Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 166

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 166 The Sun And The Night

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Amaterasu was just walking around the boat, admiring the innovative ideas of the modern humans. She had heard of many things, flying pieces of metal which can carry a lot of people. Metal boxes that have wheels on the bottom of them which carry people around. It was very strange to her, who has been locked away for a couple tens of hundreds of years.

Now that she can experience these things, she had no choice but to explore the boat!


Or that's what she wished to do, until she heard strange noises coming from Sora's cabin. Hearing those m.o.a.ning sounds that sounded like they were craving for more of something.

Amaterasu recognized the m.o.a.ns, it was the sound of a woman being satisfied fully well, something she knows well. She was the wife of Tsukuyomi, she had indulged in pleasures like these. Pleasures she missed for so long.

With curiosity blooming within her mind, she wondered who can possibly be making such ruckus and m.o.a.ns. When she started stepping closer, she felt something peer right at her from behind.

"Amaterasu, what are you doing? Approaching my dear's cabin." Nyx's voice was cold as it drifted over to Amaterasu's ears.

"What am I doing? Well I'm going to check who he's giving pleasure to right now," calmly responded Amaterasu with a smile.

With cold eyes, Nyx drifted down to her on her black mist and coldly spoke, "Once you look inside there will be no turning back."

"Is that a threat?" Amaterasu squinted her eyes as she looked back at Nyx.

Nyx stared at Amaterasu for almost a minute before scoffing and turning away. She flew away on her black mist that was covering her n.a.k.e.d body.

Amaterasu's eyes lingered in the direction Nyx had left with a pondering look before turning back to the that separates her from seeing who Sora is doing. She had many wet dreams the past couple of days ever since she met Sora. She already had some about him before she met him, but they only increased in prevalence as she focused more on the man.

Her feet inched closer to the door, her toes touching the floor first, trying to maintain silence and not alert Sora. As part of the mythologies that date back to far in the past, Amaterasu had long been used to not using shoes, so being able to sneak around was fairly easy for her and her little feet.

Pushing open the door slightly, Amaterasu's heart began to beat quickly as she looked at the figures on the bed. One on top and one on the bottom. Just seeing them made her feel that what she was watching was very entertaining.

Her fingers were rubbing on the wood as she imagined herself under Sora, letting him see everything of her indecent side.

Things got more heated as time went on, and then, she found an opportunity to say something and so she did.

After she asked him something, Sora didn't freeze or panic like she thought he would. He turned around calmly, and his eyes looked directly at her, yet they felt like they were piercing right into her soul.

"What? Do you want to call me that too, Amaterasu."

It caught her off guard, and yet although she was happy that the rumors were proving true now more than ever, she didn't know what to say. Yet before she could do anything, she felt like she was being held by an invisible force before being dragged over to Sora.

"Tsk. Tsk. Such a shame I can't get to know you more. Guess I will have to get to know your body more for now," Sora gave a 'kind' smile as he looked at the sitting duck, Amaterasu.

"Come on, let's get to know each other first ne?" Amaterasu, although feeling very turned on by the situation, was growing rather nervous in front of Sora's stare.

Sora's fingers touched Amaterasu's temple before sliding down to her chin before making their way over to her robe.

And with a smirk, Sora removed the robe and everything on her without wasting a single second. Before him lay a beautiful and n.a.k.e.d Amaterasu.

"Say, Nyx. You can't remain hidden forever with me here," spoked Sora with a sly grin.

The cabin remained quiet before the darkness of the room converged onto one point and revealed a n.a.k.e.d Nyx. She had no black mist to cover her body this time, revealing her body to Sora and Amaterasu.

"You're still very beautiful," Sora said as he looked at every curve her body had to offer.

Nyx blushed and remained silent before perching herself right in front of Sora. She kneeled as her eyes looked directly back at him, and before he knew it, Nyx had put Sora's tip all in her mouth.

"Wah!" Amaterasu looked surprised as she looked at Nyx try to take in the huge thing into her little mouth. Touching her lips with her finger, Amaterasu wondered what that would feel like before she found herself kneeling next to the sucking Nyx.

Sora's eyes remained on the two bodies of the goddesses. Their beady eyes looking right back at him, one with excitement and tears, and the other with a bit of nervousness and expectation.

Amaterasu looked up at Sora with a bit of expectation before darting her eyes to his thing, 'Amazing! I've never seen such a beautiful thing...'

Amaterasu inched closer and waited for Nyx to finish before placing her mouth over the tip and sucking on it hard.

"MH!" Amaterasu looked satisfied as she sucked on Sora's rod. Nyx looked at her with surprise before moving her mouth over to Sora's shaft and began licking it.

"Why don't you do me already?" m.o.a.ned Nyx as she looked up at Sora with persuading eyes.

"What happened to the bossy Nyx?" grinned Sora, he looked into Nyx's eyes. He picked her up with one hand before looking into her eyes.

Nyx bit her lip before turning away with a flush on her face before turning back to face him with a serious, but blushing, look. "Do me now!"

"Oh?" Sora looked at the serious Nyx with a smile. "Alrighty."

Sora, to not let Amaterasu's efforts go to waste, came inside her mouth and on her body before giving her a wink. When Nyx saw that wink, she felt that something was wrong.

"What are you doing?" Nyx asked with her serious look crumbling.

