Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 172

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 172 Azazel Tournament

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"Happy Birthday Kuroka!"

Everyone yelled at the same time to Kuroka, wishing her a happy birthday.

After getting a slice of cake, Sora sat down next to Kuroka and Shirone whilst looking right at Nurarihyon.

"We can talk about that thing now," Nurarihyon said as he dug into his slice of cake.

"Great," Sora smiled and explained to Nurarihyon about the peace treaty, and after seeing a positive response from telling him all about the treaty, Sora talked about his Heavenly World.

"I'll join, but not for myself. I'll join the little ones that will be requiring a larger space to continue growing," Nurarihyon took a sip of milk before patting the head of Shirone.

"Sounds good enough to me. I'll make sure the little ones grow into fine youkai," Sora chuckled and finished his cake.


Sora spent the next couple of days playing around with the young youkai, mostly with Shirone and Kuroka as they didn't want to leave him alone. He got to know their mother rather quickly.

He found out that the woman was going out with a shitty scientist.

The scientist was only going for the woman for his l.u.s.tful nature, yet Fujimai loved the man dearly. Which puzzled Sora and made him wonder what Fujimai was possibly into.

He put it in the back of his head and decided to just ignored that for the time being. He put a couple of protective spells on Fujimai, should anything happen to her.

"Did that do anything?" Sora asked as he and his group left the Youkai faction.

Yu Wenling smiled and looked back at the Youkai faction. "Yes, that woman will be living happily for the rest of her life. It seems rather dumb, considering how you only put a couple of spells on her."

"That's just the world working in amazing ways. One thing can cause many things to happen. It's called the snowball effects. It just gradually keeps on growing," Sora smiled and wrapped his arm around his daughter and Nyx's waist. "It's just a coincidence that it worked this fast."

Yu Wenling looked at Sora with amazement and thought to herself that her mother found a reliable man. If she can get her mom to stay with him forever, she will be as happy as she can possibly be.

Sora smiled and continued walking as if he cared naught for the world, deep inside however, he was thinking about the wellbeing of his wives.

After meeting Fujimai and Yu Wenling, he found out that there are just things in life that one can't stop from happening. He knows that there will be a point in the future where he won't be able to save him women from something stupid like fate or destiny.

His system had warned him about a fate that a being tried to force upon him. He didn't ask about it since there is some stuff that is better left to be unknown. When the time comes for it and he thinks he is strong enough, he will consult the system about it.

However, he has nothing for them to grow strong with. It's too late to train them in Ki, so all he can teach them is magic.

He would teach them about the soul, but Emily had told him multiple times that if her guess is correct, the perfect world will come up for the next world. It wasn't a guess she took, but something which Sora will require her assistance with when choosing the next world.

Besides teaching the woman magic, Sora decided to give them all Rinnegans. Instead of Rinne-sharingans since it will put a lot of strain on their mentality and energy.

He didn't need to give his children anything, since they came to the world with a strong soul, a huge abundance of Ki, and innate Sharingans. Which they were able to easily bring to Eternal Mangekyou Sharingans with no problem, unlike Sora who had to bear through many hardsh.i.p.s.

After arriving back with the three factions, Sora talked with Michael, Azazel, Serafall, Sirzechs, and Grayfia. He sent Emily, Nyx, Amaterasu, Chang'e, Yu Wenling, and Xi Wangmu into his Wooden Palace while he went to the Three Factions meeting.

When Emily went back to the Wooden Palace, she bragged to Mirai and her other half-sisters about losing her v.i.r.g.i.nity to her daddy. Needless to say, a lot of horny and angry daughters were waiting for Sora at home.

"The talks went smoothly and I can say with confidence that the world will enter an era of peace and tranquility," Sora said with a calm gesture.


Everyone in the room turned to look at Sora with a dumbfounded look.

They had never heard of such a thing before. All the mythologies joining in on the peace treaty to no longer wreak havoc on each other.

It made the Three Factions embarrassed as they looked at each other before turning to look at Sora. Before they spoke, Sora lifted his hand and stopped them.

"I know what you're trying to say. 'We need more time to think about it,' and I get it. So take your time. You all only have 9 years." Sora said as he looked at the ticking timer of 666's breakout.

"At least hear us out Sora-tan, or I won't let you play with Sona-tan anymore." Serafall looked away with a pout before threatening Sora with Sona.

Sora had gotten rather close with Sona since they were both victims of Serafall's force cosplaying one time. Sora didn't mind it as much as Sona did, but he managed to hit it off with the adorable little girl.

When he found out that she had a love for strategic games, Chess, he decided to play a couple of games with her. He even got her to play Go.

Sora's Dongxuan understanding seemed to rise the more he played stuff related to strategy and finding the sequence that led to certain moves. He kept on beating Sona in Chess and Go very well with it, and she improved her abilities over time as well, thanks to Sora.

