Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 177

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 177 Too Op

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Calming down, Sora brought in his killing intent, but his eyes remained fierce and angry.

He looked around and stayed right where he was for a couple of seconds. His attention was drawn to somewhere else.

After a while of looking around, Sora smiled and disappeared.

"Lord, what will we do with so many subjects?" asked a man with armor on.

"We will use them," seriously said a young devil.

"Will the main house approve?" timidly asked the man.

"Shut up! That stupid house doesn't understand! The value of my research is very valuable. We can't let some old cronies set their values on peace and tranquility forever. There will be a time when all my little soldiers will be put to use," cackled the young devil.

Surrounding the two devils speaking, were over a thousand Nekomata. Each and every nekomata was either in rags or completely n.a.k.e.d. Some had bruises all over their bodies and others were chained to other Nekomatas.

A group of three was chained together, one was a young white haired girl, another was a black haired girl, and the last figure chained to them was a n.a.k.e.d white haired woman.

The white haired woman had dead like eyes as she looked at all the other nekomatas. She held close to herself the two little nekomatas who mewed out 'mommy' to her.

"It will be alright, I'm sure we will survive through this," Fujimai consoled her two little kittens.

"Mommy what will happen to us," cried out Shirone as she held on tightly to her mom's arm.

"Hopefully nothing. I will protect you both at any costs," Fujimai looked at her children kindly with her dead eyes.

Not so long before she and her family were captured, she witnessed her 'husband' blow up whilst doing research. She couldn't save him nor do anything.

When she was going to jump into the building and save him, she was stopped by a devil before being grabbed. Her children were nearby when she was grabbed, so she was placed together with them.

She was stripped n.a.k.e.d because she had a small blade when she was captured. Those who captured her feared that she might have more weapons had her strip. They didn't give back any of her clothes, nor give her any rags to point out who had weapons and who didn't.

After spending hours crying, Fujimai felt like she had lost it all. Her two little kittens were the only things left that kept her attached to the world.

Looking around, Fujimai couldn't find anything that can let them understand their current situation.

Just when she was about to check the group behind her, she felt her chain being yanked on.

Turning to look at what it was, she came face to face with a fat devil staring at her with a face full of l.u.s.t.

Shivering in fear, Fujimai tried pulling back the chain with force and tried to return to her children.

In the past couple of minutes in trying to find information, she heard of devils coming over to the groups and taking away some of the nekomata. Sometimes they wouldn't return, and those who did return would come back n.a.k.e.d and with white liquids all over their body.

They carried dead eyes and they witnessed a couple that died shortly after returning. It gave her chills thinking about those poor Nekomata clansmen that have become victims. Now that she was about to become one, she was filled with fear and worry for her children.

"Look at you, so full of energy. Maybe you can satisfy me in bed," the devil licked his lips as he stared at Fujimai's slender body.

"No! Let go of me!" Fujimai struggled even more as she tried to get the chain out of the devil's hands.

"Stop moving around!" the devil brought his fat hand down on Fujimai's face and slapped her. She bled from her mouth and fell to the ground from the devil's strength.

"Mommy!" Shirone and Kuroka both yelled at the same time as they witnessed their mother being slapped.

They both ran to their mom and hugged her before turning to look at the devil with angry eyes.

"Don't touch our mother!" Shirone yelled out with anger and tears at the corner of her eyes.

"Oh my. Such a cute little thing!" The devil looked at Shirone with a wide grin and brought his hand over to her.


The devil man screamed out in pain as he looked at the little black haired girl biting his hand.

Furiously, the devil swung his arm and three Kuroka to the ground fiercely.

"Nee-chan!" Shirone turned to look at Kuroka with fear.

"Haha, now I can nab myself some two cute females," the devil laughed as he looked at Shirone and Fujimai with a wide smile.

Kuroka, who was thrown to the ground earlier, held on tightly to her bracelet as she looked at the devil approaching her mom and her little sister. Tears streamed down her face as she felt useless. Her bones were broken from the man's throw, she feared that she might not make it in a couple of minutes.

She looked on hazilly as the devil's fat hand was reaching out to her little sister's neck. Her eyes drifted over to her sister's terrified and tear stricken face.

'NO! Mom! Shirone! I'm sorry...' Kuroka's face teared up even more as she looked at the devil's hand wrap around her sister's fragile neck. Her vision began to go dark and her body cold as she gave out on last thought.

'Someone please save my family anyone please!'

Kuroka's body went limp and began to go cold as her eyes remained fixed onto the devil man with anger and helplessness.


The devil man screamed out in pain as he gripped onto his forearm. Blood streamed from the place where his hand was lopped off.

His face went pale and his legs gave out. He kneeled on the floor and gripped his arm in pain.

"You did this!! Gah! I'll make sure you pay for this!!" The devil man yelled out in anger as he looked right at a young man who looked like an 17-18 year old.

"Just die," the young man sighed as he swiped his hand and the devil's head was sent flying.

The bodiless head rolled to the young man's head and the eyes looked on with fear right at the young man. Stomping on the head of the devil with his foot, the young man looked at the devil with emotionless eyes, "Disgusting."

Looking around, the young man looked at a black haired girl on the floor and limp. He walked over and picked her up. He hugged the little dead girl with sadness before placing her on the floor and grabbing the bracelet from her grip before neatly putting it on her wrist.

'Fifth function bring back the wearer from the dead and work as a defensive item; only if worn...'

