Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 160

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 160 Bloodline Evolution

Sora smiled happily as he looked at the sleeping Gabriel. He moved a bit of hair off her face and looked at the peaceful Gabriel happily sleep.

He had finally got the True Essence for his Angel Bloodline, as well as for his Demon Bloodline. Closely after his Angel Bloodline got it's True Essence, Sora felt his Demon Bloodline get it's True Essence.

He felt that his Bloodlines could still further level up, so he gave Gabriel a kiss before jumping into his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Who would have thought that after gaining the True Essence of his Bloodlines, he would be able to upgrade his Bloodlines once more. It was a good thing that after he levels up his Bloodline, he would have reached the highest point possible for his Bloodlines.

Meaning he won't have to worry about leveling up his Bloodline since they reached the peak.

Sora smiled and got to refining his Bloodline. All his Bloodlines began upgrading almost at the same time. Sora frowned at the fact that one of his Bloodlines didn't upgrade, however.

The Bloodline that had always been with him since the beginning, but constantly changing. His Primal Ape God Bloodline shook, but it didn't start evolving, it gave the feeling that it is waiting for something.

Sora shook his head and decided to pay attention to his other Bloodlines that have just evolved.

His Dragon God Ancestor Bloodline evolved into an Immemorial Dragon. Sora transformed into his Immemorial Dragon form and felt his strength shake grow to tremendous degrees. The Immemorial Dragon even had the ability to switch between the appearance of a Western Dragon or an Eastern Dragon.

When he turns into a Western Dragon variant, Sora remained the same size, but the sheer might that resided in each of his movements was very terrifying. His golden scales turned bright and his eyes revealed ferocity and unbridled oppression.

His Eastern Dragon variant was an extremely long chinese Dragon with long whiskers and golden scales. His horns and his hair was a glorious white and pure color.

There was one thing that remained the same between both of the variants of his Dragon Bloodline. A crown on top of his head, as if he was born with it, with a chinese character on it that read Emperor.

When Sora checked on his Vampire Ancestor Bloodline, he saw it's new name, Ancient Vampire. Transforming into his Ancient Vampire form, Sora looked like a human. If it wasn't for his extremely long white hair and his pale look, Sora would have assumed he was just another human.

Moving over to his Desolate Titan, Sora transformed into his Ancient Titan form. It wasn't too much different from just a really huge human with the eyes completely black, including the white parts, with a couple of tiny white stars, giving the look of staring into the universe's eyes.

The Demon Sage Bloodline had turned into the Ancient Demon God. When he turned into his Ancient Demon God form, Sora looked human, besides black swirls and runes appearing on the surface of his skin. Black mist surrounded the bottom of his legs.

Sora was moving around in this new form of his and was shocked to find out that he could bring out more arms. Like an asura that has six arms, Sora could easily do that. If he pleases, he could even bring out two crystal-like horns out of his head.

Finally, the last Bloodline that changed, his Archangel Bloodline which changed along with his Ancient Demon God Bloodline. With it's new name as Ancient Holy God, Sora felt all of his cells emit a white light. His hair turned completely white and a white halo appeared on top of his head. All of the many wings he used to have before all merged and became one pair of white wings.

After turning back into his Dragon and ape mix race, Sora sat beside the pond and sighed. His Primal Ape God Bloodline didn't evolve and he already felt the difference when he turned into his mixed variant. His Immemorial Dragon Bloodline was already overpowering his Primal Ape Bloodline's power.

Suddenly, his Primal Ape God Bloodline started evolving. Sora was shocked at the turn of events however.

His Primal Ape God Bloodline took in a lot of spiritual energy from the Yin-Yang Symbol inside his Sea of Consciousness. It took in the essence of Yin and Yang and it prompted it to begin evolutionizing.

Sora was shocked but happy at the Primal Ape God's evolution.

His body began changing ever so slightly and he was starting to look like an Oozaru. His fur was white and his eyes glowed white as well. He did, however, not maintain the posture of a gorilla like before, slowly his Oozaru-like form resembled a well built ape. Fur remained on his body, his face still shaped like an Oozaru, big and muscular body, and a long tail. His feet were also still hand-like.

The body of his new form gave off a majestic and powerful aura that made any being near it prostrate themself before him.

After his Primal Ape God Bloodline finished changing, it transformed into Primeval Emperor. Sora like the new name, it didn't follow the direction of having 'Ancient' in the name like the other four Bloodlines.

Just as Sora was about to leave his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal happily, a green screen appeared before his face.

[Obtain True Essence and Evolve it the SIX Bloodlines to their pinnacle! (COMPLETE)

Reward: Immemorial Phoenix Bloodline.]

Sora was about to click the screen, but before he could, gold Blood seeped out of the green screen and entered his body. Before Sora could do anything, he turned into a beautiful and majestic Phoenix. The feathers of his body were so powerful and pure that they gave off a white fire with gold glow to it.

