Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 157

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 157 Quest Complete

A couple weeks have passed since Sora had helped the Angels and Gabriel to move into his Heavenly World. He teased Gabriel as much as he could since each of her reactions was a cute one, he couldn't get enough of her.

The Angels' town was completed, but since most angels that had come over to the Heavenly World were not enough, Angel City was empty. All they could do was either start mixing with some of the Soul beings or wait a couple of years until they get families of their own.

Sora made sure that no building or establishment was created that could possibly lead to something akin to the Red Light District being created. He even made sure to inform the Souls to bar the Angels from entering businesses like strip clubs.

Though he knew there will be problems arising from simple stuff like barring certain races, and that there will be 'illegal' ones that will do them either way. Sora had to set that rule in place to not have the angels become fallen angels.

Sora was currently still in his Heavenly World, watching from afar Gabriel and the angels working. This was a daily job Sora had to do in order to make sure nothing goes wrong and that their buildings are sturdy and durable.

Today, like any other day, Sora was watching Angel City from afar until a blue screen came up in front of him. When he read what it said, he couldn't help himself from smiling because he had finally finished a quest.

[Become a God (COMPLETE)

Quest Description: The world has gone crazy and the many beings residing in this World have been at war for a while and it will only get worse. The humans who have been caught in the middle of all the warfare need someone to worship and help them out of this problem!

Objective: Be named [God] by 50% of Humans on this Earth. Being named [God] by some supernatural beings, and/or [Gods], will provide an extra reward.

Time Limit: 2,000 Years

Rewards: Hidden Weapon Techniques Scripture

Extra Reward: Antique Incense Burner, Magic of Yin and Yang (A/N: Predecessor of Yin Yang Blast from Super Gene), Refining Scripture]

Looking at the rewards, Sora was very happy seeing them. However, his eyebrows furrowed when his eyes landed on the Antique Incense Burner.

He took it out and looked at it weirdly before inspecting it with his Heavenly Vision Technique.

[Antique Incense Burner

Description: This Antique Incense Burner was the property of the Great Demon God. Before he was annihilated, he placed the incense burner inside his Demon Mystic Tome, sealing it in there before being found by a new owner.


Help in cultivation and meditation.

Can work as a Low Alchemy Furnace/Cauldron.]

Help temper cultivation and meditation speed?

Sora was surprised at one of the uses, one that can really help him out in his cultivation of the Heavenly World, Dongxuan Sutra, his new form of Ultra Instinct and Minute Subtlety, Dream Master, and Might of the Battle God Physique.

After seeing the uses Sora moved his eyes to the other three items. The one he originally got and the other two extra rewards. He already knows what the Refining Scripture and the Hidden Weapon Techniques Scripture holds, so he got those out of the way first.

[Obtained Refining Techniques Knowledge.]

[Obtained Refining Knowledge.]

[Obtained Hidden Weapon Techniques.]

[Obtained Hidden Weapon Techniques' Knowledge.]

Getting that out of the way, Sora focused on the last one, Magic of Yin and Yang.

Sora saw the description of it and its effects, stunning him. They surprised him a lot and he couldn't wait to get to practice the technique. According to the technique, it will give him a lot of different ways in which he can make use of the Yin and Yang Forces that exist everywhere.

There was one side of the Magic of Yin and Yang that explained the ability of exchanging power that came against the Yin and Yang forces.. In which a power's direction would be reversed.

The other side was based on making a power stronger rather than exchanging or reversing the power.

The technique was sitting on the sides of the Immortal Arts, Martial Technique, and the Martial Arts.

With Martial Arts, the technique could only deal damage in a Close Quarters Combat. Which is also the basics for the Magic of Yin and Yang, teaching him how to make good use of Yin and Yang. As well as how to apply it to his weapons and his projectiles making them more dangerous to go up against.

Meaning that the Martial Art version is more on its comprehension and skill.

The Martial Technique had him infuse the Magic of Yin and Yang with an element or strengthen them with energy, making it more powerful than the Martial Art. It is more in strength than potential, unless the profoundness is high.

If Sora uses his Primal Yin-Yang Flame with the Magic of Yin and Yang, he could deal major damage to them. Especially since the Yin Flame deals damage to the soul and spirit of those struck with it.

The Immortal Art was very terrifying by itself. If Sora manages to master the previous two versions of it, he could send devastating attacks through the air.

Though the speed the attack travels through the air is all dependent on his own strength. It was a very powerful technique otherwise, he wouldn't need to be in close range to his targets.

However, despite his attention drawn to the Magic of Yin and Yang, Sora interest is mostly all in the Antique Incense Burner.

Bringing it out, Sora looked at the incense burner that wasn't large in size, and looked like a common item used by people. But it was half sealed, with a lid on the mouth and a few holes. It was also antique and of outstanding quality, but it wasn't attention grabbing at all.

It had a sort of rusty and golden look to it. The only herbs he had that could help him at all in his cultivation was the Iceflow Flower, that itself could still help him out a lot.

