Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 158

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 158 Refining

A/N: I have an important, yet not important, message for my readers down in the Author's Thought. And I'm sorry if this chapter seems more like a filler, everything mentioned will be of importance in future chapters.


He was happy that Refining was just another form of binding something to himself. So Sora could bind a powerful item to himself and then further strengthen the connection between him and the item by refining it.

Sora checked his connection to everything he had on himself. The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, his bloodlines, the new Antique Incense Burner, Heavenly World, the connection between his Sea of Soul to his Sea of Consciousness.

Almost everything in his possession needed a stronger connection to him. So that's what he decided to do.

He focused on his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and decided to refine that connection. He got in a lotus position and began to refine his connection with the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He made sure to connect it to the deepest parts of his soul and make sure it never disappears.

As soon as the refinement began, the little violet bead between his eyebrows began to itch a little. The violet bead was being absorbed by his body and behind it left a scarlet red mark in the shape of a four-edged diamond in between his forehead.

Sora felt the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal shake a little as he refined the connection. His soul felt like it had just earned a new part to it.

As soon as the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal hit the 100 percent mark, his feeling for the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal now felt very natural. It was like it's been there since he first came into existence.

After getting the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal out of the way, Sora moved on to his bloodlines. He needed to connect his bloodlines to his soul, that way he can keep his bloodlines should he lose his body in the future.

Sora connected every single bloodline to his soul and felt like he knew his body even better than before, now that his soul perfectly reflects his body now.

Refining his connection between the Antique Incense Burner and himself, Sora felt it connected to the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Now it seems to be connected to the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

After finishing his refinement of his Antique Incense Burner to himself, Sora moved on to his connection to his Sea of Soul to his Sea of Consciousness.

The more the connection is refined, the more his soul feels more pure and clean.

Once the refining reached 100%, the connection between the two 'Seas' seemed to disappear, perplexing Sora. However, the next moment, both his Sea of Soul and his Sea of Consciousness merged together.

The Yin-Yang Symbol began to burn bright and illuminated the new and merged area, which Sora decided to keep calling it the Sea of Consciousness. The Yin-Yang Symbol shined and span quickly, spreading its spiritual energy into his soul and body, nourishing both.

As soon as both the 'Seas' merged to be one, the Yin-Yang Symbol perched itself down on the bottom of his Sea of Consciousness, serving as the floor of the new area.

Sora kept refining his connection to everything he had, besides the insignificant stuff, like his clothing and his Storage Ring. He did, however, refine the ape-dragon silk coat of his.

After refining the connection, Sora felt that the coat seemed to have a life of its own, dancing happily on his body. The coat shined a bit before the light finally dimmed and fit firmly on him.

"This is taking longer than I thought," sighed Sora as he focused on the last four things he has to refine his connection to. He held his Zanpakuto on his right hand and a little orb on his left hand glowing blue and green, his Heavenly World, and a purple orb in front of him that let out purple mist out into the air, his Dream Master energy, Sora decided to refine his Heavenly World first before moving onto his Zanpakuto, Dream Master energy, and the last thing.

Refining his Heavenly World, Sora felt like his powers over the world were growing stronger. The Ancient Suns seemed to be given life as they danced around in the sky. The stronger his connection to his Heavenly World got, the stronger his power over the world grew.

Before, his Heavenly World only had one moon despite how many Ancient Suns he had, now moons were being created to match the amount of Ancient Suns his Heavenly World has. The moons seemed to strengthen his World Energy, giving him more strength than before. The energies inside the Ancient Sun were glowing and were turning more pure as time went on.

Once the Heavenly World reached 100%, Sora felt like he could decide the fate of anything or anyone inside his Heavenly World. Sora was calm feeling the power, he knew it was probably because of the strengthening, but it was a very exhilarating feeling.

Sora held his Dream Master energy orb and began refining it, making sure it remains deep within his soul. This Dream Master energy orb was serving as another reserve to enhance the capacity of energy he has for his Dream Master.

If he were to lose his Dream Master cultivation, the energy would remain with him deep within his soul.

After having that over with, Sora held his Zanpakuto delicately. He already has his Zanpakuto connected to his soul, but it was sitting at 80%. If someone had the ability to influence his Zanpakuto, that could easily happen.


His hand swiped over the side of his Zanpakuto's golden blade, producing a beautiful ringing in the air. Sora laid the long sword on his laps and began the refining process.

His sword began floating in the air as his energy revolved around the long sword and made it bring brightly. The percentage kept growing and growing and it finally reached one hundred percent.


His long sword disappeared from view, but Sora still felt it residing inside his soul, yet it also wasn't there. Sora felt weird as he thought about his Zanpakuto.

His sword was residing inside his Sea of Consciousness, nourished by the Yin-Yang Symbol. It was half-transparent. If Sora wasn't paying attention to the sword the whole time, he wouldn't have noticed the sword inside his Sea of Consciousness.

