Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 167

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 167 Immortals' Space

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After spending the next few days with the two goddesses and his daughter with the purpose of 'training', they finally arrived in China.

"Ahh! Finally! We're here daddy!" cried in happiness Emily as she held onto her dad's arm. Amaterasu was also holding his other arm whilst Nyx floated behind him with her arms dr.a.p.ed over his shoulders.

Sora looked at the surroundings and nodded, "We can make it to the Immortal space of this mythology. I might even nab myself a fairy, a woman so beautiful that causes worldwide wars."

"Are you really thinking that while you have us wrapped around your arms," asked Amaterasu with a grin.

"Why not, I get to decide my path," smiled Sora.

The Amaterasu and the rest just sighed before hugging him even tighter than before.

"We're just walking in circles now," Nyx sighed as she looked at the same tea shop once again.

They had been walking around for a couple of hours and she had already grown tired of seeing the tea shop for the thousandth time.

"Nope, we aren't. This is how we enter the Immortal's space," smiled Sora.

Nyx sighed and conceded. She followed Sora and kept doing what he said. Even if it did seem like it accomplished nothing at all. Amaterasu and Emily both looked at the smiling Sora with curiosity. They both didn't know how he got all his information of how to find and enter the god/immortal/buddha space of the other mythologies. It's usually a very job to just find one of them, yet he found two of them.

If he took them to another one after the Immortal space, they would lose their marbles.

Emily was looking forward to entering the Immortal space, nonetheless. She, as a fan of Martial Arts, had read a small number of cultivation and martial arts novels. They made her glad she was reincarnated thanks to her daddy. Since she found out that the worlds of her other brothers and sisters favorite anime and manga was an actual world, who's to say hers isn't.

After a couple more circles, the group of four turned the corner once more, but what greeted them wasn't the street, it was an amazing space.

Unlike the God's space from where Amaterasu came from, the Immortal's space of China was different. Although still surrounded by an abundance of grass, Sora was able to notice a numerous amount of valuable herbs.

He didn't touch them yet however. First he needs to form the peace treaty, if he can do that, then he can take one stalk from each herb. With the help of his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Sora can quickly increase the amount of herbs and cultivate them.

Being patient was a virtue in times like these. Not that it mattered to someone as strong as Sora.

Walking around, Sora made it to a pond with numerous amounts of carps swimming around merrily. He got Emily, Nyx, and Amaterasu to sit around and just enjoy the tranquility that the pond brought to them.

He sat down in a lotus position and looked at the carps swimming around, bringing his mind peace. Just as he was about to stand up, he felt a finger press down on his shoulder. He knew who it was, and he was stronger than the person, but he remained seated before the figure finally spoke.

"You have an interesting body, young one. It saddens me that you cannot cultivate, however. I was almost willing to let you practice with my daughter," spoke a voice with a hint of amus.e.m.e.nt.

After the finger was lifted off his shoulder, Sora didn't turn around, but asked, "What do you mean by interesting body and practice?"

"Physique. You have a Yang Physique, although not as good as a 5,7, or 9 Yang Physique. Practice means participating in the act of Duo, or Dual, cultivation. Letting your essences flow into each other and promoting each other's spirituality and strength," spoke the voice.

'Physique. I'm sure I've heard of this before. I believe I heard about the Yin Physique before...'

Sora turned to look at the figure behind him and was slightly surprised to see who it was, "Jade Emperor..."

Jade Emperor nodded his head to Sora with a calm gaze. Nodding back at him, Sora was rather astonished of meeting him first when arriving in the Immortal space.

Emily was off in the corner excited seeing the Jade Emperor. As a fan of cultivation, she paid close attention to the mythologies related to Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Each strong and beautiful in their own way of practice.

As if he was reading his daughter's mind, Sora looked at Jade Emperor interestingly. "Do you know about meridians and the art of Qigong?"

"Of course, as a mortal man who became a powerful figure through practice of cultivation, how could I not know that. I know everything that has to do with cultivation. Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism is all known to me. Even the minor arts of Taoism. After all, I spent many centuries as an immortal." Jade Emperor squinted his eyes with glee as he boasted about what he had been able to accomplish in many years.

With a faked amazed face, Sora spoke to the Jade Emperor, "That's rather amazing Jade Emperor."

"Of course it is," chuckled Jade Emperor before stopping and looking at Sora with a serious face. "Now tell me who you are."

"Oh, right. Pardon my manners," Sora stood up with a smirk and playfulness in his eyes as he bowed and said, "I am Sora. Known as Ancient, the God, the king, and leader, of Mt. Calamity."

With his eyes squinting even further, Jade Emperor looked at Sora rather angrily, "Sora? The name that was made by the Japanese to match our 'Tian'?!"

"Oh? You know well enough the origins of names and their similarities." Sora smirked. He had long known that the name Sora was similar to the word Tian.

In the Modern Standard Chinese pronunciation of , "sky, heaven; heavenly deity, god" is Tin in level first tone. The character is read as ame or sora in Kun'yomi, a native Japanese reading.

So Sora's name had ties to being related to sky, heaven, heavenly deity and god. A rather impressive name, seeing as how he chose it randomly when he was reborn.