"Alright, you can explain." Sora gave a wry smile and gestured for them to continue.

"Leader," mutters Azazel.

"We need a leader," continued Michael.

"Our three factions were originally one religion. Yet we all split up into three groups, resulting in a rather big divide. When we were all once related, we are all now different species." Sirzechs said.

Grayfia stepped up and placed a couple of folders on the table. Which also prompted for Azazel to stand up and bring out a white board.

"So we will be conducting certain events that will let us put forth a leader for the three factions. One suited through strength, fame, and political ability," mentioned Grayfia before sitting down at her chair next to Serafall.

"These events will be named 'Azazel Tournaments', and like the name, there will be tournaments where the Three Factions will send up to fight, gain fame, and show their abilities in dealing with matters relating to the economy and the mass. We will also be conducting the tests on their 'goodwills' with a special system brought in by the Angel Faction.

It's the 'Good Will Meter'. It measures the Good Will of the person. We can't really have the new leader being a bad person after all." Azazel wrote and drew a lot of stuff on the white board, explaining the ins and outs of the 'Azazel Tournaments'.

Sora looked at everything and nodded slowly. He picked up the folder and nodded even further before looking at the leaders of the three factions.

"It all seems well, but you should stop differentiating through factions. That way there won't be much problem in the future about this. Since you will all be in one big group, it will be better to stop differentiating by factions," Sora mentioned before neatly putting down the folder.

Everyone else agreed on what Sora said and they made sure to keep it in mind.

"How long will this take?" Sora asked after seeing everything about the tournament.

"It will take about 8 to 9 years for the tournament to begin," wryly said Michael.

"Why so long?" asked Sora.

"Because we need to teach all of our contestants about politics and how to garner the attention of the people," Sirzechs said.

"I see." Sora nodded and continued listening to their plan about the Azazel Tournaments. "You might want to also mix the races of the groups of the contestants, that way their respective races don't just vote them because they are from the same race. Since they will be having different races in one group, that adds to the variety.

But I understand if this isn't feasible. After all, you are all fighting for your own race to become the leader, but let them decide on who they want, regardless of race, this way there will be less problems in the future."

The others nodded and they kept discussing the plans of the Azazel Tournament. Sora even pointed out that they could sponsor a team to be their persona so that if the team wins, they may be able to become the leader themselves.

It was a very well planned out thing.

Since the Fallen Angels, Angels, and Devils all usually listen to someone more powerful than them, having someone strong represent them was something understandable. Having to grow stronger was a very good choice for the leaders and those following in strength.

When it comes to fame, there is not a single person out there that doesn't know at least one famous person's name. This was a good thing to consider, a very efficient way to spread one's name and garner the support of the mass.

Then finally, there was their political ability. The way to determine who was the best suited to become the leader of their group. Although politics isn't needed as much against the other mythologies and religions, it was a rather necessary thing in their own group.

They will be able to properly grow as beings if they went through this route. It will also determine how well of a leader they are, being able to efficiently send orders to their troops and those under their rule.

The 'Good Will System' is also a very much needed object for the three races. Since they won't be able to know who will have the best interests of the whole group in mind, Azazel decided to create such a system with the help of the Angels and their energy.

With this item, one can easily find out who has a dark heart or even has a corrupt mind. It prevents them from taking advantage of the position if they don't really care for anything else rather than their personal benefit.

"I'm sure your group will manage to find a great and suitable leader to take care of your leaderless problem," Sora smiled and looked at them all in the faces.

'Although I still don't get why you three leaders don't just become the three leaders of the new group. This way you don't have to go through the hassle of choosing a new leader from scratch.'

Sora shook his head silently as he looked at the face of everyone in the room. They are all excited about the upcoming Azazel Tournament which will come out in just a couple of years. Something short compared to the lifespan of every being in the room.

After everything was over and Sora was being dragged away by Grayfia and Serafall, he managed to convince them to let him talk with Michael for a moment.

"Have you created the system thing yet?" Sora asked with a smirk as he looked at the complicated face of Michael's.

"I'm making a lot of progress thanks to the Devil Pieces of Ajuka." Michael's lips twitched as he explained to Sora about how he made no progress for almost 1,000+ years.

He was deeply ashamed that Ajuka created the Devil Pieces with almost no effort at all when he was only 20 years old. Compared to Michael who made no progress at all for many years, Ajuka was like a golden apple on an ordinary apple tree.

He managed to convince Ajuka to lend some of his research notes about the Devil Pieces so that he may be able to create something similar and be able to bring back the angels, besides through Sora's Heavenly World.

"That's good to hear," nodded Sora. "By the way, mind explaining why the tournament was named after Azazel?"

"It's because he was the one who thought of the idea and even came up with the rules beforehand, saving us a lot of trouble." Michael explained.