Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 174

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 174 The Rope

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After getting the new eyes, Sora felt like he could see the world even better than before. It was a rather weird feeling, since he knew he already had a very good vision.

He got used to them real quick, and since it was already night, his eyes adjusted so much that it appeared day to him. If it wasn't for the slight darkness at the corner of his eyes, he would have thought it was day.

Returning his eyes back to their starry form, his adaptability and new vision stayed, the abilities were 'put away'.

He looked around before flashing away.

The next day, Sora was standing outside of Shuri's room. He was about to knock until Bulma stopped him.

"Sora, me and the others are starting to get bored or repetitive days," Bulma said as she hugged Sora.

"I thought so," nodded Sora.

He had many things to do over the years, though he would spend most time with his family whenever he could. Eventually, Sora knew that his wives would start getting bored from living long lives. He expected it to happen way sooner, just not 2,000 years.

His wives from the world of Bleach could understand them not being bored over a couple more years of living.

"What would you and the others like to try?" Sora said. He patted Bulma's back and looked into her eyes.

"Teach," Bulma said resolutely.

"That's understandable. We also need better and more knowledgeable teachers."

Sora knew that the skills of his wives only got better over the years. His understanding over technology increased thanks to the scripture, but he was able to put it to better use after 'copying and pasting' the knowledge into Bulma's head.

HIs understanding over space and time also increased thanks to her, he was able to understand how the capsules were made to store many items, including a whole house. Her being able to travel back in time with a bit of concentrated electricity which is in the form of liquid, which is filled with dense energy capable enough to destroy half of earth.

Bulma's skills and knowledge over technology, science, and mechanics improved massively. She made a couple of theories herself over how cultivators can store energy and use that energy to permanently enhance their body and life force, granting them strength and a longer life span.

She even made a couple of theories over bloodlines. Which in turn, he was told that bloodlines were just made up of mutations and many powerful genes that were either completely Dominant genes, or recessive genes. Sometimes a mix, depending on the compatibility.

Chichi also got smarter in many subjects taught in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. She wasn't much good concerning matters over mathematics, to which Casion and Bulma were masters at.

Panchy got better at agriculture, Mai at handling and knowing about weapons, Blue haired Launch over culinary arts, blonde launch over physical education.

Every one of his wives specialty were better, and they had better knowledge about it then 2,000 years ago.

"You and the rest can teach some of the children of the other races." Sora proposed.

"Sounds nice!" Bulma smiled and nodded. She continued talking after kissing Sora and said, "Yuzu, Karin, Yuri, Ninny, Noel, Yoshino, Orihime, and Tatsuki will be joining me and the other girls. Kusu, Vados, and Marcarita will be focusing on teaching the kids basic hand to hand combat."

"Sounds very good, how about the other women?" Sora asked.

"The ones who have soul powers? They said that they will be training armies or something called a sect." Bulma explained.

"A sect?" Sora looked at Bulma dubiously. He knew of 'sect', but not in the way that Bulma said his spiritual power wielding wives were doing.

"Yeah, they said that it was a term Emily taught them. She said that in sects, the way students are taught is different. Which also allows them to grow and help differentiate between the different strengths," Bulma said.

Hearing Bulma explain a sect, Sora was rather intrigued and just decided to treat it like a form of military for his Heavenly World.

In sects, the students are named disciples and they are separated into three groups depending on their strength and talent. Outer Disciple, Inner Disciple, and Core Disciple. Outer Disciple being the weakest, or lowest, and Core disciple being the strongest and highest.

Their teachers are usually themselves and those titled Elder. The Disciples are supposed to increase their own strength by themselves and would get guidance from the elders. They would also be taught some classes to teach the disciples some of the common skills of the sect.

Some martial arts, techniques, and immortal arts, are left in something called, Contribution Hall. Besides learning martial arts, one can also get weapons and pills from a place like that. It is sometimes also referred to as a Knowledge Pavillion or (Sect Name) Library.

Bulma explained that there are 3 sects that his women made.

They were named Calamity Fairy Sect, Blaze Calamity Sect, and Shadow Calamity Sect.

The Calamity Fairy Sect dedicated itself to training females.

Blaze Calamity Sect taught both genders and taught them a variety of skills ranging from sword skills to anything else.

Shadow Calamity to the disciples about close combat and stealth.

Hearing about Shadow Calamity Sect's dedication to close combat and stealth, he knew that it was either Yoruichi or Soi Fon behind the creation of that sect.

"This sounds very amazing, but where will they get so many skills to teach?" Sora looked at Bulma questionably.

"They have many ideas for many new different types of skills and martial arts." Bulma explained how the women were always focusing on creating new techniques, even when they showered.

"Good. Now I don't have to worry much about you and the others," smiled Sora. He cupped Bulma's cheeks and kissed her.

After a couple of seconds, they parted lips and Sora said, "I want to see very one of you tomorrow in the main room of Wooden Palace."

"Why?" Bulma asked.

"We will be partying," chuckled Sora before squishing her butt.

"Aye, don't do that here," blushed Bulma before pushing away Sora playfully.

"I'll see you tomorrow. I will have everything about the schools prepared for you and the others. I'm pretty sure I don't have to worry about Unohana and the other in creating their sects." Sora smiled and kissed Bulma one more time before waving her goodbye.

"Now then."

Turning to Shuri's door, Sora was about to knock once more before being interrupted by three small yells. He turned around and noticed three little girls running to him, one redhead, one long black haired girl, and a short black haired girl with glasses.


