Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 155

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 155 Darkness Here

After explaining his tail to Ophis in private, Sora continued enjoying his time at the floating rock. Serafall had gone back to the Devil Faction after hearing that she was urgently needed back.

Staying behind was only Sora, Grayfia, and Ophis. Sora began trying to make a sort of base for the Yang part of the Dongxuan Sutra. He had to make the Yang side powerful enough to rival the Yin side by itself, but he also needed to be able to mix it easily into the Yin side, making a new and powerful Sutra.

Just as Sora was about to get half-way through finishing the foundation, the darkness encroached upon Sora. Which was weird since the sun had just risen.

Looking around, Sora realized that only he saw the encroaching darkness. However, even as it clouded his sight and couldn't see anymore, Sora maintained his calm and heightened his senses to see if he could see anything in the darkness.

He couldn't hear Ophis and Grayfia anymore after the darkness had completely covered his body. Sora waved his hand around and smiled as if he had expected this darkness to happen, "I see you have finally come to meet me Nyx."

Sora couldn't even hear his own words, but he wholly knew that he had spoken correctly and let it drift in the darkness. It was quiet for a few minutes, but then there was a soft and cold voice making it's way into his ears.

"How did you know it was me?" asked Nyx.

"Well I am pretty sure you are the only Night, or Dark, God I had ever displeased. Besides you, I have never heard of any other," Sora smiled and sat down on the, ground?

"Well that does make sense," muttered Nyx.

Sora was expecting her to say something, but she appeared in front of Sora, her clear white skin made him draw his attention to her in the endless darkness surrounding him. Her beauty was enchanting, yet Sora looked at her weirdly.

His eyes went straight to her head and he knew that she had hair, but because of the darkness surrounding him and her pitch black hair, it looked like her head was cut open. At least her eyes had a little light in them, even if they were also pitch black.

Nyx seemed to notice his stair at her head and she looked at him with a blush. Her previous dark aura and her cold personality vanished under Sora's eyes that fell upon her head.

"I have hair!" Nyx loudly yelled. She crouched and held her head with both of her hands before shooting a glare at Sora.

"Haha," Sora chuckled at Nyx's actions and just looked at her with a smile. "I know you have hair, but my eyes haven't adjusted to this darkness. So all I see is your cleanly cut forehead and your enchanting eyes."

"..." Nyx looked at Sora and slowly stood back up before approaching him once more.

The Primordial Night Goddess was wearing a cute frilly dress called Godly V.i.r.g.i.n Killer Clothes that has a corset jumper skirt. Her Godly V.i.r.g.i.n Killer Clothes allows her to be immune to the attacks of male v.i.r.g.i.ns. Techniques from v.i.r.g.i.ns cannot work against the wearer. The clothes are capable of protecting even from such abilities using Infiltration. When touched by v.i.r.g.i.ns, clothing imposes a fatal curse on them.

Besides the dress she was wearing, Nyx wasn't wearing anything else underneath, like socks, shoes, or even sandals. Her feet dangled in the air cutely as she floated over to Sora.

"So why are you here?" asked Sora as he looked at Nyx stop right in front of his face, only an inch away from touching their lips.

"To look at the man who took down Hades and the other Olympian Gods," muttered Nyx as she looked at Sora's crimson eyes, sending her small shivers down her spine.

Smirking, Sora looked closely at Nyx and said, "Really? But it's been 13 hundred years since I killed them."

Nyx blushed at Sora's words and backed off. 'How is he still calm after I covered him in darkness and told him about the dead gods?'

Nyx kept looking at Sora with a curious gaze. She was in the area since she had to deal with a couple of things and has to take care of a girl from the four clans. She was a valuable asset she may need in the future, so she came over to the Underworld to pick her up, but on her way out, she saw Sora.

She decided to test him and see if he really is as powerful as she had heard. The fact that he is very calm, even after the darkness covered him and she mentioned the dead gods, showed that he is a very powerful figure. He even mentioned it himself that it was 1,300 years ago.

Having her interest in Sora piqued, Nyx felt like she should keep a closer eye on him. She always liked strong men, she always had her thoughts of making strong men submit under her. Having them brought to tears and making them beg always turn her on.

And it didn't really matter to her whether the Olympian Gods and Hades were killed or not. She held little interest in them. Even helping out Hades in his conquest of ridding the other mythologies of the world was only a passing time to her. Now that she had found someone interesting, she didn't feel like continuing with the dumb plans Hades had left behind.

Though she won't give back the young girl she took from the four clans since who she took is a very powerful devil.

Fading into the darkness, Nyx blew a kiss to Sora before she completely vanished. The dark dissipated and Sora had to cover the light from reaching his eyes.

After seeing Nyx leave, Sora licked his lips a little as he still sensed her nearby, keeping her sights on him.

'Looks like I won't be able to do anything s.e.x.u.a.l, or intimate, with Ophis, Grayfia, or Serafall incase of having them be targeted by Nyx.' Sora finished the rest of the foundation for the Yang side of Dongxuan Sutra and now couldn't do anything until he receives some cultivation techniques in the near future.

