Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 171

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 171 A Birthday

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Sora had just created his intent, now all he needs to do is to continue refining it and training with it. Eventually, with enough training, and a bit of comprehension, he will be able to have a breakthrough and gain a Domain.

After getting that out of the way, Sora spent the next couple of weeks and days traveling around the world. Trying to get more people into the peace treaty was easier than Sora thought. With the help of Xi Wangmu, Nyx, and Amaterasu, Sora managed to get the approval of the other mythologies.

When Sora went to Buddhism, he managed to get all the knowledge, techniques, and skills related to the Buddha. It was a worthwhile adventure and he's managing to make breakthroughs in the research of Jade Emperor's knowledge.

The Jade Emperor just had so much knowledge that it was difficult for even Sora to take in. The Jade Emperor had been alive for almost 227 million years! The amount of knowledge he has is easy for Sora to take in, but the fact still remains that some of that knowledge of his may be wrong.

Sora got to going through everything he got from the Jade Emperor and the Buddha, and it surprises him that they have very wonderful ideas and techniques. It was just a shame that they are held down by the rules of this universe.

Although the techniques aren't even half as powerful as the ones Sora had created, they are still strong enough to let them grow very strong in their own way.

Now he has all the knowledge pertaining to Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, that has been acc.u.mulated for thousands of eons easily.

Just with all this knowledge, his art, poetry, spiritual self, and his mind, were all enhanced under the new knowledge.

Taoism was a 'focus' on physical cultivation. Cultivating one's self to the point of immortality and becoming as vast as the universe itself, meaning, becoming a spiritual person. This includes martial arts, alchemy, internal and external cultivation, astrology, divination, medicine, feng shui, and Qi Gong/cultivation techniques. Taoist ethics vary depending on the particular school, but in general tend to emphasise wu wei (action without intention), "naturalness", simplicity, spontaneity, and the Three Treasures: "compassion", "frugality", and "humility".

Buddhism's 'focus' is spiritual cultivation. Cultivating one's spiritual self to where they either attain Nirvana, or they go to the path of Buddhahood. A Buddha is usually very good with his spiritual energy, resilient and strong body, and strong mind. emphasizes rigorous self-restraint, meditation-practice, insight into the nature of mind (Chinese: jinxng, Japanese: kensho, "perceiving the true nature") and nature of things, and the personal expression of this insight in daily life, especially for the benefit of others. As such, it de-emphasizes mere knowledge of sutras and doctrine and favors direct understanding through spiritual practice and interaction.

Confucianism is a 'focus' on mental cultivation, or a 'gentleman' cultivation. It's very similar to the spiritual cultivation of Buddhism, but also different. It's a way of self-cultivation and self-redemption. Getting rid of the heart demon, becoming a stable and profound person, and having a strong will to never bend down unto others. This also helps in one's endeavors to gain understanding of many different things like laws, concepts, and even intents.

All three of these are very powerful by themselves and even more powerful when put together.

Sora's already making use of the Taoism path, he just needs some time to make some changes before going through the other two paths. He can probably look through the knowledge he got from the three paths and make a good spiritual technique, one that can help his spiritual energy grow.

Maybe, if he makes good use of the confucianism path of mental cultivation, Sora can integrate it into his meditation, where he refines his spiritual energy. If he can successfully merge the cultivation of his mental cultivation and meditation, he can strengthen and enhance his will, intent, spirit, and mind instead of just his spiritual energy. If things go right, he might also be able to temper his mind and body, making them of a better quality.

What surprised Sora more about the knowledge he has received from the many mythologies, was Jade Emperor's knowledge. He has much understanding over concepts, laws, and even intents. Although he couldn't grasp onto them, Sora's understanding will greatly be enhanced and he can further improve.

The only thing that saddened him throughout his journey, was his inability to gather more beauties. Though he hadn't felt any connection with any that he saw, like Amaterasu, Xi Wangmu, Yu Wenling, and Chang'e, Sora was still saddened to see that he can't at least bed the women since he had stuff to do.


Traveling all over the world is tiring.

Yesterday, Sora had already recruited the last of the mythologies, now he can return to japan and have a talk with the Three Factions. He had to talk to them about the peace treaty, whether they were finally going to decide or not.

He could wait for 9 more years, but more than that will just irritate Sora.

After arriving in japan, Sora decided to walk around with Xi Wangmu. To not have people ogling at them, he put a spell on both of Xi Wangmu and himself that hid them from the average people.

"Oh look! That necklace looks beautiful," Xi Wangmu exclaimed as she looked at a necklace embroidered with rubies.

"It really does look beautiful," Sora said. He looked at the necklace and thought, 'It's a very outstanding craftsmanship, but I can probably make something better than this for her.'

"Make me one!" Xi Wangmu held Sora's arm and looked up at him with a smile.

"Alright, alright," chuckled Sora.

They continued moving on and they occasionally stopped by at places that interested them. They were having a wonderful time together until they both ran into a rather small old man with a gourd shaped head.

'A youkai?' Sora looked at the old man with suspicion.

The old man turned to look at Sora and smiled before walking away.

"If I remember correctly, weren't we supposed to get the East Youkai Faction to join the treat?" Xi Wangmu spoke after the youkai was far away enough and turned to look at Sora in the eyes.

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure that was also Nurarihyon, the leader of the East Youkai," sighed Sora.

Looking around, Sora didn't see anything else and said, "Let's continue walking around, we'll meet him tomorrow.

That way, we can take the others as well."

"Very well then," Xi Wangmu nodded as she looked back to where Nurarihyon left to. She smiled and turned to Sora before rubbing her body on his, "What's next? Let's get some food!"

"Haha, let's get food."

Standing before a gate were six people, one man and the rest women.

