Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 151

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 151 Serafall

Sora didn't have much to do besides trying to form his Geno Core, so he got bored and went on to the Underworld.

Ophis was still with him and she would remain perched up on his shoulder with her feet dangling. Sora had to explain to his wives who Ophis is, and the only people to react were the natives of the DxD world.

The Greek Goddesses, the little Vampire girl, and the two nine-tailed fox women were all rooted to their spots as they looked at the girl sitting on Sora's shoulders. Looking at her, they had first thought that it was a harmless little girl Sora had run into, but now, they were too afraid to imagine anything about Ophis.

Sora noticed their reactions and comforted them before telling them that he will be making a trip to the underworld.

Walking around the Underworld leisurely, Sora looked at the world that closely resembles Earth if it wasn't for some floating islands, the dark ambiance, and the weird creatures.

Sora looked around curiously, he had never seen a giant piece of rock float naturally. He looked at it curiously and jumped upon it. Once he landed on the rock, he felt it sway and then float off into the direction he jumped to.

Never experiencing something like this before, Sora sat down and looked forward. He remained on the floating rock, looking at all the areas he was passing with great curiosity.

The floating rock passed over a huge lake that was pristine and clean. Looking at the lake, Sora took notice of a snake-like creature slithering around in the lake. With his dragon bloodline, Sora was able to tell that it was a Dragonkin.

'Seems like I only took the dragons and dragonkin that can fly and walk, and slither, on land,' sighed Sora. He looked at the little Dragon-Snake and took it into his Heavenly World. He kept his aura on and scanned every area he passes by, taking in every Dragon and Dragonkin he happens to meet up with.

Not long after, Sora came up across a huge floating rock and a castle right on top of it. Examining the castle with his aura, Sora noticed that it was fairly empty, save for five presences in it.

"Wait for me here Ophis," Sora moved Ophis onto the rock they were on before leaving for the huge castle.

Activating his Dongxuan Sutra, Sora masked his presence and jumped onto a window he saw open on the castle. He moved inside quickly and didn't see anything that caught his attention, but as he was making his way back out through the window, that's when he saw her.

The woman had white hair and red eyes that drew you in. She was rather young, sitting right around her 18's. Her hair is in a long braid with each side having small blue bows at the ends, while the rest is let down which ends in twin braids. She had a slim waist and big b.r.e.a.s.ts that were neatly held down by her clothes.

Seeing the woman walk right past him, Sora was glad he at least got to see someone as beautiful as her before leaving the castle. The woman had pique his interest, so as he was leaving, he tried paying close attention to what the 2 servants at the top of the stairs were saying.

"... is going to be fighting tomorrow!" the old man said with a grin as he slapped the shoulder of the young man.

"Really? We won't have to do anything tomorrow then!" The young man happily smiled at the old man's words as he looked down at the white haired woman. He shook his head and muttered, "It's such a shame that the Young Miss' parents will be participating in the war and are forcing her to get stronger."

The old man's eyes narrowed and quickly hushed the young man, "We can't have you saying that here. The lord is always able to know what is going on inside his house. We won't be able to get out of the trouble if he catches you saying anything like that."

"I know." The young man turned back and urged the old man to help him clean up some corner of the house.

Before leaving however, the old man turned to look to where his Young Miss had gone off to and shook his head. He turned away with a hopeless smile and muttered deprecatingly, "I was allowed to work for the Lucifer Clan, but seeing how they treat the poor girl is very saddening for an old man like me."

The old man walked away with an arched back and followed behind the young man. The old man left with a depressed aura after muttering those few words. He seemed to be sad at the girl's misfortune and was affected by the girl's parents' torture of making her train every single day with no breaks.

He used to have a daughter before she died of an unknown illness that plagued the devils 350 years ago. His wife followed closely after suffering under the same illness that took their daughter away. Even when close to death's door, the wife maintained a genuine smile right until the end just like her daughter.

Both of the women left the old man alone, yet he was happy they were able to leave the world with smiles on their faces. Whenever he thought of the Young Miss, he would unconsciously see his daughter in the young woman. This was what propelled his worry for the Young Miss that he sees like if she were his daughter.

Muttering some stuff as he left, Sora managed to hear the old man mention the Young Miss' name.

'Grayfia not a bad name.' Sora smiled as he looked to where she had left before leaving the castle.

Appearing back on the floating rock with Ophis, Sora moved the floating rock to a large populated area. Hoping to find the Devil Faction.

As Sora floated over to the large populated area, he heard some shouts not that far from him. Moving the floating rock to those sounds, Sora caught a glimpse of a young looking girl with big b.r.e.a.s.ts waving a stick in the air.