After finishing with the Yang Foundation, Sora found Serafall looking at him with a cheerful face. Before he could ask her what happened, she shouted.

"I have become the Leviathan of the Devil Faction!" Serafall jumped to Sora's chest and hugged him tight.

Sora was surprised by what she said and was happy for her. He hugged her back and said, "Congratulations. Who's the one with the title of Lucifer?"

"The one with the title of Lucifer is my good friend Sirzechs-chan. He has a natural affinity to leadership and is able to attract people to follow him." Serafall smiled happily before pulling out a little badge that shows a long sea serpent with tentacles on it, "This is the badge that proves I am a Leviathan. Though there is more to being named a Leviathan, this is one of them."

"Amazing, I hope you do amazing stuff Serafall," Sora smiled and hugged the cheery devil.

"Definitely," Serafall smiled. She stood in her tippy toes and whispered into Sora's ears, "Mind wearing a couple of clothes I made for you?"

Sora shook his head inwardly at Serafall's words, but he still decided to try on the clothes she made. He knew that Serafall had a cosplay kink, so he didn't mind dressing up for her, unless she makes him dress like a magical girl, or a woman for that matter.

He doesn't even care if Nyx looks at him when he wears the clothes Serafall prepares for him. In fact, he hopes she continues watching when he and Serafall are alone and she asks him to cosplay a bit with her. So that when things begin to get heated, he can make Nyx feel hot and drag her out of her hiding spot before bringing her into the love making session.

"Well then, I have to go," sighed Serafall. She stopped hugging Sora but she kept her hands on Sora's chest.

"Let me guess. The Ending of the Civil War party? Or the promotion party?" Sora asked with a smile as he looked at Serafall's sad expression.

She didn't want to leave Sora, but she had to go to a mandatory party where she will be briefed on the many different clans in the Devil Faction, her priorities as a Leviathan, and how they will deal with the new devils from the Satan Faction.

Although they already had the idea of integrating the new devils into the Devil Faction, they knew there would be problems that will arise. Such as the fact that they came from the Satan Faction.

"The Promotion Party." Serafall gave Sora a quick kiss on the lips before waving goodbye and flying to the party.

Looking at her back, Sora felt Darkness take over his shoulder before hearing a teasing voice next to his ear.

"That was so mean of her," muttered Nyx with amus.e.m.e.nt.

"Haha, not really. Why would it be mean?" Sora chuckled and asked Nyx.

Nyx gave a little giggle at Sora's words and Sora felt as if a hand was now held onto his shoulder. Nyx's happy voice made it's way to his ears once more, "Because she left you behind while she goes to the party."

"Why should I care if she goes to the party or not?" smirked Sora.

"Because there's the possibility of her finding another man there," coldly muttered Nyx. Inside, however, she was feeling very hot, she couldn't wait to see Sora's face be filled with fear.

"Hahahaha!" Sora laughed at Nyx's words. Making her get angry at her hopes of seeing him sad be crushed by his laughing.

"Why are you laughing?!" Nyx yelled with anger.

"Because, it's not that easy to get away from me," Sora said before his crimson eyes glowed a bit eerily, sending shivers down Nyx's spine filling her with fear.

Pulling back her hand and keeping her distance from Sora, she couldn't help but look at the back of the man whose confidence just emanates from his body.


Nyx clutched her heart and felt something, but the next moment, she turned back to look at Sora's back and thought, 'I will crush that confidence of yours and make you grovel beneath my feet.'

After a couple of days, and shocking Nyx with his disappearances each time he entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Sora felt like it was time to return to Mount Calamity. He traveled around the Devil Faction for a bit and visited every single city in the Devil Faction.

It didn't really impress Sora. It reminded him of the Human World, but with magic linked to everything.

During his travel around the Devil Faction, Sora didn't find any women that attracted him. He did find many beautiful and attractive devils, however. Sora didn't bother trying to get together with them since he always felt there was a certain difference between those who catch his attention and those who are just beautiful.

Sora left with only Ophis, since Grayfia wanted to stay in the Devil Faction for a bit and Serafall had her job as a Leviathan to do. Not minding them staying, Sora promised them that he would visit occasionally before leaving with Ophis.

He didn't bother leaving his Heavenly World Rune since he was thinking that the Devils weren't ready yet to be integrated with his Heavenly World.

They had just gone through a war and he couldn't risk them affecting the Souls residing in his Heavenly World. It wouldn't be long before he introduced them to his Heavenly World, though.

The angels should be one of the groups he should be able to introduce into his Heavenly World. In a couple of weeks, when he gets back to Mount Calamity, he will go to Heaven and have a talk with Michael and Gabriel about letting the angels go to his Heavenly World.

Michael was very interested in Sora's Heavenly World and even said it could be their second home, should Heaven be destroyed by another Mythology. The chances of their homes being destroyed is very slim, but the chance is always there and Michael doesn't want to let the destruction of Heaven be the downfall of the angels.

So having a second home will let the angels keep living and eventually gain back their position and rebuild Heaven.