Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 163

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 163 Warning

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Showing the group his Heavenly World, Sora took them to many areas that formed 'naturally' from each time the Heavenly World grew a new Ancient Sun. Water that falls from the sky, lands that act like water, trees that can speak, many weird yet wonderful things.

In fact, when Sora took the ground to the lands that act like water, he purposefully had Sikvan walk into it. He had him screaming for help for a bit before picking him up and apologizing.

Ophis seemed to enjoy that a lot as she giggled in a way only Sora could hear. The other women also giggle, and his daughter seemed to like the fact that he dragged by the 'water' stream. Since everyone in the group was brought down to above average human strength, Devil's who focused on their powers, like Sikvan, never learned how to swim because of their powers.

Which had him drowning.

When Sora walked the group to a family of talking trees, they were all surprised. Sora explained to them about how they were 'born' a hundred years ago when lightning charged with soul energy befell the group of trees.

Other trees exist like them, but the other tree didn't develop as fast as the family of trees before them.

There were only 4 trees, one's the father, another the mother, and the smaller trees are a brother and sister. The family of trees can move their branches like limbs and they can talk by vibration of their leaves to certain frequencies in different rhythms and wavelengths.

Sora had trouble teaching them this technique, he couldn't give them the technique directly in their mind since they didn't seem to have a 'mind'. So he had to resort to teaching the trees first hand.

The family of trees can naturally grow more family members with intelligence like theirs. If their family grows into a huge forest, Sora might have to bar people from visiting the forest.

After showing around the place to the group, Sora took them to the places where they will be setting up their territories. He didn't have anything more to do, other than helping them out with a couple of stuff.

As he helped them out, he kept close to them, bumping bodies when he could. The only ones with positive reactions to that were Raven Phenex, Venelana, Katerea, and Misla Bael. The rest of the women didn't show stronger positive reactions like Venelana and rest did, but it was still an improvement.

Just as he was about to reluctantly go help Sikvan, Sora felt his head buzzing. His eyebrows furrowed together and he said, "I'll be back. I have to take care of something real quick."

Sora disappeared from his Heavenly World and appeared back on Earth where he met with the 'tour' group. As soon as he appeared, he disappeared again.

"Kill anyone you see! If they have any connection to Baraqiel, we can't let them off."

"Get rid of them quickly, we can't waste time."

"Kill his family, maybe we can lure him out!"

Akeno and Shuri were surrounded right outside of their own house. Shuri and Akeno had both gone on their daily routine of helping out in the shrine until they felt something wrong. They returned back home, and that's when they got surrounded by many enemies of Baraqiel.

They huddled together and Shuri put Akeno behind her to protect, but when it got too difficult to do that, Shuri pushed her away. After pushing her away, Shuring told Akeno to run away as far as she can and to not look back.

"Run Akeno! Before they notice that you're not here anymore," Shuri spoke quickly with a a small and hurried smile.

"But I can't leave you behind mom!" Akeno cried and pleaded, but her mom didn't budge.

Shuri grit her teeth and hugged Akeno and said, "I love you Akeno, but I need you to run away. Survive. Live happily for me, okay?"

"No mom! You can't go like this!" Akeno clutched tightly to her mom.

"Akeno..." Shuri hugged Akeno tighter before letting her go.

"Don't go! I'm sure Sora will save us!" Akeno cried with tears streaming down her face as she looked at her mother walk away from her. When Shuri heard Sora's name, her body shook before letting out a sad smile.

"He can't survive against them, Akeno. He's a normal human..." Shuri lowered her head before continuing to walk further away from Akeno.

"Damn, who said I'm a normal Human?" an annoyed voice reached the ears of both Shuri and Akeno, jolting them out of their misery.

Akeno jumped up and looked at the direction with a huge smile on her tear stained face. She ran with more tears falling down her face to the man who can save both Shuri and Akeno, Sora.

"Sora!!" loudly yelled out Akeno as she cried even more.

Shuri on the other hand was looking at Sora from afar with shock. A single tear drop left her ear as she stared at the figure hugging her daughter. She brought up a hand over her mouth and thought, 'This man just who is he to make me feel like this when our lives are on the line?'

Sora walked over to Shuri with Akeno in his arms still letting out her tears. Cupping Shuri's delicate face, Sora smiled and said, "You're such a beautiful woman, Shuri. Stay here and hold Akeno, I'll be back."

Sora placed Akeno on Shuri's arms, and before he could leave, he was pulled back by Shuri. She planted her lips on his and kissed him for a solid second before letting him go and whispering, "Be careful..."

Only smiling at Shuri, Sora waved to her with his back turned to her. The broad and mighty back that has been engraved into her memory at such a critical moment. She held Akeno tighter as she looked at Sora, who was walking to the enemies.

