Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 159

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 159 Innocent Gabriel's Love


After explaining to Gabriel why she has heard about artifacts and hasn't, Sora enjoyed his time with her in his Heavenly World. Fortunately, he didn't have anything to do for the day.

None of his techniques could be rushed, once something is rushed, the foundation won't be as strong and will easily collapse. Either way, he had his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, so he didn't have to worry about not advancing at all.

When it comes to martial arts, Sora can learn anything almost instantaneously. The only thing he has trouble with is cultivating, which explains his slow growth in strength in regards to cultivation.

Sora looked at the amazed Gabriel, "Did you have any questions about the Artifacts?"

Nodding, Gabriel brought her hands to her chest and asked, "Yes. If the Artifacts can't exist in our universe, can they exist in your Heavenly World? If I don't remember incorrectly, in the meeting, you said that your Heavenly World grows in strength. So is it strong enough to contain an Artifact?"

Sora blinked at Gabriel's words and went into deep thought.

His world is the same size as Earth, it is vastly stronger than it thanks to the many energies nourishing his Heavenly World. With the help of the Sacred Scripture, Sora was able to further enhance the energies nourishing his Heavenly World, making it many times stronger than if his world wasn't being strengthened with the Sacred Scripture.

Even without the Sacred Scripture, with the many different energies he has, his Heavenly World is many times stronger than any other Heavenly World out in the universe. Unless they have energies that are stronger or they just have more of them.

With that in mind, Sora's Heavenly World should be able to withstand the creation and the presence of at least 100 Artifacts. If his Heavenly World gets its Seventh Ancient Sun, he might be able to create 10-fold more artifacts.

Too bad no blacksmith or craftsmen in the DxD Universe has the ability to create an Artifact. The Sacred Gears were the best they could make, and the Biblical God was the one who created them all.

"It's possible, but there's no person capable of being able to make an Artifact in my Heavenly World. Not even I can create one yet," Sora shook his head sadly and continued, "Did you know that if I sever my connection to my Heavenly World, it might turn into an Artifact. If I do it though, I might suffer a couple of years unless I create a special medicine that can cure me by that point."

"That's amazing!" Gabriel was astounded.

Sora and Gabriel were talking for a bit more. Sora lay on top of a rock with his eyes closed and Gabriel sat near Sora, also on top of a rock.

She looked at Sora with a soft smile as she inspected every inch of his features. Sora had continued to amaze her and she couldn't get him out of her mind.

When they first met, what had amazed her at first was his jokes and his tricks. Then it was his Heavenly World which she heard about from her brother Michael talking about it. She had never believed something like this could possibly exist.

A world that resides within the body of a person that only keeps growing stronger and powerful.

When they met again, she was captivated by his diligence in working and training, as well as his jokes that made her fl.u.s.tered. Every time Sora made a comment, she would be left with her cheeks burning in embarrassment, sometimes she didn't know why.

Now, what had captivated her, was his knowledge and his calm attitude. She couldn't keep Sora out of her mind and she often seeks to look for him. She wanted to know more about him, and she wanted Sora to know more about her.

When she found out that Sora had many wives, Gabriel felt her chest hurt, but when she saw Sora's happy face and broad and strong love for each and every wife of his, she felt better. Instead of her heart hurting, Gabriel felt her heart thumb with expectancy, she didn't know why.

Her eyes remained on Sora and she wanted to look at him for as much as she could.

Unknowingly, Gabriel stood up from her rock and walked over to Sora. Looking at him from up close, paying attention to his every part that defines him.

Her eyes looked at his face. Sora's face is calm and beautiful like an angels, but it also has that handsome demonic look that draws the women in and makes men hate him.

His diligence and his humor was something that can make anyone like him. Even if he is cold or quiet to other people he doesn't know or wish to talk to. Once someone gets to know him, his humor will get to you and his calm aura will ease your fears.

But even with that, his eyes are attractive and sharp like a vampires' that can draw in the soul and devour it in its blood red pool. His pupils contained the essence of an overbearing and profound Dragon that lived for thousands of years.

