Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 164

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 164 God Space

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After ending the tour, Sora guided Akeno and Shuri over to his wooden palace, where Emily was waiting outside for him. The cute little girl had grown up to be a very beautiful woman. With long hair and moderate sized b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Emily was a calm and very energetic girl. She was a very e.r.o.t.i.c girl, wearing skin tight clothes all the time and purposefully doing indecent poses in front of Sora.

"Emily," called out Sora as he walked over to his daughter with a smile. "Guide the two of our guests here to a room."

Emily nodded and guided the Mother and Daughter before appearing back with Sora. "Where will you be going now dad?"

"There isn't much to do, so I will walk and travel around Japan and China," said Sora after much thought.

Emily walked over to her dad and wrapped her arms around his neck before pleading, "Can I go? Pretty please~!"

"Let's go then," smiled Sora before taking Emily out of the Heavenly World and walking in a random direction with Emily happily walking behind him.

Walking close to the territories of many Japanese Gods, Emily asks Sora, "Dad, why have you decided to walk around?"

"Well besides the fact that I no longer have anything to do before the idea of peace is accepted, I am travelling to other mythologies to get them to join this fact in case of future problems when I no longer am here," explained Sora as he walked forwards with an arm holding his daughter's waist.

"I see, and this travel doesn't have anything to do with other 'agendas' of yours, right?" glared Emily.

"*Cough*, no?" Sora looked at his daughter with a wry smile.

"You..." Emily pinched Sora's waist before looking away with a 'hmph'.

Emily, even while knowing and approving of her dad's 'path', wasn't mad at him getting more women, but that he won't touch her intimately, or even Mirai. She doesn't know if her dad's doing it on purpose.

She fell in love with her dad when she was saved from a couple of kidnappers that were taking kids from her school. Ever since then, her dad's strong and valiant figure was etched deeply into her heart. Besides having the attraction to his figure when he trains his martial arts, Emily also feels attracted to his gentle and strong personality.

Sometimes also his lazy personality since he ends up spending time with her and her family. Giving her time to seduce her father with her clothes and moves.

Yet he remains unmoved, "What a p.u.s.s.y."

"Aye, that's rude," Sora said before slapping his daughter's plump butt.

Blushing, Emily stayed quiet with her head drooping low and a big smile.

They walked on for a couple of more feet before Emily yelled out, "Then f.u.c.k me already!"

"Later," answered Sora without wasting a single second. He looked at his daughter with a smirk and dragon like eyes. He eyed his daughter 'assets' before nodding slowly and whispering in her ear, "I'll make sure you regret that decision."

Sora walked away without Emily before he disappeared.

Blushing like mad, Emily snapped out of her daze and yelled, "Wait for me! I won't make you regret it-"

She paused as she walked past by the place her dad disappeared from and stumbled into another place entirely. Her eyes looked at everything surrounding her before turning to look back and noticing that behind her was not a street, but a mountain wall.

"What is this place?"

Emily looked around the place confused.

"It's the home of Japanese mythology. The gods and beasts all reside here, besides the four sacred beasts that reside with four clans residing in earth," spoke a voice next to Emily.

"Dad!" Emily jumped and hugged Sora before turning to look back at the place.

It was a world similar to Sora's Heavenly World, but many times smaller in comparison. It was the size of a whole state, housing many youkais, ogres, tengus, souls, kitsune, and the gods. Besides the north, south, east and west youkai factions, this Japanese God space contained many more youkai and other beings.

The Japanese Gods were the main rulers of this space, caring for the many beings in there.

"Come, let's walk around," Sora pulled Emily by the hand and walked around with her before arriving in front of a castle after walking around for an hour.

In front of the castle stood a tall pillar with a metal plate on it saying, [Amaterasu].

"Great!" Sora smiled happily as he looked at the name.

Travelling to this god space was not in vain. Sora had decided to come here for this purpose, of meeting the rumored charming Amaterasu who's as bright as the sun.

"Dad, what does it say?" Emily looked at Sora perplexed as she looked at the strokes on the metal plaque saying Amaterasu.

Sora didn't answer but made sure to teach her every language that's known to Earth.

Tugging Emily forward, Sora guided her forward and entered the castle with her close behind. As they walked farther in the castle, Sora felt the surroundings turn brighter as they got closer to the main room.

After a while, the brightness seemed to disappear as they made it to the front door.

Before Sora could knock to open the door, an eloquent voice sounded from the room, "What has Ancient come here for?"

Opening the door with a smile, Sora entered and looked at the beautiful goddess sitting on top of a throne. He smirked and said, "Well, why do you have to be so hot and shine your way into my heart."

Amaterasu looked at Sora for a minute before smiling and walking over to Sora with a sway to her h.i.p.s. She arrived before Sora and looked at him with hot eyes, "You're more handsome than the rumors say."

"What can I say, rumors are always distorted," Sora grinned back.

"Sora what brings over the elusive being, Ancient?' Amaterasu ran her hand up Sora's body as she looked into his eyes with curiosity and passion.