With his back turned to Shuri, Sora had an eerily calm expression that evoked fear into many, like the calm before the storm. He couldn't believe that someone out there actually dared to harm an innocent and unarmed mother and daughter.

As soon as he walked out of Shuri's slightly destroyed house, Sora focused on every person standing outside. Some were humans with a high amount of magic energy, and others were stray devils and some youkai.

Rein, a human magician who works for a certain faction that hates Fallen Angels, followed his group to a location where they were tipped that an important person of the Fallen Angels is at the Himejima shrine grounds.

It was his second time going on a mission like this, two go and eliminate the Fallen Angel. When they got there, they were told that the Fallen Angel's lover is living in the area.

Rein wasn't sure why they were given that information, but the leaders of his group all smiled and thanked the men that told them. Knowing he couldn't do anything about adding casualties, Rein focused on the mission and the possibility of killing a Fallen Angel.

When they got to the part where the Fallen Angel was last seen, their group didn't see anyone besides the Fallen Angel's lover and a child.

"Mom!" yelled the small girl to the Fallen Angel's lover.

Rein froze in place, he didn't sign up for anything like this. He slowly moved his way to the back and just wished for everything to pass by quickly. His guilt was already rising before they could even get to doing anything.

He wasn't the toughest out in the group, he still had a rational mind.

Rein walked to the far end of the group and got a spot to where he can see everything that happens. He didn't want to see the girl or the mother die, but he has to look around for the possibility of the Fallen Angel returning to save his lover.

He clenched his robe with his hand and prayed this terrible mission would be over already.

Just when he was sure the leaders would strike the house, a young man with pitch black hair and eyes that seemed to carry the stars within them. He was calm and charming, but a very dreadful aura emanated out of the young man's body.

And when he smiled, he uttered, "It's nice of you all to gather here. I heard you've all been very annoying and won't leave the woman and child alone. That woman is mine, and so is the child, should any of them ever suffer under the hands of someone, that someone will be tortured in an inhumane way.

Starting from today, however, you are all dead."

Rein watched in horror as the young man's upper body transformed into a huge dragon that just ate up everyone in the surrounding in one fell swoop instantly. He returned to looking like a normal attractive young man in almost an instant before shooting a glance at Rein, he smiled and left back to where he came from.


Rein fell onto the ground out of fear. In front of him, there were no signs of life at all. A huge area in front of the house seemed to disappear along with the humans, stray devils, and the youkai that were in the group.

There was no blood spilled all over the place, or even a single amount of struggle. They were all just ants under the foot of a giant. Weak and only awaiting death.

'I have to warn everyone not to mess with that woman and daughter!'

Sora walked back into the house with a smile, he just got rid of the people that had caused Shuri and Akeno to cry. Leaving someone alive was something he did on purpose for the purpose of having someone spread a rumor about leaving Shuri and Akeno alone.

If it goes well, they will never be bothered from now on, but he will still take both of them back with him. When he ate the humans, devils, and youkai, Sora received their partial memories he needed in order to know who sent them.

With his Memory Copy skill, Sora copied the necessary memories. The memories that he took told him that they came from a 'tip' some people had told the faction about.

Sora used the souls of those he took from the group, effortlessly summoning them and getting them to kill the ones that tipped them off. This is one of the first times Sora used this skill from the Vampire bloodline, and he has finally realized that he has hundreds of thousands of souls inside him, all from his victims.

Shaking his head, Sora looked at the [Low Human] bloodline on his status screen. He got it when he ate the humans from earlier. He didn't get the bloodline because the system willed it, it was his Primeval Emperor that drawed in the human bloodline into his body.

Thinking it weird how his bloodline has a spirit, Sora didn't really think much of it. He had full control over it, he has full confidence that the Primeval Emperor is under his control, if it had absorbed the Human Bloodline, then it is more for his benefit or the bloodline's.

He didn't think much of it and instantly began refining the bloodline and checking the benefits it gives with each purification. As soon as he began purifying the bloodline, it reached Human right away.

No power or anything was granted, but he did feel different. Like his affinity towards everything was enhanced and his body and mind were too. It was too early to tell, but he felt like some sort of limiter was broken and allowed his body to become better.

Sora didn't dwell much in the new bloodline and grabbed both Shuri and Akeno before appearing back before his tour group.

"Don't worry, you will both be fine now," smiled Sora as he hugged them and let them join in the tour.

Ophis seeing that Sora was back, jumped on his shoulders. Akeno and Shuri were rather calm in front of the devils since they were with Sora. Akeno saw some girls that seemed the same age as her and joined them, introducing herself to Rias and the rest.

Almost instantly, Rias and Akeno seemed to form a connection.

Shuri was calm and managed to befriend Venelana, Lady Phenex, Coriana, and Misla Bael.

Sora smiled seeing the women and girls were getting along well, so he continued the tour without a care in the world.