The three little girls screamed out happily at seeing Sora and jumped on him.

"Sona? Why are you here?" Sora asked after seeing that Sona was with Akeno and Rias.

"Big sis brought me here to play with Rias and the other girls," Sona said before looking up at Sora with a small smile.

"Looks like you're having fun," chuckled Sora before plucking the girls off himself.

"Yeah! I was playing a lot of chess earlier with Rias and I easily bested her. So we decided to switch the game and then we got bored of it. So we decided on running around before being brought here by Akeno," Sona said with a happy face.

"I lost because I wasn't feeling well today!" Rias blushed and looked away before gazing at Sora. "I lost because I was tired, okay? I'm definitely good at chess."

"Haha, alright Rias," Sora chuckled. "By the way, where ARE the other girls you mentioned?"

"Their mothers wanted them to keep them company while they went back to the Underworld to visit their families." Akeno said while looking up at Sora.

Nodding, Sora turned to Rias and asked, "What about your mom?"

"She didn't go," she responded.

"Why not?"

"I'm not too sure, but Lady Phenex, Aunty Misla, Kuisha, and Coriana, all didn't go anywhere either. I'm not too sure about Katarea however," informed Rias.

"I see," Sora nodded and put on a thinking face before smiling back at the girls. "Why don't you all go play with little Ravel. She doesn't have anyone to play with and is probably all alone now."

Turning to look at each other, all three girls nodded to each other before running off. Before they left, Sora gave them a couple of snacks he made from his Dream Master energy.

"Now I should be able to knock," Sora wryly smiled before looking both ways and making sure no one is coming to stop or interrupt him.

After making sure, he knocked on the door and waited for Shuri to open the door.

"Hey," Sora said when he saw Shuri open the door.

"What took you so long?" Shuri asked with a mild smile.

"I was stopped twice to discuss a couple of things." Sora walked into the room and closed the door behind himself before looking over at Shuri who was dressing in a red dress.

"Well I don't mind much having to wait. I took a shower in the meantime," Shuri giggled as she led Sora in and had him sit down.

"Yeah, I'm glad I took my time. Now I get to smell your strawberry scent," Sora breathed in and looked at Shuri with a teasing look.

"Don't say that!" Shuri blushed and sat down right next to him.

"How are you adjusting to your life here?"

"I'm enjoying it a lot. Thank you for helping me, but..." Shuri paused and looked at Sora with yearning eyes. "I wish there was someone here who could help me out with 'certain' things however."

"Certain things you say?" Sora smiled and inched his way closer to Shuri.

"Yes..." she softly exhaled.

"Then I will send someone over whenever you need help," Sora stood up and proclaimed with a resolute face. "I shouldn't have neglected your needs for all these weeks that passed by!"

"Eh?" Shuri looked stunned after hearing Sora's words. She looked up at him with a confused expression.

"Anything else?" Sora asked. He clasped Shuri's hands and pulled her in close. His eyes stared straight into hers and locked on to them.

"I..." Shuri looked back into Sora's starry eyes with a blush.

"Yeah?" Sora asked eagerly.

"I I need a massage!" Shuri grit her teeth and said that she needed a massage.

"Lucky for you, I am great at that," Sora smirked and picked up Shuri in a princess carry, walking her over to her own bed.

Shuri was blushing the entire time she was taken to bed and laid on there.

"Take off your clothes."

"What?" Sora looked at Sora embarrassedly before 'covering' herself with her hands. "Why do I need to remove my clothes?"

"So I can massage you, now hurry up," Sora said with a heavy tone whilst looking down on Shuri, making her feel weird.

"Okay but look away." Shuri blushed.

"I can't do that, I need to make sure you take off everything correctly," Sora said with a face full of conviction. He looked upright and filled with justice as he stretched his back, but his eyes told a different story. They looked at Shuri condescendingly and with a bit of darkness mixed in.

"Okay.." Shuri nodded and nervously took off her shirt.

"NO! That's not the way you removed a dress," snapped Sora as he looked at Shuri trying to remove the dress.

Moving up to Shuri, Sora placed his hand on the dress and pulled it off with might, shredding the dress in an instant.

"This is how you remove it!"

Shuri froze in place and looked on with wide eyes as Sora removed the rest of her clothes with anger.

Seeing Shuri completely n.a.k.e.d, Sora nodded and said, "This is how you remove clothes. Now lay on the bed with your chest facing upwards."

"O-okay," stammered Shuri as she moved shakily to lie down.

Whilst looking at Shuri move shakily, his eyes caught on to something and they were squinted. He grabbed Shuri by the leg and dragged her over to himself.

Shuri was surprised by Sora's hands grabbing onto her leg and being pulled over to him. She saw him point to her crotch, making her face a mixture of a pale face and a blushing one.

"What is that? How dare you be wet," Sora didn't yell this time, in fact he spoke in a calm tone filled with disgust, he continued and said, "I have never seen someone disrespect me like this. This calls for some punishment..."

"What?" Shuri looked at Sora with wide eyes and tried to move back slowly from him.

Sora let her move back and summoned a rope in his hands.

He smiled rather evilly at Shuri as he played around with the ropes in his hands. Shuri saw the evil look in his eyes and the rope in his hands, yet instead of feeling fear or yelling for help, she blushed and her crotch got more wet.

'Looks like everything is going well,' Sora smirked as he maintained his evil and perverted look.