She made some mumbling noises before pointing to a fist sized rock dramatically. She looked at the rock with a defeated look before trying once more with a smile.

Sora looked rather interested in what the girl was doing and made the floating rock move over to where the girl is.

"... CHANGE!!" The girl still hasn't noticed Sora's presence as she pointed at the rock once more with her stick and yelled.

Nothing happened once again, but the girl just stared at the rock, hoping something happened soon. It went quiet as both Sora and Ophis looked at the girl weirdly.

"What are you doing?" Sora broke the silence, scaring the girl and prompting her to turn around only to see Sora and Ophis sit upon a floating rock.

"Wow! That's amazing! Who are you?" the girl asked with stars in her eyes. She looked around the floating rock and inspected it as much as she could.

"Me or the rock?" Sora asked with a smile after seeing the girl's actions.

The girl stood up straight after inspecting the rock and pointed right at Sora with a smile before saying, "You."

"My name is Sora, and this girl next to me is named Ophis." Sora gestured to Ophis and then looked back at her. "How about you, what is your name?"

The girl took a couple steps back and did a twirl before yelling, "My name is Serafall Sitri!"

Sora looked at the girl with an interested look and asked once again, "So what were you doing Serafall?"

Serafall turned and looked at the rock with a smile before turning to look back at Sora, "I was casting a spell on it to make it become an animate object. What did it look like Sora-chan?"

'Sora-chan?' Sora furrowed his eyebrows and looked at the girl with a weird gaze. He sighed and said, "I just thought you were trying to curse the rock for your enemy."

"Not at all Sora-chan. I'm a great magician in training!" Serafall pumped up her chest and nodded happily.

With his gaze alternating between the rock and Serafall, Sora realized that the girl in front of him either has a great imagination or she's really training.

Looking at the girl and her actions, Sora was reminded of his past life about a couple of his daughters and one of his children that liked watching a show called Magical Girls Everywhere. He regretted walking in on his son watching the show ever since he saw him in a short skirt and a tight shirt while he twirled and waved a wand around. (A/N: Not an actual show, for those being CURIOUS no judging here...)

His expectation for his own children was destroyed that same day. He was a bit more accepting of his daughters doing it, but when he saw his son in that short skirt, he knew he gave a bad gene THAT day with his son's mother.

Overall, Sora was rather surprised that Serafall's actions closely reminded him of the Magical Girls. He knew that in this DxD Universe that the concept of magical girls still doesn't exist, so seeing Serafall mimic them, or coincidentally doing what they do, surprised him.

His gaze turned to the rock and Sora smiled before proclaiming, "Serafall, I will turn that rock into a living thing. Do you believe me?"

Serfall looked at Sora with wide eyes before nodding and saying, "Do it! Do it Sora-chan!"

"Okay, but please stop calling Sora-chan," Sora gave a wry smile as he jumped off the floating rock. He was rather uncomfortable hearing a young girl address him as 'Sora-chan', especially one so cheery.

Sora looked at Serafall with a smile before glancing at Ophis. What he was about to do was embarrass himself so much that the Ginyu Force would applaud him happily and would be ecstatic to do those moves themselves.

He had decided to do what Serafall was doing, but employed it in a different way to minimize the embarrassment. He wanted to fall into the good books of Serafall and have her help him around the Underworld, he had a feeling that Serafall won't help him much unless he does something like she was doing.

Despite feeling embarrassed, in Serafall's eyes, what Sora has done was a beautiful and amazing set of movements before he eventually had his finger fall on the rock. Serafall tried to etch every single move Sora made into her mind, seeing how beautiful each move looked like, she couldn't wait to do it herself.

Even Ophis was slightly interested in Sora's moves, but her interest didn't last long before she continued to sit there and look at the rock that began glowing.

Sora casted a simple spell to shape the rock to look like Serafall and he used a skill from his Artificer Knowledge and brought to life the rock that was shaped to look like Serafall. The glowing from the rock came from Sora using the shaping spell since the animation skill doesn't produce light.

After the light died out, Serafall looked at the little rock figure that looked like a miniature version of her, but with a dress she has never seen before and a little wand she doesn't recognize.

"Amazing!" yelled Serafall as she ran to the Magical Girl Serafall Rock Doll and picked it up. She looked at it with admiration as it danced in her palm and did a number of twirls.

Sora smiled and looked at Serafall and looked at the doll, "Serafall, how about you help me by giving me a tour of the area the devils reside in."

Serafall poked the rock doll and giggled as she saw it roll around in her palm laughing. Though the rock doll laughed, no noise came out of it.