The fire emanating from his body was so calm that it was eerily terrifying. The strength behind the flames were terrifying, even to Sora who turned into the Phoenix. And like his Immemorial Dragon Bloodline, his Phoenix form also had a crown with Emperor written upon it.

Sora transformed back into his human form and felt all six of his Bloodlines, and his new one, shake. Calmly sitting down, Sora waited to see what would happen next.

Every being had Blood, and they also had Blood Essence which contained the essence of their being that is unique to each and every person.

This Blood Essence is usually irreplaceable and they only contain a certain amount of it. However, Sora didn't have to worry about Blood Essence since his bones were tempered with his True Dragon Ape God Bone Art. With it, he changed the way his bones worked, now his bones produce Blood Essence, and with each increase in level, it purifies his Blood Essence.

His seven Bloodlines were shaking and they changed his bones and increased his bone tempering. His bones turned into white jade with black runes running along every single bone in his body. His Blood and Blood Essence turned golden and each his Blood veins and heart also turned golden. Once every nook and cranny of his veins, heart, and spleen turned golden, they began turning into crystals.

His body wasn't feeling any pain however, instead he began to feel even better than before. He felt like he had become someone completely different.

Once all the changes were done, Sora's seven Bloodlines stopped shaking and instead they chose the most pure Blood Essence of theirs and let them exit Sora's body.

Seven drops of Blood Essence were floating in front of Sora and three of them looked different from the rest. Sora could instantly notice that they were his Emperor, Dragon, and Phoenix Blood Essence.

Curiously looking at the Blood Essences, Sora saw his Dragon and Phoenix Blood Essences rotate rapidly and draw in the other four Blood Essences.

The Dragon Blood Essence drawed and consumed the Ancient Titan and Ancient Holy God Blood Essence. It turned into a bigger Blood Essence and turned black with a silver color to it.

The Phoenix Blood Essence did the same as his Dragon Bloodline and took in the Ancient Demon God and Ancient Vampire Blood Essence. The Blood Essence also turned black, but instead of a silver color to it, it was gold.

Once the Blood Essences were devoured by the Dragon and Phoenix, they turned to the floating Emperor Blood Essence with a bit of fear. The Emperor Blood Essence began moving and the Dragon and Phoenix Blood Essence were shaking in fear.

The Emperor Bloodline didn't consume the two Blood Essences, instead it embraced them.

Right When Sora thought things couldn't turn more interesting, the Dragon Blood Essence turned into a mini silver chinese Dragon flying in a circle around both the Blood Essences. It bit onto its tail and continued flying in a circle like that around the two Blood Essences.

The Phoenix Bloodline followed and turned into a mini golden Phoenix with it's wings spread and it's legs latched onto the Dragon.

The Emperor Bloodline turned into a coin and melted itself onto the Dragon and Phoenix, assimilating them into the black coin.


The coin fell on the ground and Sora noticed that it had the outlines of both the Dragon and the Phoenix on them. In the middle of the Phoenix, there was another circle that contained the image of a roaring silver Emperor.

Sora felt that this was a weird change, but he made sure to keep the Emperor's Coin close to him, so he turned it into a pendant and slid it around his neck. Now it was called the Emperor's Pendant.

However, now that he noticed that the Primeval Emperor is even stronger than his Immemorial Dragon Bloodline, Sora included the Immemorial Phoenix Bloodline into his race.

When he turned into his True Form, Sora turned into his Emperor form. The horns from his Dragon form were there and his teeth were incredibly sharp. His fur was flame-like as it burned with a white color, showing that it was influenced by the Phoenix Bloodline.

His body not only still contained the image of the black Chinese Dragon floating in glee in the flame-like fur, but a black Phoenix also joined. The Dragon gave of an overbearing might and the Phoenix gave of a majestic and beautiful feeling as it flew around in the fur.

His eyes were now glowing a very calming light.

The new race he took the form of was called 'Empyrean Emperor'.

Sora turned into his Human Form and was shocked at the amazing feeling his Empyrean Emperor True Form gave him. It was very amazing, not only did it look very stunning and majestic, but it also made him feel reborn.

With his newfound stronger Bloodlines, Sora realized that he now needs to get more knowledge. He needs to wait for 666 to finally come out so that he can kill it and move on to the next world, however.

He already has as much as he could in the DxD Universe, but the fact he has to wait for 666 to come out disappointed him. Good thing he was a very patient person, waiting won't be a problem for him. He's already 3,300 years old, if he includes the time spent inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he's already 23,686 years old.

He has enough patience to last a couple more years. After all, now that he is very prepared for the fight against 666 with only magic, he can relax with his family.

He can take 666 down with just a sneeze, but he needs to use magic, so using the weakest spell he has should work on the beast. With a low level shock spell, he can fry the beast down to cinders, too bad he can't use his Dongxuan Sutra.

If he could, he would only need a light touch to get rid of Trihexa.