Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 150

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 150 Civil War

The party had ended 600 years ago and Sora was enjoying his time with his family. After seeing Gabriel at the party, Sora decided to just put it on hold and strengthen his relationsh.i.p.s with his current wives before getting another wife.

He made sure to maintain everyone in the family happy, especially his children.

In 600 years, nothing had happened. Sora was still surprised that the Primal Goddess of the night, Nyx, still hasn't come to find him. Even after he had taken over Mount Calamity 1,300 years ago.

The Angel Faction, or Michael specifically, haven't made a single breakthrough in their ideas to convert a couple humans into angels. They had come up with the idea of using cards for their way to convert the humans to angels, but the process is what has them stuck.

Sora had grown more 'mature' over the years and will now not just go trying to bang a woman that catches his interest. Though he still will want to get to know them and eventually get in a relationship with them.

With all his meditation, he was able to calm down the raging tendencies of his Demon Bloodline and the goody two shoes of his Angel Bloodline. He didn't have to worry about the other bloodlines since the time he attained their True Essences, effectively making their natures not affect him in the least.

Along with all the meditation, Sora had finally broken through the 10th Gene Lock of his Dongxuan Sutra. It was almost like his bloodlines were impeding his progress of his Dongxuan Sutra, costing him 3,300 years to just unlock his 10th Gene Lock.

After seeing the effects of it, he was pretty shocked about the amazing ability he had gained.

His Dongxuan Aura and his body had changed to a terrifying degree. His Dongxuan Aura had been strengthened to a monstrous degree and the cells of his body had become even smaller than the other times he unlocked a tier.

With his Dongxuan Aura now strengthened, he could study the whole world at a very terrifying degree. Nothing could escape his attention and no detail will go unnoticed.

Looking at a deer very near him, Sora had noticed that it looked very weird. If he just looked at it, he could see the use of the deer's energy flowing to certain points in it's body.

But, if he were to look closely, the deer's body had changed to resemble vectors and wireframe polygons. This showed that he could clearly see right through the existence of the deer itself.

Seeing that, Sora looked at his own body and noticed he was almost like it, but more complex and each sequence was infinitely smaller than the deer's. Besides his hands that seemed to be covered in a light only he can perceive because of his Dongxuan Aura.

Deciding to test the effects of this ability he had received, Sora had touched the body of the deer and looked at it interestingly as the sequence collapsed on itself. As soon as he saw it break down, he powered down and saw the deer turn to dust carried away by the wind.

'It's almost like Destruction Energy but in a way weaker, yet stronger as well...'

Sora had tried out his ability many times on many innocent animals and realized that he can partially break the space thanks to his strength powering the 10th Gene Lock.

When he unlocked the ability, he had received information directly into his head explaining that the technique was called, Covering the Sky With One Hand.

After receiving this technique, Sora was very happy by what he had received. With his new ability, he will have an easier time in the future against dangerous enemies.

With the information, he even found out that the next phase is creating some sort of core that is centered around Dongxuan Sutra. What the core took on was what he could possibly need, but the Dongxuan Sutra showed that the next phase was an umbrella.

The only thing that made him sad about the abilities he had received, was the Dongxuan Sutra.

Sora knows that the Dongxuan Sutra is only a Yin attributed technique that is about sensing destiny and predicting Karma. It was all about strengthening the mind and the senses. Who knows how terrifying the Sutra can become if it had a Yang side.

And that precisely was what Sora wanted to accomplish. Make the Yang side of the Dongxuan Sutra.

However, even if he makes the Yang side, Sora won't be able to make use of it because he is already practicing Dongxuan Sutra. So having the technique created is only for himself if he were to ever lose his body and lose all his progress.

To do that, he will need many cultivation techniques, Immortal Arts, Martial Techniques, and in-depth study on the Dongxuan Sutra. As well as unlocking the later stages of his Dongxuan Sutra. (A/N: I will be using Immortal Arts a lot in future chapters. So do know it will be referring to techniques 'immortals' use, like Rebirth through Blood or Nirvana Finger. So techniques that require the use of 'energy' leaving the body and turning into a skill. Martial Techniques will be what Martial Arts that are powered through 'energy' that serve a purpose will be called, like Saintly Hands or Variation Steel Hand.)

After Sora had made his breakthrough and his subsequent studies, Sora heard that the Original Devil Clans that had fled the Underworld have come back and are fighting the current Devil Faction.

Sora realized that the peace function of the Caduceus had run out, so he just chucked it to his Zanpakuto. There wasn't much of an improvement in any of it's abilities, yet it was slightly strengthened nonetheless.

"The descendants of the Original Satans returned so that they may continue fighting the other two races and reign supreme. When the Devil Factions found out what they were looking to do, they were opposed as they have grown accustomed to the peace.

The descendants of the Original Satans couldn't believe what they were hearing so they made war against their own race so that they may prevail and be able to go to war with the other two races," explained a fox woman as she knelt in front of Sora.

