Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 152

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 152 Ending The Civil War

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Sora traveled along with Serafall for a couple of days. He was shown many things from the Devil Faction he wouldn't really expect from them. For instance, some of the devils he had seen were very interested in fashion, they paid no heed to the Civil War at all.

Serafall would also occasionally disappear for some time and would come back with a new set of clothes and a couple of bruises. Seeing her in that state, Sora was disgruntled at the fact that such a cute girl was hurt. He knew she was participating in the war, and judging from her life force and energy flow, she was one of the stronger devils he had ever seen.

While Serafall was gone, Sora was focusing on one of the techniques he had recently received: Self-Fire Making Technique. This technique allowed him to make a flame to help him in his blacksmithing, refining, alchemy, artifact making, tool creation, concoctions, and many other stuff.

If he is able to make a flame, he will be able to conjure it up whenever he wants to. It can even serve as a type of attack to use on his targets.

Along with his knowledge in knowing every single type of fire in existence, thanks to the Fire Scripture, Sora can choose a flame of his choosing and make it.

Out of the millions of different types of flames, Sora's sights were dead set on a flame called Primal Yin-Yang Flame. This flame was one of the best flames that exist.

According to the ideology behind the Primal Yin-Yang Flame, the universe is all separated into Yin and Yang. Heaven is Yang and Earth is Yin.

The Primal Yin-Yang Flame can greatly help him with many things he will wish to create and do in the future. His God's Forge contains its own flame, but it is only a flame that can burn metals like Tungsten and below.

With the Yin-Yang Flame, Sora can strengthen it with his energy and make it stronger. It can also help him seamlessly merge materials together with a 100% rating. If he merged Gold Essence with Diamonds, not only will the product be extremely sharp but also very durable and tough.

Sora got down to practicing the technique right away and began creating his Primal Yin-Yang Flame. The way the technique told him to best create the Yin-Yang Flame, was to create it together and then separate them.

With his mind fully concentrated on the Flame, Sora managed to create the Yin-Yang Flame with ease with a size of 5 inches tall. Sora got to separating it and found that it was easier to separate the flames than creating them.


Finally, Sora successfully separated the Yin and the Yang from each other. His left hand held the Yin Flame while his right held the Yang Flame.

Cold and Hot. Sora would have never thought that a flame could emit a chilling and cold aura until he separated the Yin Flame and felt it's frosty aura.

Sora smiled happily and put out the fires before standing up and stretching. The fire was highly dependent on his cultivation base, so the fact that he was able to create the Primal Yin-Yang Flame and able to let it reach a staggering 5 inches in height said a lot about his potential for cultivation.

Even without any meridians, Profound Veins, or even a Dantian, Sora was still able to create the Primal Yin-Yang Flame. The Primal Yin-Yang Flame was a type of Primordial Fire, so if he used it along with Saintly Hands or the Primal Chaotic Divine Needle Technique, it would enhance their strength and effects.

Sora smiled happily and laid down as he thought about the stuff he can do in the future thanks to his newly created flame that will just grow stronger along with him.

Serafall, who had just come back from a battle, was watching Sora curiously from afar and was amazed at the flames that appeared in his hands earlier. Even after staying 50 meters away from Sora, she was able to feel the strength of the flames in his hands.

She approached and looked at him with amazement. She had never seen anyone be able to create a flame like that, there were some that could make one, but they made it with magic and spells.

She sat down near the happy man and just looked at him curiously. Ophis was still around, she would remain on the rock however and won't move much from there, only sometimes sitting on Sora's shoulder.

Seeing them both rest, Serafall decided to do the same. She had come back from a battle that involved the Original Satan clans and the Devil Faction.

She is one of four strong youths in the Devil Faction, currently known as the Anti-Satan Faction. Tasked with fighting back the Satan Faction, Serafall would always return from battles hurt one way or another from many barrages of attacks.

The Civil War was tipping to their favor since the Satan Faction was weak and they never efficiently trained their soldiers. The Anti-Satan Faction trains the devils when they turn five years old. They didn't have to worry about their numbers as much since they grew in numbers after 600 years.

Out of the four strong youths, Serafall is the youngest.

She's also the most childish.

"Where does Serafall go every time a battle ends?" asked a man with crimson hair. He looked curiously at two devils standing right next to him.

The crimson haired man's name is Sirzechs, one of the four strong youths. Along with the green haired man next to him, Ajuka, they were both competing for the Lucifer title. Those given the title of Lucifer will become the leader of the new Satan group.

The bald man standing along with them is named Falbium. Also known as one of the four strong youths. His abilities and skills are centered around Defense and being a master tactician. He had the ability to easily block any attack sent to him and absorb the power held within that attack, nullifying it. He even went ahead to create an offense to his Absolute Defense ability, with it he can send the acc.u.mulated attacks and send them outwards to his targets.

