Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 162

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 162 The Tour

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Sora entered Shuri's house and ate the food she prepared, even when he didn't really need food like before. After eating, Sora spent his time playing around with Akeno and washing the dishes with Shuri, hoping to get closer to her.

He even knew it was working since Shuri would look at him with a warm smile and a bit of blush on her cheeks. Though Sora felt a little resistance, which prompted him to realize that Akeno's father is still alive, either that or Shuri had fallen in love with another man.

After it got dark, Sora waved goodbye to the two of them.

Sora was shocked about one thing while playing around with Akeno. When he was playing around with her earlier, he felt a bit of fallen angel blood in her.

Akeno's father was the fallen angel since Sora had already done a check on Shuri and concluded that she was just human.

Traveling to the Underworld, Sora decided to meet up with Grayfia and Serafall, two of the most respected women of the Devil's Faction.

Over the 700 years that had elapsed, Sora had already tied the knot between all the women he knows, besides his daughters and Ophis.

During those 700 years, Sora had also left a Heavenly World Rune in the Devil Faction and Fallen Angel Faction, allowing them to create a Devil City and a Fallen Angel City in his Heavenly World. So far, there is only Soul City, Angel City, Fallen Angel City, and Demon City in his Heavenly World. He has yet to invite other mythologies and the humans of DxD.

Sora's real purpose in having the many mythologies and factions come into his Heavenly World, was to find who are the women that are interesting to him.

If the different factions and mythologies only stayed within their own cities, the divide between them would grow. So besides having them to cooperate and have a peace treaty, Sora recommended them to move half of their people into his Heavenly World.

This way, he can have Grayfia and Serafall closer if the plans for the cooperation and peace between the mythologies and factions work out. It's also a way so that Sora may keep tabs on his women and keep them out of danger.

Sora appeared before Serafall and she hugged him before he could say another word, "Sora-tan! I missed you!"

"I just saw you a day ago," smiled Sora. He hugged Serafall back and caressed the back of her head.

Over the years, Serafall hadn't grown much, besides her b.r.e.a.s.ts and her love for becoming a Magical Girl. Often, she would have Sora dress up as a magical boy, and she would pounce on him before he can even do anything. Not that he's complaining or anything.

"Why are you here? Is it about the peace treaty stuff?" Serafall tilted her head.

"Yeah, how's it coming along?" he asked.

"Slow," muttered a soothing voice from behind as two arms wrapped around him.

Sora nodded and said, "It's good that it's slow. If it went fast, you would know that they weren't taking it seriously."

The voice quietened down, but a whisper escaped from the lips of the woman hugging Sora, "I missed you."

"So did I Grayfia," chuckled Sora before pulling her to his front and kissing her.

After a couple more minutes of chatting with Serafall and Grayfia, Sora seemed overall satisfied with what's going on with the diplomacy. He asked a couple more questions and then asked a serious one, "When will the Devil Faction and Fallen Angel Faction send over more people to the Heavenly World?"

"In a couple of days," Serafall paused for a bit as she tried remembering more information before continuing. "We were told that some people from the Phenex, Agares, Gremory, Bael, Abbadon, and Andrealphus Clans will be coming over to the Heavenly World."

"That's nice to hear," Sora nodded happily.

"Although the heads of the clans won't be going since they will be taking care of their territories back in the Underworld," explained Serafall.

"Then who will be meeting me so that I may help them?" asked Sora. If he won't be dealing with the Lords themselves, who could they possibly send?

Serafall thought for a bit and said, "They only said that they will be sending people they trust. The Fallen Angels still haven't decided on who to send over, so we are waiting on them."

Nodding, Sora turned over to Grayfia and asked, "Any update on the Four Original Devil Clans?"

"Yes. The Leviathan Clan is the only one that wishes for cooperation among the Four Clans. The other three clans have tried attacking our messengers. Luckily, we sent high ranking devils to do the talking and they came back alive," Grayfia grit her teeth as she talked about the other three Devil Clans attacking the messengers before calming down and hugging Sora.

"It's good that the Leviathan Clan is joining us. It won't matter much if we destroy the other three clans as long as we just have one of the original devil clans," calmly spoke Sora. Sora's eyes squinted at the thought of destroying the Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Asmodeus Clans. They think they could still live after making his wife go through a grievance like that.

After a couple more questions, Sora got to making wonderful sounds that rang through the night sky. Making any person who listens to those sounds to be very excited with their partner.

A couple days passed and Sora had visited Shuri and Akeno many times.

Today is the day that he has to help the people moving into his Heavenly World. Although he doesn't expect much, he went with high spirits hoping to find a beautiful woman in the mix.

Today is also one of those days where Ophis treats him as a chair.

Dangling her legs on the side of his head, Ophis laid her head down on Sora's head. She always found peace when she sits upon Sora's shoulder, more than when she used to be in the Dimensional Gap. The noise still irritates her, unless it's Sora's calm and soothing voice she has come to have a great deal of interest in.

Something his voice is drowned in a sea of m.o.a.ns and she has a hard time keeping her mind focused on his voice alone. Those days irritate her that she is very close to entering the room when that happens once again.

She gave a happy smile as she kicked her feet up once more.

Sora smiled happily as well because he knew what Ophis was thinking. He had purposefully let the m.o.a.ns of his wives be heard by only Ophis so that she could one day enter the room. Letting her see how babies are made and having her natural instincts as a Dragon to copulate with another strong being.

