Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 161

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 161 10 Years Left

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There was only a couple of years before Trihexa breaks out of his seals and wreaks havoc upon Earth. Sora had been resting and enjoying his time with his family, and training his techniques in his free time.

After Sora returned to Gabriel for another round of snu snu time, he had purposefully left Nyx in the room to see all his actions against the charming angel. By the time he was done with Gabriel and leaving her out of breath Sora reached out to thin air and held a turned on Nyx.

Needless to say, we all know what transpired next between a turned on Primal Goddess and a horny dragon ape phoenix mix.

The days passed by very boringly, so he had decided to travel around the Earth for a couple of years for entertainment. During that time, he came across a beautiful woman. She has long, wavy blonde hair decorated with a head accessory, wearing a light purple dress.

Her name is Elsha and she was the wielder of a Sacred Gear name Twic Critical. A rather typical Sacred Gear, however, in the hands of Elsha, Twice Critical is strong enough to match the other 11 Longinus, top tiered Sacred Gears.

Sora always admired strong women, so facing one such as her, he got together with her and after serious love making sessions and loving each other, Sora gave her the Immortal Bloodline. Seeing as how it will be difficult for her to grow stronger with Twice Critical attached to her like a parasyte, Sora taught her how to refine Twice Critical and how to bind it to herself.

Her power exploded and she grew as strong as the average God. Only time will tell how much stronger she will grow.

About 100 years before Trihexa escaped, Sora witnessed the birth of many more of his children. He was having a huge headache over five of them, however. Thanks to the three clinging children, his two oldest children, Emily and Mirai, also began to cling to him.

Three of his children were very clingy and the other two kept pestering him to teach them martial arts.

Yasaka, Kuna, Yoruichi, and Launch had given birth to those five children, so he understands the clinginess of three of the children.

Like Kuna, she gave birth to a beautiful and silver haired daughter. After much debate from Kuna herself, she opted to name her Kano, a rather simple name filled with her love. The little fox girl was one of the ones that always clung to him, even as a baby.

Since Sora had given the Immortal bloodline to everyone in his family, whenever a baby is born, their body is more stronger and agile than the typical baby.

The other two clinging children were both born from Yasaka and Yoruichi.

Yana was a beautiful dark skinned little girl with purple hair. Her cat-like eyes looked at Sora all the time with playfulness. Sora thought she was a cute little thing until she stuck herself to him.

Yasaka had given birth to a rather calm and formal, even for a baby. Her fur was a golden color and was extremely soft. The little girl's name was decided on Kunou.

The last two were actually twins, both coming from Launch. Though what was rather weird was that they were both born with different colored hair.

Ichijo was a calm blue haired boy, much like Launch's blue haired personality. The only difference between the baby and the mother was that Ichijo was not naive like his mother. He was very eager to learn his father's axe skills.

His twin, Koji, was also like his mother. He was very violent but he always thought things through before acting. His hair was blonde and he came directly from Blonde Launch's side. Koji was into violent and strong actions, but what he chose to train in came to a surprise for Sora.

Instead of choosing a violent or upclose martial art, he chose to practice archery.

Sora took his time training all of his kids in a couple of martial arts, focusing mostly on his 5 daughters and the twin boys.

The Bulwark Umbrella, before being leveled up to Silver, was somehow strengthened with his spiritual energy inside his Sea of Consciousness. It was rather a weird and wonderful discovery. Now he realized that his Zanpakuto was slowly being strengthened with his spiritual energy.

Sora, whilst testing out his magic, was surprised that his Dongxuan Sutra reacted to his sealing and suppression magic. Whenever he would cast a suppressing spell, his Dongxuan Aura would feel suppressed, and while Sora tried practicing the Dongxuan Sutra, he felt it grow under the Suppression Magic.

When he found this out, he decided on adding a function like this to an artifact he can build in the future. One that scales to his power and energy. If he is powerful, he can strengthen the suppressing forces and that way he can practice better. Casting a spell and then practicing the Dongxuan Sutra proved to be a very slow process, so he stopped and just hoped he would find a way to develop an artifact soon.

After bringing up his Bulwark Umbrella to Silver, Sora focused on his other techniques.

His Might of the Battle God Physique had always been growing stronger, and now, it no longer grew stronger. After it reached the peak of the Profound Ascension Realm, Sora realized that no matter what he did, it would not improve.

So he stopped practicing it and focused on the others, such as his Dream Master. Finally, after many years, it brought him to the Prominent Divine Realm. Now, he can create life and form things out of nothing.

The sheer possibilities of something like this was very hard to imagine. He didn't start doing anything just yet with it, he first focused on getting used to the abilities before going ahead to creating anything, with or without life.

During the last couple of years, Sora brought his Heavenly World to it's Seventh Ancient Sun.

Sparky, the forgotten tiger, was struck by lightning twice during the growth of the Heavenly World. The first lightning struck him and he became much more intelligent than before, fixing his problem of having a low intelligence and slow mind growth.

