Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 168

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 168 Xi Wangmu

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Sora looked down on Jade Emperor, his red eyes looked at Yu Wenling in anger. Thrashing around, Jade Emperor yelled out in anger, "Let go! You wouldn't understand anything. This is between me and my daughter!"

"Father! Stop it now!" Yu Wenling looked at her father with wet eyes. She would have never known her father would try to beat her in front of guests. He had completely discarded his own dignity and pride as the Jade Emperor only to 'discipline' his own daughter.

The Jade Emperor kept struggling in Sora's grasp, eventually breaking his own arm in the process. Sora's eyes looked strange, he couldn't understand what could possibly lead the man to act like how he currently is. He sent a wisp of his spiritual energy into the Jade Emperor's body and frowned.

"Is this why mother left you?" Yu Wenling sat down on the grown in defeat as she looked at her dad keep moving around.

Sora looked at the Jade Emperor with the same smile from earlier and shook his head. He sent more energy into the Jade Emperor's body, targeting the mind. Once his energy entered the mind of the enraged Jade Emperor, Sora was astonished by what he saw.

His own mind was strong enough to formulate the target's knowledge, techniques, skills, and memories into books. So as soon as Sora entered Jade Emperor's mind, he was shocked by the huge amount of books inside the mind of Jade Emperor.

Although most of the books were knowledge, that knowledge was more valuable than any of the other stuff. Sora withdrew his consciousness from Jade Emperor's mind and looked at the raging man.

"You have an interesting amount of knowledge Jade Emperor." Sora grinned and his right glowed in a black color. His Soul King spiritual power condensed on his hand as he brought it closer to Jade Emperor's head.

With a worried look, Jade Emperor's face full of fury disappeared. Under the presence of that black glowing hand, Jade Emperor felt fear emerge from his soul as he looked at that hand approach him.

As soon as the hand latched onto Jade Emperor's head, the large amount of knowledge, skills, and techniques were drawn into his head. After mere seconds, Sora had taken everything besides memories.

After taking in everything, Sora tossed the Jade Emperor aside once his Healing Energy ran through his body, healing him from the ailment that caused him to go 'crazy' and his broken arm.

"Is is he alright?" Yu Wenling asked as she approached her father who was tossed away.

"Yes don't worry. He turned out like this because he consumed mercury. He'll be better in a couple of years," Sora said before grabbing the three girls that were off to the side.

They were shocked by what had just transpired. Who would've thought that the Jade Emperor had actually poisoned himself from consuming mercury, almost resulting in him turning crazy. Since he had an immortal body, the mercury didn't poison his body, but his mind instead.

Using this as a chance, Sora took every knowledge of the man. However, Sora made sure not to trust much of the knowledge until he researches it with the knowledge he already has.

Like meridians, he can extensively research that thanks to his Acupuncture knowledge. Some of the alchemy can be examined with his medicine knowledge, but the rest was all to be researched.

The Qi Gongs, or cultivation techniques, that the Jade Emperor had knowledge of, created, or practiced, was going to be studied along with his Yang Dongxuan Sutra, and his other cultivation techniques.

The Immortal Arts and Martial Techniques were going to be studied as well, but not to the extent that the cultivation techniques will be.

And if everything goes the way he wants it to go, he can find a way to create himself some meridians and a dantian. Allowing him to cultivate and grow more powerful at a faster speed than before. He also has the chance to use this to his advantage and create the best and the most powerful meridians and dantian Heaven and Earth have ever known.

"Wait!" Yu Wenling held Sora's wrist and stopped him from leaving. Her eyes looked at Sora with nervousness. "Take me with you! If what you said is true about my dad waking up in a couple of years, then I wish to travel with you."

"Just travel by yourself," Sora looked at her with a warm smile. He didn't mind bringing along Yu Wenling, but it just seemed weird that she would like to travel with him after he did what he did to her father. Even if she saw him as a savior, it was rather difficult to believe that she was that gullible.

"Please!" Holding on tighter to Sora's wrist, Yu Wenling pleaded louder.

Seeing the girl's actions to follow him, Sora went into deep thought before saying, If you can answer one question I'll let you follow me."

"Great! I'll answer anything!" Yu Wenling nodded happily. She briefly let go of Sora's wrist before looking up at him with a smile.

"Why is it that you want to follow me?" Sora looked at Yu Wenling.

"I..." Yu Wenling paused. She didn't think Sora would ask her this, but she grit her teeth and a blush formed across her cheeks as she answered truthfully, nonetheless. "I practice a cultivation technique that allows me to sense the destiny between two people. This technique can only be practiced by women that have a strong affinity to the Destiny Element."

"What does this have to do with me?" Sora asked, rather intrigued by her answer.

"There's a strong sense of destiny between you and me. This feeling grows stronger the closer I am to you," Yu Wenling blushed as she answered Sora's question.

"What about your dad, are you just going to leave him there?" Sora asked as he pointed right at her unconscious father.

"He I trust your judgement. If you said that he will wake up in a couple of years, I trust what you say," Yu Wenling nodded as she looked at her dad with a bit of pity. She never would have thought of seeing the Jade Emperor in this state. It saddened her that the same man who treated her like an egg when she was 9, to end up poisoned.

