Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 176

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 176 Waifu Army

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Standing in front of Sora were all of his wives, new and old.

Even Emily and Shuri were there, even if Shuri was just recently added.

Emily was there since she wasn't part of the New Generation of his children. The New Generation children were the children of his that gained most of his characteristics of his races and his mystic eyes.

Emily was the only one of the old generation. So she didn't have anything fancy like the other things like being born from really strong parents and having innate sharingan.

This made Sora happy however, since most of his children were already strong to begin with, Emily was able to hone her martial arts. Even with the strength given by the Immortal Bloodline given to her.

"Alright my wives! Today, I have a gift to hand to each of you," Sora smiled and presented a crystal in his hand that looked purple with many ripples on it.

A single purple crystal was made from a single pair of Rinnegans. Sora made them this way in order to have the eyes consume less space of his Storage Ring which was enhanced through space magic.

Having the eyes in this form also saved Sora a lot of work. With his mastery over refining, he was able to make the eyes into crystals which will make it easy for his wives to refine. Before, he would have to remove the eyes of his wives manually, something he doesn't want to do to them.

Even as the best doctor and physician in the entire universe.

Now with the crystals, if his wives were to refine them, the crystal would melt and turn into mist before being absorbed by the eyes of the refiner. Which saves time and effort.

"What is that honey?" Vados was right in front of Sora, so she was able to get a good look at the item, but she wasn't able to figure out its origins, so she asked.

"This is a special crystal, one which can make you stronger," Sora smiled and let many crystals float their way over to every wife of his.

"I can't take this, you should use it to grow stronger!" Rukia tried giving back the crystal, but it wouldn't leave her hand.

"I can't take back the crystals," smiled Sora after hearing Rukia. He turned to look at all of his wives who held similar views to Rukia's. "I made the crystals myself, that's why I gave them to you. It won't benefit me at all."

Sora saw their face ease up after telling them about the crystals. After hearing about the crystals, the women now looked eager to refine them.

He guided each and every one of his wives through the process of refining the crystals and had them absorb the purple mist.

As soon as each and every one of them was down, Sora was able to notice how their bodies instantly got improved. Even their eyes seemed clearer than before, as if they could see through anything.

What amazed Sora, was that each and every one of his wives held their own abilities, some similar to the ones he have and others he has never seen before.

Some were changing their appearance, some were flying, others were able to separate their body parts.

"You have all gained your new and powerful eyes! Now be careful when using them against others, you might easily kill, or cripple, them."

Warning his wives, Sora left and met up with his five students.

"Otou-san." greeted a small 7 year old boy.

"Ichijo, how are your axe skills coming along?" Sora looked at the blue haired boy with a smile.

His five children were the recently born children of his; Kano, Yana, Kunou, Ichijo, and Koji. They all had exceptional skills. Yana, Kano, and Kunou are all 10 years older than the twins, making them 17 year olds.

"Great. My sweeping skills still need a bit of work still," Ichijo brought out a small wooden axe that was three feet tall and hanging from his back.

"Sounds wonderful! Where are your sisters and brother?" Sora said with a smile as he looked around the patio.

"No where!" Ichijo swung his axe over to his dad with great strength spontaneously.

Sora looked at the axe falling towards him and he dodged, but before he could get a breather, a whistling sound made it to his ears. He ducked and a wooden arrow flew right over his head before it struck a nearby wooden pillar.

"Your combination with Koji is coming along very nice," Sora complemented the twins as he lifted up his hand and a blonde boy started flying in the air. "Too bad you're a million eons too early to try and defeat me."

"Damn," cussed Koji as he was placed down right in front of Sora and next to Ichijo.

Just when Sora was going to ask about their other three sisters, three 'daddy' screams made their ways into his ears.

Sora didn't move from the spot as one girl fell from above, one came at him from behind, and one from his side.

"Daddy, your back!" all three yelled at the same time.

Sora sighed as he looked at his daughters, hugged him tight as they looked at him with lecherous eyes. He lightly hit the head of his three daughters and said, "What did i say about looking at me that way?"

Yana, Kano, and Kunou all sighed and let go of Sora. They looked up at him with sadness before speaking in unison, "To not call you daddy or look at you in any way, shape, or form, n.a.k.e.d or indecent until we're eighteen."

"Good, now line up with your brothers," Sora smiled and looked at his daughters with curious eyes.

Yana was a very beautiful and slim cat woman like her mom Yoruichi. She would always try to tease him even when he tells her not to. She had a relatively small chest compared to her mother's, it almost looked like Soi Fon's flat chest. He didn't mind however, variety is where it's at, unless it had a very ugly look.

Kano, like her mother Kuna, was a very beautiful nine tailed silver fox and she had a body that women would kill for. Her fox-like eyes that were seductive and pulled your soul away, it made Sora surprised that he can make a daughter as beautiful as her. Of course, Emily, Mirai, Kunou, and Yana were all as beautiful as her as well.

