Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 175

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 175 Shuri's Master

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Looking at the pitiful Shuri laying on the bed barely covering her body with her own hands, Sora smiled happily as he approached with the rope in hand.

"S-stay back!" Shuri crawled back even more as she looked at Sora approach.

"You can't get away that easily," Sora said in a teasing manner before grabbing a hold of her leg.

Clawing the bed to prevent herself from being humiliated, Shuri clung on to the bed as if her life depended on it.

"Please don't! I want the massage another day, yeah?" Shuri looked back at Sora with pleading eyes.

"No can do," Sora continued smiling and pressed upon a pressure point on her leg, causing her body to fall limp on the bed.

"What did you do to me!" Shuri began to feel hot as she realized that she couldn't get out of this one. Her eyes looked at Sora with expectancy as she looked at him tying her up with a rope.

"Come on dear, no need to yell," Sora said as he brought over the rope on her b.r.e.a.s.ts and over her crotch.


Shuri shook in pleasure as the rough material of the rope rubbed against her roughly, bringing pain which can only excite her in the moment.

The same rope Sora had in his hands, he used to bound Shuri's hands behind her back along with her long legs. With the remaining rope, Sora decided to have her hand from the ceiling of the room.

"No! Put me down," pleaded Shuri as she struggled to get out of the binds and remain on the floor, but the more she moved, the more the rope tightened around her.

Sora looked at Shuri with amazement and ran his finger down her cheek, "I wouldn't move if I were you, the way I tied the rope will only get tighter the more you struggle."


He grabbed her dangling b.r.e.a.s.ts and groped them, eliciting m.o.a.ns from the human woman. Unbeknownst to Shuri, in Sora's hands were two wooden clothespin. A wicked smile appeared over her face and placed two of them on her

"AHH! It hurts! Shuri yelled out as drool began to flow out of her mouth slowly. As she yelled in 'pain', Shuri's lower half was excreting its juices at maximum speed.

Her face was flushed and she looked at Sora with excitement.

"Please! Do more!" Shuri looked at Sora with a longing look. She moved a bit more accidentally on the ropes, causing them to tighten even further.

Sora frowned hearing what Shuri said and out of nowhere, he made a flogger appear in his hands. With a look of utter disgust, Sora brought down the flogger and lashed out at Shuri's white butt, leaving a deep red mark on it.

"AHH!" Shuri felt more liquids begin to seep out of her moist cave as she felt a stinging pain come upon her butt. She turned to look at Sora with teary eyes and saw his face of disgust, "What's wrong!"

Sora didn't say anything and brought the flogger down on her plump butt once more, a crispy sound of flesh being slapped rang in the air.


Keeping the flogger in hand, Sora ran it across Shuri's body from the point where he struck her on her butt all the way to the bottom of her jaw, lifting her face up to look at him in the eye. His look of disgust remained on his face as he looked at the flushed Shuri right in the eyes.

"That isn't how a slave is supposed to call her master, now is it?" Sora smiled and it was like he was taken over by the devil as he looked down at Shuri with l.u.s.t and contempt.

"So Sorry..." Shuri cried out in a low voice as she looked up at Sora with infatuation. Her body was heating up so much and it made her wiggle around in the ropes, causing them to start to tighten up even more.


A big red mark was on Shuri's delicate face, she looked up at Sora with a smile and said, "I'm I'm sorry master!"

"Good, that's better," Sora smiled and caressed Shuri's cheek for a moment before placing a ring in her mouth.

"Ha.. Arh.. UH.. HuhEEn.. (What are you doing)?!" Shuri exclaimed. She couldn't move her mouth anymore and it could only stay open now. Her saliva began to flow out of her mouth and her tongue danced inside her mouth, touching the cold iron ring in her mouth.

"No need to know," Sora smiled and took off his clothes, leaving his partner standing proud. He walked up to Shuri, letting his rod be right under her nose, making her get a good smell of it.

'It smells so. Enchanting!'

Shuri felt her mouth salivating even more at the smell of Sora's rod right under her nose. She looked down at the tip and couldn't resist her urges to want to consume the whole thing. Sadly, she couldn't move at all in her bindings.

Smiling obscenely after noticing Shuri's infatuated look, Sora grabbed a hold of his meaty stick and lightly hit Shuri's face with it.


"What's the matter Shuri? Is this what you want?" Sora grinned as he grabbed a fistful of hair with his other hand and pulled her hair. With their eyes meeting, Sora kept grinning and slapping his meat on her face.




"Just let this farmer sow you well!" Sora pulled Shuri's hair a bit more as he saw her furiously nodding at his question and words.

Plunging his rod deep into Shuri's mouth and down her throat, Sora heard her cute gurgling noises and her gagging.

"Agha GAHhh.. Ga. gah!" Shuri looked at Sora's eyes with tears and pronounced blush.

Pulling out, Sora looked at Shuri with a condescending look, "You should be able to do better than this Shuri. Let me train you!"

Sora yelled out with conviction and plunged his holy meat right down her throat. His h.i.p.s moved back and forth as she kept gagging all the way through. Her eyes rolled back and her tongue wrapped around Sora's c.o.c.k as he face-f.u.c.k.i.e.d her.