Poisoned to the point where he would mistreat his own daughter for 10 years and ignore her feelings.

Though Yu Wenling still held a grudge for what happened over the 10 years, she couldn't let it go that easily. So she thought of traveling away and forgetting what happened over the years. In hopes of being able to forgive her father the next time she sees him well.

"Good," Sora nodded and continued. "Take your father to his bed and have some attendants take care of him. While you do that, I will go to the other Immortals in hopes of establishing the treaty."

"Visit my mother. She should be the ruler now since my father has fallen. She should be able to listen to your request for the peace treaty. You can find her near her Peach Orchard, and be quick about it. She's meeting the Moon Goddess, Chang'e, and usually they both end up drunk together." Yu Wenling said before taking away her father and flying away.

"Great, now I have to deal with two drunk women." Sora sighed tiredly. He left his daughters at the pond so that they could wait for the Jade Emperor's daughter, Yu Wenling.

As Sora walked over to the Peach Orchard, he remembered that the Peach Orchard is owned by the Queen Mother of the West. Also known as the Jade Emperor's wife.

'Who would've thought their relationship was bad' Sora shook his head and arrived before the Peach Orchard.

He didn't see any guards at all, so he walked on in and saw a woman, her beauty was hard to describe and Sora found himself losing his self-control. He wanted to let himself go and jump right at the woman, completely ravaging her.

Her robe was put on loosely and she had a small blush on her face. Her robe was off of her shoulders, but it was on enough to keep her b.r.e.a.s.ts from being exposed. Red natural lips and a single beautiful flower in her hair, making her breathtaking.

"Xi Wangmu?" Sora walked over to the woman after regaining composure. Thankfully his soul is strong enough to withstand the natural beauty of the woman right in front of him. His soul was also tempered by each and every beauty of his wives. They are all beautiful after all, each in their respective ways, but the woman in front of him had the highest beauty he had seen so far in body, face, and aura.

'So this is how the mother of the Seven Fairies looks like.'

"Huh?" Xi Wangmu raised her head in confusion and looked over at Sora with a half drunk smile. After looking at Sora for a hot minute, she stood up and walked over to Sora with a laughing face, "Little Chang'e, why didn't you bring the drinks?"

'Is she mistaking me for the moon goddess?' Sora looked at the approaching Xi Wangmu with cold sweat. He should've known that she was already drunk before he got here.

"Chang'e, why so stiff?" asked Xi Wangmu.

She approached Sora with her flushed face and her sweet smell of booze. Placing her hands on Sora's chest, Xi Wangmu groped Sora's chest muscles before frowning, "Chang'e, when did you lose your b.r.e.a.s.ts? And why are they rock hard now?"

She felt around Sora's body some more and only more questions arose.

"Why is your hair so short?"

"Did you change your style of clothing?"

"Why are your arms so strong?"

"Why is your skin softer than before?"

"Have you always been a handsome man??"

Xi Wangmu gazed at Sora's face with squinted eyes before shifting her gaze lower before letting it rest between his legs. She bent down and was about to pull down Sora's pants before he stopped her.

"Why are you doing this? You're obviously not drunk," said Sora as he stopped her from trying to touch his pants.

"When did you find out?" Xi Wangmu stopped playing drunk and looked at Sora with curiosity before moving over back to where she was. Her eyes lingered on Sora's body for a while before she bit her lips and looked away.

"As soon as you moved," Sora smiled. He was a saint in martial arts, so he had very profound knowledge on martial arts pertaining to a drunken style. So he knew when someone was drunk by just taking one look at them.

Xi Wangmu looked at Sora with a look laced with confusion before chuckling a bit. She looked back at Sora and blushed as she asked, "Why did you let me grope you then?"

"Who wouldn't let such a breathtaking woman do it?" Sora asked with a smile.

With a blank look, Xi Wangmu kept the blush on her face before giggling like a little girl, "You're very interesting. More so than my boorish ex-husband. I presume you have already met him."

"Yeah, turns out that he poisoned himself unknowingly when he tried taking a medicine. He's unconscious and well, he will wake up in a couple of years," Sora explained to her what the Jade Emperor suffered and when he would recuperate.

"I'm glad he's doing better," Xi Wangmu smiled and let out a sigh of relief. "So what did you come here for?"

"I came here to ask about a possible peace treaty." Sora told Xi Wangmu about the peace treaty and the Heavenly World Rune he can place in their Immortals' space. Allowing them to enter and exit his Heavenly World freely.

"Sounds like a very amazing peace treaty, but this sounds more like a 'give' scenario," softly spoke Xi Wangmu.

"Well there isn't much that interests me in this world. So I don't have much of an ambition to take stuff from here," spoke Sora calmly as he looked into the eyes of Xi Wangmu.

Remaining still for a moment, Xi Wangmu looked at Sora with a smile before proclaiming, "I like your attitude and your handsome face. How about I give you myself for the sake of a give and take?"

"I'd rather not treat you like an object." Sora shook his head with an indescribable feeling. His eyes moved over to the tree and his eyes twinkled in delight, "How about you give me a branch of the highest quality Peach of Immortality tree?"


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