"Hmm these Original Satan don't seem to want to keep their lives at all," muttered Sora as he thought about the devils. He just couldn't fathom what may be fueling their arrogance and their desire to conquer the world.

He knew that it couldn't possibly be Nyx. Even if he doesn't know Nyx at all, besides her being the Primal Goddess of the night, he knows for sure that she hasn't incited the descendants to do something like that.

'It seems that the Original Satans are just like that.' Sora glanced back at the fox woman and had her continue.

"Some of the devils have begun to call the war that they are in, Civil War. The Original Satans won't calm down no matter what is thrown at them. Luckily, the Devil Faction had luck in training strong individuals. Especially a couple of 20 year olds that can help the Devil Faction fight against the Original Satan clans."

Sora nodded as he listened to the words of the fox woman. If what she said was true, the devils have grown sufficiently strong over the 600 years since he had last seen them. Maybe he should pay them a visit and roam about in the Underworld. Maybe listen in on the Original Satan clans and the Devil Faction.

"Okay, you may leave now. Don't tell anyone else about this," Sora sent away the messenger and made sure to not have her tell his family about the Devils' Civil War. He didn't really care if they knew, he just didn't want them to worry about the devils and have them stressed out.

Deciding to take action himself was better. He will let the Civil War play out for a couple of more battles before intervening and stopping the war. Sora didn't have to worry about having people believe he's a god anymore, a couple hundred years more and he will complete the request of being named [God] by 50% of humans.

He sighed and walked over to the edge of Mount Calamity to look over to the huge expanse of the trees and lakes.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" sighed Sora with a smile.

As he looked at nature's beauty, on Sora's shoulder, sat a cute girl in a gothic lolita dress. The dragon girl had a small smile and her droopy eyes looking at the distance with interest.


Sora maintained his gaze forward and asked, "Why are you here? Weren't you in the Dimensional Gap?"

"Lost quietness. Decided to come to you for help." Ophis seemed to be a bit better at speaking than the last time he had seen her, which Sora liked.

Sora's eyebrows danced as he heard Ophis saying that she needed his help with something. He was rather surprised that the little dragon girl needed help. The Dragon God of Infinity needed help

Sora never expected a God, centered around Infinity, to need help. He turned to look at Ophis queerly and probed, "With what do you need help?"

"Regaining my quiet. Getting rid of Great Red." Ophis muttered while looking back at Sora strangely.

Ophis had been 'forced' out of the Dimensional Gap and she didn't have anywhere to go when she left her home. She just floated high in the air calmly and with a frown as she eyed everywhere.

She covered her ears a bit since the noise slightly hurt her ears. She had spent many centuries, millenniums, even eons of years, inside of the Dimensional Gap. In the Dimensional Gap, little to no noise exists there, and Ophis had gotten used to that noise during the millenniums.

Having been out of the Dimensional Gap, Ophis was assaulted by many noises that bothered her. After an hour, she got used to the noises and calmed down, and that's when she-


Ophis paused and raised her little head before lowering it and looking over to a location in the distance. A man standing on the edge of a huge building looking off into the distance. Ophis looked at the man that looked unfamiliar, yet felt very familiar and dear to her.

Unknowingly, Ophis' hand moved over the drawing she had in her shirt, which she had preserved for 1,300 years.

In the next second, Ophis appeared on the man's shoulders with a faint smile at finding that the man she had once got to know, is still alive. Now, however, she felt a sort of oppressive feeling coming from the man whose shoulder she was sitting on and felt a shiver go up her spine.

"Who's Great Red?" Sora asked.

"Red God of Dreams. Great Red is a Dragon." Ophis muttered as she looked up at the moon that is resting high up in the sky.

Sora was nodding as he thought to himself, 'I'll just assume that every being I meet is a god now.'

"Why do you want to return to the Dimensional Gap?" Sora asked.

Ophis furrowed her eyebrows, seemingly also unsure, while muttering, "Silence. I want to reclaim my home, the Dimensional Gap and the silence."

Sora was slightly interested as to why Ophis wanted to remain in a space where it is quiet. Maybe it was just something that she really likes, or maybe she just wanted to isolate herself from something that could have possibly happened on Earth when she visited once. Either way, Sora is going to try and see if he can make her stay with him, instead of going back to the Dimensional Gap.

He probably won't say it out loud, but he had missed Ophis over the 1,300 years, but he couldn't find a way back to the Dimensional Gap. Whenever he'd try to use his Voidless Palm, it would directly lead him to the Underworld, or sometimes Heaven.

He had grown very used to breaking space with his physical strength, that he couldn't really find a way to break space enough to only enter the void between both the world and the underworld.

Maybe he was going about it all wrong, but now he had Ophis with him. So he didn't need to go back to the Dimensional Gap anytime soon. He will still try to find a way to break the space with his physical strength, he even barred himself from using the new ability from his Dongxuan Sutra.