"What you wanted of course," Sora smiled before placing Nyx in front of him with her behind facing him. His slimy and wet rod placed over her gaping hole that twitched in excitement, Sora smirked and probed the hole with his thing.

"Wait!" Nyx turned to look at Sora with fear as she felt his thing touch her asshole.


Sora rubbed her behind before slapping it, earning a yelp from the night goddess.

"You won't be getting out of this that easily."

"It won't fit!" Nyx pleaded as she turned to look at Sora with worry, her asshole twitching more in expectation as her snatch only dripped more of its juices.

Sora only smiled in response before jamming it in, causing Nyx to freeze and look up to the roof of the cabin. She had her mouth wide open, possibly ready to scream any moment she could.

The only sound in the room was Nyx's juices spraying out of her cave, completely drenching the bed in her juices.

Amaterasu was off to the side looking at the spectacle with wide eyes. Her eyes couldn't believe what was going on, yet her body understood and it was throbbing in excitement. Fingering herself, Amaterasu looked at Sora's thing and wondered how that thing would satisfy her.

Will it be a correct fit, or will it be a complete disappointment? Not bringing any pleasure to her and only working for him as a toy to be used for pleasure, an idea she is entertaining quite a bit. Imagining herself being used for any of his s.e.x.u.a.l purposes.

Sora didn't let off Nyx before he plunged himself even deeper and slapped her behind once more, leaving a red mark on her butt.

"Ah! So good! Don't stop!" Nyx m.o.a.ned in pain and pleasure as she felt her insides welcome Sora's member.

"Haha, of course I won't stop!" Sora chuckled as he pushed even deeper before pulling out and began moving his h.i.p.s as he thrust with a hard force. Making her voice jump every time his h.i.p.s hit her ass and his rod plunged itself deep in her, shaping it so his liking.

Sora took his time playing around with Nyx before flipping her around and grabbing the side of her cheeks, "You're mine! Remember that!"

Without saying anything, Nyx nodded meekly and Sora kissed her, which she wholeheartedly accepted. His tongue slid into her mouth, but it didn't stop there, using his body of a dragon, his tongue slither around her tongue before throwing itself down her throat.

Instead of Nyx's face warping into one of pain or displeasure, her face only remained one of pure bliss as she felt Sora. She was rather enjoying the experience of being under Sora's grasp.

"Sora! I'm gonna... oh, F.U.C.K!" Nyx yelled and had an orgasm. She dug her fingernails into his back and he didn't feel it at all. He only concentrated on making her feel good, and his Improved Toughness wouldn't let her nails penetrate his skin. He kept having s.e.x with her, and she went two more times.

"P-p-please... Sora... give... give it to me!" Nyx said. "Oh, god... please..."

"You asked for this, YOU BITCH!" Sora yelled in her face, and she kissed him hard. He had been building it up for a while, and when he felt her insides tense up, he let himself go and finished. Nyx screamed into his mouth as he filled her up; then she went, and went, and went again. Her legs had clamped around him and wouldn't let him go as he poured himself into her.

He kept going as Nyx kept twitching under the strength of Sora's juice pumping itself right into her. Before she lost consciousness, she kissed Sora with love and a smile.

As he looked at Nyx fall onto the bed, Sora's eyes turned kind before settling her down with his daughter who was still unconscious. Turning to the last figure, Sora stood proudly with his member pointing to the heavens in defiance.

Pushing down Amaterasu, Sora looked into her eyes and said, "Seems like I will have to get to know your body first."

He slipped the tip of his member inside of her, and she gasped.

"Finally, after many years," whispered Amaterasu as if she found the video she spent hours looking for in many websites.

He shook his head at the words of the Sun Goddess, now that he has placed his member inside of her, he won't let her experience any other form of pleasure other than this.

Sora slid in further, and Amaterasu caught her breath. Her hands were on his back and they kept digging into his skin, but he didn't feel anything as he continued moving. He had a very strong body, so her nail couldn't pierce his skin, even if he wanted her to.

Sora pulled out nearly all the way, and Amaterasu panicked before wrapping her legs around him.

"HOLY SUNS, don't stop!" Amaterasu yelled out in excitement. "Now that you're finally inside me, I can't let you go! It's been years since I've had anything like this!"

Sora smiled at her actions before jamming himself inside of her, over halfway in, and her body clamped down on him.

"Aaahhhh... oh... OH!"

He worked himself slowly in and out, and her body made room for him. It took a while before he could get a rhythm going; but once he did, Amaterasu was overwhelmed with the sensations and floated away with all the feelings they were sharing. They stared at each other intensely for several minutes, and they could feel when the other was close.

"You... go when I... oh" Amaterasu tried to say, and ran her hands through his hair. Sora knew what she was trying to say, but he purposely kept cutting her off as he pumped his waist forward. He knew perfectly well that what she wanted was to finish together at the same time, so he decided to give her the pleasure of it.

"Ho-... Holy Suns!" She gripped Sora's hair tightly as he jammed himself inside of her one last time; and they went together. She bucked and twitched as Sora pumped his juice deep into her snatch, letting it drip in between their skin.

After a minute, Sora started to pull out, and Amaterasu held onto him tightly before collapsing. Before going limp. Sora rubbed her forehead and acknowledged the fact that she can't last one more round so he let her fall asleep and join the unconscious girls.

"It still comes off as a surprise that Nyx likes getting humiliated and abused. At least she's not into bondage..." Sora smiled, yet for some reason felt like he will regret what he said.