Kunou, compared to her mother Yasaka, was flat chested! It surprised him a lot.

How could such a beautiful and buxom woman give birth to a flat chested girl? It surprised him a lot, but he didn't mind since she had a very cute and beautiful look, and compared to her mother, her skin and fur was much more soft and smooth. What surprised him about Kunou was her small body that seemed to not grow much, she looked like a 15-16 year old girl. (Her appearance remains the same!)

He hoped that Kunou would grow into a wonderful figure like her mom or grandmother. Although he wouldn't mind having another Bennia, Elmenhilde, Hestia, Serafall, Hiyori, or Kusu, all having a rather petite body, especially Kusu.

Looking seriously at his children, Sora said, "Today, you will each be fighting each other to increase your experience in fighting other humanoids. Next week, I will be introducing fighting partners to the five of you so that your training may go faster."

"Dad, when will I get to pummel some monsters?" Koji raised his hand with a smirk as he looked at his father in his eyes.

"When you turn 10," smirked Sora.

"What?! When did you start fighting animals, beasts, or monsters?!" Koji yelled and couldn't stop himself so he got hit in the head by his dad.

Sora looked at Koji with an 'angry' face and yelled, "Enough, stop whining and just deal with it."

"Okay..." Koji rubbed his head and kept it down.

Seeing as how Sora was done talking, Yana looked at her father and asked, "When will we learn a cultivation technique like you, mom Xi Wangmu, or aunt Yu Wenling?"

"Their cultivation technique isn't exactly complete, so I am holding off from giving you and your brothers and sisters a cultivation technique, especially your mothers. Give me 10 to 12 years to research this stuff. It takes time," Sora said.

'Especially when I'm a complete noob at this. If I had the necessary information and knew what was right or wrong in Taoist, Buddhism, and Confucianism knowledge, I wouldn't be wasting so much time. I need to get my hands on some more cultivation techniques The ones I made aren't sufficient enough.'

"OKay~!" Yana smiled and giggled at the thought of being able to cultivate in a couple of years.

"Otou-san?" Ichijo asked.

"Yeah, what is it?" Sora turned to look at Ichijo and looked at him with a smile.

"When will my brother and I go to school?" Ichijo tilted his head and Sora could notice in his eyes his longing for a school experience.

"You can go next year, I still have some stuff to teach you and your brother before throwing you into the real world," said Sora.

He pulled out two books and handed them over to his children. In the two books was a martial technique for their respective path. One was an axe technique for Ichijo and the other was an archery technique for Koji.

"Make sure to study these well. Depending on how much you achieve by next year, I will decide whether or not to enter school," explained Sora.

He would let his children go to school no matter the amount of proficiency in the martial technique that they get. He just wanted to see how much they are willing to put into mastering a technique to accomplish what they want to do.

"Father! What about us?! When will we enter school?" Kano asked as she held onto her dad's arm.

Sora pulled his arm away from Kano only to get it taken by Kunou, so he sighed and said, "You three will be going to Bulma's school, she will have the best classes for you three. Ichijo and Koji on the other hand, will be going to earth for special reasons."

'I wonder how much these two will be influenced by earth. Will they continue practicing their martial arts? Or follow technology?' Sora looked at the twins with interest as he thought about sending them away next year.

"Yay! We're going to school too!"

The three girls were giggling and dancing as they thought about going to school. They haven't gone to school in all their lives, so they are missing knowledge from fifth grade and up since he taught them little while training.

Now that they are going to school, they are happy since they will get to know more about how things operate and how it allows them to understand more things.

Sora would have gladly sent off the three girls to school, but they were all stubborn to leave home. So Sora let them stay and study under Yuri's guidance, but since the girls always escaped the class she couldn't teach them much.

Sora chuckled a bit at the acts of his children and walked away from his children and family until-

[Emergency Quest!]

[Quest: Save the

Quest Description: All the Nekomata around the world have been kidnapped by a devil clan that has been working in the shadows. No one knows how it happened right under everyone's noses, but the devils are doing cruel and inhumane experiments on the Nekomata. Being tortured to the point of wanting to commit suicide.

Objective: Save all the Nekomata!

Time Limit: 10 hours.

Rewards: [Faceless Sky Devil Art], [Buddha's True Eyes], [Dual/Duo Cultivation Knowledge], Love, Loyalty, and Appreciation of all Nekomata

Penalty: Nekomata Clan extinction.]

Reading the quest, Sora's hairs stood on end and his killing intent started leaking out of his body as he remembered the two cute little nekomatas and their mother. Nearby plants died under Sora's killing intent and his hair stood up as if he had gone super saiyan. He leaked so much killing intent that it lifted his hair up and made his eyes glow red.


"Damn it!"