Gabriel's hands slowly reach out to Sora's body that was built like a Titan. A Titan so powerful that his muscles emanate a mighty aura that can make even the strongest of beings cower back in fear.

Her fingers drew a line down Sora's chest that had her keeping her legs closed and her eyes glued to his body.

Her eyes drifted up to his face and her other hand reached out to touch his hair that is as silky and majestic as a powerful primate. His pitch black hair that was so smooth yet also as mighty as his compact muscles.

Slowly, Gabriel's face started to blush. Her eyes shook strangely and she came closer to Sora's face. Her eyes were charming and made any man want to desire her love. Gabriel's lips drew near to Sora's and her heart began to beat faster.

'What am I feeling?' Gabriel felt her heart pound fast and the inside of her stomach felt ticklish. A need for Sora began to appear on her body as her hands drew into the sides of his face and held him there.

A soft and beautiful m.o.a.n had unexpectedly escaped between Gabriel's lips. Her eyes looked at Sora dreamingly and her lips were about to land on Sora's.

Suddenly, a finger landed on Gabriel's lips, bringing her out of her daze. Her eyes innocently looked at Sora's calm eyes and she felt her cheeks on fire.

"Are you sure you want to get addicted to me?" Sora gave Gabriel a cheeky smile as he maintained his finger on Gabriel's lips.

Gabriel froze and her blush disappeared. She went into deep thought until she looked back at Sora with a resolute gaze and nodded.

She had nothing to lose. She knows that what she might be feeling is true love, and if what she thinks Sora is dishing out is also true love, then she will not fall. Even if she did fall, she wouldn't mind being a fallen angel if she can be with Sora, however.

Sora smiled at her nod and removed his finger. Their lips touched and Gabriel felt an eclectic shock course through her body, causing her to let out a cute m.o.a.n.

Her body was feeling hot and she looked at Sora with wet eyes.

Looking at her 'oh-so-cute' look she was giving him, Sora couldn't help but embrace her tightly. He knew the look Gabriel was giving him very well, yet when Gabriel does it, Sora has the urge to hug the woman.

Squirming under Sora's embrace, Gabriel wrapped her arms around Sora's waist and laid her head on his shoulder.

The rock Sora was laying on turned into a bed and the surrounding seemed to change.

Sora guided Gabriel over to the bed and gently laid her there as their gaze remained locked to each other.

"You're a very stunning woman," murmured Sora, cupping Gabriel's cheek.

"Ouhh..." Gabriel shied away and turned her head, evading Sora's gaze with a blush on her face.

It was a beautiful day like always inside his Heavenly World. Sora looked at the shy and defenseless angel and slowly removed her clothing.

Gabriel let Sora remove her clothes before speaking in a low voice, "Let let me also remove your clothes."

They removed each other's clothes and Gabriel's face was as red as a tomato. Her hands were on Sora's underwear and she was eyeing the prominent bulge on the underwear.

She didn't know what to expect, this was the first time she had ever done something like this. Gabriel has lived for hundreds of thousands of years, and yet she has never seen a package at all.

Her mind was pure and innocent, yet here she was tainting herself to enjoy the love that she and her body crave for. The gentle touches of Sora's hands on her body, his soft kisses on every inch of her body.

Sora was standing on the bed and the pure Gabriel was kneeling in front of Sora, the bulge almost right in her face.


Gabriel gulped loudly and her legs fidgeted against each other. She began sliding the underwear down revealing Sora's package. Gabriel looked at Sora's rod with wet eyes before laying down on the bed with a defenseless posture.

She kept her legs together, refusing to show her beautiful and delicate slit. Her arms over her b.r.e.a.s.ts and her face was looking away.

Sora's hands touched Gabriel's pure white thighs, never touched by any being in the entire universe.

Gabriel was feeling very exhilarated. She had never had so many of her firsts taken in a single day! A man has intimately touched her, kissed her, hugged her, groped, touched, loved Her little heart kept beating with happiness and her body shivered with pleasure as Sora's hands massaged her thighs with a sensual touch.

