Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 154

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 154 Super Spank

Being stared down by all the devils, the Satan Faction was cornered to the edge of the battlefield. The remaining Satan Faction dropped their weapons and ran away back to their superiors in the Satan Faction headquarters and warned them about the traitors.

The Anti-Satan Faction, and the converted Satan Faction members, were about to run after them until they heard a loud roar coming from the huge beast. They all froze in their places and heard the Grafia speak once more.

"Do not worry about them. They won't be able to do anything to us anymore.

With the addition of the new devils, we have grown to be stronger than they will ever be! With this, the Civil War has come to an end. They will be forced to retreat and leave the underworld, either that or they will have to join the peace of the new Devil Faction."

The devils turned to look at Grayfia and they just stood there, realizing that what she said was practically true. They stood there blankly and turned to look at each other before they all jumped in delight and cheers broke out.

The four strong youths stood there and smiled at each other. They hugged and gave each other thumb ups.

said Sora. He looked at all the devils and then turned to look at those who ran away before marking them with his aura.

"Thank you," mumbled Grayfia with a blush. She also turned to look at the devils before muttering under her breath. "I don't think I'll do this ever again. It was very nerve wracking. If I said anything wrong, the war would have gone on forward for many more years."

chuckled Sora. He himself knew what great power just talking holds. With just talking, he could influence someone's way of talking, personality, thoughts, actions, and other stuff.

For instance, if Sora were to mention someone's breathing, they would become self-conscious about it. They would have to manually start breathing until they put it back into their subconscious area.

Even blinking.

Or a tapping foot.

Just thinking about all these different things had Sora chuckle a bit more.

After everyone dealt with the dead bodies and the previous Satan Faction members joined the Anti-Satan Faction, Sora left with Grayfia in hand. While Sora left, Serafall was looking at the huge primate's tail curiously before falling into deep thought.

"Hurry Serafall!" Falbium laughed as he brought up a cup of beer to Serafall with a flushed face.

Serafall was pulled out of her thoughts and turned to look at the drunk Falbium with a smile before grabbing the cup of beer. "I hope you're paying Fal-chan."

Sora was still in his Primate form and took Grayfia over to her father's tent, where he was resting in his final moments.

Walking up to the tent, Grayfia had a sad look with small tears forming in the corner of her eyes. Upon looking at her father's tent, Grayfia stood up with newfound confidence and wiped the tears before stepping in.

"Father!" called out Grayfia.

Looking at the man resting on the bed with a pale face, Grayfia's confidence wavered but then stood firm. Walking up to her father, Grayfia knelt beside the bed and grasped her father's hand.

"Father, the war is over. We can return home and you can go back to mom!" Grayfia said with a faint smile and sad eyes.

Her father heard her and opened his tired eyes with a smile, "Grayfia, you make me proud. I'm sure your mother will be happy to see you go home. I don't have much time left in this world."

"Father?" Grayfia held tighter to her father's hand and her tears began to form. Her previous confident look had disappeared and was completely replaced with a sad little girl.

"It's okay Grayfia. You have grown up to be a fine woman." Grayfia's father smiled and cupped his daughter's cheeks, wiping away her tears. "You look just like your mother, good thing you didn't inherit my red hair. I wish I could see your mother one last time before I leave this world behind."

"Father..." Grayfia caressed the hand on her cheek and smiled a bit.

"I'm sure the man outside will help you grow stronger and grow into a more stronger person in both mind and spirit." Grayfia's father seemed to know about Sora's presence, who was outside in his Human form.

Grayfia's eyes slightly widened and turned to look to the entrance of the tent. She didn't seem to feel anything, or anyone. "How?"

"As a man who has gone to many battles, you end up getting a certain sense to separate who's strong and who's weak." Lord Lucifuge muttered before turning to the door and continuing. "I can feel that man is so strong, that I can't seem to fathom the amount of strength he has. That or he's really weak."

Hearing Lord Lucifuge talking about him, Sora shook his head with a smile before walking in and looking at the nearly dead man. Looking at the man, Sora's eyes seemed to have overlapped another man's shadow on top of Lord Lucifuge's body. Seeing that shadow made Sora remember a couple of things from his past, causing him to give a sad smile.

Sora walked over to Grayfia who was still kneeling by her father and patted her shoulder. She nodded to him and turned back to look at her father with a complicated look. She didn't know what to do at this point, her father was dying and he seemed to be at death's door soon.

Grayfia put her face to her father's hand and cried her tears out.

Feeling his body grow weaker, Lord Lucifuge decided to close his eyes and just rest. The only two regrets he has, is not being able to see his wife once more and not being able to change his son's twisted personality.

Seeing everything in front of him, Sora felt irked. Frowning, he brought up his hand and it began to glow in a white and holy color. Sora brought it down and slapped the man, letting the light slip into the man's body.


Grayfia froze and looked up. Seeing her father turn to his right with a big red hand mark on the left side of his face, Grayfia paled as she turned to look at Sora with a look of disbelief. However, in the next moment, that disbelief turned to shock as she felt her father's cold hand warm up.