He did feel the sword turn happy and filled with joy, however.

After that was done, Sora focused on the last thing he needed to refine for the day. His memories.

Refining his memories, Sora focused on forming a connection between his soul and his memories.

Looking into his memories, Sora looked at the Memory Palace and gritted his teeth. If something goes wrong with the refinement of his memories, he might not remember who he is forever.

Sora ran the Yin-Yang Symbol as fast as he could, making sure the spiritual energy was cooling down his mind and helping him keep calm.

As soon as his energy was moving around the Memory Palace, Sora's body was already in turmoil.

Blood trickled down his nose, and if his eyes were opened, people would notice the whites of his eyes being dyed by blood. The more his energy revolved around his Memory Palace, the smaller it would get under the refining process.

After 2 days inside his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, the Memory Palace was finally shrunken down to the size of a pea. Moving it carefully over to his soul, Sora dropped it inside his soul, prompting his body to shake violently as the Memory Palace merged into his soul.

A couple of minutes pass and Sora's body stops shaking.

The Memory Palace that was now residing within his soul was letting out a ton of liquid from underneath the building. However, if one paid closer attention to the 'liquid' that was pouring out, one would notice that they were actually memories.

The liquid began pouring out at a rapid pace. The size grew from a puddle, to a pond, to a lake, until eventually, it began growing to the size of a sea. His 3,300 years of memories were all there, mixed along with all the knowledge he had received from the many scriptures and the wish he made from Dragon Ball.

The sea was dyed in a golden color and it had the Memory Palace set on top of the sea, unmovingly. His Memory Palace served as the center of his new Sea of Memories, where he can easily search up for any of his memories or knowledge he has.

His Memory Palace was filled with books, each having his memories in words and his knowledge in books as well. Every single memory in the sea were 'pictures' or 'videos' showing his memories.

"Ahh!" Sora groaned in pain as he felt the strain of his body having its memories merged with his soul. Luckily he had the Yin-Yang Symbol nourishing his body and soul, keeping him healthy and slightly speeding up his healing speed. Which also means his Vampire Bloodline is very helpful at the moment.

As soon as Sora finished with everything he had done, he stood up and left his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Now, whenever he gets new memories, tools, Artifacts, or anything really useful to himself or his family, he can just refine it and make it his.

"I wonder what kind of powerful Artifacts I can get in the future..." Sora asked in wonder as he walked around his Heavenly World mindlessly.

"Powerful Artifacts? Are you talking about the Sacred Gears?" an angelic voice drifted into Sora's ears, making him smile from ear to ear.

"Almost like that," Sora nodded at Gabriel who was descending from the sky with a ray of light shining upon her. 'Is that normal?'

"What are these powerful Artifacts you are talking about then?" said Gabriel curiously. She landed on the ground and put her face very close to Sora's.

"These powerful Artifacts and Sacred Gears are very similar, but Artifacts don't usually have a spirit which is sealed into it. It's also like a tool or an object you wouldn't usually expect, like a flag," explained Sora.

"They even have very powerful effects, some even grow along with the user, reaching states where they can be stronger than a Longinus, or even the entire world." continued Sora.

"Wow, they sound pretty powerful. How come I have never heard of them?" asked Gabriel.

If she had heard of such Artifacts, perhaps the world wouldn't have turned into how it is. Maybe the Biblical God, her 'father', wouldn't have died during the Great War, making all the angels fend for themselves.

"You have, and yet you haven't," smiled Sora.

From his blacksmithing knowledge, Sora knew that the Sacred Gears were created from the ideas of Artifacts, but the Blacksmithing Gods weren't strong enough to make them and the world wasn't strong enough to hold them. The Sacred Gears themselves are failed products, but were 'completed' with the spirits of powerful beasts.

Though they aren't half as strong as true Artifacts, the fact that they can be wielded by normal humans is already enough. If they were any stronger, the world would have been thrown into chaos.

"Nani?" Gabriel tilted her head with a confused look and her eyes staring at Sora. 'I have but I haven't? Did I forget something somehow?'

'Too bad I don't have Qi yet...' sighed Sora. He was able to make use of the Qi in the air thanks to Dongxuan Sutra needing it, but he couldn't use it to create items. Ki wouldn't really help him with that endeavor of his either, not even any of his other energies would be of any help.

Until he is able to cultivate his essence, Qi, he won't be able to make any Artifacts any time soon. Unless he manages to earn the knowledge of Inscriptions, Characters, Arrays, or other types of stuff like that, that could concentrate the Qi to one point. If he had that type of knowledge, all he would need is just to create the base of the Artifact before dousing it in a lot of Qi and allowing it to absorb it.

If he adds a bit of spiritual energy, it might further strengthen it and possibly give it a spirit, making the Artifact even stronger.