She felt weird, yet also very pleasured down in her groin. Her inverted slowly came out of their holes with Sora's touch and they stood erect and plump.

Sora's hands slip up her thighs, prompting Gabriel to unconsciously cause her legs to relax. With her legs relaxed, Sora was able to open her legs and slide his hand on her wet cave that let out it's holy juices.

His eyes shined with a bright light as he positioned himself over her snatch. With one b.r.e.a.s.t in his hand, Sora was going to give Gabriel enough pleasure to not turn her into a fallen angel, yet also enough to let her enjoy it.

"Ahh!" quietly m.o.a.ned Gabriel with glossy eyes.

He lightly pinched her n.i.p.p.l.e and milk came out slowly from her b.r.e.a.s.t, making Sora look at Gabriel with a bit of surprise. He maintained his calm look and only smiled as he brought his mouth over her b.r.e.a.s.t. He smirked and sucked on Gabriel's nippple, drawing out her Divine Milk.

The Divine Milk entered his body, purifying him from impurities and healing him a bit. His eyes looked up at Gabriel's eyes and he smiled evilly before nibbling on her n.i.p.p.l.e.

"AH! It's coming!" Gabriel groaned out in pleasure and finally couldn't hold herself and let out her juices. Thinking that she had peed on Sora, Gabriel's face blushed and she covered her face in embarrassment before softly speaking out, "I'm sorry *sniff* I didn't mean to!"

Sora looked at Gabriel with a caring smile before rubbing her head softly. "Don't worry Gabriel, it's something normal that occurs when a woman feels a lot of pleasure. It isn't what you think it is."

Sora slid his hands down where Gabriel's cave is and began to rub her, causing her to buckle her h.i.p.s and shake a bit. Smiling, Sora knew that it was finally time for him to enter the beautiful angel.

He removed the tears from Gabriel's face with kisses and began to push in slowly for the angel that is new to s.e.x. Sora was rubbing Gabriel's clit and after a couple of seconds, she was ready to orgasm once more. Once she let out her sultry m.o.a.n out in the air, Sora plunged deep into her and caused her to arch her back in pleasure.

"OH MY DAD!" Gabriel yelled out in pleasure as she held on tightly to Sora's back. She gripped on tightly as she felt the toe curling pleasure that sent shivers up her spine.

This was her first time and she had never felt anything like this, like every other thing she has done all day. She looked at Sora with wet eyes before planting a huge kiss on his neck and on his lips.

Sora smiled and began to slowly pull out before plunging in even deeper than before. His hands held onto her plump waist before moving faster.

Clapping noises rang out in the little area of theirs followed by the m.o.a.ns of an angelic voice. Sora's lips were on Gabriel's neck as he sucked on it and bit it.

He left a bite mark on her neck and a hickey. Light danced in his eyes delightfully as he looked at Gabriel's b.r.e.a.s.ts bounce up and down with each thrust of his.

Hearts formed in the eyes of the pleasure angel, and at the center of those hearts stood one man, Sora.

Gabriel's love grew to extraordinary limits as they both enjoyed the company of each other. She hugged Sora and brought him to her chest, smothering him with her b.r.e.a.s.ts coincidentally.

Her breath sped up as Sora kept plunging and out of her quickly. Sora felt that he was close and whispered into Gabriel's ears with a slight husky voice, "I'm close.."

"MM! Me too! Inside.. inside please!" m.o.a.ned Gabriel. She's never felt anything like this before, she felt happy and very excited about what's to happen.

As soon as she felt Sora last longer than a second in her, Gabriel clamped her legs around Sora's waist and she held on for dear god as her eyes rolled up.

Sora let out his juices inside Gabriel as she shook in pleasure, letting out her juices spray onto Sora.

Gabriel lost all feeling in her limbs and she let Sora go. He pulled himself out of her, and she wiggled a little from the loss of contact. Sora rolled off of her and looked at Gabriel with a warm smile as she took several deep breaths.

"I love you.." whispered Gabriel.

Sora smiled happily at her words and stretched himself over to her before kissing her and saying, "I love you too."