"Master, give it to me!" Shuri said and sucked him all the way down. It wasn't as impressive as when Kusu or Soi Fon did it, since Shuri had an iron ring in her mouth and couldn't struggle with it; but, she could also lick at the same time as she sucked.

He'd never felt stiff like this before like this before, but not like Shuri did it, and he dug his hands into her hair.

"It's coming, Shuri." Sora said and started to thrust.

Shuri m.o.a.ned as she felt Sora pulling on her hair even harder than before. 'Here it comes! The moment!' She thought and squeezed her throat.

Shuri thought and kept sucking on him. 'There's so much!'

Because Sora kept feeding her both physically, they stayed that way for almost a full minute before Shuri started to falter in her technique.

'He... he's not stopping.' Shuri thought in surprise and delight. 'He just keeps going!'

"Take in my milk!"

With one last push, Sora shot out his white sauce deep down her throat, filling her stomach rather quickly. He kept his meaty rod plunged in her mouth and down her through with his c.u.m overflowing and dripping down the sides of her pretty and plump lips.

'So much! I can't take it all!' Shuri kept on swallowing and gagging as she took in his juice.

Pulling out of her mouth, Sora saw his c.u.m slip out of her mouth, making him lash out at her.

"You deserve another punishment for not being able to swallow that!" Sora squished her cheeks with one hand and had her make a puckering face.

Sora put his hand inside Shuri's mouth and removed the iron ring, "You don't need this anymore."

Shuri began coughing like mad as more and more c.u.m dripped out of her mouth.

"Ungrateful," Sora looked at Shuri coughing up c.u.m and then smiled. "I guess I will have to plant some seeds in a way you can't get rid of them."

"NO!" Shuri heard Sora's words and yelled out in denial, yet her body ignored her wishes as it got even more turned on than it already was.

"Haha," Sora chuckled as he spun Shuri around and had her lower half face his way.

Looking at the white plump butt and her beautiful lower lips secrete their saliva, Sora smiled and summoned a small object in his hands.

"Say, you don't really have a need for your lower half, right Shuri?" Sora asked with a smile.

"What do you mean Master?" Shuri turned to look at Sora with confusion until she saw the small object. Her face paled and before she could say anything, she felt something enter her.

Holding the small object, Sora moved it into Shuri's cave, lubing it enough to let it enter the poor mother's ass.

"Ahhhh!! More Master!!"

After a second, Sora pulled it out and put it in Shuri's ass hole.

"Agh! So good!" Shuri cried out in pleasure as her body shook in extreme pleasure. "Do me more Master!"

Summoning another wooden clothespin, Sora placed it on her clit, making her scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Pleasure being the most powerful feeling.

"You don't tell me what to do, you s.l.u.t," Sora slapped Shuri's crotch, making the rope wrap around even tight, digging into her skin.

Caressing Shuri's plump butt for a bit, Sora smiled and dove between her legs and started to work her with his mouth.

"Mmm." Shuri m.o.a.ned as Sora worked on her. He added a finger, then two, then his whole hand. It made her gasp, and it gave him a unique perspective on female anatomy. With his entire hand available, he could reach spots that fingers alone couldn't reach, and he explored everything that he could.

"Oh... OH... oh... OHHH!" Shuri's body twitched a little, and Sora mentally marked the spot to save for later and kept looking for other spots that he needed to hit inside of her. After nearly 20 minutes, Shuri had gone several times, and her breathing was quite heavy.

"Master, please... let... let me..."

"I'm starving you on purpose, you know." Sora said and smiled.

He won't be letting Shuri have an orgasm so easily. Especially when he can still give her more pleasure!

"Get inside of me right now, Master!"

Sora could feel her determination to want to orgasm as much as possible, and he moved down to position himself at her opening.

"More Master, please!"

"Well seeing as how you asked so nicely," Sora smield and brought out his mighty stick before plunging it deep in her cave. "I might as well just give Akeno a sibling!"

"AHhhaa!! So~ good!" screamed out in pleasure Shuri.

Sora licked his lips before cutting off the rope and removing it completely off of Shuri.

His hands grabbed onto Shuri's hair and pulled it back, making her breathe in deeply out of pleasure. Her wonderful b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggled up and down rhythmically as Sora moved his h.i.p.s.

Pak Pak!

"More! More!"

Sora played around with the butt plug he put in her and made her go a couple of times. His fingers danced around the edge of her asshole, bringing her pleasure to a whole 'nother level.

"Yes master! Keep on hitting and ramming this lowly slave!" Shuri yelled out in complete infatuation as she arched her back.

Her cheeks and Sora's h.i.p.s kept clashing, making clapping noises rang within the room along with the lewd squelching noises coming from Shuri's wet p.u.s.s.y.

After a couple of hours, Sora had Shuri sprawled on the floor covered in c.u.m and red markings. Unconscious from pure pleasure that she received constantly and from orgasming for hundreds of times, only thanks to Sora's c.u.m being nutritious for her body.

"It has been extremely fun and stimulating being with you," Sora said before caressing Shuri's body.

He cleaned her, healed her, and even cleaned up the room before dressing Shuri up. He gave her a kiss on the cheek before looking at her from afar, "I'm looking forward to next time, my lowly servant."