Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 156

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 156 Like A Fifth Grader

When Sora arrived at Mt. Calamity, he saw an angel waiting for him right at the entrance. After spending two days at his Mt. Calamity, Sora went ahead and followed the angel to Mt. Calamity before arriving before the huge gate of Heaven.

"Please wait right here while I call Lord Michael here," the angel bowed and left.

After waiting a couple of seconds, Michael appeared before him holding a white bracelet that gave off a white glow. With a smile, Michael walked before Sora and said, "Sora. It's great to see you again."

"Likewise, Michael." Sora shook Michael's hand and looked at the bracelet with interest.

With his Heavenly Vision Technique, Sora could easily know what it is, but there is always a certain beauty to be able to find out for oneself. Unless it looks or feels dangerous. So, Sora didn't bother trying to know what the bracelet is, since he knows that the bracelet is not harmful to him.

Noticing Sora's look, Michael smiled before passing the bracelet over to Sora. "I hope you aren't weak to the Holy elements. This is the Holy Bracelet. We only have 10 of these to give to visitors, which is why we didn't hand out these in the previous party."

"What does it do?" asked Sora. He took the Holy Bracelet from Michael's hands and put on his wrist before looking up at him.

"It allows the user entrance to Heaven, no matter the sins, race, or mythology. It only allows entrance to the 5th floor of Heaven and below, entrance to the 6th floor needs permission from high ranking angels. As long as you aren't weak to the Holy element of course," explained Michael.

Gesturing for Sora to follow him through the gate, Michael led Sora through the floors of Heaven. Michael was leading Sora to the 6th floor, where Gabriel was waiting for them both. On their way to the 6th floor Sora and Michael were talking.

"The other angels and I are working on trying to find a way to be able to bring devils to Heaven," Michael said.

Sora looked at all the stone buildings with awe, many of the buildings were floating up high in the sky. "That's a very good idea. They would be able to see that you are sincere in following through with the peace idea."

"Indeed, but finding materials that help bypass that whole thing will last a long time," sighed Michael. Michael and the angels have been working on trying to find a material for that special bypass for many years. In the end, they couldn't find anything, even after asking many other mythologies.

Sora nodded and didn't say anything more.

"Gabriel, it's nice to see you again. You are always pleasing to the eyes," commented Sora while hugging Gabriel.

Gabriel smiled and looked at Sora coyly as she scoured on back to the chair she was just sitting on.

Michael and Sora both chuckled at Gabriel's actions and they sat to talk about Sora setting up a point in Heaven.

"What will happen once you place this point, in Heaven?" asked Michael seriously.

Sora maintained his smile and rested on the chair he was sitting on. He glanced at Michael and said, "Nothing. The only thing you need to do is set up a place where I can place the Heavenly World Rune that will let the angels come and leave through these runes I will be placing down."

"Okay. How about what will happen to the angels once they step onto your Heavenly World?" Michael asked curiously.

"The Angels are a very tricky race, since they have a lot of restrictions and laws that prevent them from doing what most can, but you can rest assured that those restrictions and laws will still apply to angels.

The only difference is that those restrictions will be light. Meaning, angels will have the chance to fall in love with their race, or other races. For pure love, that is." Sora pulled out a paper that had some things angels can now do in his Heavenly World.

Michael's eyebrows furrowed a bit at a couple of things Angels can now do but still nodded, seeing as how everything looked very proper and a good chance for most angels.

Happy about what she heard about love, Gabriel looked at Sora happily. She always wondered what love is. In her lifetime, she had seen many humans marry each other and have children. Seeing that, she wanted to know what being loved felt like.

She looked down at her hands and happily clenched them together.

"Oh, yeah. There's something else that will happen to angels once they enter the Heavenly World," continued Sora. He had a finger on his chin as if trying to remember while looking up to the ceiling.

Michael looked at Sora curiously before asking what that something else is.

"When the Angels, or any other race enters, their strength is lowered to the level of a normal human. As well as all of their energy is brought down to a minimum level," smilde Sora.

He didn't want the beings he is bringing to his world to destroy his world or any other beast. And to keep things fair, Sora also sent a mental order to every creature in his world about killing.

Although he really can't do much about the common livestock, unless they have gained certain sentience from when Sora played around with the lightning from his Heavenly World.

"I see," nodded Michael before shooting a glance at Gabriel. Looking at her, Michael asked Sora, "Is it possible to give a couple of people a bypass through that rule?"

Sora thought about it and nodded. "Yes, I could. I could make an exception to the Leaders and Co-Leaders of the different races."

Michael nodded happily and said, "In that case, the angels are on board."

"Great," Sora smiled. He thought that the meeting would last longer than an hour at least, it was surprisingly very short.

Only lasting 5 minutes in the meeting, Sora was very satisfied with that. So he stood up, and was ready to leave before being stopped by Michael.

