Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 165

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 165 Daddy Sect

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Sora spent the next couple of days walking around with his daughter Emily, Amaterasu, and Nyx, who appeared from his shadow as well before latching herself around his neck.

The trip from Japan to China was a fun, yet boring, adventure for Sora. He had nothing to do as he traveled on boat to the mainland. All he could do was train more in refining his Human bloodline and meditate on his free time, which gave him a lot of surprises.

During his meditation, he remembered back to the Refining Scripture unconsciously and began to copy one of the unnamed techniques mentioned in the scripture unaware. After he was done meditating, that's when he realized what he had been doing.

Sora checked his body with his Dongxuan Aura, making sure he didn't damage his body in any way, he noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Thinking for a while, Sora was shocked that his spiritual energy capacity had increased! Although not but much, it was still a very good increase.

But that wasn't what shocked him, it was the purity of his spiritual energy, it was improved one-fold. If he kept going at it like he did, he can have a very pure and large amount of spiritual energy at his disposal.

Along with the increase in capacity and purity of spiritual energy, Sora was already feeling its effects. He felt like things were more clear, he had stronger senses and his body felt better nourished.

When he went ahead to refine his Human bloodline like always, he made it go up two levels. Both thanks to his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, which helped make it last less. He also didn't have to worry about refining many other bloodlines as well.

In the first level he refined it to Alpha Human, which unlocked some more Genetic Limiters, and instead of increasing his strength like he thought they would do, they increased his affinity, potential, talent, mental capabilities, and the ability to adapt.

When he felt the effects of the bloodline, he felt like he could do everything well and with ease, but after unlocking the next part of his bloodline, High Human, he felt like he was wrong.

With more genetic limiters unlocked, he felt everything be enhanced once more. It was like he was an old dog that couldn't learn any new tricks anymore, but after getting the next level of the bloodline, he returned to being a puppy. He was able to learn more, have an open mind, understand better.

His affinity was only getting better. His potential was being enhanced. The limits of his mind, will, soul, spirit, energy, and body were increased.

He could adapt to situations, elements, pressure, environment, and many other things much more rapidly than before.

His talents were also increased to a very high degree!

If he tried learning every martial art once more, he would be able to master them within just 2 years. As long as he has all the necessary information, techniques, and teachers, he could learn it all. If he learned everything by himself, it would only take him half a year.

It would only take him that long since his mental capabilities were enhanced, his telekinesis and telepathy was enhanced. Now he can talk with anyone and control anything within his aura. That wasn't the only thing enhanced by his mental capabilities, it also enhanced his understanding, mind, perception, senses, his wit, brainpower, insight

He saw the world in a new light.

His body was also better nourished and functioned better than before. His stamina and vitality was more than before, his wives won't be able to handle him anymore as well. His body, since it got strengthened, is now able to use most of his muscle strands, allowing him to exert more strength than he is usually able to. As well as better use his energy, mind, will, soul, and spirit with better efficiency than before, like his body.

After having his talent, potential, and affinity raised, he was more adept at stuff like cultivation techniques, creating techniques like cultivation techniques and the like, practicing them, using them, and even understanding them. It all got easier, practicing martial arts also made him feel like he was on the verge of understanding something, but ultimately, he couldn't put his finger on it just yet.

His speed in refining his bloodline increased and he realized that he might be able to get to the last level of his Human bloodline in only a couple more years. By then, he will have the best body, soul, mind, will, spirit, energy, talent, potential, affinity, and mind abilities.

Everything will just come more naturally than before, allowing him to do way better than before.

After he got to understand everything he had on himself, understanding all his techniques came by easier. Besides his martial arts that were at a bottleneck, Sora gained rapid progression in using his Primal Flames and practicing the Magic of Yin and Yang.

Although the strength, or height, of his flames didn't increase, his ability to control and separate the flame into its Yin Flame and Yang Flame components increased.

With Sora's past experiences of trying to learn internal skills in the past, he made quick progress using both the Yin Force and Yang Force.

He was very interested in the Yin Force's ability to suck in the force of an enemy's attack and store it before either using it as energy and pushing it back to the enemy with the Yang Force, or strike like a viper, quick and silently. The Yang Force also either made the defense very hard and strong like a mountain, or it can make an attack very hard and overbearing.

As well as the spinning force components of the technique. He had roughly touched upon this idea a couple thousand years ago but never really understood the deep ideology behind it until he got the Magic of Yin and Yang, and had his comprehension improved.

Now he can bring out the strength and effects of the spinning forces related to the Yin and Yang.

"Dad! Why won't you touch me yet!" asked Emily coyly as she seductively rolls herself up her father's body, who was just sitting down in the lotus position.

