, I don't mind."

"Great!" The woman smiled happily before sitting down on the chair and looking at Sora with a smile.

The woman had a very voluptuous figure and it even enticed Sora to ravage her in front of everyone in the party, but the 12 wings on her back and the golden halo on top of her head stopped him. She had curly blonde hair and a very revealing dress that made it look like her huge b.r.e.a.s.ts were jumping out from her dress.

Her bunnies were almost the size of Orihime's, and they only helped to bring out the beauty of the woman before him. Her body was very alluring to Sora, he didn't think he could hold himself back if her dress was more revealing at all.

The appeal of the angel woman before him was just that great.

"What's your name?" Sora asked before setting aside his food.

Her beauty matched that of Kuna, Yasaka, Athena, Artemis, Hestia, Hera, Leto, Demeter, Aphrodite, and the immature beauty of Elmenhilde. All those beauties were from this new universe, and so far, he had been very captivated by their presences.

So if he knew what that captivating feeling was, he knew that the woman sitting before him should be one of those targets of his. He couldn't let her go at all, so had to find out the way around the shackles of heaven and draw the woman out.

Maybe that way he can conquer the woman's heart with no problem and then lead her to his very sturdy bed located back in Mount Calamity or in his Wooden Palace.

Gabriel felt a shiver run down her spine that made her feel weird and hot. She shook her head lightly to get rid of that feeling before looking back at Sora and saying, "My name is Gabriel."

Sora was rather surprised by Gabriel's words. He wasn't really expecting to find that one of the angels under God of the Bible was going to be a female. He believed it was a male from the name, but now that he knows it's a woman, he is even ecstatic at the prospects of it.

If he manages to bed such a beautiful, and high-ranking, angel, he might raise with more speed his True Essence. Though he is looking more at the pleasure that he and the angel will be feeling. His eyes gazed at the beautiful angel's body and he knew that he had to hurry up finding that get around.

Gabriel and Sora had talked for almost a whole hour and Gabriel seemed to spend it smiling happily and laughing. Using the illusion and sleight of hand aspects of some of the Hidden Weapon Techniques, Sora managed to entertain and pique Gabriel's interest in him.

His fork and spoons danced in his hand and were given life as they disappeared and appeared on different parts of his body. As well as pretending to have the spoon and fork appear and disappear on her body with pure skill and no abilities.

Sora had mastered every single Hidden Weapon Technique he knew and he could easily execute any of the techniques. A pencil in Sora's hand could become a very deadly weapon that could even pierce through steel if he executes a technique superbly.

If he hopes of killing terrifying existences in one shot, he will be needing the help of many high-grade metals. Like the Gold Essence he has stocked up in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Although the said terrifying existences don't exist in any of the worlds he has ventured to yet. So he has a lot of time to prepare for the future where he might encounter terrifying existences that actually come after him to end his life for taking their women.

As they spent more time together, they slowly got closer to each other and were shoulder to shoulder. Sora and Gabriel didn't mind the contact much, and since Sora had Gabriel entertained with his illusion and sleight of hand skills, he peered over Gabriel's stunning figure.

His gaze mainly rested upon Gabriel's bosom and unbeknownst to why she felt her get hard, Gabriel began to feel 'uncomfortable'. Feeling the hardening of her weird, and their poking on the dress stimulant, Gabriel stood up from her seat and bade farewell to Sora.

"I hope we see each other again soon!" yelled out Gabriel with a cheerful smile as she scuffled away.

'Soon? Very soon.' Sora looked at her butt jiggle away and wondered what it would feel to have an angel's plump butt rub upon his body sensually.

Sora resumed eating his food and had to reheat real quick with his energy since it had grown cold.

After speaking and having a great time with Gabriel, Sora noticed that his Angel's and Demon's True Essence are both at their peaks. If he manages to improve one of them, the other would naturally follow right up behind it.

However, improving his Angel's True Essence took up his mind more than the Devil's since he can have a fun and raunchy time with Gabriel. A holy seduction bestowed by the God of the Bible.

Sora still doesn't know if he will receive anything from getting the True Essences of all his bloodlines, whether it'd be improving his bloodlines one more time, or a reward from the system.

His mind was more preoccupied with the juggling butt of the angel Gabriel. The woman God of the Bible had created to perfection. If Sora manages to bed Gabriel, God of the Bible will end up being his father-in-law in the near future.

The other angels will be his in-laws and he would most likely incure the ire of many devils and fallen angels that persued the body of Gabriel, the most beautiful woman in Heaven.

"I see you have met my sister," spoke Michael as he sat in front of Sora.

Michael had been watching Gabriel and Sora for quite some time far in the distance. He didn't want to interrupt since it was one of the first times to see Gabriel laughing so happily and enjoying her time with another person.

He smiled sweetly in the direction Gabriel had left in and hopes Sora will become Gabriel's good friend.

"Yeah, a wonderful woman." Sora nodded and finished eating his food before gazing at Michael with a questioning look.

"I will be implementing a new system in Heaven, which will help the Angel Faction," began Michael as he explained to Sora.

Sora nodded and knew that this would have happened. After a race that has lost a considerable amount of its members with no way of reproducing and bringing in more members, they would surely look for many different ways to alleviate that problem.

The only problem was that this problem was associated with the angels that are already on a tight leash. They can't do anything like experimenting on each other, s.e.x.u.a.lly reproducing, as.e.x.u.a.lly reproducing, or anything close to that.

So Michael had to find a method that could surely increase the number of angels in the Angel Faction, even if they are half-angels.

"And what does that have to do with me?" Sora asked as he took a swig of the hundred year wine he happened to find nearby.

"It doesn't, I only say this since humans will be involved. Some might be converted to angels through a process I am still working out.

These humans will be coming from many lands. Near and Far. Location won't matter," spoke softly Michael. He smiled brightly before continuing, "This will of course possibly affect many mythologies, but the effects will be minimum, almost non-existent."

"I see, and how will you be going about this?" asked Sora.

Hearing what Michael was saying had his interest piqued. Although there was no need for something like this for him, his children will be needing it. If he can change a bit of what he was informed about, he can make it so that it not only changes the bloodline completely, it also allows them to have a connection to those connected to the main leader.

Like a deck of cards or chess pieces. With the king as the center, or his children as the center, and the Queen as their wives. Their children won't be given a card of chess piece, since they will already have the Immortal Bloodline defining their existence.

The other cards, or chess pieces, will be for his children to locate teammates or bodyguards. They will have to work together and Sora will give them a chance to grow stronger under the effect of the cards and chess pieces.

"I'm still not sure how I will be doing any of this, but I have named this project Brave Saints," mentioned Michael. "We haven't made any progress at all, but we hope to gain some inspiration from ideas that others may give."

"Well, good luck with that Michael," smiled Sora as he patted Michael's shoulder.