"What is it Michael?" Sora turned to look at the angel, and from the way he looked, Sora can already guess what he will be saying.

"Is it possible to send over a couple of angels to your Heavenly World?" asked Michael with a nervous look.

"Yeah, it should be possible. You should know though that the angels don't have any buildings created yet." Sora said as he explained to Michael.

"That's alright. Is there anything else we should know before we enter the Heavenly World?" Michael asked in case he sends someone who messes things up for the angels.

"There is another race there in the Heavenly World. They are Souls, and I'm not too sure whether the Angels will be able to see them," explained Sora.

Though the people in the Heavenly World are able to see the Souls, Sora isn't too sure whether it is because of the Soul Energy present in his Ancient Sun or the high Spiritual Pressure of the beings in his world. The former being more possible.

"They sound interesting. Are they powerful?" asked Gabriel.

"Hmm..." Sora paused to think if the Souls were strong and thought back as to how versatile and strong the powers of the Soul Reapers are. "Yeah, very. Each Soul is able to form a link with a Zanpakuto and create a spirit that is connected to their 'True Self'."

Hearing the things a Soul can do made both Gabriel and Michael astounded by what they could do.

"It sounds like Sacred Gears..." mumbled Michael.

Sora heard him from his position, but didn't say anything since he himself had noticed a higher prevalence in humans wielding powers that they got from things residing within their bodies. It didn't really matter to Sora though, as long as his family stayed safe.

If he had to, he could just use the Covering the Sky With One Hand and destroy the sequence of whatever is residing within their body. That or he can just kill them easily, but he wouldn't like to kill someone so weak.

"These abilities of theirs will also grow with them the more energy they have," mentioned Sora, remembering his Shikai and Bankai he hasn't used in a while.

"Amazing." Gabriel was smiling happily as she thought of meeting the Souls after hearing so much about their abilities.

"But if you're thinking about meeting them, I don't think it will go the way you want it to. You see, the Zanpakuto weapons they use are made from other Souls. So I had them look for a different way in which they can make a different type of Zanpakuto which still works the same." Sora frowned as he spoke about the Zanpakuto, or the Ausachi.

He is still glad he got rid of Oetsu since he is the one who created the Ausachi. Sending many souls to their deaths and losing their free path to reincarnation.

Shivering at the fact that the Souls had turned their own into materials to create a weapon that will help them grow made Gabriel and Michael rethink their ideas about meeting the Souls.

Seeing the expressions of the two angels made Sora chuckle. He explained to them how the Souls in the Heavenly World aren't descendants or related at all to those who use the weapons or created the weapons.

They asked how he himself came to know that, but Sora just smiled, not answering their question.

After briefing them about everything in the Heavenly World, Sora was taken to a spot where he will place the Heavenly World Rune. He inspected the spot for a while, and then put down the run, letting the angels enter into the Heavenly World.

Not many were looking forward to going to the Heavenly World since they found out that their power will be limited. They even switched their spots with other angels that didn't know what was happening.

Seeing all the angels stand in front of him, Sora smiled and nodded seeing the large amount of angels.

"Sora," called Michael.


"Gabriel will be going along with the first batch of angels to make sure everything goes smoothly," informed Michael. "Please make sure Gabriel stays safe."

"Sounds like a good idea. I will make sure she stays safe." Sora nodded and thought inside, 'Makes it easier for me to conquer this blonde beauty. I'm really interested as to how she will react to my advances...'

Looking at Gabriel, Sora smiled and waved his hand at her to which she just smiled and waved back. The poor unsuspecting angel didn't know what was expecting her in the Heavenly World and the Holy Pleasure she will receive there.

"I'll keep her as safe as possible," muttered Sora as he looked at the beautiful smile of the angel.

After leading all the angels into the Heavenly World, Sora had the Heavenly World Rune send them to a location not too far from Soul City. This way, the Angels can already set up a trade route and they could make some connection with the Souls.

A way to also let them know that they aren't going to be the only beings inside the Heavenly World.

This way, the angels don't let the fact that they are the first of the other beings inside the DxD Universe lead straight to their head and let them be arrogant.

As soon as all the angels stepped onto the Heavenly World, they noticed that they couldn't use their powers. They could only use their wings to fly and let them see everything from a birds view point.

Seeing the angels like that, Sora nodded seeing no problem with them. He turned to look at Gabriel who didn't lose her powers like the other angels since she was taking care of them.

"Wow! This world is amazing Sora," said with amus.e.m.e.nt Gabriel as she held onto Sora's hands with both of her hands.

"Glad you like the world Gabriel," smiled Sora as he looked into Gabriel's eyes.

Gabriel looked into Sora's eyes and felt a weird feeling so she let go of his hands and flapped her wings away with a blush on her face.

Seeing her actions, Sora felt amused as he thought, 'It's like she is a 5th grader who just confessed her love and she didn't wait for the guy to say anything before running away giggling.'