Amaterasu was as charming as the rumors painted her out to be. She was of rather short stature, sitting at around 165 cm (5'5"). She has full and well endowed b.r.e.a.s.ts that matched her thin and curvy body. Her black hair tied up into a knot on the back of her head with various ornaments on it, reminiscent of an image of the sun. Her body has an unnatural glow that just perfectly outlined her body and only added to her attractiveness and the light of her eyes.

She had heard many rumors about Sora's appearance and his confident and calm personality, interesting her in the man before her. Having been wanting to meet him, yet not being able to due to many rules placed on her, she had no choice but to stay in her castle. She was dying of boredom until one of her attendants informed her of Sora's arrival to their god space.

Amaterasu was very excited and tried to pretend not to be as interested in him, yet it failed when she smiled at Sora's words. She couldn't hold her excitement after seeing that Sora was more attractive and holding a very calm and powerful aura, along with the mark between his eyebrows which only enhances everything about him. His words calm, confident and yet prideful struck her, eliciting her to stand up and want to run to the man.

However, due to the huge robe she had on, she had no choice but to walk over to Sora with a sway of her h.i.p.s, trying still to maintain a certain amount of charm. After almost giggling, she thought that Sora had been weirded out by her smile, so she tried to fix that with her charming sway.

Licking his lips, Sora looked back at the sun goddess with a smile, "I came over in chances of being able to form a sort of peace treaty with the Japanese mythology. The Devil Faction, Angel Faction, and the Fallen Angel faction are in it."

Amaterasu smiled hearing that and tiptoed, whispering into his ear, "What about you, are you part of this treaty?"

"Yes. My Calamity Mythology is in it," smiled Sora.

"Great, I will have no problem joining the peace treaty. I will have to talk it out with the other gods," Amaterasu retracted her hand from Sora's chest with a look of ache as if she didn't want to stop.

Since her father, Izanagi, and her mother, Izanami, had been at each other's throats, she couldn't discuss the peace with them. So she went to Susanoo, her brother.

She hasn't gone with Tsukuyomi since the time she witnessed him kill a deity for something as trivial as pulling crops out of her rectum. After banishing him from his evil deeds, Amaterasu hasn't met with her brother.

She discussed the treaty with Susanoo, both agreeing to the idea of the peace treaty before discussing it with the Seven Lucky Gods and the Meditation Goddess.

After everyone agreed to the idea of the peace treaty, Amaterasu went back to see Sora with a wide smile and told him the news.

"When and where will the peace treaty be held?" asked Amaterasu.

"I'm not sure, the three factions have agreed on it, but they decided to stabilize their groups and move some of them to my Heavenly World before signing. They are also looking forward to bringing in the Norse Mythology and the Hindu Mythology," explained Sora as he shook his head in disappointment.

He didn't know why they can't just do that another time and just sign the papers already, but he doesn't really care, as long as they sign the paper before he leaves DxD. He just wants a place where his family won't have to worry much about their stay in this universe.

If the races and factions continue fighting, Sora believes that he will have no other choice than to control their minds and force them to coexist, with them never knowing they fought in the past.

Such was the thoughts of a man who can easily take control of the minds of anyone he comes across, but ultimately chooses not to.

"What is, [Heavenly World]?" asked Amaterasu coyly.

"It is a world that I have control over and let grow with me," explained Sora.

Amaterasu looked rather surprised at what Sora said and looked at him with curiosity, "There are worlds that can grow?"

"Indeed. They are rare to the universe, almost non-existent. Yet they are also powerful." Sora nodded and explained the uses of the Heavenly World and how it's grown. He didn't have anything to hide from explaining this to Amaterasu. He's sure that this universe doesn't hold something which can produce a Heavenly World, but even if they did, the information isn't of much value.

The more Sora spoke about the functions of a Heavenly World and their possibilities, the more Amaterasu grew surprised about it. A spark of curiosity was fired up in her heart, wishing to experience going into Sora's Heavenly World.

Having been 'locked' away in her castle, Amaterasu had been yearning to leave more and more by the year. It wasn't much different from her days in a cave, from which people had to draw her out from.

She looked up to Sora with yearning in her eyes, "Can you take me out of here and take me with you?"

Sora looked at her with a smile and responded, "You know, if I take you out, your mythology will believe that I kidnapped you. Even if you leave a letter, they will believe I had you write it."

"But..." Amaterasu was about to say something before having her lips sealed by Sora's finger.

"Let me finish." Sora paused with a smile before continuing, "I can take you out of here by doing something special. So you can easily come with me without having to worry about anything."

Amaterasu smiled widely, but at the corner of her eyes, she caught sight of two of her maids working together to clean her throne room. Her smile slowly faded before turning to look at Sora with a rather complicated and shy face, "Can I take my maids with me? They can work as your maids as well!"

Sora turned to look at the maids behind him and at the other ones in the surrounding before smiling and nodding. He wanted to see some new faces in his Wooden Palace. Seeing the same maids form Soul City, Sora wanted to see some diversity and more experienced maids.

Sora made wood clones out of all the maids and Amaterasu before throwing the maids into his Wooden Palace and wrapping Amaterasu in his shadow, with the use of his vampire bloodline. Sora was easily able to leave the Japanese Mythology with Amaterasu in his shadow, easily leaving the god space.