Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 170

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 170 Intent

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After Sora made the area of transportation, and placed the rune, he left the Immortal space with three fairies.

Sadly, Sora will have to wait and see the other seven fairies, Xi Wangmu's daughters, some other day. One thing Sora knows for sure about the seven fairies though, is that they follow their mom to wherever she goes to and what she does.

He's easily bagging 10 fairies in just one trip to the Immortals' space. Sadly he will have to wait sometime for Yu Wenling to like him, even if they have a 'tie of destiny' between each other.

Whilst leaving the Immortals' space, Sora was struck by boredom once more.

He already has the Human bloodline to refine, but since it is slow and will take time, he feels like he should do something more.

The more he thought about it, the more Jade Emperor's words rang in his ears.

'Right, I can refine my Yang essence and make it better. Which in turn will grant me a better body and might even give me a better advantage as a cultivator in the future.' Sora smiled and continued to think on what else he can possibly refine at the moment.

Ki and The System!

Sora smiled widely and began refining his Yang Essence, and like the Human Bloodline, it was a slow process.

After an hour of refining the Yang Essence, Sora got to refining his Ki and noticed a quick difference in his newly refined Ki and the old Ki. His Primal God Ki was a red and black color, which emitted a very raw and violent aura that seeked to destroy everything in it's surroundings.

The newly refined Ki, which is called Origin Ki, looked very violent, yet it was actually a calm Ki. It was just as calm, if not even more, as God Ki. It was something Sora was very excited and happy about, but he was quickly saddened at the fact that he probably only has 10 years left with the energy.

He needed to get all his Primal God Ki refined into Origin Ki too before the travel to the next world. Since he doesn't know if he can further refine the energy in the next world, he decided to refine as much as possible. Even going as far as too using his time in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

If he can get the Origin Ki, and find a way to make use of it in the future, he can become even more powerful with the Ki.

After getting that out of the way, Sora focused on the system.


Once he touched The System with his energy, he suffered a backlash and coughed up blood.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a big red screen right in front of him.

[!!Warning #1!!]

[Sora can not, nor will ever, refine the system to his soul. Should this be continued, The System will have to terminate Sora at all costs.]

Sora looked at the red screen with wide eyes before scrunching up his eyebrows, "What do you mean?"

[The System deemed you worthy enough to be helped in becoming strong. Seeing the powerful innate potential you have, which is growing even more, The System saw your future. A future that I can't disclose to you, but I can tell you that you will be amazing.

Once the system deems you ready enough to not need my help, which is coming soon, the more and more you use me less, I will have to leave you. My power, which has been saved up for eons, is being used up to be able to help you grow.

In this way, I helped you deceive the fate you were given by outside forces. Helping you grow stronger.]

Sora was gobsmacked by what he just read. He always wondered why he was given very powerful techniques, even when it was just a starter pack. When he received his Basic Sword Technique book, he knew it was a valuable book.

There, he found out the basics were always the most powerful. Which helped him grow stronger in the process and at a very rapid pace. Which was how he came to find out how strong Yamamoto was with his Zanjutsu, because he always trained the basic techniques.

Sadly he stopped training when he became leader or else he would have only grown stronger.

Even Dongxuan Sutra.

A very strong technique that can break through space should he ever want to. Too bad he's still not at that level. That, and he still needs to find a way to fusing his, in-progress, Yang Dongxuan Sutra before renaming them.

His Heavenly World which came from it is still being in use and it's still growing powerful!

If he had meridians back in the past, he wouldn't have given up one of his Cultivation Techniques, luckily, he switched it out for the Sacred Scripture. A very powerful cultivation technique which he still can't deeply touch.

It still contains two techniques within it that he can't seem to grasp yet, but with the help of his Heavenly World, soon he will be able to.

Mulling over it, Sora looked at the red screen with a deep look, "How did you choose me?"

[A mysterious force tugged on one of the weakest systems in my hold. Since I treat every system like my child, I always look into the future and potential of its holder. Sometimes when one of my children die, I turn my anger to the races that has cause its death, turning them into a system. Many which are human.

Anyways, when I looked at its holder. I was shocked to find that you had gained a minor understanding into the Primal Chaos and very little of the Void and Nothingness. The 'Primordial' that saw that chaos understanding in you was an idiot.]

"How come?" asked Sora with scrunched up eyebrows.

[Because he thought you gained full understanding of it, and it was of the Primal Chaos too, not Chaos. In reality, you only gained insight of about 2% of Primal Chaos. Which is equivalent to 200% in understanding of Chaos.

Primal Chaos is a more refined and powerful Qi than Chaos is. That's the only difference between the too. Chaos is unrefined and raw, whilst Primal Chaos is refined and pure. With the acc.u.mulation of different energies, or Qi as that is what they really are, the more your understanding of Primal Chaos grows. All the different types of Qi in you will help strengthen your Primal Chaos power and understanding.

You won't be able to make much use of Primal Chaos Qi however, until you gain full understanding, or you get meridians and a dantian.