She had grown more excited over the days since the time her dad had slapped her ass and even mentioned that he will do her. Her body grew excited at just the thought of it. Purposely avoiding talking about it was her idea, since she didn't want her first time to be taken on the side of a dirt road, even if it excited her.

She raised her head and brought it over to her dad's neck before lightly nibbling it. Her body, compared to Sora's, was small, so she fit herself completely well in between Sora's legs. Rubbing between her butt cheeks was the thing she had always thought about for two millenia.

She was finally going to get it to run into her and she couldn't help but lick Sora's neck up to his ear lobe.

Sora stayed still as he felt his daughter rub her body against his and her hands lay on his chest. Her little and seductive pink tongue of hers rolled up to the side of his earlobes and he felt his excitement rise as his daughter's body rubbed against his shaft.

"Dad..." Emily began rubbing herself longer on Sora's shaft as her body's heat began to rise up even higher. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach and couldn't calm themselves down, she felt very excited and nervous.

"Leave everything to your dad, like when you were younger," Sora calmly said with a warm smile as he laid his daughter over his bed.

Wearing a thin nightgown that was see-through, Sora can easily see his daughter's brown that gave him a certain feeling down below. The only thing she was wearing besides the nightgown was lace underwear. Sora had missed seeing these, it always brought out a certain beauty out of a woman.

He also likes the other types of underwear. However, after spending close to four thousand years in the past, Sora was used to women not wearing much down below. It especially made him happy seeing the hard of women in their clothes when they don't wear an extra layer of clothing or bandages.

"Yes dad" Emily bit her lip before laying down in a beautiful manner. Her arms were over her head and her legs were bent and opened, showing off her groin.

Sora placed his hands on his daughter's thighs before moving them forward and grabbing onto her lace underwear. He brought it down over her white legs that gave much to desire from.

He dove his face into the space between her legs, and Emily gasped. She writhed around as Sora kissed her there as passionately as if he had found treasure deep down inside her.

"Some... something... Dad... there's something!"

She started to buck and twitch and Sora kept going. It didn't take long before Emily's legs clamped down on his head and she screamed out in pleasure. She had experienced orgasms many times before with her own hands and any object she could find, but it wasn't as exciting and fulfilling as it is now.


Her m.o.a.ns continued to ring loudly in the room in a nice pitch that struck well in the nerves. Sora maintained his tongue moving inside his daughter's hole, licking every fold of her beautiful cave that had no grass outside it.

He gave her one last kiss down there, making her go tense one more time before her body went limp and let go of Sora's head.

Licking his lips as he raised his head over his daughter, Sora smirked and touched his daughter's sensitive hole with a finger.


"Is this how you want to lose your v.i.r.g.i.nity, oh dear daughter of mine?" Sora asked with a teasing voice. His hands slid themselves up from her groin, down the middle of her belly, and the middle of her chest before both of his hands pinched onto her

"Ah!" Emily buckled once more before looking at Sora with 'defiance', "I can do it Now shut up and F.U.C.K ME DADDY!"

Smiling widely, like a devil that just had a contract signed and knew that he just scammed another human, Sora removed his clothes in just a millisecond, revealing his glory to his daughter.

Emily stared at Soras proudly standing member with a shocked face and a mouth that can perfectly fit an egg. With her eyes stuck upon it, she muttered a single word before being sent to a place where only pleasure will be known to her.


Sora slid into her and felt warm liquid trickled down the sides of his legs. He looked at Emily in the eyes, her flushed face staring right back at him with hazy eyes.

"You came already my dear daughter," Sora whispered as he pushed in deeper and brought up one of his hands to pinch her left n.i.p.p.l.e, making her m.o.a.n. He slowly pulled out and pushed back in even deeper. His eyes looked at his daughter's woozy face, "I will have to train you to keep going. That way you can at least go until I let my juices out."

Sora's eyes seemed to glow in a blue light as he pulled out and then pushed back in even deeper, causing his daughter to jump in pleasure as she came once more. Tears streamed down her eyes as the pleasure made her cry in pure happiness.

Her toes curled up and her legs clamped around Sora. Reach over to Sora, Emily wrapped her arms around his neck before kissing him and driving her golden fish into Sora's mouth. Letting their tongues swim around together in harmony.


Sora kept going faster as his daughter's juices jumped out from both their movements. Her cute little snatch clamping down around Sora's steaming rod that worked like a piston.

A couple of seconds more and Sora's brought his daughter to orgasm 3 more times before he finally brought his juices into her.

"AHH!! Yess Daddy!!" Emily yelled out with enthusiasm before losing consciousness and falling limp. Their private parts still connected before Sora settled her on his bed.

"So daddy?" asked a seductive voice from the door.

"What? Do you want to call me that too..." Sora turned to look at the figure in the doorway with a wide smile and a feral look, "Amaterasu!"