Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 173

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 173 Fetishes

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After being dragged away by Serafall and Grayfia the previous night, Sora went into his Heavenly World to talk with Shuri and Akeno to make sure they were getting used to life inside his Heavenly World.

When he appeared, he looked around his Heavenly World before finding them with the people he gave a tour to, minus Sikvan. Who left his Heavenly World to deal with some personal issues.

Looking at them from a couple of meters away, Sora felt glad that Shuri and Akeno were adapting and were chatting with the devil women. Just before he left, he heard an interesting conversation from the a.d.u.l.t group.

"Shuri, c'mon! Don't be shy, what excites you in bed?" Raven Phenex asked. (a.k.a. Lady Phenex for those who forgot.)

"It's just tough to say it since you girls haven't gone first," Shuri scratched her cheek with an embarrassed face as she peered at each of the women.

"Okay! I will go first!" Coriana raised her hand and looked at the others with a smile. "I actually get turned on by the excitement and fear of being found n.a.k.e.d in public."

The women made cooing noises at Coriana who just covered her red face in embarrassment.

After a second, they calmed down and they looked at each other, deciding who to go next. Unexpectedly raising her hand, Katarea found herself being looked upon by the gazes of the women around her.

"I get turned on by dominant men," Katarea said with a straight face and a mild blush.

"Do you get turned on often?" One of the women asked Katarea.

"I..." Katarea's serious face broke under the single question and she looked at everyone with a shy look. "Not recently, but I got turned on a lot by the rumors of Ancient and when I saw him, it took awhile for me to calm down, so I was very rigid."

'She was rigid?'

The women all looked at each other and nervously laughed as they remembered the dark expression Katarea had when she first arrived with them.

"I like men who order me around!" Kuisha's yell startled every woman and they turned to look at her with shock.

The women then all turned to look at each other with wide eyes before eyeing Kuisha up and down.

'I can see that,' commented Sora as he sat in midair looking at the women talking amongst themselves.

He himself doesn't have much of a fetish, he dabbles a bit into everything there is. Lately, he had been gaining a bit of a fetish for beautiful long legs and feet, but not to the point where he would lick feet or suck on toes. He won't be crossing that border ever.

Liking every single inch of a woman's body is his specialty, even their personality and mind. However, if he had to make a choice between having s.e.x or loving their personality and mind, he'd obviously go fro having s.e.x with them and their bombshell body.

He won't sugarcoat it or anything. He's true to his desires, sometimes he's not even sure if he really loves the women for who they are, or because of their body. Maybe it was just a coincidence that Gabriel didn't fall since he had the Angel Bloodline too.

'The only ones left are the married women and Shuri,' smiled Sora as he looked back at the group of women.

"I don't have much of a fetish at all..." Misla Bael calmly said as she smiled at every woman before looking down with a sad gaze. "... but if I were to say, I would be turned on by a kind man who can gently caress me."

Venelana and Raven looked at each other with a complicated face since they both knew the personality of Lord Bael too well.

Lord Bael had left Misla for not being able to give birth to an heir who can use the Power of Destruction. She was tossed aside and thrown away from the manor. Eventually, she was tossed here under the order of Lord Bael, hoping to keep her away from the main Bael family.

Her son, Sairaorg, was bullied by his half-brothers, but his mom taught him to endure and grow stronger. Beyond the normal strength any devil can achieve and rise above all others.

Raven looked around and blushed before speaking up, "I have a fetish towards being teased."

'That's a bit bland, but a very big weakness of hers,' Sora smiled as he eyed Raven's body with a glow in his eyes.

"Go on Venelana, tell us your fetish!"

"You can do it!"

"We have to listen to yours so we can get Shuri to talk!"

The women urged Venelana to say her fetish, yet she remained seated and looked around with a calm smile.

Finally, after what seemed like decades, Venelana spoke up and shocked everyone as they witnessed her personality do a complete 180.

"You women better not tell anyone about my preferences!" Venelana looked at all the women with a glare and an aura of destruction surrounding her. She looked at each woman for a while before sitting back down and calmly saying, "I have a fetish for being f.u.c.k.i.e.d by a beast or in some type of manner like that. Although I haven't been able to experience such a thing, everytime I think about it, it just excites me.

If it wasn't for today's topic, I wouldn't have ever told anyone in my entire life. I don't, and won't, ever f.u.c.k a beast in any way, no matter how much it excites me."

The women all turned to look at each amazed by the words Venelana said. They never thought of such a thing before, but it intrigued them to want to know what something like that would be. The thought wasn't as intriguing as they all pushed the thought out of their head and turned to look at Shuri who had been quiet the whole time.

After hearing Venelana's words, Sora looked at her with a shocked expression. Usually his expression wouldn't change much, but after hearing what Venelana said, he couldn't stop himself. He looked at the calm and proper Venelana.

The same Venelana who is elegant and is a very calm person. That same person, enjoys and entertains the idea of wanting to be f.u.c.k.i.e.d by a beast.


Thinking about that, Sora unconsciously looked at his tail and wondered how it would feel to do a humanoid woman in his true form, either dragon, emperor, or mixed. He can't really use his Phoenix bloodline since it's a bird and he's not proficient in that true form yet.

Shaking his head, Sora focused on the current matters at hand, and looked at Shuri.

"I..." Shuri blushed while being looked at by everyone and she stood up. "I like BDSM!"

"Oh wow..."