Jumping straight into his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Sora grabbed a single Iceflow Flower and chucked it into the Antique Incense Burner.

Sitting down in a lotus position, Sora began using Dongxuan Sutra. As soon as the scent of the Iceflow Flower began to drift around Sora in a white puffy smoke, Sora smelled it's tantalizing and sweet scent. When it entered his lungs it began to disappear inside his body with a fast absorption rate.

However, once he breathed in the smoke, his cultivation progressed, instead of speeding up like he expected, it began to slow down. Sora didn't panic, all he did was slightly frown while trying to push his Dongxuan Sutra further and trying to get it to advance further.

A couple of minutes passed and Sora's body was drenched with sweat. He tried with all his might to keep cycling the energy in his body according to Dongxuan Sutra, yet it maintained a snail's pace.

Two gruesome hours passed and Sora was feeling weak. He had so much power and a strong body, yet under the smoke of the Iceflow Flower being burnt by the Antique Incense Burner, he was very weak.

Luckily, Sora had a strong will as he kept going on for another couple of hours. He placed two more Iceflow Flowers inside the incense burner letting them burn and 'help' his cultivation.

After the last Iceflow Flower Sora placed was completely used up, Sora's body was feeling very frail. He ignored the pain with a pained look before cycling his energy again.

His body shook with happiness as he felt the energy move around more quickly than before. Sora's cells jumped with happiness as they doused themselves in his spiritual energy, letting him feel better already.

His Dongxuan Sutra was moving at an extremely fast speed, only four hours had passed and his cells began to generate a very mystical substance which Sora feels contains the power of Dongxuan Sutra.

The substance didn't leave his body though, it went deep into his body and he felt it come out of his soul?

Looking inside his soul, or his Sea of Soul, Sora saw the mystical substance gather up to a single point. As time went on, the mystical substance began to take shape.

Soon, his spiritual energy began to go into his Sea of Soul and nourished the mystical substance, giving it a pure white look.

When his spiritual energy drifted over to his Sea of Soul, a mysterious connection formed between his Sea of Soul and his Sea of Consciousness.

After a couple of seconds, the mystical substance stopped moving and finally stayed in one single shape an umbrella.

Upon seeing the umbrella, it's name suddenly popped into his mind.

"Bulwark Umbrella..." muttered Sora. He took out the umbrella out of his Sea of Soul and held it in his hands.

He waved it around a bit before opening it. As soon as the umbrella was opened, Sora noticed the Bulwark Umbrella was suppressing and blocking out something in the air.

"Is that what it does? Does it serve as a defense?" Sora smiled and put it back in his Sea of Soul.

The Bulwark Umbrella is in the First Tier, needing only 4 more tiers before he can move on to the next part of the Dongxuan Sutra.

Sora looked at the umbrella resting inside his Sea of Soul and wondered whether his spiritual energy made it stronger than other Bulwark Umbrella's of other practitioners. Since he is the only one that knows about the Dongxuan Sutra out of everyone he knows, he wonders whether there are more people out there in the many universes practicing Dongxuan Sutra.

Sora focused back onto the Antique Incense Burner and was glad he had it. Just that little thing helped him improve his cultivation.

Though for some reason, everything he tries to cultivate goes very slowly, even with the purity and density of the energy inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

His mind moved on to thinking of ways to possibly speed up his cultivation, yet he has nothing for now. His best hope is possibly getting his own meridians and a dantian, maybe that will fix the speed problem. Besides that, he couldn't think of any other problem.

He knew it couldn't be the possibility of his affinity to cultivating since he wished for an affinity to everything. It might as well be his talent in cultivation.

Which explained why it takes him hundreds of years to advance, even with the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, his progress is slow.

Sora shook his head with a wry smile as he thought of all the possibilities for his slow cultivation. He was glad he had the Antique Incense Burner, but he knew he couldn't rely on it forever.

Looking at the knowledge he had attained, Sora was glad he can finally put to use his Sleight of Hand and his Illusion abilities with the Hidden Weapon Techniques. With them, Sora could become even more dangerous than someone on the same level of strength. He can even defeat someone who is 10 or hundreds of times stronger than him, as long as the attack lands, of course.

Sora focused on the Refining Knowledge since he already knows of what the Hidden Weapon Techniques Scripture holds.

What he read was very astounding to him. With 'refining', Sora can form a connection with anything and connect it to his soul, body, mind, spirit, energy, or even a pet. The connection can last for as long as he wants, but it cannot be removed very easily, in case of any damage to the soul.

That is one form of refining, there are other forms of refining. Such as the form of refining most known as Refining the Essence, which can bring the grades of weapons, tools, artifacts, herbs, alchemical ingredients, metals, anything to a higher quality.

With this knowledge, Sora can increase the purity and quality of stuff like that given enough time and energy.

With the knowledge, he can even sense the amount of connection he has to items in his possession or in the possession of others. For instance, the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, his connection to it is only around 32%.

It is a very weak connection to the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Meaning, if someone finds out about his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, they might be able to easily take it away from him.