Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 153

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 153 Civil War

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After getting the perfect excuse to end the war and gain the interest of two beautiful devils, Sora was glad his time visiting the Underworld wasn't wasted. Separating himself from Grayfia, Sora looked into her eyes with a serious look.

"Do you want me to stop them?" Sora asked as he pointed to the ongoing battle.

Grayfia nibbled her lips. She turned to look at the battle before turning back to look at Sora with yearning in her eyes. With a low voice, Grayfia asked, "Can you stop them?"

"Only if you want to," smiled Sora.

Sora wasn't just going to jump ahead and help her without her confirmation. He would just end up looking like a fool if she didn't want his help at all, or if she had another idea of how to possibly stop the war.

"I want you to help me. I will stop the war myself," spoke Grayfia with a resolute voice.

"Great," muttered Sora as he looked at the silver haired devil with a bit of admiration.

He turned to look at the battle and then back to Grayfia, "When I transform, I will need you to get on. This way, we can halt the battle and you can bring them to stop fighting."

This time Sora will be transforming, he won't be going into his Dragon Form. If he did, and was seen being ridden by a Devil woman, his Ancestor persona will be put into question. Whether he'd be considered a pet to the Devil woman or under her control.

Sora didn't like thinking this way, it made him feel as if he just didn't want his overbearing Dragon form to be seen as lowly. He shook his head and knew that if it wasn't for the Becoming [God] Quest, he would have gladly shown his well-known version to every single devil.

Smiling nonetheless, Sora still had his equally strong forms of his other bloodlines. Especially his Primal Ape God Form.

Pitch black hair began to grow from all around his body and over his clothes. His muscles began to bulge and grow as strong as steel.

With his eyes going completely white, making Sora look like he has gone blind.

Grayfia looked at Sora transforming with shock. She didn't expect someone to be able to transform like that. The more she looked at the giant and strong primate, the more she felt like a small ant next to an elephant.

While looking at the huge primate, Grayfia saw a white shadow emerge on his fur and quickly move around his body like it had a mind of its own.

A white shen long dragon was freely moving through Sora's fur and danced with delight.

Sora grew up to be the size of King Kong. He would have grown to the size of his Dragon form, but he was worried that Grayfia wouldn't be able to mount him. Turning to look at Grayfia, Sora lowered his hand and had her climb on top of his hand.

Putting her on top of his head, Sora jumped into the battle and caused turmoil as every devil looked at the intruder with weird looks.

"What is that?"

"Focus on the enemy! Squad 4, deal with the intruding beast!"


The devils from both the Anti-Satan Faction and the Satan Faction designated small groups to deal with Sora. When both small groups saw each other in front of Sora, they turned to look at each other with hate, but with the primate approaching, they ignored each other and decided to deal with the primate first.

Looking at the two small groups of devils, Sora didn't know whether he should laugh or not. The devils had sent such a small group to deal with an unknown beast, yet they don't throw much importance.

However, he couldn't do much to them. If he did, Grayfia may end up hating him and won't even want to share the same bed with him.

Sora stopped in his tracks and just looked at them, he let them throw attacks and spells on him. When their fear kicked at their inability to deal with him, maybe then they will leave.

The small groups began with using some mid-tiered spells, but when their spells landed on Sora, he was revealed to still be fine.

The small groups looked at Sora with surprise and fear as they unconsciously took a step back. Some random primate had stumbled to the sidelines of a huge battle that was shaking all of the Underworld. Yet the primate kept going forward with no fear and strided forward with confidence.

The leaders of the small groups grit their teeth and turned to their teammates.

"Bring out the spears and the bows. Mages! Buff the arrows and the wielders of the spears! Swordsmen, retreat!"

The arrows were launched and they whistled through the air. Spears were thrust forward to Sora and they made contact with his fur and then every devil near Sora went pale at what they saw.


The arrows bounced off Sora's fur and they dropped to the ground and the spears were stopped in their place. They couldn't even move Sora's fur even the slightest and they only caused sparks to appear.

The leader saw the attacks prove futile, so he turned to his teammates and yelled at them to retreat and go back and meet with those in the battle.

Their spells, swords, spears, and arrows had no effect on the huge primate that approached them and they had no other means of attack. So the two groups of devils ran back to their superiors to warn them about the huge ape.

As they ran away from Sora, some from the Satan Faction fell and they couldn't stand up anymore due to fear. They tried to crawl away and clutch to the ground with their life on a thin thread.

Sora saw some Anti-Satan Faction members look back with fear and at the Satan Faction members on the ground. He smiled and raised his foot, moving it near the devil laying down on the ground with fear.

He looked on with delight as he looked at the Anti-Satan Faction members grit their teeth and saved their fellow devils from the huge primate. Although they were from different factions, they were still devils and they were one and the same. Their consciousness wouldn't let them rest in peace when they think back to the moment they let devils die gruesomely under the foot of a primate.


Sora's foot touched ground and sent flying away the devils that got away. He smiled and just continued onward to the battle.

