Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 169

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 169 Greedy

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"I'd rather not treat you like an object." Sora shook his head with an indescribable feeling. His eyes moved over to the tree and his eyes twinkled in delight, "How about you give me a branch of the highest quality Peach of Immortality tree?"

"A branch from the Peach of Immortality?" Xi Wangmu turned her head to the tree and smiled.

"Is it too much for you Miss Xi?" Sora asked with a smile.

When he looked at the highest quality of the Peach of Immortality tree, he found that the tree has very wonderful effects. One drop of sap from the Peach of Immortality tree can let a being live for an extra 100 years. The most they can take, is ten drops, a total of 1,000 years increase of lifespan.

It is such a shame that only one drop is produced per year, but with his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he can abuse this once a year drop of sap.

The peaches themselves grant over 1,000 years of lifespan, the only downside is being able to only consume five and they take over 9,000 years to be produced. Luckily, they produce over 10 peaches for every branch.

They can even be used as ingredients in alchemy. They're very high grade material.

"How about this..." Xi Wangmu smiled and crawled over to Sora on all fours, with her behind swaying seductively behind her. "I give you the branch and myself? You can have me do anything you want, think about it."

Sora looked at the Xi Wangmu and then at the tree, "All right. I accept. I will take a branch and you as my 'take' for the peace treaty. What will you tell everyone in this Immortals' space?"

"Well, I will see what I can do about that," seductively smiled Xi Wangmu before standing up and returning to a prim and proper woman. "Chang'e, please escort this lovely guest of mine back to his family after he gets a branch from the Peach of Immortality tree, while I inform everyone about my leave."

A woman stepped into the Peach Orchard with a simple white robe and a crescent moon ornament on her head. She has rather modest b.r.e.a.s.ts and a plump butt, looking at her. Sora thought to himself that she was rather lackl.u.s.ter compared to Xi Wangmu even while being a very beautiful woman herself.. She has an aura full of elegance and eyes that revealed a bit of playfulness, just like Xi Wangmu.

"Yeah, I will take him there," Chang'e looked at Sora with a smile before nodding to Xi Wangmu.

Xi Wangmu left the Orchard while throwing shy glances at Sora with every step she took. She waved goodbye to them before flying off elegantly to the other Immortals.

"You can take the branch now," Chang'e kept her cool look even when Xi Wangmu left.

Soras only smiled and walked up to the tree before cutting off one of the best branches on the Peach of Immortality. To not let it lose it's life force too quickly, he nourished it with his spiritual energy, Healing energy, and Nature energy to keep it from dying.

Quickly tossing it into his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Sora used his spiritual energy and Ki to make a little hole and plant it. With a bit of water and more Nature energy nourishing it, Sora left it to grow and focused on Chang'e.

"Where'd the branch go?" Chang'e asked with wide eyes. "If you destroyed the branch, you won't be getting another one."

"It's alright, I just put it away in a different space." Sora chuckled and waved his hand before walking ahead of Chang'e.

Following Sora, Chang'e, the moon goddess, scrunched her eyebrows as she followed behind him.

'A different space?' Chang'e looked at Sora with suspicion before letting it be replaced by an intrigued look.

"Wait up! What did you and Xi Wangmu discuss!"

Chang'e made it right next to Sora before latching herself to his arm and asked.

"Nothing much. Just a peace treaty to which she accepted," shrugged Sora.

"A peace treaty? What did she ask you to give you in return for accepting?" Chang'e knew the type of person Xi Wangmu is, so she knew that Chang'e must have offered something, and that intrigued her.

"She offered.." Sora turned to look at Chang'e weirdly and said.

There was a time when another mythology group had come over to have Xi Wangmu marry off her daughter Red Fairy. Instead of flat out refusing or asking her daughter for her input in it, she asked about a benefit or what she may receive from marrying off her daughter.

Every person that laid eyes on her daughters, the fairies, would want them to be their lovers. No matter the gender, they would want to be married to at least one of the seven fairies.

Chang'e wasn't sure what had exactly happened since she was on the moon with the other moon gods. She heard that the mythology returned with a lot of their items gone, yet they still didn't get Red Fairy. Xi Wangmu was like a greedy beast, taking in everything that the mythology offered up, but didn't return anything in return.

In the end, because they had given away all of their items, they had become forgotten by the humans and their mythology was abolished. Eventually, they all lost space too to many different mythological beasts.

It was a very scary thing to find out when you just return from a tea party with the other moon gods.

Many things like that had happened with kingdoms of the humans. They fell because of their wealth, their prestige, their people, or even because of land.

So when she heard that Xi Wangmu didn't ask for anything, but instead OFFERED, Chang'e was shocked.

"What did she offer you?!" Chang'e yelled out as she looked at Sora with wide eyes.

"Why would I tell you that?" Sora grinned and looked at Chang'e with a teasing look.

"Because..." Chang'e grit her teeth and looked away as she dove deep into her mind.

