Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 178

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 178 Mr. Worldwide

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Sora looked around for a minute with an impassive face. He didn't immediately return to his Heavenly World or leave the area.

He was looking forward to already practicing the two no Mental Techniques, but he had to put a hold for now.

The devils have a very weak leash over their citizens, something Sora has just witnessed. So without further ado, he turned into his Immemorial Dragon form and grew to the largest size he could that won't destroy the space and kill those around him by accident.

After growing to a big enough size, Sora was still calmly thinking some things.

However, those residing within the Underworld were scared shitless at seeing a huge dragon that can easily flatten them with just a single finger.

The new Satans that are tasked with taking care of the devils looked at the huge dragon with worry, especially Serafall and Grayfia.

When Sora included them into his harem, they were shocked to find out that he was the golden dragon that brought shock to the entire universe. They thought that the stories were made up by his other wives to see him in a favorable light when he has so many women by his side.

A couple days after finding out though, they found Sora transforming into a small version of the golden dragon to play with his children and grandchildren. It took them a couple days to have that shock subside as they looked at the man with awe.

Now, seeing him turn into the golden dragon once more shocked them both. They knew something 'serious' had happened to cause him to turn into his dragon form.

Sora, after growing to a huge size, used his Ki, Magic, and Soul energy in order to create holographic versions of himself in the other spaces of all the other mythologies, religions, and even on earth. He didn't care anymore if the humans finally discovered of the mythological beings existing, what he cared about was them harming each other.

Even if the peace treaty hadn't been signed yet, they were still on the agreement of not harming any other group until the decision of the peace treaty.

Once versions of himself appeared in all the spaces, Sora's figure brought down fear and awe to those who had seen and heard of him before.

With this new ability he created on the spot, he couldn't impart some of his consciousness on to the versions he created, so he couldn't use his aura or pressure on the beings of other spaces. He couldn't use it on the devils either if that was the case.

"Listen up you puny insects!"

Sora spoke slowly since if he talked normally, it would only become a growl.

"I have just witnessed a race commit an atrocious deed that can't go unpunished! This race had kidnapped many women and children and used them as pawns. They r.a.p.ed and beat all the poor women and children."

Sora sounded calm, however, no matter how slow or calm he spoke, his anger and irritation was perfectly carried over to every person in the universe.

"I won't stand idly as this goes on. I'm sure this race isn't doing anything like this on purpose, but thou all must have a proper leash placed on thy citizens! Thou all have to keep thy places and homes properly watched. I will not tolerate any more evildoings in the future. Should I hear something such as mass genocide or a rapist on the loose, I will personally see that they are punished forever."

Although the many versions of himself in other places was a fake version of himself, his eyes seemed to stare deeply into the soul of every single person in the universe.

"I will not like to repeat myself. Should I have to do that, I will have to erase that race from the face of this universe.

Nothing can escape my eyes."

Just as Sora was about to dispel everything and return to his human form, he a human about to murder every single person inside a preschool.

"Just as I was speaking too!"

Sora's eyes flashed and a young man appeared on top of the palm of the giant dragon. No other person could see who it was, so Sora made a screen which showed the sorry excuse of a man's face to every single being in the universe.

"This man had just attempted to murder every single children and staff within a preschool. Which punishment would be fit for this man?

We will have to wait and see, now won't we?"

Looking at the young man fiercely, Sora was angry at what that man had just attempted to do. If he was a normal man and his children were going to that exact same preschool, he would have killed this man if he found out such a thing.

But, he needed to set an example.

With his energy, Sora made the man immortal by having his body bound to a time spell. The time spell brings back the user to life a couple of seconds before they die, leaving their memories and emotions they felt intact.

Then, with a flash of his eyes, the man was covered in a black and purple fire, which burned the man continuously. Amaterasu had been cast on the man. With flames that won't go off until the target has been reduced to ash or nothingness, the time spell works perfectly for a punishment.

The man began to roll around on the top of Sora's palm in pure agony.

"AHH!! Stop!!! Pleasee!!!!"

Sora could perfectly understand what the burning man was saying, but every single other person looked on with a pale face. They didn't hear screams for help, all they her were yells filled with agony and pain.

"It's so terrible!"

"He deserves it! He tried to kill many children!"

"This is going too far!"

Many people voiced out their opinions, but that was only 7 percent of people speaking. The other 93 percent were freaking out and losing their minds that such a thing could happen.

Many posts were made online that the man is real. Many of his friends and family had recognized them and posted about it on social media.

The government was going crazy as they received many reports.

"The most important thing you have to pay attention to, don't fight against the others."