Your current understanding of Primal Chaos is sitting at a nice 28%. The only ways you further improve your understanding of Primal Chaos, is through meditating, enlightenment, study, or gaining more Qi. Besides that, you may also consider understanding intents as well, which will help you tremendously in your martial and dao path as well instead of just your Primal Chaos understanding.]

Sora looked at the blue light with amazement, when he suddenly felt all the energies in his body move in excitement. He opened his status screen and found that every energy turned into Qi, besides Soul Energy, World Energy, Magic Energy, and his Dream Energy.

Swiping the screen away, Sora looked forward and asked, "What about that Void and Nothingness understanding?"

[It was something you understood from understanding 2% of Primal Chaos and spending time in the void with nothing in it.

That's how you came to understand those two. They will also come to help you in the future, allowing you to dabble into other types of understandings as well.]

"Amazing..." muttered Sora as he looked back at the ball of Primal Chaos swirling inside him. His ambition to get meridians was ignited even further as he looked at Primal Chaos Qi ball.

"What's amazing?" asked Xi Wangmu as she burst through the door.

"Nothing," smiled Sora as he got up.

He can't tell her, yet, that he has some understanding in Primal Chaos, which is probably one of the strongest Qi in the entire universe. Followed by Void, Nothingness, and possibly Yin and Yang.

Which he can possibly gain understanding from the help of Taichi, and with Dongxuan Sutra. Understanding Yang will come by easily as he refines his Yang essence, though the same can't be said about Yin.

Maybe through engaging in s.e.x with his wives he will gain understanding in Yin. After all, he does spend his time surrounded by 'Yin'.

[That is correct, though only by 20%, the rest is up to you to understand Yin. You engaging in intercourse with your wives can only do so much. Unless you managed to find, or create, a Duo/Dual cultivation technique.]

'Nice,' Sora looked at the blue screen and smiled.

If he can managed to gain a bit of understanding into any of this stuff, he can seriously start packing punches. By the end, he will be an unstoppable force.

Luckily, Sora has his Thoughts focused on studying and researching the knowledge he took from the Jade Emperor. With it, he will be able to create better techniques in the future. Even better ones if he gets higher graded techniques.

Merging the techniques won't come as a problem either!

The only thing he will be having trouble with, is his understanding of intents. He's not sure if he can find the intent of something very easily.

Even with the increased talent, affinity, potential, and mind capabilities, he's not sure if he can have an understanding in intent.

He has a rough guess that his sword aura is probably sword intent, or it can be refined into sword intent. The refining scripture only shows sword intent and above, refining it to a higher degree.

Maybe it was that something he always seemed to be touching upon, but yet could never get a hold of.

He feels like his sword aura isn't enough, that he has the potential for something more.

Realizing something, Sora quickly pushed Xi Wangmu out of his cabin with an apologetic smile, before going into meditation.

He focused onto his mind.

He imagined a sword and using it to pierce through the air. Then a spear. A dagger. A knife. A scimitar. A kunai. An axe. An arrowhead. A saber. A katana.

Every single weapon that has a sharp edge or a point end, everything was pulled into his mind and Sora kept pushing forward until his mind shattered. Around him, everything in the room was in shreds.

When Sora opened his eyes and looked around, he smiled as he lifted his hand and brought it down gently before a whole chair was split into two without being touched.

'It isn't sword intent it isn't spear intent and it isn't axe intent It's Blade Intent, the most difficult intent to understand.' Sora smiled as he looked at the intent that formed on his hand and looked into the intent inside the Refining Scripture.

Blade intent is one of the most easy to understand, but the most difficult to increase in level.

However, to Sora, the thing was completely different. It was 'difficult' for him to understand and very easy for him to increase in level.

Although he can't use his clones to help him with this, he can easily bring the grade of his intent higher. He doesn't need to use every single weapon with a sharp edge or a pointy end to increase its strength or refine its quality.

All he needs to do is continue practicing the basic techniques with a sword, and everything else will increase alongside it.

Every single weapon has the same basic moves, some more than others, it's just a coincidence that the sword has basic moves that match with all the other moves of the other weapons.

With this in mind, Sora will have to train using a practice sword. Helping him refine and strengthen his blade intent.

Along with the forming of his blade intent, was his will, which contains a bit of blade essence in it. Making his will stronger as well.

And like his Blade intent, Sora can make use of his blade will to attack the mind, or will, of another person, or strengthen his weapon and intent.

"This is amazing," Sora smiled in delight as he felt his intent and will. Both sharp and pointy. Just feeling his blade will make him feel like he could get cut up at any moment.

According to his refining scripture, his will can increase separately from his strength and energy. The stronger his will, the more clarity and better mind he has. Which also brings him more strength to fight someone else and can even be used for defense.

His intent however, grows a different way. Growing from intent, it gives him a domain, different from his aura. Where he can control what happens with his blade intent.

After getting a domain, his intent continues to grow and begins to condense before turning into Qi.

From there, the levels of the growth of intent becomes blurry. One thing for sure that Sora knows, is that once he gets stronger, he will be able to know what they possibly give him.

All he can know for now, is the names.

Intent, Domain, Qi, Spirit, Soul, Celestial, Concept, Dao, Heavenly Dao, and finally, Truth.


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