'Why would she offer something! And WHAT would she offer??' Chang'e glared at Sora since he was the one who wouldn't tell her a thing. Then her eyes widened as she recalled something Xi Wangmu had said before she left.

"Daddy!" Emily saw her dad walking over to them and stopped when she saw the person right behind her.

Nyx and Amaterasu both also stood up and looked over at Sora with a smile before they froze in place at sight of Chang'e. They wouldn't have expected to see another goddess following behind Sora, especially the goddess of the moon, Chang'e.

They both knew how stubborn she was and that she only listened to the orders of Xi Wangmu, so seeing her behind Sora, they knew for sure that either Sora got kicked out, or the peace treaty was accepted.

"Emily," softly said Sora when he got hugged by Emily. She stuck on to him and she threw a menacing glare at Chang'e who was right behind him.

'Oi oi, what's the point of getting mad at another woman if I have over 60+ women waiting at home.' Sora facepalmed after seeing his daughter's actions. How could such a girl be so jealous at a time and point like this.

"Is she your daughter?" Chang'e asked as she looked at Emily with a curious gaze.

"Yeah, ain't she-" Sora was about to compliment Emily before being cut off by her.

"Yeah! And his lover!" Emily pushed out her chest and stared right at Chang'e with a grin.

Chang'e's expression didn't change at all as she listened to Emily proclaim that she was Sora's lover. She did however, send a grin over to Sora who just gave her a wink. Seeing that expression of his, Chang'e stopped grinning and looked away for a second, "What's your name? I'm Chang'e."

Keeping a defensive look on her face, Emily approached Chang'e and stretched out her hand, "Emily. Nice to meet you."

"Isn't that just sweet," a voice came from beside Sora and it was Xi Wangmu who appeared with her clothes tidied up and her aloof aura gone. She grabbed onto Sora's arm and laid her head on his shoulder, which Sora didn't mind.

After shaking hands with Emily, Chang'e looked over to Sora and found Xi Wangmu holding his arm. With a shocked face, Chang'e pointed over at both of them and stammered, to which everyone else ignored.

"Is everything done on your end?" Sora looked at Xi Wangmu and asked.

He couldn't quite leave yet if she hadn't finished her stuff. He had to take her back since she offered herself to him and he wasn't willing to let her go just yet.

"Yeah. The immortals just want you to let them explore Heavenly World already. They haven't received anything new in years, so they are pretty excited at the prospect of a new world. I told them that they need to choose an area where they will be living for eternity and they readily agreed to it," Xi Wangmu explained what happened at the meeting and told Sora that they can accept her leaving and allowing Sora to leave a passageway to his Heavenly World.

"Sounds good," Sora nodded and patted her hand, which was trying to slide down to his crotch.

"Hmph. Buzzkill," Xi Wangmu pouted and looked away with a cute pout followed by a charming smile.

"We will be staying here one night girls," Sora said whilst looking over at Emily, Nyx and Amaterasu.

Chang'e was going to follow as well, but under the command of Xi Wangmu. Though they were both best friends, Xi Wangmu was still stronger than Chang'e. It showed Xi Wangmu as the leader, or the superior one in their group.

Sora and the three women stayed over for a night in the Immortals' space. Sora spent his time 'training' Emily, Nyx, and Amaterasu whilst the room next to theirs was drowned in their noises.

"Elder sister Wangmu, are you really willing to follow this man. Even after knowing what he is doing now?" Chang'e asked with baggy eyes as she covered her ears.

Xi Wangmu on the other hand was calm, she listened to the sounds of the other room like they were parts of a musical note. She was completely relaxed under the noises emerging from Sora's room.

"Yes," answered Xi Wangmu with a smile.

"Why?" Chang'e looked at Xi Wangmu with a look of confusion. "You will only end up being one of many. You will be treated like an object! For the sake of the Dao, his daughter is also in his circle!"

Xi Wangmu coughed a little as she tried to hold in a giggle. She turned to look over to Chang'e before shaking her head disappointedly, "I thought you knew me well Chang'e."

"What do you mean? This is completely unlike you!" Chang'e gripped onto Xi Wangmu's clothes and held on tight as tears formed.

"But this is completely like me," Xi Wangmu smiled and continued. "You know that I am a greedy woman. Whatever catches my attention, or my interest, is to be mine. However..."

Seeing Xi Wangmu pause and close her eyes, Chang'e asked, "What is it! However what?!?"

"He when I first saw him, I realized that I can't completely grab a hold of him. Even if I were to keep him close and to myself, sooner or later, I will become ruined under him from receiving so much love.

But yet, he is such a person I want to keep, so I will become another one of his lovers. And because I am greedy, I will take everything he gives me," Xi Wangmu smiled happily and hugged Chang'e.

"This..." Chang'e listened to what Xi Wangmu had to say and could only droop her head and sigh. She hugged her back with a smile and thought, 'This is definitely her being greedy. Would it be fine if I join her?

Haha No, how could I think of such a thing.