Sirzechs was mostly well acquainted with the power of destruction, being able to effortlessly destroy anything with his energy. He was born with an unnatural amount of destruction energy, floating in mid-air and destroying everything when he was just recently born.

Ajuka is a very smart devil, being able to create magic using formulas and calculations. Using what he knows, he created a technique called Kankara Formula, where he can control an enemies power and shape it, change its direction, and even its power. With it, he has redirected many attacks and strengthened them before sending them back to the caster.

Ajuka shook his head and looked at Falbium who also didn't know where she could possibly be.

"Maybe she went back to visit her family. She IS the only heir to the Sitri Clan." mentioned Ajuka as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Well you could be right," nodded Sirzechs. He looked over at the battlefield they were just in and shook his head with a sad smile.

Ajuka and Falbium looked at each other. They knew what Sirzechs was thinking about, so they smiled and pat his shoulders before counting jokes and bringing him over to have a couple of drinks.

"Guess what Sirzechs hic.." Ajuka looked at Sirzechs with a drunken smile. His face was flushed from all the alcohol he had taken and he was already tumbling on his seat.

"What?" Sirzechs gave a wry smile seeing Ajuka and Falbium both already drunk.

Sirzechs himself drinks very little, but he doesn't get drunk on his first glass like Ajuka and Falbium do. He was rather surprised they have no alcohol tolerance.

"I.. hic created magical chess pieces..." Ajuka put an arm around Sirzechs and poked his cheek with his hand.

Sirzechs looked at Ajuka rather confused and asked, "What do you mean 'magical chess pieces'?"

Ajuka laid himself on the table and looked at the drink in his hand that isn't even half-way drunk, "I call them Evil Pieces..."

"Ajuka, are you playing a trick on me while drunk," Sirzechs put down his drink and looked at Ajuka with some suspicion.

Ajuka had played many tricks in the past on Sirzechs, so he was always a bit dubious on everything that Ajuka told him. Even when Ajuka is drunk, he maintains his calculative and pranking mind.

However, this time, Sirzechs was able to see a bit of seriousness in Ajukas' eyes as he spoke.

Sirzechs was going to ask for more details, but Falbium ended up puking all over his clothes. With a sigh, Sirzechs picked up both Falbium and Ajuka and took them back to their houses.

"What could he have possibly made that made him want to tell me?" Sirzechs pondered as he left the bar with the Ajuka and Falbium.

A couple of days had passed and Sora was standing before the battle between the Satan Faction and the Anti-Satan Faction.

"These past couple of days have been very fun," muttered Sora as he looked at the two groups of devils fighting against each other. He looked at one of the women in the battlefield and smiled as he looked at her.

The person who he was looking at is Serafall. He already knew that she is part of the Civil War, so he came here to the edge of the battlefield when she left like usual.

Seeing her valiantly fight against the devils that threatened the peace between the three factions, Sora was getting more interested in her.


Another major spell was chanted in the battle and Sora felt the air tremble right next to him. He looked to where the spell originated from and saw five hooded figures and a white haired girl behind them.

Seeing the white haired girl, Sora was surprised to see that it was Grayfia, the woman he ran into when he broke into her house. She had a sad face as she looked at the devils fight against each other and mercilessly end each others' lives.

Sora looked at her curiously and decided to abduct her and ask her a few questions. Without moving from his spot, Sora managed to use Instant Transmission to bring her to him.

"Huh?" Grayfia looked around nervously and with a bit of fright as her previous sad look was wiped off her face.

"Calm down," said Sora with a soothing voice.

"Who are you?" Grayfia calmed down after hearing Sora's voice, but she maintained a vigilant look.

"My name's Sora," Sora said as he did a little bow to the beautiful woman and winked at her.

A bit of a blush formed on Grayfia's cheeks as she looked at Sora's handsome figure. Focusing back to the pressing matters at hand, "What did you do?"

"I guess you could say I teleported you here," Sora said with a smile. He turned to look at the ongoing battle and then turned back to look at Grayfia.

"Why?" asked Grayfia.

"Because why not?" Sora said with a small smile as he walked behind Grayfia. "Nah, it's because you looked sad and I wanted to know why."

"So you will just kidnap anyone if they are just sad?" Grayfia seemed to forget everything as she giggled a bit at the ridiculous thing Sora had just said.

"Hmm maybe not. I just did it for a silver haired beauty," Sora said, teasing Grayfia who was looking at him with a smile. 'Maybe even the black haired twin-tailed beauty, Serafall.'

"So why were you sad?" Sora asked. After seeing Grayfia sad earlier, Sora already had a bit of an inkling as to why she is sad.

"Well..." Grayfia rubbed her arms with a sad look before explaining everything to Sora. She explained everything and even went on to explain as to why she was in the Civil War.

By the time Grayfia finished explaining, Sora was looking at her with an understanding. He hugged Grayfia and asked, "Do you want me to help you end the Civil War?"