Jade Emperor stared at Sora for a while more before calming down and saying, "That doesn't matter anymore. Why are you here in this realm?"

"I'm here to form a peace treaty with the chinese mythology." Sora looked into the eyes of the Jade Emperor calmly, not revealing any other emotion.

"No," Jade Emperor shook his head as soon as he heard Sora.

He didn't want to have anything to do with the other mythologies. Nothing in particular had happened in the past between both the chinese mythology and the other mythologies. Just that as a mortal man who cultivated to reach the status of Immortal, he had very little compassion to those who were born as gods.

"Father?" a soft voice spoke from over both Sora and Jade Emperor, causing them to both look up.

A fairy-like woman descended from up above them. A long golden silk ribbon was dr.a.p.ed over her white and beautiful shoulders.Her face was untouched by makeup of any kind, and yet, that did nothing to mar her beauty. Endowed with a pair of phoenix eyes, as well as rounded b.r.e.a.s.ts, sharp shoulders and an elegant neck. All of which emitted a sense of nobility.

Her b.r.e.a.s.ts were full but not oversized, with her two mounds pushing up into her clothes it would give any man the urge to reach out and grab them. Her butt appeared even more plump compared to her thin waist, and her full yet slender legs also added to her feminine appeal.

Altogether, she was more alluring than beautiful.

Sora felt that if he did not have a strong will, he would have continued to stare at the woman until she left the room. She was dr.a.p.ed with a beautiful red robe that only seemed to bring out the alluring aura of the woman, not tarnishing the beauty of the fairy-like woman.

"Ling'er, what are you doing here? I told you to stay at home," Jade Emperor frowned at the appearance of his daughter as he talked with Sora.

"I'm bored, I don't want to stay in there," Yu Wenling's eyes jumped from Jade Emperor over to Sora with curiosity in her eyes.

"I need you to return home," spoke softly Jade Emperor.

"Nope." Yu Wenling shook her head before landing on the ground right in front of Sora. She curiously looked at every inch of his body before sending him a weird gaze. "You're filled with the scent of life."

Sora only smiled in response and with a tilt of his head. He already knew that his scent of life came from his Dongxuan Sutra. Before he had to run his Dongxuan Sutra to activate the scent, but he somehow managed to make it a passive scent ever since he found out the calming effects on his mind.

Yu Wenling frowned at Sora's lack of response, but she ignored it and turned to the Jade Emperor, "What were you both talking about father?"

Glancing at Sora who was in the back smiling, Jade Emperor said, "We were talking about a peace treaty, but we won't be joining the peace treaty."

"Why not? I want to see some new face around here," Yu Wenling frowned at her father's words before turning to Sora. "Try to convince him."

Sora nodded before turning to the Jade Emperor, "Well, you heard her Jade Emperor. I have to convince you."

Jade Emperor's face turned cold before speaking out loud, "No. I will not accept the peace treaty. I won't accept, or join it."

"Welp, nothing worked kid," Sora shook his head as he looked at Yu Wenling with a calm smile.

Yu Wenling looked at Sora and then back at her father with a scornful face, "I won't listen to you anymore! First you find out I have a Yin Physique. Then you try to find some random man on the street to take my first so that I may become an Immortal, and now you don't want to join the peace treaty! Do you only pursue your own objectives, why can't you let me do what I want!"

Ten years ago when Yu Wenling turned 16, she unlocked her Yin Physique, which had surprised her father and made him very excited. However, the next couple of years had been hell for her, she was forced to consume many herbs and materials that advanced her level.

It was a very excruciating pain she wished to never experience ever again. Soon however, when she was close to becoming an Immortal, her dad suggested that she did duo cultivation with a man with Yang Physique. He didn't care how the man looked or what his personality was, as long as he had a Yang Physique, he was perfect for her father.

She was very disheartened by his actions and only wished to go down to Earth and have fun like any other normal girl. Not the girl that was force fed many herbs and medicine to climb through the ranks at a rapid pace.

"Because you're my only daughter, now go back to the palace!" Jade Emperor glared at his own daughter and raised his hand, bringing it down upon her.

Yu Wenling looked on with fear as her father's hand fell towards her. The same hand that always force fed her many medicine and herbs, and the same hand that would always hit her when she never practiced correctly. Out of fear, Yu Wenling closed tight her eyes and wished for the hit to be over with. Yet, no matter how long she waited, it never landed.

Opening her eyes slowly, what Yu Wenling saw shocked her. The most powerful hit that she knew, was stopped completely.

A jade white hand stopped it's descent right in front of her face. No sound was produced between both forces when they touched, as if the amount of strength the Jade Emperor had put in his hand was nill. Her eyes traced to who the arm belonged to her, and she saw a calm smile and smelled in the life scent, calming her.

"Let go of my hand Ancient," Jade Emperor roared at Sora as he tried to remove his hand from Sora's grasp. Seeing as how his arm wouldn't budge from Sora's grasp, he roared at Sora once again.

"You know, I never like father's that beat their children. It's understandable if they had done something completely wrong, but in this occasion, nothing had happened." Sora's eyes flashed with a red light as he stared at the Jade Emperor with his ever so calm smile.