It's the only way Sora can get Ophis to realize her feelings, he won't go about it as he did with Unohana, but it's also close enough. With Unohana, it was a different story as she only liked fighting at the time. Ophis however, doesn't have interest in anything but silence, sweets, and him.

He also can't go up to her and tell her, 'I have "something" that might interest you,' and then give her an evil smirk.

It's like he is trying to tempt a little kid with candy, which is kind of funny since he once tempted Ophis with candy. When he saw her eyeing a little boy eating chocolate and salivating, Sora found out that she had an eye for sweet things.

Arriving before the group of people he's supposed to guide to his Heavenly World, Sora was surprised to see that they were all mostly women. There're also four young girls there, one of them being younger than two of them, who appear the same age.

Sora grabbed their attention and had each of the women introduce themselves and name the clan they came from.

"I'm Venelana Gremory, and this is my daughter Rias, we're from the Gremory Clan." A beautiful brunette woman with short flaxen hair and violet eyes. She had a pair of big b.r.e.a.s.ts and a calm demeanor that drew Sora in. From what Sora can tell, the woman can be serious when needed.

Her daughter Rias looked similar to her, besides the hair color and b.r.e.a.s.t size. She was a rather calm and confident girl, which Sora likes to see in women, now all he can hope for is for Rias to grow up well.

"I'm Misla Bael from the Bael Clan," The woman calmly spoke with a rather sad tone that could barely be heard. She has beautiful blue eyes and brown hair that reaches her b.r.e.a.s.ts. She carried a rather sad aura that Sora could tell came from not being loved and instead scorned at. Which made him smile on the inside as he eyed the easy target he can love.

"I'm Raven Phenex, and this is my daughter Ravel Phenex. We come from the Phenex Clan," bowed elegantly Raven, followed by her 6 year old daughter. She has long blonde hair tied into twintails with large, drill-like curls and blue ribbons keeping them in place. The front of her hair has several bangs hanging over her forehead, with a V-shaped fringe hanging over the bridge of her nose. The back of her hair is done up very high with ornate hair decorations.

(A/N: Lady Phenex never had a first name, so I gave her one ;) .)

Her 6 year old daughter, Ravel, has a similar appearance to her but with not her hair done up with ornate hair decorations. She is the youngest out of the four little girls that came to the tour.

Sora turned to look at the next person to speak and felt his eye twitch as he looked at the only man who appeared between many of the women.

"I'm Sikvan Agares. To my left is my daughter Seekvaira and to my right is my niece who came to trouble me, Latia Astaroth. From the Agares Clan." The man nodded to Sora. He was a rather young man, besides having a beard that looked white.

His daughter, Seekvaira, has long green-tint blonde hair and pink eyes. She wears glasses, has speckles, and has a cold, sharp gaze. Beneath that gaze, Sora could see a very intelligent and excited look that just can't wait to explore the Heavenly World.

Latia, Sikvan's niece, She has almond eyes and long blonde hair tinged with blue at the tips. Her body figure was similar to Rias, in which she has the potential to become a buxom woman.

"Katerea Leviathan, from the Leviathan Clan." Katarea has a very sharp and arrogant gaze. Her voice however, was calm and had a rather seductive effect, to which Sora knew came from just her voice and no spell or potion.

Katerea was a tall bespectacled woman with a voluptuous figure. She had tan skin with long brown hair tied into a bun with a headset and she had purple eyes. She wore an extremely low-cut dress and it had a high slit which exposed a large portion of her b.r.e.a.s.t.

"Kuisha Abaddon, from the House of Abaddon." Kuisha is a beautiful girl with blonde hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes. She wears a costume that is open in the chest area revealing her large b.r.e.a.s.ts and cleavage and part of her stomach, the costume has a section cut off in her arms revealing her shoulders. She wears a belt and long trousers. (A/N: Made her older?)

"Coriana Andrealphus. From the Andrealphus House," spoke Coriana with a firm voice. She is a young attractive woman with long, wavy blonde hair; red eyes and wears a business suit.

'If I remember correctly, he House went extinct and that the new head was very shunned against by other devils due to her mixed heritage..' thought Sora as he looked at the beautiful blonde woman with high charm.

"Okay, that's everyone then. Make sure to have your cameras out and prepared so that you may know which place is where you would like to make you house. Keep in mind that you will be given enough space to hold every member of your family and, or, your other clansmen or hous.e.m.e.n" Sora smiled as he talked and spoke slow and calmly for everyone to hear him loud and clear.

Ophis, who is sitting on top of Sora, was feeling bored, so she began pulling on his cheeks and stretching them. The four young girls who were in the groups giggle at Sora's stretched face. Misla, Raven, Coriana, and Kuisha also giggled along with them. Venelana was having trouble trying not to giggle and tried to maintain her prim and proper smile.

Katerea's arrogant look waned a bit before she looked away with a rather shy gaze, occasionally looking back at Sora's stretched out face. Just before she could crack a little smile, a thunderous laugh broke through the air causing the women to grow quiet and disturbed at the loud laugh.

"AHAHAHA! Nice one little girl! HAHA!" Sikvan laughed so hard it almost seemed fake. He sent a thumbs up to Ophis who was sitting on top of Sora's shoulders, only to receive the cold shoulder.

His loud laugh disturbed Ophis more than the other women since she was listening to Sora's voice and was enjoying touching his soft cheeks.


Author's Note: I know that some of you may have a problem with me adding in Coriana and Kuisha due to their unknown age and many other things. But... yeah that's it.

Don't complain, i added two beautiful blonde woman with big b.r.e.a.s.ts. You telling me you don't want that???