After the bracelet came onto the little girl's wrist, her body was healed and she began breathing once more. Every single broken bone in her body was fixed and healed.

He carried Kuroka's body over to the n.a.k.e.d Fujimai and a shocked Shirone.

"Ojisan..." whispered Shirone in shock as she looked at the young man's face.

"Hey Shirone," smiled Sora as he looked at the little nekomata girl with a smile. He looked over to Fujimai and frowned.

With a snap of his fingers, Sora made a blanket cover the unconscious Fujimai.

Sora moved his gaze back onto Shirone and spoke to her kindly, "Take care of your sister for me, alright Shirone? I'll be back in a bit."

"Where are you going Ojisan?!" Shirone gripped on tightly to Sora's sleeve as she looked at him with fear in her little eyes.

"I'm going to talk to the bad guys and make them set everyone free. It won't take long, alright?" Sora stood up and waved goodbye to Shirone before turning to look at every Nekomata in the surrounding.

With a wave of his hand, every Nekomata disappeared and appeared within his Heavenly World, where they were all healed and clothed instantly.

Once all the Nekomata were gone from the devil's place, Sora let go of his killing intent as he let it suffocate every single devil in the building.

"I can't let any of these assholes live any longer," Sora said as he focused on his blade intent merging with his Dongxuan aura.

Slowly, Sora raised his hand with his eyes closed. He had all his focus on every devil moving within the building and his Dongxuan aura mixed into his blade intent.


Sora's hand came down with unprecedented might as all the devils in the building had all their head lopped off their body. Yet blood didn't seep from their wounds as they disintegrated into dust.

The building slowly collapsed as it also became just dust.

'Dongxuan Sutra is too strong for these lower worlds...'

Looking around with a stern gaze, Sora noticed the system's screen pop up in front of him, notifying of his successful rescue of all the Nekomatas.

[Quest: Save the (COMPLETE)

Quest Description: All the Nekomata around the world have been kidnapped by a devil clan that has been working in the shadows. No one knows how it happened right under everyone's noses, but the devils are doing cruel and inhumane experiments on the Nekomata. Being tortured to the point of wanting to commit suicide.

Objective: Save all the Nekomata!

Time Limit: 10 hours.

Rewards: [Faceless Sky Devil Art], [Buddha's True Eyes], [Dual/Duo Cultivation Knowledge], Love, Loyalty, and Appreciation of all Nekomata

Penalty: Nekomata Clan extinction.]

[Retrieving Rewards!]

[Faceless Sky Devil:

An art yours truly, Lin Fan, used to wreak havoc upon many beings.

Infinite Devil sect's founding skill. The founder of the Infinite Devil sect had visited hell, worshiped the Faceless Devil, and cultivated this technique after a hundred of years.

Is a Mental Cultivation Technique.

On higher levels of the technique, 'Faceless Sky Devil' takes on the form of a demonic being with three heads and six arms, along with a malevolent face, that looks down with a raging torrent.

The 'Faceless Sky Devil' can be manifested and used separately to attack a target, or do anything the practitioner wishes to do.

It can be used to attack independently from the practitioner.

Can also 'fuse' with other mental techniques, slowly changing the appearance of the 'Faceless Sky Devil' or adding stuff to it.

Increase spiritual energy capacity and strength.]

[Buddha's True Eyes:

A Mental Cultivation Technique from the Golden Buddha Temple

Increases spiritual energy density and strength. Upon mastery, the space in the consciousness is expanded unimaginably allowing for more spiritual energy.

Changes the body ever so slightly while also giving minor strength to the practitioner. Increase resistance to spiritual energy attacks. Allows other Buddha Techniques to advance at a faster rate.

Be used as an offensive technique that attacks the target's mind, spirit, emotions, soul, and heart.

If the opponent's spirit energy was not strong enough, the Buddha's True Eyes could cause the opponent to go crazy and directly turn him into a fool. Even those with strong spiritual energy would still be affected. After all, people who had strong spiritual energy were normally people who had suffered a lot. Thus the Buddha's True Eyes could seriously affect their emotions, even causing them to feel like living was worse than dying.

Can work better along with other Buddha Techniques Can be used by a manifested technique. It could see everything, see through everything, and suppress spirits.

Of course, this was just a saying. Actually, the Buddha's True Eyes could see through the emotions of man, be it grief, pain, or even an injured spirit.

Buddha's True Eyes has the ability to allow one to ignore the restrictions of their level and perform an attack they usually cannot, as long as it's not too far in level.]

[Obtained Dual/Duo Cultivation Knowledge.]

[The Nekomatas know the face of their savior. They would gladly give up their body, mind, and soul to you as thanks for them being saved.]

After learning and getting everything, Sora felt like he finally understood a ton of parts from Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.

He learnt a lot about Confucianism thanks to the two mental cultivation techniques and the Dual/Duo Cultivation Knowledge. Having it all related to meditation and spiritual energy, Sora was able to understand everything about confucianism now.

Thanks to the Buddha's True Eyes, his Buddhism knowledge increased even more and he was able to complete almost all of it.

The one that received the most benefits, yet also the least, was his Taoism knowledge. However, thanks to that, he can now make a Dual/Duo Cultivation Technique so that his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and his spiritual energy can keep increasing.

His other cultivation bases will also end up growing thanks to the Dual/Duo cultivation technique he will be making.