"I thought you were going to kill them," mumbled Grayfia with a look of relief.

Sora chuckled in his heart and used his Telepathy skill to talk directly in Grayfia's mind, (A/N: Devility: The devils' version of 'Humanity'.)

Sora talked to Grayfia telepathically knowing that she wouldn't be able to understand him if he tried to talk to her in his Primal Ape God form. Only growls and low roars will be heard coming out of his mouth, so speaking with his telepathy was the best course of action.

Grayfia wasn't shocked at hearing Sora talk with her Telepathy, she had met some people before who were able to do that when she was younger.

Sora was looking in the direction of the Satan Faction group that was far ahead already when he was talking to Grayfia telepathically.

Resuming his gaze to the battle, Sora began stepping heavily onward to the battle, pulling in the attention from all the devils. After both sides found out about what happened earlier from the small groups they sent to attack, they focused on the primate approaching them.

Sora subtly nodded seeing that their attention was successfully drawn to him.

Sora puffed up his chest and inhaled as much air as possibly before letting out a huge roar, paralyzing every devil in their spot.

Sora's roar didn't have any paralyzing effects, he just roared in a simple way that made the nerves and brain lose connection for a short while.

Lifting up his hand, Sora had Grayfia step on to his hand and make an appearance to all the devils in the battlefield.

All the devils could still move their eyes, so when their eyes looked at the strange actions of the beast moving his hands up to his head, they couldn't understand why, until a figure emerged from behind.

Seeing the figure move onto the beast's hands, the Satan Faction were terrified to realize that the figure was Grayfia. Those in the Lucifuge army looked on with horror when they realized that their commander's only daughter was on the beast's hands.

The five robed figures looked on with terror at the beast. They were tasked to take care of Grayfia when she finally convinced her father, Lord Lucifuge, to let her go see the battlefield.

Although many were skeptical as to why the Lord's daughter wanted to go to the battle, they didn't question his decision.

Especially when they realized that she was going as his eyes and ears ever since he got poisoned from the Fly Chimera. Now he was bedridden but his authority as the commander of the army was still there.

Grayfia turned around to look at Sora and he nodded to her. Grayfia gave a smile before turning to look at the devils in the battlefield.

"Satan Faction and Anti-Satan faction!

I am disappointed in all of you! Devils are supposed to stand together and care for each other like the Devils we are!

Yet you all turn on each other and fight. You kill! You stab! You don't see that you are both from the same race!

We are devils! We are supposed to be standing together!"

Grayfia paused and looked at all the devils. Her chest was heaving up and down. With a serious look and a loud voice, Sora helped her get her words across to all the devils in the battlefield.

Grayfia made sure to look at the faces of all the devils in the battlefield, seeing that they all regained their control over their bodies. They didn't do anything besides come closer and huddle around the huge beast.

"We all want peace! Some want peace in one way, and the others want peace another way.

Satan Faction!

You are all being used by the Four Satan Clans!

They will just keep sending you to endless battles until you conquer all of Earth. You will all have to deal with the onslaught of many gods that reside within each mythology.

Are you all prepared to fight to the end. Sacrificing not only your lives, but the lives of your children and their descendants!

When will you stop fighting?"

Some devils in the Satan Faction heard Grayfia's words and they grit their teeth. They thought back to their children and their pregnant wives.

Just thinking about their faces made them want to stop fighting and return to their family and just live peacefully.

"Are you all ready to sacrifice your precious family members? Your brothers? Mothers? Fathers? Son? Daughter?

I despise this war! My father, whom I love dearly, is already knocking on death's door! And it pains me that I have to see such a great father fall because of this stupid war. A war that serves no purpose!

Conquering the world? That's a stupid idea that never shouldv'e crossed the minds of the Four Satan Clans, and they enforced their ideal upon you!

Drop your weapons now! We still have time to stop fighting! We can all live in peace with our families and stay together with our brethren devils."

All the devils looked at each other, they glanced at their weapons and clenched their jaws.

Clang! Clang!

Cling! Clang!

The devils were frozen hearing the sound of weapons fall to the floor and they couldn't help but turn to the source of the noise.

Proudly standing in their place were the four strong youths; Sirzechs, Ajuka, Falbium, and Serafall.

Two of them didn't have any weapons, so they dropped their armor on the floor, saying a lot about their dedication to peace. Serafall had dropped her small metal wand that she herself made and looked at all the devils with a confident and proud look.

The devils looked at the four devils and soon, more devils joined them in throwing their weapons on the ground. All of the Anti-Satan Faction members had dropped their weapons and the Satan Faction was struggling on deciding what to do.

However, the devils that were saved by the Anti-Satan Faction, dropped their weapons and joined them almost instantaneously after the last clanging of the Anti-Satan Faction rang.

Some Satan Faction members looked at them with shocked looks before more clanging noises reached their ears. Eventually, almost a good 90% of troops from the Satan Faction joined the Anti-Satan Faction.