With one final word, Sora's versions disappeared and Sora launched the young man into the sky, never to be seen again.

Sora didn't care much about the mortals anymore, but he couldn't let go of this transgression.

He made friends with two nice little girls and their wonderful mother, yet a couple days later, he finds out that they were about to be r.a.p.ed and even killed or even used for experiments.

He couldn't stand that, so he made sure that every other mythology, religion and other beings in the DxD Universe that they just couldn't go and do whatever they want.

Handling the situation could have been more smoother, but he didn't have the time to think of such unnecessities.

"That should be done with now," Sora's frown returned into its calm position as he had never done anything.

He looked around and remained on the spot of the destroyed house.

Staying there was for the use of practicing his two new mental techniques. The Faceless Sky Devil, and Buddha's True Eyes.

He didn't feel like returning anywhere at the moment. Neither his Mt. Calamity, Heavenly World, or even Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Focusing his time on the Faceless Sky Devil, Sora felt his progress on it to be rather quick and easy. He felt as if he himself was turning into the faceless sky devil itself.

When he cultivated for just a single minute, Sora stopped and admired how fast his cultivation speed had gotten thanks to his Human bloodline. If he brought it up to the highest grade, he might even shock himself to death at it's tremendous speed.

Sora got back to practicing Faceless Sky Devil. When he continued practicing, an image of a Faceless Sky Devil appeared within his mind. A faceless sky devil looked exactly like an Asura. With six arms and three faces, each having a very malevolent look.

When the form of the Faceless Sky Devil was completed, Sora felt his spiritual energy capacity increase one-fold. The strength of his spiritual energy also increased by a small margin.

He can't wait to see how the Faceless Sky Devil will look like when it is finally materialized in the physical world. Although in the first few levels upon it's materialization, it will only be seen by those with spiritual energy.

But as it grows stronger, it will allow normal people to see the Faceless Sky Devil.

'This is a very good technique. With this I can attack something else besides just the physical body.' Sora smiled and began running the Buddha's True Eyes.

However, after a while, he frowned.

"Strange," he murmured.

When he tried practicing Buddha's True Eyes, Sora felt that it was almost a million times slower than Faceless Sky Devil.

He tried running the technique a bit more, and after a while he finally understood why.

It didn't really matter much whether one had an affinity or not to buddha in cultivation sometimes. Especially to Sora, who has an affinity to everything.

So he realized one thing.

Buddha's True Eyes is a powerful mental technique.

More powerful than Faceless Sky Devil which can only be used to attack the mind of others and inflict fear. As well as, when materialized, being able to help in battle against many foes and tempering one's self for battles, drawing blood, and killing.

Buddha's True Eyes, on the other hand. Increases resistance and defense against other mind techniques, also being strong enough to block some attacks to the soul. It also increases the density of the spiritual energy, making it more powerful and adding more capacity in the long run.

Besides increasing the resistance and density of spiritual energy, it can also be used as an offensive technique. Dealing blows to the spirit, soul, mind, emotions, and heart.

It also increases bodily strength by a very small, but considerable amount. Can work better along with other Buddha Techniques and can be used by a manifested technique. It could see everything, see through everything, and suppress spirits.

The best part about this technique, was that as long as he has sufficient energy and spiritual energy, he can use further levels of martial techniques he hasn't broken through yet. Allowing him to use it is an all out move.

'I should make a powerful cultivation technique like this too...'

Sora smiled as he looked at the Buddha's True Eyes in his mind.

Practicing both the Sacred Scripture and Dongxuan Sutra is very slow, saying a lot about their potential and strengths. Sora was afraid of how slow Dongxuan Sutra will be once he adds the Yang version to it.

He was even more afraid of its strength it will be holding in the future.

What type of terrifying manuals and techniques will he be able to create in the future? Only he and time could tell.

As well as the unfortunate enemies that he will be crossing paths with.

'I should talk with Emily about the possible next world that I can possibly head on over to. If I can get a good one that centers around Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, it would be great.' Sora smiled and stood up before dusting off his clothes.

His first night of practicing Buddha's True Eyes and Faceless Sky Devil went well.

Faceless Sky Devil materialized itself within his mind, allowing him to enter the first stage of cultivating it. It's strength may not be comparable to Buddha's True Eyes, but it's versatility is on a whole 'nother level.

Buddha's True Eyes hasn't gone into it's first level, but the effects are already noticeable on his spiritual energy. His spiritual energy, being very high in purity, felt even more powerful as it became even more dense.

Sora can even feel his body being hundreds of times healthier than before. It made him feel amazing.