"So bold.."

"It does compliment her personality."

"For a moment, I thought she was going to say she had a love for muscles."


"Because she is always staring at the Ancient's arms."

Sora looked at Shuri with surprise.

He is very impressed and shocked at the a.d.u.l.t group of women. First it was Katarea being with a dominant man, then it was Venelana and her beastiality, and now it is Shuri and her love for BDSM.

Looking at Shuri closely, Sora noticed that she has a rather violent light in her eyes, making him sure that she's a Sadist in bed. If he were to take her to bed himself, he would be forcing onto her the role of Masochist before tying her up and having her stripped n.a.k.e.d.

That will take time before it happens, but he doesn't mind as long as he can have her next to himself.

"Hey mister!" A cute little redheaded girl appeared in the floating Sora before yelling out in a form of greeting.

"Hey Rias," Sora said, not prying his eyes from the group of women.

All the women turned to look to where Sora is and looked at him in surprise.

Venelana held a shocked face as she stared at her daughter and looked at her from up above in the air with Sora. Fearing that Rias might have heard her saying her wanting to be f.u.c.k.i.e.d by an animal, turned her head in shame.

"Mom! HI!" Rias yelled, trying to get the attention of Venelana.

"How long were you there?" asked Shuri with a pale face.

"Since the beginning," grinned Sora. He looked at all the women with a teasing gaze before landing a couple of feet away from them.

'Oh no..' Shuri looked away with shame and a sad face. She didn't want Sora to hear her fetish to BDSM, but now it was too late as she looked at that smile of his.

She wanted to slowly strengthen her relationship with him, and after a couple of times of spending nights together, talk about her fetish.

Now, she fears she won't even be able to get closer to him for the fear of rejection.

"Shuri, how about we meet tomorrow, I'll pick you up."

Sora saw her freaking out and instantly knew what she could possibly be thinking at this moment. He called out to her and asked her about meeting up the next day.

"Oh my!"

"Is he also a BDSM?"


Shuri looked at Sora with amazement and nodded slowly before leaving quietly.

"Great Venelana, you don't need to worry about Rias, she didn't hear anything," Sora said as he approached Venelana from behind with Rias walking right next to him.

"Really?" Venelana asked with a face full of shame.

"Yes, I am sure of it. I personally put a circle around you that stops the noise from escaping." Sora said before gesturing to Rias to approach her mother.

"Mom!" Rias held onto Venelana's hand and continued, "I got Akeno to become my Queen! She has become stronger now!"

Venelana congratulated her child before patting her head and nodding in approval.

The other women had already left after hearing Sora's conversation with Shuri. They weren't interested much in the rest and left.

Shortly after, Venelana also left with her daughter, leaving Sora alone.

He looked left and right, even expanded his aura to make sure that there aren't people around. Once done with that, Sora got down in lotus position and refined his eyes.

He already has a ton of Rinnegans inside his storage ring, so he is now able to unlock the ability of his Rinne-sharingan without affecting the eyes he will give to his wives.

Once he got down and began refining his eyes. The Rinne-sharingan marks in his eyes began appearing and his eyes changed color.

His previous starry black eyes were replaced by white eyes and ripples appearing in his eyes with 9 tomoe in each eye. Tomoe began spinning very rapidly as his refinement continued and Sora felt a ton of new abilities come into his head.

Amaterasu create and control a powerful black flame that can't be put out for 7 days and 7 nights. Can be removed by other means such as absorbing the flames, pushing away the flames, or sealing the flames.

Kamui Move in and out of another dimension and put items, or beings, inside it.

Kotoamatsukami a powerful mind-controlling ability that is very subtle.

Limbo send out shadows of one's self into an invisible world which coexists with the physical world. The shadows have every single ability and skill of the original and are impossible to detect or perceive.

Amenotejikara swap places with anything in the line of sight, and can also be used on others so that they are switched with something, or someone, else.

Temporal Rewind warp into the past by a few seconds, minutes if the user gets stronger.

Takami Musubino Kami absorb attacks and release them even stronger than before.

Edible Creation turn anyone, or any form of energy (Qi, Ki, Life Energy, Power of Destruction etc.), into a fruit, or pill, that grants benefits. When a fruit made from a being is eaten, they gain the powers and abilities of the consumed being and turn into a demonic-like being. When a pill is consumed, created from energy, their powers are enhanced and they gain powerful regenerative abilities, lasting a while unless more pills are consumed.

Origami Replacement Technique disappear into another dimension for a couple of seconds, allowing one to escape or deal attacks to the target. Ten red origami cranes made from energy are left in the place where the technique is casted.

After a couple of more seconds of refining the Rinne-sharingan, Sora gained a new ability, a new eye look, and an impressive effect of his eyes.

Dimension Shift an ability that allows one to freely travel from one place to another, including dimensions, universes, or even worlds.

After completing the refinement of his eyes, they changed names. They were now called Emperor Eyes, they had the effect of being able to continue growing in response to his growth. Thanks to his human bloodline too, they had an amazing adaptability. If he stared at a very bright light, he wouldn't go blind or suffer any negative effects, they would instead adapt to the light and he would be able to see through it.

His eyes, instead of containing ripples like before, now took on the shape of stars that closely resemble the star of david. The only difference being that all six triangles in the star of David contained a single tomoe. His eyes remained white, but the star and the tomow were black.

The middle of the star even contained his pupil their too, which was pitch black color as well.