Hurriedly, Grayfia turned back to look at her father and saw his pale look regain a healthy color. Grayfia stood up and put her head to her father's beating heart, hearing it pump faster, Grayfia was smiling as tears dripped down her face.

"Well this is embarrassing" muttered Grayfia's father with an embarrassed look. He looked at Grayfia who was hugging him, and at the man standing behind his daughter, with a wry smile.

Just a second ago, he thought he was already going to die, so he closed his eyes and felt a sharp pain on his left cheek. And before dying, he told his daughter some nonsense as the darkness clouded his mind. Now, he was very embarrassed by what he had said.

"Father!" Grayfia cried out as she held on tight to her dad's shoulders.

Seeing her father all better now filled Grayfia with relief knowing her dad is all better and is safe, away from the clutches of death. However, her time in her dad's arms didn't last long before she pushed him away, dropping him onto the floor. She turned to look at Sora with serious eyes before stomping toward him and gripping onto his collar.

Staring him dead in the eyes, Grayfia blushed and planted her lips on Sora, effectively kissing him. Sora was surprised, but maintained his calm and kissed her back.

"Damn, is this how you treat a father who was healed from the brink of death?" mumbled Lord Lucifuge teasingly as he dusted himself off and stood up. He sat back down on the bed and looked at Sora and Grayfia with a smile, 'Your mother will get a kick of this.'

Sora left with Grayfia after they explained the whole story to Lord Lucifuge about what happened. He was shocked, but he was proud of what his daughter managed to accomplish. He was returning as quick as he could and taking his wife with him to hide away from the four satan clans.

Hoping to stay away from their clutches and not be held captives or possibly killed from birthing a 'traitor'.

Sora and Grayfia didn't help him out, since they both knew that he would be okay on his journey there and on the way to the Devil Faction.

Sora was back in his primate form and carrying Grayfia on his back. They arrived a couple of hundred meters away from where the floating rock and Ophis were before Sora turned back into his human form and went walking the rest of the way with Grayfia holding his hand.

"Ophis, I missed you," smiled Sora as he hugged the little dragon girl.

Ophis revelled in the feeling of Sora's hug before finding that he came with a woman by his side. Looking at the woman with sparks in her eyes, Sora turned a blind eye to their 'fight'.

"Me too," said back Ophis, trying to incite Grayfia's jealousy.

And it seemed to be working as Grayfia's eyebrows lowered a bit in displeasure.

After getting over the whole introduction and Grayfia's shock at who Ophis truly was, Sora was about to make some food before being interrupted by a drunk Serafall.

"Sora-cha~n," Serafall walked over to Sora swaying, with a flushed face. She walked over to him as he put the food to heat up.

"Why are you drunk?" Sora asked as he looked at Serafall walk over to him and latch onto his waist.

"That doesn't matter now. What matters is that you cuddle me Sora-chwan!" Serafall pouted and buried her head in Sora's stomach.

Sora chuckled and patted her head before he turned his attention back to the food while keeping his hand on Serafall. Her light blue eyes followed every action of Sora's, content of the silence of the surroundings besides the bubbling of the food and the occasional cackles of the burning wood.

Serafall smiled and rested her head on Sora's stomach, until her eyes fell on a silver haired woman making her way to Sora. All of a sudden, Serafall's eyes widened and she instantly turned to look at Sora's behind.

Feeling something grab his tail, Sora was about to turn and see who it was until he heard Grayfia.

"What was that?" Sora asked Grayfia.

"Can I get some extra vegetables in my food?" asked Grayfia.

"Sure, no pro-" just as Sora was about to finish talking, he felt a small tug at his tail and he finally brought the small figure that was pulling his tail.

Looking into her black eyes, Sora looked at Ophis with a confused look, "Why are you pulling my tail?"

"You smell like a dragon and a powerful one, but you have a tail." said Ophis with a tilt of her head.

Ophis was beginning to grow accustomed to her strong sense of smell and her hearing, and after a month of being on Earth, she was able to notice Sora's Dragon scent. However, seeing his tail made her look at Sora weirdly.

Serafall, still staring at Sora's tail, was thinking back to the events of the day. The giant primate that just appeared from nowhere, powerful enough to stop everyone in their tracks with just a roar. It's vitality is terrifying, the strength of the beast was unknown, but the fact that nothing could possibly damage even its fur really says a lot about the beast.

Just as Serafall was about to grab Sora's tail, she suddenly remembered the black haired girl that had also grabbed Sora's tail. Turning her head forward, Serafall's drunk self was wiped off as she looked at a big red hand mark on the white behind of the black haired girl.


"Are you going to pull my tail?" Sora asked with a stern voice. He was enjoying spanking the behind of Ophis after seeing her face go red in excitement. However, being as naive as she is powerful, Ophis didn't know that she was feeling pleasure instead of pain from having her butt spanked by Sora.

"N.. no." mumbled Ophis with a quiet voice as she rubbed her red behind with a flushed face.