The second lightning actually gave Sparky the ability to use wind. Which it used to dash forward and into a cave, hiding away from the lightning. Even when the lightning doesn't kill, and even give benefits to being struck, the pain is still there to be experienced.

With the growth of the Seventh Ancient Sun, Sora saw the World Tree grow even higher than before. It's height was staggering, reaching almost 5,000 miles into the air. His Heavenly World was now at the size of the Planet Neptune.

With the World Tree growing more, weird fruits in the form of cocoons were being formed. When Sora checked around a single cocoon, he noticed a small symbol on it in the form of a chicken. When he further checked it with his Dongxuan Aura, Sora noticed that it's life force was too weak to even be called a chicken's egg.

The fact that it has such a tiny life force was remarkable.

There were many animals being formed in cocoons. There were even Krakens, Dragons, Fire Birds, and many different mythological creatures. Some of the 'normal' animals even had different variations that were attuned to an element.

Sora looked around for a bit and found a Buddha-like monkey. It's cocoon looked like it was made out of stone and a weird white golden glow was coming out of it's life force as Sora looked at it with his Dongxuan Aura.

After checking it further, Sora got [Buddha Energy] from the weird Buddha Monkey. If Sora didn't know any better, he would have assumed that the monkey was Sun Wukong himself. Sora shook his head in denial, however.

Sora also ended up finding a Golden Bull, Lightning Sparrow, Lava Fish, and even an Earth Phoenix.

There were many different animals, and beasts, that Sora could hardly keep track of them all.

When he looked back at the leaves of the World Tree, Sora was astounded at finding that they could practically house a whole city on them. When he touched the leaves and the branches, he was surprised to feel that they were more stronger than when it was just a sapling.

After Sora gained his seventh Ancient Sun, the Bulwark Umbrella became Silver, Dream Master level up to Prominent Divine Realm, and the Might of the Battle God Physique reached Profound Ascension, Sora was now relaxing on Earth.

There is only 10 years until Trihexa breaks out of the seals the Biblical God had placed on him. So Sora was pretty eager to get rid of Trihexa before moving on to the next world.

Walking around for a while with his Dongxuan Aura activated, obscuring his presence from the world, Sora walked towards a shrine. This way, he won't attract as much attention as one might expect.

Today, he was walking to a shrine for only one reason.

A beautiful shine priestess.

Sora had spent a considerable amount of time on Earth, so he knew almost every rumor there was in the town.

Walking onto the shrine, Sora walked around a bit and remembered back to how he met Kuna and Yasaka. As he was lost in his memories, Sora didn't notice a little girl until she had crashed right into him.

"Ouch," groaned the little girl.

"I'm sorry little girl. Let me help you," Sora extended his hand to the little girl and helped her up.

The girl looked up at the man with her violet eyes and blushed a bit as she looked at the handsome man. Her long hair tied in a ponytail by an orange ribbon that made her look very innocent. Her hair reaches all the way down to her legs and two strands sticking out from the top of her head, sloping backward.

"Are you alright?" asked Sora seeing the girl look right at him.

The little girl eyed him for a while before smiling, "My name's Akeno and I'm 9. What's your name?"

"Sora," he chuckled.

"Will you marry me?" asked Akeno with wide eyes.

"How about you turn 18 first?" Sora patted her head and accompanied her for a while. After walking for a couple of minutes, Akeno's mother appeared before them.

"Akeno! I told you to come home to eat," the mother frowned as she looked at Akeno. She turned to look at Sora and gave him a smile, "I'm sorry about Akeno, did she bother you?"

"Not at all," waved off Sora whilst thinking, 'This must be that beautiful priestess. It would be a shame if Akeno's father is still with them.'

"That's wonderful to hear. I'm Shuri, Akeno's mother." Shuri smiled more brightly hearing that Akeno brought no trouble.

Sora smiled back and said, "I'm Sora. It's a pleasure meeting such a beautiful shrine priestess."

Shuri giggled at Sora's words before calling over Akeno and leaving. Before she left, she turned around to see Sora waving goodbye at them.

Seeing Akeno waving back to Sora with a wide smile, Shuri smiled faintly before asking Sora, "How about you join us for dinner? I made too much today and I'm pretty sure Akeno won't finish her food."

"Sounds wonderful," nodded Sora before following them.

When Sora first came over to the shrine, he wasn't really going to try to form a connection with the 'beautiful shrine priestess', but his interest was piqued when he saw her. His interest in Akeno was also piqued when he first saw, which was why he didn't deny marrying her in the future.

The only reason Sora had come over to the shrine to see the "beautiful shrine priestess" was to confirm whether the shrine priestess was beautiful. This was also how he met Elsha back a couple hundred years ago.

He had heard a rumor of how there was a beautiful blonde woman, with extraordinary strength, beating strong people left and right easily. When he saw her however, he was stunned at her natural beauty and her strength.

Now, he's here meeting another woman that has interested him. Interestingly enough, even her daughter poked right at his interesting button, more than her mother of course.

Although Sora himself still doesn't understand why he feels interested in only a couple of women when there are even more beautiful ones out in the world. It even surprises him how most of them have a connection with each other, one way or another.