Sora gazed at the door before looking back at the women behind him. He hadn't seen the seven fairies so far, so he had to wait a couple of more days before formally meeting them.

He was going to make them father either through their mom, or through the bed. It all works out the same way to him.

"It seems like we have some guests-nya," softly spoke a woman standing at the gate.

The woman standing at the gate had white hair and kind eyes that held some motherly affection, something which usually only mothers hold. She wore a yukata which was outlining her every curve and strangely enough, or not, the woman has cat-like ears on her head.

"Yes, we came to meet Nurarihyon. I am Ancient, from Mt. Calamity," Sora introduced himself before introducing the women behind him.

"My name is Fujimai, I'm a nekomata. Please wait here while I go get the leader," Fujimai bowed and left.

"Her destiny is dark. She will die in a couple of days," softly spoke Yu Wenling after Fujimai left.

"That woman will die, what a shame," Sora shook his head as he looked at the beautiful woman leaving.

"Won't you save her?" Emily looked at Fujimai's back with a rather low spirit as she held onto her dad's sleeve.

'Daddy won't let her die, right?'

Emily recognized the look inside Fujimai's eyes just like Sora did. She could easily tell that the woman has children and that she loves them dearly from the way her eyes twinkled. Emily sees those eyes all the time in the eyes of all her 'mothers' everytime they see her or her brothers and sisters.

There was one pair of eyes she will forever miss, however. They are her real mother's eyes, those that look down at her with affection and motherly love as she is embraced by the person who gives her boundless love and brings her into the world. The woman who she got to love dearly and unconditionally.

She would never forget her mother's eyes.

So seeing eyes like her mothers on Fujimai shocked her and she couldn't help but want Sora to save her. She also knows that Sora had also noticed those eyes that look 100 % identical to her mother's eyes.

'He's got to save her! For her own children and my sake.'

Seeing his daughter's actions, Sora didn't respond, but merely continued looking at the gate, thinking. He couldn't get those eyes of Fujimai's out of his head.

Xi Wangmu and Nyx looked at Sora with a bit of concern and wonder as they thought about what he may do about the woman's circ.u.mstances.

"Mister Ancient, I present to you our leader, Nurarihyon," Fujimai came back holding a 4-5 year old girl in her arms with white hair just like hers. At her feet stood another little girl, but she was 8-9 and had dark black hair. Her eyes held mischief and playfulness as she looked around his group before her eyes landed on Sora.

"Well if it isn't the nice looking man from yesterday," Nurarihyon walked out of his place and stood in front of Sora.

"Who would have known that you were the leader," joked Sora as he looked at Nurarihyon.

"Haha, come on in," Nurarihyon turned around and walked away while gesturing to them to follow him.

They walked for quite a while before making it before a large set of chairs and tables.

"What's the occasion?" Sora asked as he looked at Nurarihyon with a smile.

"The birthday of one of my subordinates," Nurarihyon said as he sat down on his chair.

Following his actions, Sora and his group sat down as well. Just as Emily and Xi Wangmu were about to sit down next to Sora, the cute little white haired girl and the black haired girl took their spots and looked up at Sora curiously.

"Are you a youkai?" The white haired little girls asked with curiosity and a timid voice.

"Of course he is!" The black haired girl smiled and grabbed Sora's tail with curiosity as well.

'Don't you know that curiosity killed the cat?' Sora smiled as he looked at the little black haired girl playing with his tail before being joined by the white haired girl.

"What are your names kitties?" Sora asked kindly as he looked at the cat ears on the head of both girls.

"My name is Kuroka!" the black haired girl yelled as she kept trying to tug on his tail.

The white haired little girl just touched his tail and comforted it before looking up at Sora with a shy face, "I'm I'm Shirone."

"Kuroka and Shirone, both very beautiful and fitting names for the both of you," chuckled Sora as he patted the heads of both little girls.

He let them play with his tail as he looked around and wondered where the mother of the little girls went before finding her talking merrily with Emily.

'This girl...'

"Are you in a hurry to talk about your business?" Nurarihyon asked as he sat comfortably on the table.

"Not at all. I can wait even a few days if needed. Plus, it wouldn't be too bad to join you and your faction in celebrating someone's birthday." Sora said as he looked around before turning to look at Nurarihyon. "By the way, who's birthday is it?"

"Kuroka's!" grinned Nurarihyon.

Hearing his words, Sora looked at Kuroka with surprise before asking, "How old are you turning today Kuroka? Mind telling me?"

"Only if you present me a gift!" Kuroka smiled and stretched out her hand to Sora. She wiggled her fingers waiting for Sora to give her a gift.

"You want a gift?" Sora asked with a smile.

"Yes! One for Shiro-chan too!" Kuroka pointed at Shirone and made sure to say it out loud so that Sora can hear her well.

"Haha, alright then. Give me a second to think about what to give you." Sora smiled and got to thinking about what he may give the two little cat girls. He let them continue playing around with his tail as he tried turning on his imagination and getting gifts for the girls.

After getting an idea on what to give to the two girls, Sora created matching bracelets that change color according to their mood. When he was done, he added four extra effects and passed them onto the girls.

"Wow! I love them! What does it do!" Kuroka looked at the bracelets with stars in her eyes before turning her gaze to Sora.

"Well the bracelets have five functions. The first four are useless however. The first one allows the bracelet to change color according to your mood, or you can have it in a rainbow color. The second one binds the bracelet to you. The third function allows you to find the location of the other bracelet and its wearer. The fourth one allows you to change it's shape, allowing you to make it into a ring, a bicycle, a bracelet, or a doll. The final..."

Before Sora could finish talking, the other guests began arriving and he couldn't tell Kuroka or Shirone anymore as they started playing around with the Cat Bracelets.